Download NGL Look American / British English (7 Levels) Pdf 2020

Download Look American English / British English (7 Levels) 2020

Level 1
Look American 1 Anthology
Look American 1
Look American 1 Student’s Book
Look American 1 Student’s Book.pdf
Look American 1 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Look American 1 Teacher’s
Look American 1
Look American 1
Look American 1 Workbook
Look American 1 Workbook Key.pdf
Look American 1 Workbook.pdf

Look 1 Anthology Audio (British).rar
Look 1 Flashcards (British).rar
Look 1 SB Audio (British).rar
Look 1 Student’s Book (British).pdf
Look 1 Teacher’s Book (British).pdf
Look 1 Teacher’s Resources (British).rar
Look 1 Tests (British).rar
Look 1 Video (British).rar
Look 1 Workbook (British).pdf
Look 1 Workbook Audio (British).rar

Level 2
Look American 2 Anthology
Look American 2
Look American 2 Student’s Book
Look American 2 Student’s Book.pdf
Look American 2 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Look American 2 Teacher’s
Look American 2
Look American 2
Look American 2 Workbook
Look American 2 Workbook Key.pdf
Look American 2 Workbook.pdf

Look 2 Anthology Audio (British).rar
Look 2 Flashcards (British).rar
Look 2 SB Audio (British).rar
Look 2 Student’s Book (British).pdf
Look 2 Teacher’s Book (British).pdf
Look 2 Teacher’s Resources (British).rar
Look 2 Tests (British).rar
Look 2 Video (British).rar
Look 2 Workbook (British).pdf
Look 2 Workbook Audio (British).rar

Level 3
Look American 3 Anthology
Look American 3
Look American 3 Student’s Book
Look American 3 Student’s Book.pdf
Look American 3 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Look American 3 Teacher’s
Look American 3
Look American 3
Look American 3 Workbook
Look American 3 Workbook Key.pdf
Look American 3 Workbook.pdf

Look 3 Anthology Audio (British).rar
Look 3 Flashcards (British).rar
Look 3 SB Audio (British).rar
Look 3 Student’s Book (British).pdf
Look 3 Teacher’s Book (British).pdf
Look 3 Teacher’s Resources (British).rar
Look 3 Tests (British).rar
Look 3 Video (British).rar
Look 3 Workbook (British).pdf
Look 3 Workbook Audio (British).rar

Level 4
Look American 4 Anthology
Look American 4 Student’s Book
Look American 4 Student’s Book.pdf
Look American 4 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Look American 4 Teacher’s
Look American 4
Look American 4
Look American 4 Workbook
Look American 4 Workbook Key.pdf
Look American 4 Workbook.pdf

Look 4 Anthology Audio (British).rar
Look 4 SB Audio (British).rar
Look 4 Student’s Book (British).pdf
Look 4 Teacher’s Book (British).pdf
Look 4 Teacher’s Resources (British).rar
Look 4 Tests (British).rar
Look 4 Video (British).rar
Look 4 Workbook (British).pdf
Look 4 Workbook Audio (British).rar

Level 5
Look American 5 Anthology
Look American 5 Student’s Book
Look American 5 Student’s Book.pdf
Look American 5 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Look American 5 Teacher’s
Look American 5
Look American 5
Look American 5 Workbook
Look American 5 Workbook Key.pdf
Look American 5 Workbook.pdf

Look 5 Anthology Audio (British).rar
Look 5 SB Audio (British).rar
Look 5 Student’s Book (British).pdf
Look 5 Teacher’s Book (British).pdf
Look 5 Teacher’s Resources (British).rar
Look 5 Tests (British).rar
Look 5 Video (British).rar
Look 5 Workbook (British).pdf
Look 5 Workbook Audio (British).rar

Level 6
Look American 6 Anthology
Look American 6 Student’s Book
Look American 6 Student’s Book.pdf
Look American 6 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Look American 6 Teacher’s
Look American 6
Look American 6
Look American 6 Workbook
Look American 6 Workbook Key.pdf
Look American 6 Workbook.pdf

Look 6 Anthology Audio (British).rar
Look 6 SB Audio (British).rar
Look 6 Student’s Book (British).pdf
Look 6 Teacher’s Book (British).pdf
Look 6 Teacher’s Resources (British).rar
Look 6 Tests (British).rar
Look 6 Video (British).rar
Look 6 Workbook (British).pdf
Look 6 Workbook Audio (British).rar
Look Placement Tests (British).rar

