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Level 1
Learning Stars 1 Activity Book.pdf
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Learning Stars 1 Flashcards.pdf
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Learning Stars 1 Worksheets.pdf

Level 2
Learning Stars 2 Activity Book.pdf
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Learning Stars 2 Ideas for learning at home.pdf
Learning Stars 2 Maths Book.pdf
Learning Stars 2 Pupil’s Book.pdf
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Learning Stars 2 Word list.pdf
Learning Stars 2 Words Worksheets.pdf
Learning Stars 2 Worksheets.pdf

Download Ebook Macmillan Learning Stars 1 2 Pdf Audio CD-ROM 2014 full


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      Download Ebook Macmillan Learning Stars Pdf Audio CD-ROM full



      Overview of the “Learning Stars”

      ✅ Coursebook: Learning Stars
      ✅ Publisher: Macmillan
      ✅ For: Preschool
      ✅ Publication year: 2014

      Learning Stars” by Macmillan is a comprehensive pre-primary course designed for children aged 2-5 who are beginning to learn English. It’s structured as a high-level course that encompasses three levels, each tailored to gradually build the foundational skills necessary for full-time schooling.

      Key features of the “Learning Stars” program include:

      • Introduction to Communicative English: The course provides a solid grounding in communicative English, focusing on reading, writing, and spelling skills. This foundation is crucial for children as they prepare to start full-time education.
      • Systematic Phonics Programme: The program includes a well-structured phonics program that aids in teaching children to read and write. This component is enhanced by using Animal Alphabet Flashcards, rhyming stories, songs, and chants, which help in quick memorization and recognition of initial letter sounds.
      • Cross-Curricular and Civics Elements: The course integrates cross-curricular topics, civic values, and early math concepts. This broad approach helps to expand the children’s vocabulary and general knowledge, exposing them to a variety of subjects and ideas.
      • Engaging and Interactive Materials: The Pupil’s Book Pack, which includes a book and a CD-ROM, introduces language in a fun and engaging way through stories, songs, and interactive exercises. The Activity Book extends and reinforces the language and concepts from the Pupil’s Book with various activities.
      • Maths Book: A separate Maths Book is included, which introduces early number concepts and encourages children to engage with numbers in English.
      • Teacher’s Resources: For educators, the program offers a Teacher’s Book Pack containing additional material, lesson instructions, a DVD-ROM with a projectable Digibook, and access to the Teacher’s Resource Centre.
      • Assessment and School Readiness: An essential feature of the course is its strong assessment strand, ensuring that children have the necessary skills and capabilities for full-time schooling.
      • Language and Drama Elements: Learning Stars also emphasizes language practice through lively drama and role-play, helping children to remember and use the language in enjoyable ways.
      • Flashcards: The program incorporates interactive flashcards for introducing words, letters, and numbers.

      This comprehensive approach to pre-primary education not only prepares children for school but does so in a way that is engaging and enjoyable, ensuring that learning English becomes a fun and memorable experience​​​​​​.


      Learning Stars 1 Activity Book


      Who is suitable for ‘Learning Stars’?

      “Learning Stars” by Macmillan is particularly suitable for children aged 2 to 5 who are starting to learn English for the first time. This educational program is designed as a high-level pre-primary course, making it ideal for young learners in the initial stages of their education journey.

      Key suitability aspects of “Learning Stars” include:

      • Age Group: Specifically tailored for very young learners, this program addresses the educational needs of children in the pre-primary age group (2-5 years old).
      • Beginners in English: It’s aimed at children learning English as a new language, making it suitable for those at the beginning stages of English language acquisition.
      • Preparation for Full-Time Schooling: The course is structured to build the necessary skills and capabilities for children to begin full-time schooling. This makes it a good fit for children who are about to transition into formal education settings.
      • Foundational Language Skills: For children who need a solid foundation in communicative English, including basic reading, writing, and spelling skills, “Learning Stars” provides a comprehensive introduction.
      • Early Math and Cross-Curricular Learning: The program is also suitable for children who would benefit from an early introduction to math and other cross-curricular subjects, as it includes elements of these in its curriculum.
      • Interactive and Engaging Learning: Children who thrive in interactive and engaging learning environments will find the program’s use of stories, songs, chants, and flashcards appealing and beneficial for their learning.
      • Systematic Phonics Learning: It’s particularly apt for children who are starting to learn how to read and write, as the course includes a systematic phonics program.

      Therefore, “Learning Stars” is best suited for very young learners at the beginning of their educational journey, particularly those preparing for full-time schooling and in need of a foundational grasp of the English language and basic math concepts​​​​.


