Download Oxford Harmonize Pdf Audio Video 2023

Download Oxford Harmonize Pdf Audio Video 2023

Level 1
Harmonize 1 Audio and Video Scripts.pdf
Harmonize 1
Harmonize 1 Student’s Book
Harmonize 1 Student’s Book.pdf
Harmonize 1 Teacher’s Guide.pdf
Harmonize 1
Harmonize 1
Harmonize 1 Workbook Answer Key.pdf
Harmonize 1 Workbook.pdf

Level 2
Harmonize 2 Audio and Video Scripts.pdf
Harmonize 2
Harmonize 2 Student’s Book
Harmonize 2 Student’s Book.pdf
Harmonize 2 Teacher’s Guide.pdf
Harmonize 2
Harmonize 2
Harmonize 2 Workbook Answer Key.pdf
Harmonize 2 Workbook.pdf
Harmonize 2

Level 3
Harmonize 3 Audio and Video Scripts.pdf
Harmonize 3
Harmonize 3 Student’s Book
Harmonize 3 Student’s Book.pdf
Harmonize 3 Teacher’s Guide.pdf
Harmonize 3
Harmonize 3
Harmonize 3 Workbook Answer Key.pdf
Harmonize 3 Workbook.pdf

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      ✅ Sample pdf file Harmonize 2 Workbook.pdf: Click here

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      Download Harmonize Oxford 2023 Pdf Audio Video


      Overview of the “Harmonize”

      ✅ Coursebook: Harmonize
      ✅ Publisher: Oxford University Press
      ✅ Levels: A1 to B2
      ✅ For: Secondary, Teenagers
      ✅ English type: British English
      ✅ Publication year: 2023

      Harmonize” is a comprehensive 6-level secondary course designed by Robert Quinn, Rob Sved, Nicholas Tims, Daniel Brayshaw, and Paul A Davies, with contributions from Lindsay Warwick and Sylvia Wheeldon. Published by Oxford, this educational resource aims to transform traditional classroom settings into collaborative learning environments where students learn more than just language. It is structured to cater to students from language levels A1 to B2.

      The core philosophy of “Harmonize” is to foster collaboration, creativity, and practical learning through projects that are integrated into each unit. These projects encourage students to work together to achieve tangible outcomes, moving beyond the acquisition of language to developing global skills like decision-making, problem-solving, and effective communication.

      Key features of “Harmonize” include:

      • Collaborative Learning Environment: The course emphasizes teamwork and project completion, integrating these projects into every unit. This approach not only facilitates language learning but also skills applicable in real-world situations.
      • Creativity and Project Development: Students are encouraged to take charge of their learning by defining the direction of their projects. The Project Builder and Project Log tools support students in managing their projects in stages and reflecting on their progress.
      • Connection to the Real World: With meaningful topics, tasks, and videos, the course aims to make English learning immediately relevant and applicable. The inclusion of real-world videos and a variety of project presentation formats enhances engagement and learning.
      • Comprehensive Teacher Support: “Harmonize” offers a blended course approach, providing resources in both digital and print formats to suit different teaching needs. The Teacher’s Guide offers thorough guidance for project work, and additional materials cater to students of varying abilities.

      The program also emphasizes Assessment for Learning, offering tools and resources for teachers to continuously monitor progress and provide feedback, thus supporting students in achieving their learning goals. Professional Development support, including video tutorials and professional development modules, is provided to help teachers implement “Harmonize” effectively.

      In summary, “Harmonize” stands out for its holistic approach to language learning, integrating project-based tasks with the development of global competencies. Its blend of digital and print resources, along with comprehensive support for teachers, makes it a versatile tool for creating dynamic and engaging learning environments.

      Harmonize 1 Student's Book


      Who is suitable for ‘Harmonize’?

      “Harmonize” is suitable for a wide range of individuals within the educational sector, particularly those involved in secondary education. Here’s a breakdown of who would find “Harmonize” most beneficial:

      Secondary School Students: Designed for language levels A1 to B2, “Harmonize” is ideal for secondary school students at various stages of their English language learning journey. The course’s project-based learning approach makes it suitable for learners looking to apply English in practical, real-world contexts.

