Download National Geographic Time Zones 2nd Edition (5 Levels) 2016

Download Time Zones 2nd Edition (5 Levels) 2016

Starter Level
Time Zones Second Edition Starter Audio CD.rar
Time Zones Second Edition Starter Video.rar
Time Zones Second Edition Starter Worksheets.pdf

Level 1
Time Zones Second Edition 1 Audio CDs.rar
Time Zones Second Edition 1 Student’s Book.pdf
Time Zones Second Edition 1 Teacher’s Edition.pdf
Time Zones Second Edition 1 Video DVD.rar
Time Zones Second Edition 1 Workbook.pdf
Time Zones Second Edition 1 Worksheets.pdf

Level 2
Time Zones Second Edition 2 Audio CDs.rar
Time Zones Second Edition 2 Student’s Book.pdf
Time Zones Second Edition 2 Teacher’s Edition.pdf
Time Zones Second Edition 2 Video DVD.rar
Time Zones Second Edition 2 Workbook.pdf
Time Zones Second Edition 2 Worksheets.pdf

Level 3
Time Zones Second Edition 3 Audio CDs.rar
Time Zones Second Edition 3 Student’s Book.pdf
Time Zones Second Edition 3 Teacher’s Edition.pdf
Time Zones Second Edition 3 Video DVD.rar
Time Zones Second Edition 3 Workbook.pdf
Time Zones Second Edition 3 Worksheets.pdf

Level 4
Time Zones Second Edition 4 Audio CDs.rar
Time Zones Second Edition 4 Student’s Book.pdf
Time Zones Second Edition 4 Teacher’s Edition.pdf
Time Zones Second Edition 4 Video DVD.rar
Time Zones Second Edition 4 Worksheets.pdf

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      Download Time Zones Second Edition (5 Levels) 2016 pdf audio Video



      Overview of the “Time Zones 2nd Edition”

      ✅ Coursebook: Time Zones, Second Edition
      ✅ Publisher: National Geographic Learning
      ✅ English type: American English
      ✅ 5 Levels: Pre-A1, A1, A2, B1
      ✅ For: Secondary, Junior High School, High School
      ✅ Publication year: 2016

      Time Zones, Second Edition” by National Geographic Learning is an expansive and comprehensive English language learning program tailored specifically for teenagers. It operates at various levels ranging from Starter to Low-intermediate (US), Pre-A1, A1, A2, B1, catering to a broad spectrum of learners. This second edition of the program is designed to not only teach English effectively but also to develop students into successful global citizens.

      Key features of “Time Zones, Second Edition” include:

      • Engaging Real-world Content: The program incorporates content that brings National Geographic Explorers and contemporary topics into the classroom, providing a vibrant and relevant learning experience.
      • Communicative Approach: It emphasizes a communicative methodology, encouraging students to learn about and critically discuss global issues, thereby enhancing their understanding and engagement.
      • National Geographic Video Integration: Each unit includes National Geographic videos, offering students insights into diverse cultures, places, and information from all around the world.
      • New Starter Level: This edition introduces a new Starter level, specifically designed to provide essential English language skills and vocabulary for true beginners, making the program more accessible.

      The program is authored by a team of experienced professionals in the field of English Language Teaching:

      • Nicholas Beare: With over thirty years in English Language Teaching and a BSc (Honours) Degree in Psychology, Nicholas Beare brings a wealth of experience to the program.
      • David Bohlke: Boasting over 30 years as a teacher, trainer, program director, editor, and materials writer, with international experience in Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia, and Saudi Arabia.
      • Tim Collins: Holding a PhD in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and Masters degrees, Tim Collins has taught in various countries and brings an academic rigor to the program.
      • Catherine Frazier: With a PhD in Education and Sociology, and extensive teaching experience, Catherine Frazier contributes a multidisciplinary perspective.
      • Richard Frazier: Richard Frazier, having both a PhD and a Masters in Education, has a rich background in teaching science and mathematics internationally.
      • Mary Jane Maples: With over 30 years in English teaching and editorial roles, Mary Jane Maples adds depth to the program’s content and structure.
      • Ian Purdon: Ian has a background in teaching English as a foreign language and has developed numerous programs in ELT publishing.
      • Jennifer Wilkin: Bringing over 20 years of experience as a curriculum developer, materials writer, and teacher trainer, Jennifer Wilkin adds practical and pedagogical strength to the team.

      Overall, “Time Zones, Second Edition” presents a multifaceted approach to English language learning, combining the expertise of seasoned professionals with the engaging content of National Geographic, making it a valuable resource for teenage learners aspiring to become global citizens.

      Download Time Zones Second Edition 1 Pdf Audio Video


      Who is suitable for ‘Time Zones Second Edition’?