      Learning Stars 1 Maths Book


      The benefits of ‘Learning Stars’

      “Learning Stars” by Macmillan offers several benefits for young learners beginning their educational journey, particularly in language acquisition and early childhood development. These benefits include:

      • Solid Foundation in English: The course lays a strong foundation in communicative English, helping children develop essential language skills like reading, writing, and spelling.
      • Comprehensive Phonics Program: A systematic phonics program is included, aiding in the development of reading and writing skills. This is crucial for early literacy.
      • Cross-Curricular Learning: The course integrates various subjects, including early math concepts and civics, providing a holistic educational experience and exposing children to a broad range of vocabulary and ideas.
      • Engagement and Interaction: With fun and humorous stories, memorable songs, and chants, children are engaged in an interactive learning process. This approach helps retain language effectively.
      • Building Confidence in Communication: The inclusion of drama and role-play elements allows children to practice language in memorable and enjoyable ways, boosting their confidence in using the new language.
      • Preparation for School: By building the necessary skills for full-time schooling, “Learning Stars” ensures that children are well-prepared for their educational journey ahead.
      • Support for Teachers: The program provides a comprehensive Teacher’s Book Pack with additional materials, lesson instructions, and digital resources, aiding teachers in delivering effective lessons.
      • Multifaceted Assessment: The strong assessment strand helps in tracking and ensuring children’s progress, making it easier for teachers and parents to understand the learning achievements and areas needing focus.
      • Early Introduction to Math: The course’s Maths Book introduces early number concepts, encouraging children to interact with numbers in English, which is beneficial for their cognitive development.
      • Interactive Flashcards: The use of flashcards aids in introducing new words, letters, and numbers, making learning more dynamic and engaging for young minds.

      These benefits highlight the program’s comprehensive approach to early childhood education, especially in language acquisition and readiness for formal schooling​​​


      Learning Stars 1 Pupil's Book


      Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘Learning Stars’

      Effective teaching and learning strategies for “Learning Stars” by Macmillan can significantly enhance the educational experience of young learners. Here are some strategies that align well with the course’s structure and objectives:

      • Interactive Storytelling: The course uses fun and engaging stories to introduce language concepts. Teachers can enhance this by adopting interactive storytelling techniques, such as using different voices for characters, props, and encouraging children to predict what might happen next in the story.
      • Role-Playing and Drama: Incorporate role-playing and drama activities that are part of the course. These activities help children practice language in a fun and memorable way, improving their speaking and listening skills.
      • Phonics Through Games and Songs: Utilize the phonics program in a playful manner. Songs, chants, and games that focus on sounds and letters can make learning more enjoyable and effective for young children.
      • Cross-Curricular Integration: Link English learning with other subjects like science and math, as suggested by the course. This can be done through themed lessons or projects that combine language skills with content from other areas.
      • Use of Flashcards: Flashcards are a great tool for vocabulary building. They can be used in various interactive ways, such as memory games, matching games, or as prompts for storytelling.
      • Hands-On Activities: Since the course includes an Activity Book, make the most of these resources by engaging children in hands-on activities. This could include arts and crafts, puzzles, or other activities that reinforce the language concepts being taught.
      • Parental Involvement: Encourage parents to participate in their child’s learning process. Share tips with parents on how they can reinforce learning at home, perhaps through reading together or engaging in simple language games.
      • Assessment and Feedback: Use the course’s assessment tools to regularly check the progress of students. Provide constructive feedback to both children and their parents, focusing on areas of strength and improvement.
      • Customization According to Learner Needs: Adapt lessons to meet the varied learning styles and needs of children in the class. Some children may benefit from more visual aids, while others might need more kinesthetic activities.
      • Digital Resources: Utilize the CD-ROM and other digital resources provided in the Pupil’s Book Pack. These resources can make learning more dynamic and can be especially effective for visual and auditory learners.

      Implementing these strategies can make the learning experience more effective, engaging, and enjoyable for young learners, thereby enhancing their language acquisition and overall development.


      Learning Stars 2 Activity Book


      Learning Stars: Nurturing Young Linguists in a Fun-Filled Way

      In the realm of early childhood education, the emphasis on language development has never been more pronounced. “Learning Stars” by Macmillan emerges as a beacon of hope and innovation in this landscape. Designed for children aged 2-5, this high-level pre-primary course is more than just a language learning tool; it’s a comprehensive journey into the world of interactive and engaging education.

      A Solid Foundation in English

      At the heart of “Learning Stars” is its commitment to building a robust foundation in English. The course is meticulously crafted to guide young learners through the basics of communicative English, focusing on crucial skills like reading, writing, and spelling. This early exposure to language skills is pivotal in shaping confident and proficient young linguists.