      Language Teachers: English language teachers seeking innovative methods to engage students and enhance their collaborative skills will find “Harmonize” particularly useful. The course provides comprehensive teacher support, including a detailed Teacher’s Guide, online practice, and professional development resources, making it easier to implement an interactive, project-based curriculum.

      Educational Institutions: Schools and language institutes looking to adopt a modern, communicative approach to language teaching can benefit from integrating “Harmonize” into their curriculum. Its blend of digital and print resources allows for flexible teaching arrangements, catering to diverse learning environments and needs.

      Students Interested in Collaborative Learning: Learners who thrive in collaborative settings and enjoy working on projects with peers will find “Harmonize” engaging. The course emphasizes teamwork, creativity, and the development of global skills, making it suitable for students who prefer interactive and hands-on learning experiences.

      Autonomous Learners: While “Harmonize” is designed for classroom use, motivated learners interested in self-study can also benefit from its structured approach to project work and online practice components. It offers resources that cater to individual learning styles and paces, supporting autonomous learning outside the classroom.

      Educators Focused on Real-world Skills: Teachers and educators who prioritize the development of real-world skills, such as problem-solving, decision-making, and effective communication, will find the course aligns with their teaching goals. “Harmonize” not only focuses on language acquisition but also on preparing students for lifelong success by integrating these skills into the learning process.

      In summary, “Harmonize” is suitable for a diverse audience within the educational sector, offering a flexible and comprehensive solution to language learning that emphasizes collaboration, creativity, and real-world application.


      Harmonize 2 Student's Book


      The benefits of ‘Harmonize’

      “Harmonize” offers a range of benefits to students, teachers, and educational institutions by incorporating innovative teaching methodologies and resources designed for effective language learning and skill development. Here are some key benefits of using “Harmonize”:

      For Students

      Enhanced Collaborative Skills: By emphasizing teamwork and project-based learning, students develop important collaborative skills, learning to work effectively with others towards common goals.

      Creative Expression and Autonomy: Students have the opportunity to shape their projects based on their interests and creativity, fostering a sense of autonomy and personal investment in their learning.

      Real-world Application: The course connects language learning with the real world, encouraging students to apply their knowledge and skills in meaningful ways, through projects that mimic real-life scenarios.

      Global Competency Development: Beyond language skills, “Harmonize” helps students develop global competencies such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and intercultural communication, preparing them for success in a globalized world.

      Motivation and Engagement: The project-based approach and inclusion of real-world content keep students engaged and motivated, making the learning process more enjoyable and effective.

      For Teachers

      Comprehensive Support: “Harmonize” provides extensive resources, including a Teacher’s Guide, professional development materials, and online practice, making it easier for teachers to plan, implement, and manage their courses.

      Flexible Teaching Options: With a blend of digital and print resources, teachers can tailor their teaching methods to suit their classroom needs, whether teaching in-person, online, or in a hybrid setting.

      Assessment for Learning: The course includes tools for ongoing assessment, enabling teachers to monitor progress, provide meaningful feedback, and support students in achieving their learning goals.

      Professional Development: Teachers can enhance their teaching skills and methodologies through “Harmonize”‘s professional development support, including video tutorials and short modules on key educational methodologies.

      For Educational Institutions

      Modern and Innovative Curriculum: Adopting “Harmonize” allows institutions to offer a cutting-edge language learning program that emphasizes collaboration, creativity, and practical application.

      Adaptability to Diverse Learning Environments: The course’s flexible resources support various teaching and learning environments, making it suitable for a wide range of educational settings and student needs.

      Enhanced Student Outcomes: By focusing on both language acquisition and the development of global skills, “Harmonize” prepares students for academic and professional success, potentially enhancing the institution’s reputation for quality education.

      Overall Benefits

      Language Proficiency and Beyond: “Harmonize” not only aids in improving English language proficiency from levels A1 to B2 but also in cultivating a comprehensive skill set that includes digital literacy, critical thinking, and effective communication.

      Engagement with Meaningful Content: The inclusion of relevant, real-world content ensures that students find the learning material engaging and directly applicable to their lives and future careers.

