Download Ebook Oxford Teen2Teen (4 Levels) Pdf Audio 2013

Download Ebook Oxford Teen2Teen (4 Levels) 2013

Level 1
Teen2Teen 1 Audio.rar
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Teen2Teen 1 Intractive Grammar Powerpoints.rar
Teen2Teen 1 iTools.rar
Teen2Teen 1 Student Book & Workbook.pdf
Teen2Teen 1 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Teen2Teen 1 Teacher’s Pack.rar
Teen2Teen 1 Tests.rar
Teen2Teen 1 Video.rar
Teen2Teen 1 Vocabulary Flashcards.rar
Teen2Teen 1 Worksheets.rar

Level 2
Teen2Teen 2 Audio.rar
Teen2Teen 2 Intractive Grammar Powerpoints.rar
Teen2Teen 2 iTools.rar
Teen2Teen 2 Student Book & Workbook.pdf
Teen2Teen 2 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Teen2Teen 2 Teacher’s Pack.rar
Teen2Teen 2 Video.rar

Level 3
Teen2Teen 3 Audio.rar
Teen2Teen 3 Student Book & Workbook.pdf
Teen2Teen 3 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Teen2Teen 3 Teacher’s Pack.rar

Level 4
Teen2Teen 4 Audio.rar
Teen2Teen 4 Student Book & Workbook.pdf
Teen2Teen 4 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Teen2Teen 4 Teacher’s Pack.rar

Ebook Oxford Teen2Teen (4 Levels) Pdf Audio Materials full


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      Download Ebook Oxford Teen2Teen (4 Levels) Pdf Audio Materials full



      Overview of the “Teen2Teen”

      ✅ Coursebook: Teen2Teen
      ✅ Publisher: Oxford University Press
      ✅ English type: American English
      ✅ Publication year: 2013

      Teen2Teen” is an American English course designed for lower secondary education, emphasizing a gentle learning pace and strong appeal to teenagers. Created by Joan Saslow and Allen Ascher, the course is designed to make learning English engaging for teenagers and teaching effortless for educators.

      Key Features of Teen2Teen:

      Teen Appeal: The content resonates with teenagers’ lives, interests, and modes of communication. It includes realistic language models and dialogues that reflect teen communication patterns.

      Carefully Paced Grammar Syllabus: The grammar is introduced in a well-paced manner, ensuring that students grasp fundamental concepts before progressing to more complex structures.

      Integrated Vocabulary Teaching: Vocabulary is explicitly taught using visual cues and definitions, ensuring clarity and understanding.

      Social Interaction Emphasis: Activities and dialogues exploit teenagers’ enjoyment of social interaction, enhancing their confidence in using English.

      Online Practice with Teen2Teen Plus: Provides exclusive access to additional activities and interactive features like emailing classmates and participating in class discussions.

      Comprehensive Teacher Resources: Includes extra worksheets, interactive presentations, flashcards, editable tests, a grammar bank, and puzzles.

      Educational Philosophy:

      Realistic Language Usage: Mimics the way teenagers communicate in real life, including a fictional social network site feature to mirror contemporary communication styles.

      Mixed-Ability Consideration: The course accommodates large, diverse classrooms with varying resources, offering easy-to-use unit structures and customizable classes.

      Continuous Reinforcement: Vocabulary, grammar, and social language are reinforced throughout each unit, not just presented in isolation, enhancing retention and understanding.

      Cross-Curricular Approach: Includes optional reading lessons and projects covering various subjects like geography, science, social studies, and art, enabling students to expand their knowledge in English.

      Cultural and Linguistic Accessibility: The course does not presuppose existing knowledge, making it accessible to a wide range of learners.

      Target Audience:

      Lower secondary students learning American English.

      Teachers looking for a course with minimal preparation time and customizable options.


      “Teen2Teen” stands out for its focus on teen interests, ease of use for teachers, and a comprehensive approach to language learning that balances grammar, vocabulary, and practical language use. It’s a thoughtfully designed course that aligns with the needs and interests of young teenagers while supporting teachers with robust resources.

      Teen2Teen 1 Student Book & Workbook


      Who is suitable for ‘Teen2Teen’?

