Download Pearson StartUp (8 Levels) Pdf ActiveTeach IWB 2020

Download Pearson StartUp (8 Levels) Pdf Audio Video, ActiveTeach IWB 2020

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Level 1
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Level 8
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Download Ebook Pearson StartUp (8 Levels) Pdf Audio Video, ActiveTeach IWB 2020


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      Overview of the “StartUp”

      ✅ Coursebook: StartUp
      ✅ Publisher: Pearson
      ✅ English type: American English
      ✅ 8 Levels: A1 – C1
      ✅ For: Adult
      ✅ Publication year: 2020

      StartUp” is an innovative English language course designed for adult learners. It offers a comprehensive approach to learning English, focusing on personal, academic, and professional communication. Here’s an overview of the course:

      Target Audience: Adult learners looking to use English in various aspects of their lives.

      Language: American English.

      Format: Available in both print and digital formats.

      Levels: It spans 8 levels, from A1 to C1 on the CEFR scale, corresponding to GSE scores of 22 to 84.

      Course Design: The course is multi-skilled, integrating various aspects of language learning. It is designed to be engaging and relevant, with a strong emphasis on media-rich content.

      Flexibility: StartUp offers a flexible blended approach, incorporating the Pearson Practice English App for mobile learning, allowing learners to study anytime, anywhere.

      Content: The course is rich in video content, integrated into the units to enhance learning and class engagement.

      Goals: It aims to develop language skills necessary for communication in personal, academic, and professional settings, while also fostering collaborative and critical thinking skills.

      Teacher Support: The course provides substantial support for teachers, making it easier to personalize teaching.

      Learning Environment: It is effective both in virtual and physical classroom settings.

      StartUp 1 Student's Book


      Special Features of StartUp:

      Empowers Learners: It enables effective communication in English.

      Video-Rich Programme: Unique and engaging video content is a key feature.

      Effectiveness: Equally effective in virtual and physical classroom settings.

      Connected English Learning Program:

      Teach: Using StartUp for instruction.

      Assess: With Benchmark Test for regular progress tracking.

      Certify: Through Pearson English International Certificate focusing on real-life communication skills.

      Levels and Structure: The course covers eight levels, each with specific GSE and CEFR ratings, starting from basic (A1) to advanced (C1) levels. Each level includes a scope and sequence, along with sample materials from the students’ books.

      In summary, StartUp provides a comprehensive, media-rich, and flexible learning experience for adult learners of English, suited for both self-study and classroom environments. It’s designed to be engaging and relevant, with a focus on real-world application of language skills.

      StartUp 2 Student's Book


      Who is suitable for ‘StartUp’?

      StartUp” is an English language course designed specifically for adult learners. It is suitable for a variety of individuals, including:

      Adult Learners of All Ages: Whether they are in their 20s or older, this course is tailored to adults looking to improve their English language skills.

      Professionals and Working Individuals: Those who need English for professional advancement, workplace communication, or to operate in a global business environment.

      University Students and Academics: Individuals in academic settings who require English for their studies, research, or academic communication.

      Immigrants and Travelers: Those who have moved to English-speaking countries or travel frequently and need to communicate effectively in English.

      Learners with Varied English Proficiency: The course caters to a wide range of proficiency levels, from beginners (CEFR level A1) to advanced learners (CEFR level C1).

      Individuals Seeking Personal Development: Those who wish to improve their English for personal growth, cultural understanding, or social interaction.

      Learners Preferring Flexible Study Options: With its blend of print and digital resources, including the Pearson Practice English App, it suits learners who desire flexibility in when and how they study.

      Learners Interested in a Comprehensive Language Program: The course covers multiple language skills and is ideal for those looking for a thorough and structured language learning experience.

      Overall, “StartUp” is well-suited for any adult learner who seeks a comprehensive, flexible, and engaging way to improve their English language skills for personal, professional, or academic reasons.

      StartUp 3 Student's Book


      The benefits of ‘StartUp’

      StartUp” offers several key benefits that make it a valuable resource for adult learners of English. These benefits cater to various aspects of language learning, providing a well-rounded approach:

      Comprehensive Skill Development: The course covers all major language skills – speaking, listening, reading, and writing. This comprehensive approach ensures balanced development in all areas of language proficiency.