Level Starter
Look American Starter Anthology
Look American Starter
Look American Starter Student’s Book
Look American Starter Student’s Book.pdf
Look American Starter Teacher’s Book.pdf
Look American Starter Teacher’s
Look American Starter
Look American Starter
Look American Starter Workbook
Look American Starter Workbook Key.pdf
Look American Starter Workbook.pdf

Look Starter Anthology Audio (British).rar
Look Starter Flashcards (British).rar
Look Starter SB Audio (British).rar
Look Starter Student’s Book (British).pdf
Look Starter Teacher’s Book (British).pdf
Look Starter Teacher’s Resources.rar
Look Starter Tests (British).rar
Look Starter Video (British).rar
Look Starter Workbook (British).pdf
Look Starter Workbook Audio (British).rar

Look American Graphic
Look American Placement

Download Look American English (7 Levels) 2020

Download Ebook Look (British English) 7 Levels

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      Sample pdf file Look Starter Student’s Book (British English).pdf: Click here
      Sample pdf file Look 1 Student’s Book (British English).pdf: Click here
      Sample pdf file Look 2 Student’s Book (British English).pdf: Click here
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      Download National Geographic Look American British English (7 Levels) 2020



      Overview of the “Look”

      ✅ Coursebook: Look
      ✅ Publisher: National Geographic Learning
      ✅ Levels: (True Beginner to Pre-intermediate) Pre A1, A1, A2
      ✅ English type: American English, British English
      ✅ For: Primary, Young Learners
      ✅ Publication year: 2020

      Look” is a comprehensive seven-level series for young English language learners, designed by National Geographic Learning. This educational program is aimed at children from true beginner to pre-intermediate levels, covering both American and British English. It is suitable for up to five teaching hours per week.

      Key Features of “Look”:

      Global Perspective and Real-World Connection: The series incorporates authentic stories, amazing photography, and videos, including content from National Geographic Explorers. This approach helps students connect the English language with their lives and the world around them.

      Engaging and Relevant Content: The units present high-interest topics with a global outlook. The content is designed to be relatable and engaging for young learners, sparking their interest and motivation to learn.

      Balanced Skills and Language Development: Look offers a carefully graded language syllabus with balanced skills coverage, focusing on core language development. There’s a special emphasis on phonics to aid in reading and pronunciation.

      Values and Personal Development: Integrated activities are included to support personal development, inculcating values alongside language learning.

      School Trips and Project Work: The program features immersive ‘School Trips’ lessons that take learners to incredible places, offering opportunities for project work and experiential learning.

      Extensive Reading: ‘Reading Extra’ lessons promote extensive reading through real-world stories, fables, myths, and legends from around the world, enhancing reading skills and comprehension.

      Exam Preparation: The series covers international exam task types, helping students master exam techniques and build confidence. This includes specific coverage of tasks from Cambridge English Qualifications exams.

      Digital Support: Look is complemented by digital support materials like the Classroom Presentation Tool with interactive features, Online Practice, and a Learning Management System to track progress.

      Teacher Support: The program offers comprehensive teacher support, including guidance on task types, evaluation of student performance, and formative assessment strategies.

      Download ebook pdf audio Look American Starter Student's Book


      Authors of “Look”:

      • Gregg Schroeder
      • Katherine Bilsborough
      • Steve Bilsborough
      • Rachel Wilson
      • Daniel Barber
      • Rob Sved
      • Katherine Stannett
      • Mary Charrington

      Overall, “Look” provides a dynamic and comprehensive approach to English language learning for young learners, combining engaging content with a strong focus on skills development, personal growth, and exam preparation.


      Download ebook pdf audio Look American 1 Student's Book


      Who is suitable for ‘Look’?

      The “Look” series from National Geographic Learning is particularly suitable for:

      Young English Language Learners: It is designed for children at primary and lower secondary school levels. The age range can typically be from around 6 to 14 years old, depending on their English language proficiency.

      True Beginners to Pre-intermediate Learners: The series caters to students who are just starting to learn English (true beginners) and extends up to those who have reached a pre-intermediate level. This makes it ideal for students with varying degrees of familiarity with the English language.

      Students Interested in Global Perspectives and Real-World Topics: Given its use of National Geographic content, “Look” is well-suited for young learners who are curious about the world, enjoy exploring different cultures, and are interested in real-world topics and stories.

      Download ebook pdf audio Look American 2 Student's Book

      Learners Preparing for English Language Exams: Students who are aiming to take international English language exams, especially those related to Cambridge English Qualifications, would find the exam preparation aspect of “Look” beneficial.