      “Time Zones Second Edition” is particularly well-suited for teenage learners of English as a second or foreign language. This comprehensive program is designed to cater to a wide range of proficiency levels, making it appropriate for students at various stages of English language acquisition. The specific groups that would find this program beneficial include:

      True Beginners: The inclusion of a Starter level makes the program accessible to students who are just beginning to learn English. This level focuses on essential language skills and foundational vocabulary.

      Students at Various Proficiency Levels: With levels covering Low-beginning, Beginning, High-beginning, and Low-intermediate (US), as well as international standard levels like Pre-A1, A1, A2, and B1, the program is suitable for students with differing levels of English proficiency.

      Teenagers Interested in Global Issues and Cultures: Since the program integrates content from National Geographic, including videos and real-world topics, it is ideal for teenagers who are interested in learning about different cultures, global issues, and the natural world, alongside improving their English language skills.

      Students Preparing for Global Citizenship: The program’s emphasis on a communicative approach helps students not only in learning the language but also in developing critical thinking skills and a global perspective, preparing them to be informed and engaged global citizens.

      Learners Seeking a Four-Skills Approach: As it’s a four-skills program (covering listening, speaking, reading, and writing), it’s suitable for students who need a comprehensive approach to language learning that addresses all aspects of language proficiency.

      Educators and Schools: Teachers and schools looking for a structured, engaging, and content-rich English language learning curriculum would find “Time Zones Second Edition” an excellent resource. Its variety of materials and levels makes it adaptable for diverse classroom settings and student needs.

      In summary, “Time Zones Second Edition” is ideal for teenage learners across a spectrum of levels who are interested in a comprehensive, engaging, and culturally enriching approach to learning English.

      Download Time Zones Second Edition 2 Pdf Audio Video


      The benefits of ‘Time Zones Second Edition’

      “Time Zones Second Edition” offers several benefits as an English language learning program, particularly for teenage students. These benefits stem from its comprehensive design, content, and teaching approach. Some of the key advantages include:

      Wide Range of Levels: Catering to students from Starter to Low-intermediate levels, and covering international standards like Pre-A1, A1, A2, and B1, the program is versatile and adaptable to various learning stages. This range allows for continuous progression and development in English language skills.

      Engaging and Relevant Content: Incorporating real-world content from National Geographic, the program makes learning more interesting and relevant for teenagers. This approach helps in maintaining student engagement and motivation by connecting language learning with real-life topics, explorers, and global issues.

      Culturally Enriching Material: Through the integration of National Geographic videos in every unit, students are exposed to a variety of cultures, places, and information from around the globe. This exposure broadens their understanding and appreciation of different cultures and global perspectives.

      Development of Critical Thinking and Global Citizenship: The program’s communicative approach not only focuses on language proficiency but also encourages students to think critically about global issues. This aspect is crucial in developing informed and responsible global citizens.

      Four-Skills Focus: By covering listening, speaking, reading, and writing, the program ensures a balanced development of all key language skills. This comprehensive approach is essential for achieving proficiency in English.

      Structured and Progressive Learning: The program offers a well-structured learning path, with each level building upon the previous one. This progression ensures a solid foundation of language skills and gradual advancement.

      Support for Teachers and Learners: The program likely includes supplementary materials and resources for both teachers and learners, enhancing the teaching and learning experience. These resources might include workbooks, teacher’s guides, and online components, providing additional support and flexibility.

      Preparation for Academic and Real-World Scenarios: By focusing on both language skills and real-world content, “Time Zones Second Edition” prepares students not only for academic success but also for practical, everyday use of English in various contexts.

      Adaptability to Different Learning Environments: The program can be adapted for use in diverse educational settings, including traditional classrooms, online learning platforms, and self-study scenarios.

      Overall, “Time Zones Second Edition” is a comprehensive, engaging, and culturally rich English language learning program that offers teenagers a well-rounded approach to developing their language skills while also fostering a broader global perspective.

      Download Time Zones Second Edition 3 Pdf Audio Video


      Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘Time Zones 2nd Edition’

      Effective teaching and learning strategies for “Time Zones Second Edition” can significantly enhance the effectiveness of the program. Here are some strategies that educators and students can employ:

      For Educators:

      Incorporate Multimedia and Technology: Utilize the National Geographic videos and other multimedia resources included in the program to create a more dynamic and engaging learning environment. Technology can also facilitate interactive activities and discussions.

      Encourage Collaborative Learning: Group activities and projects can foster collaborative skills. Encourage students to work together on assignments, discussions, and presentations, enhancing their communicative competence.

      Focus on Real-World Application: Connect classroom lessons with real-world scenarios. This can include discussing current global issues, comparing cultural practices, or exploring environmental topics, making the learning experience more relevant and meaningful.