      Flexibility and Accessibility: With both print and digital formats, including the Pearson Practice English App, learners can study anytime and anywhere, providing flexibility to fit learning into busy schedules.

      Engaging and Relevant Content: The course materials include media-rich content that is both engaging and relevant to adult learners. This relevance helps in maintaining motivation and interest.

      Structured Learning Path: With eight levels from A1 (beginner) to C1 (advanced), the course provides a clear and structured learning path. This structure helps learners to see their progress and understand the next steps in their language development.

      Real-World Application: The content is designed to be practical, focusing on language use in real-world situations. This approach helps learners to apply their English skills in their personal, academic, and professional lives.

      StartUp 4 Student's Book

      Video-Integrated Learning: The integration of video content helps in modeling language use, presenting information, and keeping classes engaging. This visual aspect aids in better retention and understanding.

      Cultural Exposure: Through its diverse content, learners are exposed to various cultural contexts, which is beneficial for developing a global perspective and understanding different nuances of the English language.

      Critical and Collaborative Skill Development: Beyond language skills, the course also focuses on developing critical thinking and collaborative skills, which are essential in the modern world.

      Teacher Support: For educators, “StartUp” provides robust support, making it easier to personalize teaching and adapt to different classroom dynamics.

      Effective for Diverse Learning Environments: The course is designed to be effective in both virtual and physical classroom settings, making it a versatile option for various teaching and learning contexts.

      Progress Tracking and Assessment: Tools like the Benchmark Test help in regularly measuring learners’ progress, building confidence, and guiding them on a personalized learning path.

      Certification and Recognition: The course aligns with recognized standards like the CEFR and prepares learners for certifications like the Pearson English International Certificate, adding value to their learning journey.

      In summary, “StartUp” is beneficial for its comprehensive, flexible, and engaging approach to English language learning, suited to the diverse needs of adult learners in today’s dynamic and interconnected world.

      StartUp 5 Student's Book


      Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘StartUp’

      To maximize the effectiveness of the “StartUp” English language course for adult learners, implementing specific teaching and learning strategies can be highly beneficial. Here are some strategies tailored to the structure and content of “StartUp”:

      Blended Learning Approach: Utilize the combination of print and digital materials to create a blended learning environment. Encourage students to use the Pearson Practice English App for supplementary learning and practice outside of classroom hours.

      Interactive Video Sessions: Leverage the video-rich content of “StartUp” to engage learners. Use videos to introduce new topics, demonstrate language use in context, and stimulate discussion and role-play activities.

      Personalized Learning Paths: Recognize the diverse needs and levels of learners. Adapt the course content to meet individual learning goals and provide additional resources for those who need extra help or want to advance more quickly.

      Collaborative Learning Activities: Foster a collaborative learning environment. Encourage group activities, discussions, and projects that require learners to communicate and work together, enhancing their language and interpersonal skills.

      Real-World Application: Relate lessons to real-life scenarios. Encourage learners to apply language skills in practical contexts such as writing emails, conducting meetings, or having conversations related to their personal, academic, or professional lives.

      StartUp 6 Student's Book

      Critical Thinking Exercises: Incorporate activities that promote critical thinking and problem-solving, such as analyzing texts, debating, or discussing complex topics. This not only improves language skills but also enhances cognitive abilities.

      Regular Assessment and Feedback: Use the Benchmark Test and other assessment tools to regularly evaluate progress. Provide constructive feedback to help learners understand their strengths and areas for improvement.

      Cultural Exposure and Sensitivity: Use the diverse content of the course to expose learners to different cultural contexts. Discuss cultural norms and variations in English usage globally, enhancing cultural awareness and sensitivity.

      Technology Integration: Encourage the use of technology not just for the digital components of the course, but also for additional resources such as language learning apps, online forums, and educational websites.

      Motivation and Engagement: Keep learners motivated by setting clear, achievable goals, celebrating progress, and varying the types of activities and materials used in lessons to maintain interest and engagement.