      Students Who Benefit from a Multimedia Approach: “Look” incorporates a variety of multimedia elements, including photography, video, and interactive digital tools. It is ideal for learners who engage well with visual and interactive content.

      Schools and Teachers Seeking Comprehensive Teaching Resources: Educators looking for a structured English language program with a balance of language skills, values education, and personal development will find “Look” to be a comprehensive resource. It also provides significant teacher support and classroom management tools.

      Parents Seeking Engaging and Educational Material for Home Learning: Parents who wish to supplement their children’s English learning at home with engaging and educational content might also find “Look” suitable.

      In summary, “Look” is designed for a broad range of young learners, offering a unique blend of language learning, cultural exploration, and personal development, supported by the rich visual and educational resources of National Geographic.


      Download ebook pdf audio Look American 3 Student's Book


      The benefits of ‘Look’

      The “Look” series from National Geographic Learning offers several key benefits for young English language learners:

      Engagement Through High-Quality Content: The integration of National Geographic’s stunning photography and authentic stories captivates students’ interest. This visual and narrative richness makes learning more engaging and enjoyable.

      Global Awareness and Cultural Exposure: By featuring content from around the world, “Look” exposes students to diverse cultures, places, and stories, fostering global awareness and understanding.

      Balanced Language Skills Development: The series provides a well-rounded approach to language learning, covering reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. This balanced approach ensures comprehensive language development.

      Phonics Focus for Reading Proficiency: A focus on phonics helps young learners develop strong reading skills, which are fundamental for language acquisition and academic success.

      Values and Personal Development: “Look” integrates values education, encouraging personal growth and development alongside language learning. This aspect helps in nurturing well-rounded individuals.

      Download ebook pdf audio Look American 4 Student's Book

      Real-World Application and Critical Thinking: The inclusion of real-world stories and scenarios enables students to apply their language skills in practical contexts, promoting critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

      Examination Preparation: The series prepares students for international English exams, providing practice in exam-style tasks and boosting their confidence in assessment situations.

      Interactive and Digital Learning Tools: With digital resources like the Classroom Presentation Tool and Online Practice, “Look” incorporates modern educational technology, making lessons more dynamic and accommodating different learning styles.

      Teacher Support and Resource Efficiency: Educators are supported with comprehensive teaching materials, including guidance notes and assessment tools, making lesson planning and delivery more efficient and effective.

      Encouraging Extensive Reading: Through its ‘Reading Extra’ lessons, “Look” promotes extensive reading, enhancing students’ reading skills and fostering a love for reading.

      Inclusivity and Engagement in Learning: The diverse content and engaging format cater to a wide range of learners, ensuring that students with different interests and learning preferences are included and engaged.

      Overall, “Look” is a multifaceted English language learning program that not only enhances language proficiency but also encourages personal growth, cultural awareness, and a love for learning in young students.

      Download ebook pdf audio Look American 5 Student's Book


      Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘Look’

      Implementing effective teaching and learning strategies with the “Look” series from National Geographic Learning can greatly enhance the educational experience for both teachers and students. Here are some strategies to consider:

      Multimedia Integration: Utilize the rich multimedia resources provided by “Look,” including videos, photographs, and interactive digital tools. This helps cater to different learning styles, such as visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners, and makes lessons more dynamic and engaging.

      Project-Based Learning: Encourage students to undertake projects related to the content in “Look.” Projects like researching a topic from a lesson, creating a presentation, or working on a group assignment can deepen understanding and foster collaborative skills.

      Storytelling and Role-Play: Use the authentic stories from “Look” to engage students in storytelling and role-play activities. This approach helps in developing speaking and listening skills and encourages empathy and understanding by placing students in others’ shoes.

      Critical Thinking and Discussion: Foster critical thinking by discussing the global topics and cultural content presented in “Look.” Encourage students to share their opinions, debate different viewpoints, and connect the content to their own experiences.

      Phonics and Reading Fluency Activities: Take advantage of the phonics focus in “Look” to conduct reading fluency activities. Group reading sessions, individual reading tasks, and phonics games can enhance reading skills.

      Download ebook pdf audio Look American 6 Student's Book

      Incorporate Values Education: Use the values activities in “Look” to discuss important personal and societal values. This can be integrated into the language lessons to promote character development alongside language acquisition.

      Exam Preparation Techniques: Employ the exam preparation materials in “Look” to familiarize students with the format and types of tasks they will encounter in English language assessments. Practice tests, exam strategies, and time management skills can be taught to boost confidence.