      Use a Balanced Four-Skills Approach: Ensure that all four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing) are given equal attention. Tailor activities to address each skill, providing a comprehensive language learning experience.

      Differentiated Instruction: Recognize the diverse learning styles and levels of students. Adapt teaching methods to cater to different needs, such as using visual aids for visual learners or interactive activities for kinesthetic learners.

      Promote Critical Thinking: Encourage students to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information from the texts and videos. Pose challenging questions and facilitate discussions that prompt deeper thinking.

      Regular Assessment and Feedback: Use formative assessments to gauge student understanding and provide constructive feedback. This helps in identifying areas needing improvement and acknowledging student progress.

      Integrate Cultural Sensitivity: Given the global nature of the content, it’s important to approach topics with cultural sensitivity and awareness, fostering respect and understanding among students.

      For Students:

      Active Participation: Engage actively in class activities, discussions, and group work. Participation is key to practicing language skills and gaining confidence in using English.

      Utilize Supplementary Materials: Make use of any additional resources provided, such as workbooks, online exercises, or extra reading materials. These can reinforce and extend classroom learning.

      Regular Practice: Consistent practice is crucial in language learning. This includes practicing speaking, listening, reading, and writing in English, both in and out of the classroom.

      Self-Reflection and Self-Assessment: Regularly reflect on personal progress and identify areas for improvement. Setting personal goals can help in maintaining focus and motivation.

      Seek Real-Life Language Exposure: Engage with English outside the classroom through movies, music, news, books, and conversations with native speakers. This exposure enhances language acquisition and cultural understanding.

      Peer Collaboration: Study with classmates or form study groups. Peer learning can provide additional perspectives and support, making the learning process more interactive and enjoyable.

      By implementing these strategies, educators and students can maximize the benefits of “Time Zones Second Edition,” making the learning experience more effective, engaging, and enriching.

      Download Time Zones Second Edition 4 Pdf Audio Video


      Top 13 Engaging English Language Series: Ideal Alternatives to NGL’s Time Zones Second Edition

      If you’re looking for alternatives to the “Time Zones, Second Edition” series by National Geographic Learning (NGL), which is designed to teach English through cultural themes and modern communication skills, here are several other educational series that offer similar comprehensive English language learning with a focus on cultural context and communication:

      World English by National Geographic Learning – This series integrates stunning National Geographic content with a comprehensive English learning curriculum. It provides students with the tools they need to communicate effectively in English while learning about the world.

      Life by National Geographic Learning – Similar to Time Zones, this series combines captivating photography and stories from National Geographic to teach English, focusing on real-world content and critical thinking.

      Interchange by Cambridge – A popular series that emphasizes communication in practical, real-world contexts. It offers a wide range of interactive activities that help learners develop both fluency and understanding across all skill areas.

      Four Corners by Cambridge – A four-skills English curriculum that integrates a structured learning sequence and practical communication skills with an emphasis on speaking and listening tasks.

      Global by Macmillan – This series focuses on contemporary language and practical communication skills in a global context, offering a comprehensive learning experience that’s suitable for adult learners.

      English File by Oxford – Known for its unique, lively classroom dynamics and emphasis on communication, English File helps students to communicate fluently in English with engaging topics and practical exercises.

      Speakout by Pearson – Featuring authentic audio and video materials from the BBC, Speakout encourages active, communicative learning and helps students to gain confidence in speaking.

      Gateway by Macmillan – Designed especially for teenagers, this series provides a foundation in the English language and preparation for higher education and employment through integrated language skills and CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning).

      American English File by Oxford – This series offers a balanced approach to teaching with a strong focus on communication, support for teachers, and resources for students that include practical English lessons grounded in everyday contexts.

      Touchstone by Cambridge – Known for its clear, communicative approach, this series blends the latest technology with proven methodology, providing interactive and effective English language learning at all levels.

      Real Life by Pearson – This series brings English to life and makes learning enjoyable and achievable through practical tasks and evocative topics. It offers comprehensive language development with a special focus on real-life communication skills.

      Beyond by Macmillan – A six-level series for teenagers, which provides a thorough grounding in grammar, vocabulary, and skills. Beyond incorporates a systematic approach to learning and encourages students to communicate in real-life contexts.

      Optimize by Macmillan – Aiming primarily at teenagers preparing for school exams, Optimize combines language learning with exam preparation, offering structured language development while fostering the skills needed for effective communication and cultural understanding.

      Each of these series provides tools and methodologies for learning English, emphasizing cultural awareness and communicative effectiveness, making them suitable alternatives to the Time Zones series for learners seeking to improve their English proficiency in an engaging and interactive way.


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