      “Teen2Teen” is particularly suitable for:

      Lower Secondary Students: It is tailored for young adolescents who are in the early stages of secondary education. The content and pace are designed to align with their educational level and cognitive development.

      English Language Learners: Students who are learning American English as a second language would find this course beneficial. The course focuses on both grammar and practical usage, making it suitable for learners new to the language or those looking to improve their skills.

      Teenagers Seeking Engaging Content: Given its emphasis on teen appeal, the course is ideal for teenagers interested in content that reflects their interests, lifestyles, and ways of communicating.

      Students in Mixed-Ability Classrooms: The course is structured to cater to classrooms with varying levels of English proficiency, offering different levels of challenges and support.

      Learners Requiring a Structured Language Program: The carefully paced grammar syllabus, integrated vocabulary teaching, and continuous reinforcement throughout the units provide a structured learning environment.

      Teens Interested in Social Interaction: The course leverages teenagers’ natural inclination towards social interaction, making it suitable for those who enjoy learning through communication and collaborative activities.

      In summary, “Teen2Teen” is ideal for lower secondary students, particularly those who are enthusiastic about learning English in an engaging, interactive, and teen-friendly manner.

      Teen2Teen 2 Student Book & Workbook


      The benefits of ‘Teen2Teen’

      “Teen2Teen” offers several benefits for both students and teachers in the context of learning American English at the lower secondary level. These benefits stem from its carefully crafted content and structure, which are tailored to the unique needs and interests of teenagers:

      For Students:

      Engaging and Relevant Content: The course material is designed to resonate with teenagers, featuring topics, dialogues, and activities that align with their interests and experiences, making learning more relatable and enjoyable.

      Gradual Learning Pace: The curriculum introduces grammar and vocabulary at a gentle pace, which helps students grasp fundamental concepts thoroughly before advancing to more complex topics.

      Enhanced Speaking Confidence: By focusing on realistic language models and dialogues, the course encourages students to practice speaking in contexts similar to their own patterns of communication, thus boosting their confidence.

      Social Interaction Opportunities: The emphasis on social interaction in learning activities aligns with teenagers’ natural inclination towards socializing, facilitating a more engaging and interactive learning experience.

      Multifaceted Skill Development: The course integrates the teaching of vocabulary, grammar, and social language, providing students with multiple opportunities to practice and reinforce these aspects, thereby enhancing their overall language proficiency.

      Cultural and Linguistic Accessibility: Without assuming prior linguistic or cultural knowledge, the course introduces new concepts explicitly, making it accessible and inclusive for a diverse student body.

      For Teachers:

      Ease of Use: The course is designed to be easy to implement, requiring minimal preparation time, which is beneficial for teachers, especially those with limited resources.

      Customizable Teaching Options: More experienced teachers can tailor the course to their teaching style and the specific needs of their students, thanks to the adaptable unit structure and additional practice features.

      Comprehensive Teaching Resources: Teachers have access to a wide range of resources, including worksheets, interactive presentations, flashcards, editable tests, and supplementary exercises, which enhance the teaching experience.

      Continuous Student Assessment: With features like an online grade book and instant feedback on online practices, teachers can easily track and assess students’ progress.

      Overall Educational Impact:

      Balanced Approach to Language Learning: “Teen2Teen” offers a balanced mix of traditional grammar syllabus and structured listening and speaking practice, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

      Promotion of Independent Learning: The inclusion of online practice and interactive exercises encourages students to take charge of their learning outside the classroom.

      Cross-Curricular Learning: Optional reading lessons covering various subjects help students extend their knowledge in English while learning about other curriculum areas.

      In conclusion, “Teen2Teen” provides a well-rounded, engaging, and effective approach to learning English for lower secondary students, backed by robust support and resources for teachers.


      Teen2Teen 3 Student Book & Workbook


      Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘Teen2Teen’

      Implementing effective teaching and learning strategies with “Teen2Teen” can significantly enhance the educational experience for both students and teachers. Here are some strategies tailored to the strengths and structure of the “Teen2Teen” course:

      For Teachers:

      Interactive Lessons: Utilize the course’s emphasis on social interaction to create dynamic and engaging classroom activities. Encourage students to participate in dialogues, group discussions, and role-plays to practice new language skills in a realistic context.