      By integrating these elements, “Harmonize” provides a holistic educational experience that prepares students for the complexities of the modern world while supporting teachers with the resources and methodologies to facilitate effective learning.


      Harmonize 3 Student's Book


      Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘Harmonize’

      Implementing “Harmonize” in the classroom effectively requires leveraging its project-based learning approach, collaborative environment, and digital resources. Here are some effective teaching and learning strategies tailored for “Harmonize”:

      1. Foster a Collaborative Learning Environment

      • Group Work: Divide students into small groups for project work, encouraging them to leverage their diverse strengths and perspectives.
      • Peer Feedback: Implement structured peer review sessions where students can offer constructive feedback on each other’s projects, fostering a supportive learning community.

      2. Integrate Project-Based Learning

      • Real-World Projects: Design projects that reflect real-world challenges and contexts, making the learning experience more relevant and engaging for students.
      • Step-by-Step Guidance: Utilize the Project Builder tool to guide students through their projects in manageable steps, helping them stay organized and focused.

      3. Utilize Digital Resources

      • Blended Learning: Combine digital resources with traditional classroom activities. Use the online practice tools for homework or in-class exercises, enhancing learning through multimedia content.
      • Interactive Tools: Incorporate interactive whiteboards or online collaboration platforms to facilitate project work and discussions, making the most of digital capabilities.

      4. Emphasize Personalized Learning

      • Differentiated Instruction: Use the variety of resources provided by “Harmonize” to cater to different learning styles and abilities, offering additional support or challenges as needed.
      • Project Logs: Encourage students to use Project Logs for personal reflection, goal setting, and tracking their progress, allowing for personalized learning experiences.

      5. Connect Learning with the Outside World

      • Authentic Materials: Integrate current news articles, videos, and other authentic materials related to the project topics to enhance relevance and engagement.
      • Community Engagement: If possible, connect projects with community issues or organizations, allowing students to see the impact of their work beyond the classroom.

      6. Continuous Assessment and Feedback

      • Formative Assessment: Use the Assessment for Learning approach to provide ongoing, constructive feedback throughout the project process, helping students reflect on and improve their work.
      • Reflective Practice: Encourage students to regularly reflect on their learning experiences and outcomes, fostering a growth mindset and self-improvement.

      7. Professional Development for Teachers

      • Leverage Support Resources: Take advantage of the professional development support offered by “Harmonize”, including video tutorials and modules on key methodologies, to enhance teaching practices.
      • Collaborate with Peers: Engage in discussions and collaborations with fellow educators to share strategies, challenges, and successes in implementing “Harmonize”, fostering a community of practice.

      8. Encourage Creativity and Innovation

      • Creative Freedom: Allow students the freedom to take creative risks in their projects, encouraging innovative thinking and solutions.
      • Technology Integration: Encourage students to use technology not just for research but also for creating and presenting their projects, such as digital storytelling, blogs, or multimedia presentations.

      Implementing these strategies with “Harmonize” can maximize the educational benefits for students by making learning more engaging, relevant, and effective. It fosters an environment where students not only improve their language skills but also develop critical life skills necessary for their future success.


      Harmonize: Revolutionizing Secondary Education with Collaborative Learning

      In the evolving landscape of secondary education, where traditional teaching methods continually clash with the dynamic needs of modern learners, a groundbreaking approach has emerged to bridge this gap. “Harmonize: Revolutionizing Secondary Education with Collaborative Learning” embodies a transformative educational philosophy that not only challenges the status quo but also reshapes the way students engage with language learning.

      The Genesis of Harmonize

      At its core, Harmonize is a meticulously crafted 6-level secondary course designed to metamorphose classrooms into vibrant hubs of collaboration and creativity. Spearheaded by a team of visionary authors, including Robert Quinn, Rob Sved, Nicholas Tims, Daniel Brayshaw, Paul A Davies, Lindsay Warwick, and Sylvia Wheeldon, Harmonize sets a new benchmark in educational excellence. Its foundation rests on the belief that learning transcends the mere acquisition of language; it’s about fostering a collaborative environment where students can flourish, innovate, and emerge as global citizens.