      Phonics: The Building Blocks of Reading

      Recognizing the importance of phonics in early literacy, “Learning Stars” integrates a systematic phonics program. This approach goes beyond mere letter recognition, delving into the sounds that form the basis of English reading and writing. Utilizing engaging tools like Animal Alphabet Flashcards, the course makes the learning of initial letter sounds both enjoyable and memorable.

      Engaging Young Minds with Stories and Role-Play

      What sets “Learning Stars” apart is its lively use of stories and role-play. By weaving language learning into fun and humorous narratives, the course ensures that children are not just passive recipients of knowledge. The ‘Act It Out’ sections are particularly effective, offering kids a platform to practice language in a context that’s both familiar and exciting.

      Cross-Curricular Learning: Beyond English

      Understanding that early education is not siloed, “Learning Stars” incorporates cross-curricular themes. Each unit links English with elements of science and other early learning subjects. This approach not only broadens the learners’ vocabulary but also their understanding of the world around them.

      Resources for Comprehensive Learning

      “Learning Stars” boasts an array of resources aimed at reinforcing and extending the learning experience. The Pupil’s Book Pack, with its engaging material and CD-ROM, brings an interactive dimension to the learning process. The Activity Book and Maths Book complement this by providing practical applications of the concepts learned, suitable for both classroom and homework settings.

      Support for Educators

      Educators are not left behind in this journey. The Teacher’s Book Pack in “Learning Stars” offers invaluable resources, including detailed lesson plans, projectable Digibook, and access to a wealth of digital resources. This comprehensive support empowers teachers to deliver lessons that are both effective and engaging.


      “Learning Stars” represents a paradigm shift in early language education. Its holistic approach to teaching English, coupled with its interactive and fun-filled methodologies, makes it an exemplary model in nurturing young linguists. By laying a strong foundation, sparking curiosity, and fostering a love for learning, “Learning Stars” is not just teaching language; it’s shaping the future one young mind at a time.

      As we embrace these innovative educational tools, we step into a world where learning is not just about acquiring knowledge but about experiencing the joy of discovery. “Learning Stars” is at the forefront of this exciting journey, lighting the way for young learners to explore, learn, and grow.


      Learning Stars 2 Maths Book


      Learning Stars: The Pathway to Early English Proficiency for Kids

      In today’s globalized world, mastering English from a young age is more than a skill – it’s a necessity. “Learning Stars” by Macmillan has emerged as a groundbreaking pre-primary course designed to set children on the path to early English proficiency. Tailored for kids aged 2 to 5, this program is not just a language course; it’s a holistic educational experience that enriches young minds in a multitude of ways.

      Foundations of English Mastery

      “Learning Stars” provides a strong foundation in communicative English, focusing on the core skills of reading, writing, and spelling. This early introduction to the English language is critical in shaping children’s future linguistic abilities. The course’s structured approach ensures that children grasp the basics of the language in a comprehensive, age-appropriate manner.

      Phonics: A Key to Reading Success

      Central to “Learning Stars” is its systematic phonics program, designed to help young learners decode the written word. By breaking down words into their constituent sounds, the program makes the process of learning to read more intuitive and effective. This phonics-based approach is crucial for developing strong reading skills, a fundamental aspect of language proficiency.

      Interactive Learning: Engaging Young Minds

      What sets “Learning Stars” apart is its interactive learning model. The course uses stories, songs, and activities to make language learning engaging and enjoyable. These elements not only capture the children’s interest but also aid in better retention of the language. The use of drama and role-play further enhances this experience, allowing children to practice English in lively, memorable contexts.

      Cross-Curricular Approach

      “Learning Stars” goes beyond language learning, incorporating cross-curricular elements that link English with other subjects like science and math. This not only expands the children’s vocabulary but also enriches their general knowledge. Such an integrated approach ensures that language learning is not isolated but connected to a wider educational context.

      Resources for Effective Learning

      The program is equipped with a range of resources, including the Pupil’s Book Pack with engaging materials and a CD-ROM for interactive learning. The Activity Book and Maths Book complement the learning process, providing practical applications of the concepts learned. These resources are designed to cater to different learning styles, ensuring that all children can benefit from the program.

      Empowering Educators

      “Learning Stars” also provides substantial support to educators through the Teacher’s Book Pack, which includes lesson plans, digital resources, and access to an online resource center. This support is vital for teachers to deliver effective, engaging lessons and track the progress of their students.


      “Learning Stars” is more than just a language learning program; it’s a comprehensive educational tool that lays the groundwork for early English proficiency. With its emphasis on phonics, interactive learning, and a cross-curricular approach, the program is uniquely positioned to foster a love for English among young learners. As we navigate a world where English proficiency is increasingly important, “Learning Stars” offers a promising start for the youngest of learners, paving their way towards linguistic confidence and success.