      Extensive Reading Program: Encourage an extensive reading habit by assigning additional texts from the “Reading Extra” lessons. This not only improves reading skills but also broadens students’ knowledge and vocabulary.

      Interactive Language Games and Activities: Use language games and interactive activities to make learning more fun and engaging. This can include vocabulary games, grammar puzzles, and speaking exercises.

      Technology-Enhanced Learning: Leverage the digital support tools provided by “Look,” such as the Online Practice and Learning Management System, for blended learning. These tools can supplement classroom instruction and provide personalized learning opportunities.

      Parental Involvement: Engage parents by providing them with insights into what their children are learning and suggestions for supporting learning at home. This could include simple activities or discussions related to the “Look” content.

      Continuous Assessment and Feedback: Use the assessment tools in “Look” for ongoing evaluation of student progress. Provide regular, constructive feedback to help students understand their strengths and areas for improvement.

      By adopting these strategies, teachers can maximize the effectiveness of the “Look” series, making language learning a more enjoyable, relevant, and comprehensive experience for young learners.


      Engaging English Language Learning Series for Children: Interactive and Educational Alternatives to NGL’s Look

      For learners seeking alternatives to the “Look” series by National Geographic Learning, which is designed for young learners to engage with English through captivating imagery, stories, and thematic learning, several educational series offer a similar blend of engaging content and language development. Here are some notable series that provide comprehensive English language learning experiences for young learners:

      “Our World” by National Geographic Learning: Utilizing beautiful photography and fascinating content from National Geographic, this series introduces young learners to the English language alongside global cultures, animals, and the natural world, encouraging curiosity and exploration.

      World English” by National Geographic Learning: Features content from National Geographic and TED Talks, bringing global perspectives into the English learning classroom and encouraging learners to explore a wide range of topics while improving their language skills.

      Family and Friends” by Oxford University Press: Combining language learning with social and emotional development, this series offers engaging stories, songs, and art activities to support young learners in developing comprehensive English language skills.

      Big English” by Pearson Education: Aimed at making learning English more enjoyable, Big English combines language learning with 21st-century skills development, such as critical thinking and collaboration, through content that captivates young learners.

      “English Adventure” by Pearson Education: Using Disney characters and stories, English Adventure makes learning English an exciting adventure for children, making it easier to engage with language learning through familiar narratives and themes.

      Super Minds” by Cambridge University Press: This series enhances children’s thinking skills along with their English language proficiency. It integrates language learning with arts and crafts, science, and mathematics, encouraging creativity and problem-solving.

      Kid’s Box” by Cambridge University Press: A vibrant, all-inclusive course designed to engage young learners’ imaginations, Kid’s Box combines storytelling, arts and crafts, and exploration to teach English in an engaging way.

      “Primary i-Box” by Cambridge University Press: Although not a traditional textbook series, this interactive whiteboard software includes activities and games that cover a range of subjects, including English, math, and science, suitable for young learners in a modern classroom.

      Let’s Go” by Oxford University Press: A classic series known for its energetic approach to language learning, Let’s Go combines songs, games, and illustrated stories to make learning English fun and effective for children.

      “Island” by Scholastic: Offers a comprehensive English program with content that delves into scientific inquiry and STEM subjects, designed to engage young learners with a blend of storytelling and factual exploration.

      “Poptropica English” by Pearson Education: This series provides a safe and engaging learning environment where kids are motivated to learn English through storytelling and interactive activities that promote language learning and critical thinking skills.

      “Footprints” by Macmillan Education: Aimed at young learners, Footprints combines language learning with a focus on values and citizenship, encouraging students to think about their role in the world and how they can contribute to society.

      “Happy Campers” by Macmillan Education: Incorporates a language learning approach through songs, games, projects, and digital resources, aiming to develop not only English language proficiency but also teamwork and critical thinking skills in young learners.

      Reading Adventures” by National Geographic Learning: Designed for younger readers but beneficial for all English language learners, this series presents captivating stories and factual content from around the world to enhance reading comprehension and global knowledge.

      “Discover English” by Pearson Education: Focuses on using English to discover the world around us, incorporating cross-curricular content that allows learners to explore diverse cultures, science, and history while improving their language skills.

      “Tiger Time” by Macmillan Education: A vibrant series for young learners that combines English language learning with the development of values and digital literacy. It uses stories, songs, and projects to explore the world in an engaging way.

      These series offer a variety of approaches to language learning, ensuring there’s something to cater to different interests and learning styles. Each series is crafted to engage children through interactive content, encouraging them to learn English while also developing a broad range of cognitive and social skills.


      ELT Ebooks by National Geographic Learning