      Self-Directed Learning Encouragement: Teach learners how to set their own language learning goals and strategies. Encourage them to take charge of their learning outside the classroom through reading, listening to English media, and practicing speaking.

      Teacher Development and Support: For educators, engage in ongoing professional development to stay updated with the latest teaching methodologies and utilize the support materials provided by “StartUp” to enhance teaching effectiveness.

      By integrating these strategies into the “StartUp” course framework, teachers can create a more dynamic, engaging, and effective learning experience for adult learners of English.


      Comprehensive English Language Learning Series: Enhancing Professional Skills and Digital Literacy for Global Communication

      For learners looking for alternatives to the “StartUp” series by Pearson, which is designed to take students from beginner to advanced levels of English proficiency while integrating career-related skills and digital literacy, there are several educational series that offer a similar comprehensive approach to language learning. Here are some notable series that provide language development, practical communication skills, and engagement with contemporary topics:

      English File” by Oxford University Press: Known for its unique, lively approach that encourages communication through speaking activities and practical real-world language use. It covers all skill levels and includes digital resources for blended learning.

      Life” by National Geographic Learning: Utilizes content from National Geographic to teach English, focusing on developing language skills alongside critical thinking and global awareness, with resources for learners at all levels.

      Speakout” by Pearson English: Features authentic video content from the BBC, providing real-world language learning experiences, emphasizing speaking and listening skills, and including a strong digital learning component.

      Four Corners” by Cambridge University Press: A four-level integrated skills English series that combines effective communicative methodology with a practical, real-world approach, including a variety of digital resources for learners.

      “Global” by Macmillan Education: Aimed at adult learners, this series provides insights into the English-speaking world’s culture and encourages language learning through a global lens, combining language development with discussions on global issues.

      Roadmap” by Pearson Education: Offers a flexible, personalized learning experience with a focus on developing speaking and listening skills. It’s designed for adult learners, offering a clear and structured path to improve English proficiency and digital literacy.

      Navigate” by Oxford University Press: Tailored for adults and young adults at an intermediate to upper-intermediate level, Navigate offers a rich learning experience focusing on practical English usage in a global context, with extensive digital resources.

      Outcomes” by National Geographic Learning: Prepares learners to communicate effectively in English, using real-world contexts and content that reflects how English is used today, supported by digital tools for enhanced learning.

      In Focus” by National Geographic Learning: Tailored for adult learners, this series integrates English language development with stunning visual storytelling and articles that explore cultural and environmental themes, supported by digital learning tools.

      “English for Everyone” by DK: A visually innovative series that covers language learning from beginners to advanced levels. It uses graphics and illustrations to teach grammar, vocabulary, and communication skills, complemented by a free app and website for interactive learning.

      Market Leader” by Pearson Education: While focusing on Business English, Market Leader integrates language learning with professional skills development, using current business concepts and case studies, making it suitable for learners aiming to use English in the workplace.

      Business Result” by Oxford University Press: Offers practical communication skills and functional language for business English learners. It includes video content and digital resources for self-study, making it ideal for professionals.

      Cutting Edge” by Pearson Education: Offers a communicative and task-based approach, focusing on speaking and listening, and is known for incorporating real-life global issues and strategies for effective communication, supported by robust digital resources.

      Impact” by National Geographic Learning: Designed for young adults and adults, this series combines language learning with fascinating stories and insights into global issues, aiming to develop linguistic skills and critical thinking through content that engages and inspires.

      Interchange” by Cambridge University Press: A comprehensive series for adults and young adults that emphasizes effective communication through contemporary topics and interactive exercises, supported by online resources for blended learning environments.

      World English” by National Geographic Learning: Features content from National Geographic and TED Talks, bringing global perspectives into the English learning classroom to improve language skills while expanding global awareness.

      These alternatives offer robust preparation for learners at various stages of their English language learning journey, aiming to improve their English proficiency while also focusing on critical thinking, cultural awareness, and digital literacy. They provide a mix of comprehensive language development, practical communication exercises, and cultural insights to ensure a holistic educational experience.


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