      Blended Learning: Combine traditional classroom teaching with the online resources offered by Teen2Teen Plus. This approach allows students to extend their learning outside the classroom and provides a varied and flexible learning experience.

      Differentiated Instruction: Recognize the different skill levels in your class. Use the course’s structure to provide additional support to students who need it, while challenging more advanced learners with extension activities.

      Utilize Visual Aids and Flashcards: Leverage the visual teaching aids provided by the course for vocabulary and grammar lessons. Visuals can be especially helpful for students who are visual learners.

      Incorporate Cross-Curricular Elements: Use the course’s optional reading lessons on subjects like geography and science to create a cross-curricular learning experience, enhancing students’ general knowledge while improving their English.

      Regular Assessment and Feedback: Make use of the online grade book and instant feedback features to monitor student progress. Provide regular and constructive feedback to guide students’ improvement.

      For Students:

      Active Participation: Engage actively in classroom activities. Participation in discussions, group work, and projects can greatly enhance language acquisition and confidence.

      Utilize Online Resources: Take advantage of the Teen2Teen Plus online practice for extra activities and exercises. This self-study complements classroom learning and offers additional practice in weak areas.

      Peer Learning: Collaborate with classmates on projects or in study groups. Peer learning can be a powerful tool for understanding difficult concepts and for practicing language skills.

      Self-Reflection and Goal Setting: Regularly assess personal progress and set specific language goals. Use the feedback from teachers and the online system to identify areas for improvement.

      Practice Real-World Application: Try to use English in real-life situations outside the classroom, such as in conversations, writing emails, or consuming English media, to enhance language skills.

      Stay Curious and Engaged: Cultivate an interest in the various topics covered in the course, and explore them further independently. This not only improves language skills but also broadens general knowledge.

      Overall Strategy:

      Integration and Consistency: Consistently integrate the various components of the course—grammar, vocabulary, speaking, and online resources—for a cohesive learning experience.

      Feedback Loop: Maintain an ongoing feedback loop between teachers and students to continually adapt and improve the teaching and learning process.

      By implementing these strategies, teachers can effectively utilize the “Teen2Teen” course to create a stimulating, supportive, and successful language learning environment.


      Teen2Teen 4 Student Book & Workbook


      Explore ‘Teen2Teen’: The New Era of Engaging Teenage Language Education

      In the landscape of secondary education, where the quest for effective and engaging language learning methods is ever-evolving, a new chapter has been opened with the introduction of ‘Teen2Teen.’ This American English course, specifically designed for lower secondary students, stands out as a beacon of innovation and engagement in language education.

      Bridging the Gap Between Teens and English Mastery

      At the heart of ‘Teen2Teen’ is an understanding of the unique world teenagers inhabit. Developed by Joan Saslow and Allen Ascher, the course taps into the vibrant and dynamic nature of teenage life, making English learning not just a scholarly pursuit but a journey into self-expression and global understanding.

      Customized Learning Journey

      ‘Teen2Teen’ departs from traditional, one-size-fits-all language courses. It caters to the diverse learning speeds and styles of young learners. The course is meticulously paced, ensuring that each student grasps the foundational elements of the English language before progressing to more complex concepts. This approach fosters a deeper understanding and long-term retention of the language.

      Interactive and Social Learning

      Recognizing that teenagers are inherently social beings, ‘Teen2Teen’ emphasizes interaction. The course integrates realistic dialogues and language models that mirror actual communication patterns among teens. Classroom activities are designed to be collaborative, encouraging students to engage in discussions, role-playing, and group projects, thereby building their confidence in using English in real-life scenarios.

      The Digital Edge

      In today’s digital age, ‘Teen2Teen’ seamlessly integrates technology into language learning. The course includes ‘Teen2Teen Plus,’ an online platform that offers additional practice and interactive features. Students can participate in virtual discussions, access extra learning materials, and receive instant feedback, making learning both fun and efficient.