      Collaborative Learning: The Heartbeat of Harmonize

      The essence of Harmonize lies in its unwavering commitment to collaborative learning. This pedagogical strategy emphasizes teamwork, mutual respect, and shared responsibility, encouraging students to work together towards common goals. By integrating projects into every unit, Harmonize not only motivates students to collaborate but also equips them with the language and skills necessary for real-life applications. This approach not only enhances language proficiency but also cultivates essential life skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication.

      A Curriculum That Breathes Innovation

      Harmonize stands apart for its innovative curriculum, which seamlessly blends digital and print resources to cater to diverse learning preferences. Each level, from A1 to B2, is meticulously structured to ensure a gradual and comprehensive mastery of the language, enriched with meaningful topics, tasks, and real-world videos. The inclusion of Project Builder and Project Log tools further personalizes the learning experience, allowing students to chart their progress and reflect on their achievements in a creative and engaging manner.

      Empowering Educators to Lead with Confidence

      Understanding that the success of any educational program hinges on the quality and preparedness of its teachers, Harmonize provides unparalleled professional development support. From video tutorials that simplify course setup to bite-sized guidance on key educational methodologies, educators are equipped with everything they need to succeed. The program’s Assessment for Learning approach also stands out, offering tools for regular informal assessment and feedback, thus enabling teachers to propel their students toward their learning goals.

      The Impact of Harmonize on Secondary Education

      The introduction of Harmonize into secondary education has sparked a paradigm shift, emphasizing the importance of collaborative learning in the development of well-rounded individuals. Schools adopting Harmonize report not only an uptick in student engagement and motivation but also a notable improvement in language proficiency and global competencies. By transforming the classroom into a collaborative, creative, and connected space, Harmonize is setting new standards for what secondary education can achieve.

      Looking Ahead: The Future with Harmonize

      As Harmonize continues to revolutionize secondary education, its potential for shaping future generations is limitless. By fostering an environment where students learn to collaborate, create, and connect, Harmonize is not just teaching language; it’s preparing students for a successful and fulfilling life in a globalized world. The journey of Harmonize is a testament to the transformative power of collaborative learning, heralding a new era of educational excellence that prioritizes meaningful learning experiences over rote memorization.

      In conclusion, “Harmonize: Revolutionizing Secondary Education with Collaborative Learning” is more than just an educational program; it’s a movement towards a more inclusive, innovative, and integrated approach to learning. As we look to the future, Harmonize stands as a beacon of hope, promising a brighter, more collaborative, and more engaging educational landscape for all.


      Alternatives to the Oxford Harmonize Series for Diverse Learning Needs

      If you’re searching for alternatives to the Harmonize series by Oxford, which is designed for language learning and possibly other educational purposes, here are several educational series and resources that might fit your needs:

      Navigate: By Oxford University Press, Navigate is tailored for adult learners of English at the upper-intermediate level, focusing on practical communication skills and grammar.

      English File: Another renowned series from Oxford University Press, English File offers a comprehensive range of materials for adult learners of English, emphasizing speaking skills to help students communicate confidently.

      Market Leader: Published by Pearson, this series is targeted at adults who wish to learn English with a focus on business English. It’s widely used by professionals and students interested in developing language skills for the workplace.

      Life: A series from National Geographic Learning that integrates real-world content about people and places from around the globe, making learning English engaging and relevant to everyday life.

      Speakout: Also from Pearson, Speakout is structured around the BBC segments for English learning, offering a blend of video content and language instruction to improve all four language skills.

      Global: This series from Macmillan Education offers a sophisticated and intellectual approach to English learning, with materials that encourage critical thinking and awareness of global issues.

      Touchstone: From Cambridge University Press, Touchstone is known for its unique blend of learning strategies and a comprehensive approach to developing speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

      These series offer a range of approaches to English language learning, from focusing on conversational skills and grammar to integrating real-world content and addressing professional language needs. Each has its strengths and can serve as a valuable resource depending on your learning goals and preferences.


      ELT Ebooks by Oxford University Press