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      Oxford Word Skills



      Overview of the “Oxford Word Skills”

      The “Oxford Word Skills” series is a comprehensive vocabulary development program designed for English language learners. It is structured as a three-level, topic-based course, each level targeting a specific range of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) proficiency levels.

      Overview and Approach:

      • The series utilizes the Oxford 3000™ and Oxford 5000™ word lists, which comprise essential vocabulary words graded by CEFR level.
      • It focuses on teaching and practicing the most important words and phrases in English, organized by topic.
      • The method includes short, clear presentations of new vocabulary, followed by extensive opportunities for practice, aiming to build students’ confidence in using new words.

      Key Features:

      • Each of the three books in the series contains over 2,000 words and phrases.
      • The course improves vocabulary-learning skills and allows students to practice words in context.
      • It includes 100 units per level, providing a wide range of topics and everyday situations.
      • The course is suitable for both classroom and self-study use.

      Levels and Content:

      • Oxford Word Skills Elementary (A1-A2): This is the first level, focusing on foundational vocabulary for elementary learners.
      • Oxford Word Skills Intermediate (B1): The intermediate level builds on the elementary foundation, introducing more complex vocabulary.
      • Oxford Word Skills Upper-Intermediate – Advanced (B2-C1): This level targets upper-intermediate to advanced learners, expanding vocabulary to a higher, more sophisticated level.

      Additional Resources:

      • Each level includes access to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary app (OALD app).
      • The app provides pronunciation guides, meanings, and usage information for each word.
      • It also offers exercises on pronunciation and allows students to look up unknown words or phrases.

      Format and Availability:

      • The courses are available in a mixed-media format, combining traditional book learning with digital resources.
      • The second edition of each level includes 20 additional units compared to the first edition, offering more comprehensive coverage and practice.

      Awards and Recognition:

      • The first edition of the series received a Highly Commended award at the English-Speaking Union’s Duke of Edinburgh English Language Book Award in 2009.

      “Oxford Word Skills” is designed to cater to the vocabulary needs of upper-secondary and young adult learners, making it an ideal resource for both classroom learning and individual study. With its comprehensive approach and use of real-life contexts, it aims to equip students with the vocabulary needed to communicate effectively in English across a variety of settings.


      Oxford Word Skills Second Edition Adanced

      Who is suitable for ‘Oxford Word Skills’?

      The “Oxford Word Skills” series is suitable for a wide range of learners, particularly those who are looking to enhance their English vocabulary in a structured and effective manner. The series is ideal for:

      Upper-Secondary and Young Adult Learners: It’s specifically designed to meet the vocabulary needs of these age groups.

      English Language Learners at Various Levels:

      • Elementary Level (A1-A2 CEFR): Beginners or those at a basic level of English proficiency.
      • Intermediate Level (B1 CEFR): Learners who have a foundational understanding of English and are looking to expand their vocabulary.
      • Upper-Intermediate to Advanced Level (B2-C1 CEFR): Students who are already proficient in English and wish to further develop their vocabulary skills to a higher, more sophisticated level.

      Students Preparing for English Proficiency Exams: The structured approach and focus on essential vocabulary make it a valuable resource for those preparing for exams like TOEFL, IELTS, or Cambridge English exams.

      Self-Learners: Individuals who prefer self-study can benefit from the series due to its clear structure and inclusion of digital resources.

      Classroom Learners: The series is also well-suited for use in classroom settings, providing teachers with a structured curriculum for vocabulary development.

      Learners Seeking to Improve Specific Skills: As the series covers listening, speaking, reading, and writing, it’s useful for those looking to enhance specific language skills.

      Professionals or Academics: Those who require a higher level of English proficiency in their professional or academic lives can also find the advanced levels of this series beneficial.

      In summary, “Oxford Word Skills” is a versatile resource that caters to a broad spectrum of learners seeking to improve their English vocabulary, from beginners to advanced users, in both academic and professional contexts.


      Oxford Word Skills Second Edition Elementary


      The benefits of ‘Oxford Word Skills’

      The “Oxford Word Skills” series offers several benefits to learners of English, making it a valuable resource for vocabulary development. These benefits include:

      Comprehensive Vocabulary Coverage:

      • The series is based on the Oxford 3000™ and Oxford 5000™ word lists, ensuring that learners are exposed to the most important and frequently used words in English.
      • It covers over 2,000 words and phrases at each level, providing a broad and diverse vocabulary base.

