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Download Grammar Time (5 Levels) 2014

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      Download Pearson New Grammar Time (5 Levels) Pdf CDRom MultiRom



      Overview of the “Grammar Time”

      Grammar Time” by Pearson is a series of full-color grammar reference and practice books designed for younger learners. Here are some key features of the series:

      Content and Format:

      • The series consists of easy-to-teach units presented in a consistent format.
      • It includes regular reviews and tests to monitor students’ progress.
      • There are lots of extra written practice activities, including fun games.
      • The series introduces CYLETS, KET, and PET tasks to help students familiarize themselves with these exams.

      Style and Approach:

      • The books are known for their fun-loving cartoon characters and lively content.
      • They offer clear explanations and plenty of practice, making them ideal for younger learners.
      • The series uses humorous cartoons and appealing characters to make learning engaging.
      • It includes exciting interactive elements in digital form, such as a grammar-packed CD-ROM.

      Educational Focus:

      • The series is great for both classroom and home use.
      • It is particularly useful for preparing students for exams like the Cambridge Young Learners English Test, KET, and PET.
      • The books include fun role plays to help bring grammar to life.
      • There are clear grammar presentations for reinforcement or extension.
      • The Teacher’s Book contains extra photocopiable activities.

      Availability and Levels:

      • “Grammar Time” is available in different levels to cater to varying student abilities and grades.
      • Each level of the series is tailored to match the likes and interests of young learners, putting grammar in imaginative and humorous contexts.

      In summary, “Grammar Time” by Pearson offers a comprehensive and engaging approach to teaching grammar to younger students, with a strong emphasis on making learning fun and interactive through cartoons, characters, and digital content​​​​.


      Download ebook pdf CDRom New Grammar Time 1


      Who is suitable for ‘Grammar Time’?

      “Grammar Time” by Pearson is particularly suitable for:

      Younger Learners: The series is designed with younger students in mind, making it ideal for children in elementary and lower secondary school. The use of cartoons and fun characters caters to this age group’s learning style and interests.

      English Language Learners: It’s well-suited for students learning English as a second or foreign language. The clear explanations and engaging format help in understanding and practicing grammar in a non-native language context.

      Students Preparing for English Exams: The series introduces tasks related to CYLETS, KET, and PET exams, making it a good resource for students preparing for these specific English proficiency tests.

      Classroom and Home Use: “Grammar Time” is versatile enough for both classroom instruction and self-study at home. It can be a supplementary resource for school curriculum or a primary resource for home-schooling in English grammar.

      Teachers Seeking Supplementary Materials: The series is also a valuable tool for teachers who need additional materials for teaching grammar, as it includes regular reviews, tests, and extra activities for classroom use.

      In essence, “Grammar Time” is suitable for a wide range of young learners, especially those who are beginning to learn English grammar or are preparing for English proficiency exams at a young age​​​​.


      Download ebook pdf CDRom New Grammar Time 2


      The benefits of ‘Grammar Time’

      “Grammar Time” by Pearson offers several benefits for both students and educators in the context of learning and teaching English grammar:

      Engaging and Fun Learning Experience:

      • The use of colorful cartoons and appealing characters makes learning grammar more enjoyable and less intimidating for young learners.
      • The fun and imaginative contexts help maintain students’ interest and motivation.

      Comprehensive Grammar Coverage:

      • The series provides thorough coverage of grammar topics suitable for the respective age and proficiency levels.
      • It offers clear explanations, ensuring that complex grammar concepts are presented in an understandable manner.

      Practical and Interactive Practice:

      • A variety of exercises and practice activities reinforce learning. These include written exercises, games, and interactive digital content.
      • The inclusion of fun role plays and real-life scenarios helps students apply grammar concepts in practical situations.

      Progress Monitoring:

      • Regular reviews and tests are included to help track students’ progress and understanding of the material.
      • This feature aids both students in assessing their learning and teachers in monitoring their students’ progress.

      Preparation for English Language Exams:

      • By introducing tasks related to CYLETS, KET, and PET exams, the series helps students familiarize themselves with the format and content of these exams, enhancing their preparedness.

      Flexibility in Teaching and Learning:

      • “Grammar Time” is suitable for various teaching and learning environments, including classroom settings and home study.
      • Teachers can benefit from the extra photocopiable activities and resources provided for classroom use.

      Support for Teachers:

      • The Teacher’s Book in the series offers additional resources and guidance, making lesson planning and delivery more effective and less time-consuming.

      Adaptability to Different Learning Styles:

      • The series caters to different learning styles by combining visual, auditory, and kinesthetic elements, making it accessible to a diverse group of learners.

      Overall, “Grammar Time” is beneficial for providing a comprehensive, engaging, and effective approach to learning English grammar, particularly for younger learners and those preparing for English proficiency tests​​​​.


      Download ebook pdf CDRom New Grammar Time 3


      Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘Grammar Time’

      To effectively teach and learn using “Grammar Time” by Pearson, several strategies can be employed to maximize the benefits of this resource:

      Interactive Learning:

      • Encourage active participation in grammar exercises. Use the book’s cartoon characters and scenarios as a basis for role-playing activities.
      • Incorporate digital content from the CD-ROM for interactive sessions.