      Empowering Teachers

      ‘Teen2Teen’ is not just student-centric; it is a valuable resource for educators as well. The course provides comprehensive teaching materials, including interactive grammar presentations, vocabulary flashcards, and customizable tests. This wealth of resources allows teachers to adapt lessons to fit the class’s needs, making teaching more effective and less time-consuming.

      Cross-Curricular Approach

      Understanding that education should not be compartmentalized, ‘Teen2Teen’ introduces cross-curricular elements. It includes optional reading lessons that span various subjects such as science, geography, and art, enriching students’ general knowledge while improving their English skills.

      The Teen Appeal

      What truly sets ‘Teen2Teen’ apart is its resonance with the teenage experience. The content, from the topics discussed to the visuals used, is carefully chosen to reflect the interests, aspirations, and realities of today’s teenagers. This relevance increases engagement and makes learning more enjoyable and meaningful.


      ‘Teen2Teen’ represents a paradigm shift in teenage language education. It offers a balanced blend of traditional grammar with practical, interactive language use. With its student-focused approach, digital integration, and comprehensive support for teachers, ‘Teen2Teen’ is not just a course; it’s a gateway to global communication and understanding for the next generation. As we embrace this new era of engaging teenage language education, ‘Teen2Teen’ stands at the forefront, paving the way for a future where language barriers are broken down, and global connections are strengthened.


      Teen2Teen: Transforming the Classroom into a Teen-Friendly Language Hub

      In the ever-evolving world of language education, ‘Teen2Teen’ emerges as a groundbreaking American English course designed to transform traditional classrooms into vibrant, teen-friendly language hubs. Tailored specifically for lower secondary students, ‘Teen2Teen’ by Joan Saslow and Allen Ascher, is redefining the way English is taught and learned.

      Understanding the Teen Psyche

      At its core, ‘Teen2Teen’ understands that the teenage years are a time of discovery, identity formation, and social exploration. This course taps into these unique aspects of adolescence, offering a learning experience that is not just educational but also deeply relatable and engaging for young learners.

      Creating a Teen-Centric Learning Environment

      The genius of ‘Teen2Teen’ lies in its ability to create a learning environment that resonates with teens. The course material is infused with topics, dialogues, and activities that mirror the interests and everyday experiences of teenagers. This relevance to their real-world context makes learning more meaningful and enjoyable.

      Engaging and Interactive Methodology

      ‘Teen2Teen’ breaks away from the monotony of traditional language learning methods. It emphasizes interactive learning, with activities designed to foster communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. Role-plays, group discussions, and project-based tasks encourage students to use English in practical, real-life scenarios, enhancing their language skills and confidence.

      Technology Integration for the Modern Learner

      Acknowledging the digital nativity of today’s teenagers, ‘Teen2Teen’ incorporates an online component, ‘Teen2Teen Plus’. This digital platform provides additional resources, interactive exercises, and a virtual space for students to practice English outside the classroom. This blend of traditional and digital learning caters to the diverse learning preferences of teenagers.

      Empowering Educators

      ‘Teen2Teen’ also focuses on empowering teachers with a plethora of resources. From interactive grammar presentations to editable tests, the course offers tools that reduce prep time and enhance teaching efficiency. This support allows teachers to focus more on engaging with students and less on administrative tasks.

      A Balanced Approach to Language Learning

      ‘Teen2Teen’ strikes a perfect balance between rigorous grammar instruction and practical language usage. The course’s carefully structured syllabus ensures that students build a strong foundation in grammar while simultaneously developing their speaking, listening, and writing skills.

      Cultivating a Social Learning Experience

      Recognizing that social interaction is crucial at this stage of development, ‘Teen2Teen’ integrates opportunities for students to interact, discuss, and work together. This social aspect of learning not only makes the process more enjoyable but also reflects the natural way in which teenagers communicate and learn.


      ‘Teen2Teen’ is more than just an English course; it is a revolution in language education tailored for the modern teenager. By transforming the classroom into a space that is both educationally robust and teen-friendly, ‘Teen2Teen’ is setting a new standard in language learning. It addresses the unique needs of young learners, equipping them with the linguistic skills and confidence needed in today’s globalized world. As we step into this new era of language education, ‘Teen2Teen’ leads the charge, creating language hubs where teenagers don’t just learn English – they live it.


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