      Structured Learning:

      • The course is organized into 100 units per level, each focusing on different topics and everyday situations. This structure helps learners systematically build their vocabulary.
      • The clear and concise presentation of new words aids in easy understanding and retention.

      Practical Application:

      • Vocabulary is taught in context, allowing learners to understand how words are used in real-life situations.
      • This approach not only enhances memorization but also improves the ability to use new words appropriately in conversation and writing.

      Enhanced Learning Skills:

      • The series focuses on improving vocabulary-learning skills, helping learners become more efficient in acquiring new words and phrases.
      • It teaches learners how to learn vocabulary, which is a critical skill for language acquisition.

      Flexibility in Learning:

      • Suitable for both classroom use and self-study, the series offers flexibility to cater to different learning environments and styles.
      • The mixed-media format, including the availability of digital resources, accommodates diverse learning preferences.

      Pronunciation and Listening Skills:

      • Access to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary app provides learners with audio pronunciations, enhancing their pronunciation and listening skills.
      • Pronunciation exercises in the books further aid in developing accurate speech.

      Appropriate for Different Levels:

      • With elementary, intermediate, and upper-intermediate to advanced levels, the series is suitable for learners at various stages of English proficiency.

      CEFR Alignment:

      • The vocabulary is graded according to the CEFR levels, ensuring that learners are studying words appropriate for their proficiency level.

      Improves Confidence:

      • Regular practice and the gradual building of vocabulary help boost learners’ confidence in using English in various contexts, from casual conversations to academic and professional settings.

      Award-Winning Content:

      • The recognition and awards received by the series underscore its quality and effectiveness as a language learning tool.

      In summary, “Oxford Word Skills” provides a well-rounded, effective approach to vocabulary learning, offering learners a comprehensive, context-driven, and flexible resource to enhance their English language proficiency.


      Oxford Word Skills Second Edition Intermediate


      Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘Oxford Word Skills’

      Effectively teaching and learning with the “Oxford Word Skills” series involves employing strategies that maximize the strengths of the program while catering to the diverse needs of learners. Here are some strategies for both teachers and learners:

      For Teachers

      Contextualized Teaching:

      • Integrate new vocabulary with real-life contexts or relevant themes. This aids in better understanding and retention.
      • Use examples from current events, students’ experiences, or familiar topics to make the learning more relatable.

      Interactive Activities:

      • Encourage group discussions or role-plays using new vocabulary.
      • Create games like word matching, crossword puzzles, or vocabulary quizzes to make learning engaging.

      Blended Learning Approach:

      • Combine traditional classroom teaching with the digital resources provided by the series.
      • Use the OALD app for pronunciation practice and additional exercises.

      Regular Revision and Practice:

      • Schedule periodic review sessions to reinforce previously learned vocabulary.
      • Encourage students to use new words in different contexts, like writing assignments or presentations.

      Customized Learning Paths:

      • Recognize the different learning paces and styles of students and adapt accordingly.
      • Provide additional support or challenges based on individual student needs.

      Incorporating Multimedia:

      • Use videos, music, or podcasts to expose students to the new vocabulary in varied formats.
      • Encourage students to create their own multimedia content using the learned vocabulary.

      For Learners

      Active Engagement:

      • Actively participate in classroom activities and discussions.
      • Practice using new words in speaking and writing as often as possible.

      Self-Study Techniques:

      • Utilize the OALD app for independent learning, especially for pronunciation and understanding word usage.
      • Create flashcards or use digital apps for memorizing new vocabulary.

      Regular Practice:

      • Set aside time daily for vocabulary practice to enhance retention.
      • Engage in reading, listening, and speaking activities outside of the textbook to reinforce learning.

      Real-Life Application:

      • Try to use new vocabulary in daily conversations or in social media posts.
      • Write short essays or stories using the words learned in each unit.

      Peer Learning:

      • Form study groups to learn and review vocabulary together.
      • Share tips and strategies with peers for learning and remembering new words.

      Setting Goals:

      • Set realistic and achievable goals for vocabulary learning (e.g., mastering a certain number of words per week).
      • Monitor progress regularly to stay motivated.

      Incorporating these strategies can significantly enhance the effectiveness of the “Oxford Word Skills” series, making the learning process more dynamic, interactive, and beneficial for both teachers and learners.


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