      Consistent Practice:

      • Regularly assign exercises from the book as homework or in-class tasks.
      • Encourage students to complete the extra written practice activities, including the fun games, to reinforce learning.

      Progressive Learning:

      • Follow the structured format of the series to gradually introduce new grammar topics, building on previously learned material.
      • Utilize the regular reviews and tests to assess understanding and address any learning gaps.

      Real-world Application:

      • Connect grammar lessons to real-life scenarios. This helps students understand the practical importance of grammar in everyday communication.
      • Use examples from students’ own experiences to make the lessons more relatable.

      Visual Aids:

      • Leverage the colorful and engaging visuals in the book to explain complex grammar points.
      • Create additional visual aids like charts or mind maps to summarize and review key concepts.

      Download ebook pdf CDRom New Grammar Time 4

      Group Activities:

      • Organize group activities or pair work to encourage collaborative learning. This can include peer review of exercises or group discussions on grammar topics.
      • Use the games and role plays in the book to facilitate interactive group sessions.

      Customized Learning:

      • Adapt lessons to cater to different learning styles. For instance, use more auditory explanations for auditory learners and hands-on activities for kinesthetic learners.
      • Provide additional resources or exercises for students who may need extra help or those who are advancing more quickly.

      Integration with Exams Preparation:

      • Use the CYLETS, KET, and PET tasks in the series to prepare students for these exams.
      • Simulate exam conditions in the classroom to familiarize students with the test format.

      Teacher’s Resources:

      • Utilize the Teacher’s Book for additional teaching ideas, resources, and photocopiable activities.
      • Stay informed about best practices in grammar teaching to enhance the effectiveness of the lessons.

      Feedback and Encouragement:

      • Provide constructive feedback on students’ work to guide their learning process.
      • Celebrate successes and improvements to motivate students and build confidence.

      By incorporating these strategies, both teachers and students can make the most out of “Grammar Time”, creating an engaging, comprehensive, and effective learning experience​​​​.


      Download ebook pdf CDRom New Grammar Time 5


      Exploring English Grammar with ‘Grammar Time’: A Fun Journey for Young Learners

      In the world of language education, the task of teaching grammar to young learners has often been met with a mix of trepidation and necessity. Recognizing the vital role grammar plays in language proficiency, Pearson has innovatively transformed this educational challenge into a delightful journey with its series, “Grammar Time”. Designed specifically for younger learners, “Grammar Time” makes exploring the complexities of English grammar not just easier, but also a lot more enjoyable.

      A Colorful Gateway to Grammar

      At the heart of “Grammar Time” lies a vibrant and engaging approach to learning. The series is replete with full-color pages, populated by fun-loving cartoon characters and lively content. These elements are not mere embellishments; they serve a critical educational purpose. They transform abstract grammar concepts into tangible, relatable scenarios that young learners can easily connect with and understand. This colorful gateway ensures that grammar lessons are no longer viewed as monotonous or daunting but as exciting adventures.

      Consistency and Progression in Learning

      Each book in the “Grammar Time” series is structured with easy-to-teach units, ensuring a consistent format throughout. This consistency is crucial in helping learners to build their grammar skills progressively and systematically. Regular reviews and tests are embedded within the books, providing essential checkpoints to monitor progress and consolidate learning. Furthermore, the series introduces elements of various English tests like CYLETS, KET, and PET, thereby acquainting students with these exams’ formats from an early age.

      Interactive Learning Experience

      What truly sets “Grammar Time” apart is its embrace of interactivity. The series includes exciting digital content, making grammar learning a hands-on experience. Interactive exercises and games not only reinforce grammar concepts but also cater to the diverse learning styles of young students. This blend of physical books and digital interactivity ensures that grammar learning keeps pace with the tech-savvy generation of today.

      Extending Beyond the Classroom

      “Grammar Time” is not just limited to classroom teaching. Its design and content make it an excellent resource for home learning as well. Parents can leverage the series to reinforce their children’s grammar skills, turning potential homework battles into enjoyable learning sessions. The series’ appeal lies in its ability to engage a child’s curiosity and maintain their attention, a feat not easily achieved in the realm of grammar education.

      Supporting Teachers

      Teachers are not left out of the “Grammar Time” equation. The series comes equipped with a plethora of resources for educators, including extra written practice activities and photocopiable materials. This wealth of resources supports teachers in creating dynamic and effective lesson plans, tailored to the varied needs of young learners.


      In conclusion, “Grammar Time” by Pearson represents a significant leap in the way grammar is taught to young learners. By turning grammar lessons into a colorful, interactive, and fun-filled journey, it has redefined the traditional perceptions of grammar education. For children embarking on their language learning journey, “Grammar Time” is more than just a series of books; it’s a companion that makes the road to English proficiency engaging, understandable, and enjoyable. As educators and parents, embracing such innovative tools is crucial in nurturing a generation of confident and competent communicators.


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