Download National Geographic Keynote (6 Levels) Pdf Audio Video 2017

Download Keynote (6 Levels) British English 2017

Advanced Level
Keynote Advanced Class Audio.rar
Keynote Advanced Student’s Book.pdf
Keynote Advanced Teacher’s Book.pdf
Keynote Advanced Teacher’s Resources.rar
Keynote Advanced Tests.rar
Keynote Advanced Video.rar
Keynote Advanced Workbook Audio.rar
Keynote Advanced Workbook.pdf

Elementary Level
Keynote Elementary Class Audio.rar
Keynote Elementary Student’s Book.pdf
Keynote Elementary Teacher’s Book.pdf
Keynote Elementary Teacher’s Resources.rar
Keynote Elementary Tests.rar
Keynote Elementary Video.rar
Keynote Elementary Workbook Audio.rar
Keynote Elementary Workbook.pdf

Intermediate Level
Keynote Intermediate Class Audio.rar
Keynote Intermediate Student’s Book.pdf
Keynote Intermediate Teacher’s Book.pdf
Keynote Intermediate Teacher’s Resources.rar
Keynote Intermediate Tests.rar
Keynote Intermediate Video.rar
Keynote Intermediate Workbook.pdf
Keynote Intermediate Workbook Audio.rar

Pre-Intermediate Level
Keynote Pre-Intermediate Class Audio.rar
Keynote Pre-Intermediate Student’s Book.pdf
Keynote Pre-Intermediate Teacher’s Book.pdf
Keynote Pre-Intermediate Teacher’s Resources.rar
Keynote Pre-Intermediate Tests.rar
Keynote Pre-Intermediate Video.rar
Keynote Pre-Intermediate Workbook Audio.rar
Keynote Pre-Intermediate Workbook.pdf

Proficient Level
Keynote Proficient Class Audio.rar
Keynote Proficient Student’s Book.pdf
Keynote Proficient Teacher’s Book.pdf
Keynote Proficient Teacher’s Resources.rar
Keynote Proficient Tests.rar
Keynote Proficient Video.rar
Keynote Proficient Workbook Audio.rar
Keynote Proficient Workbook.pdf

Upper Intermediate Level
Keynote Upper Intermediate Class Audio.rar
Keynote Upper Intermediate Student’s Book.pdf
Keynote Upper Intermediate Teacher’s Book.pdf
Keynote Upper Intermediate Teacher’s Resources.rar
Keynote Upper Intermediate Tests.rar
Keynote Upper Intermediate Video.rar
Keynote Upper Intermediate Workbook Audio.rar
Keynote Upper Intermediate Workbook.pdf

Keynote Placement Test.rar

Download Keynote (6 Levels) Pdf Audio Video


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      Download National Geographic Keynote (6 Levels) Pdf Audio Video




      Download Keynote (4 Levels) American English 2017

      Level 1
      Keynote 1 Student’s Book (American).pdf
      Keynote 1 Student’s Book Audio (American).rar
      Keynote 1 Teacher’s Book (American).pdf
      Keynote 1 Tests (American).rar
      Keynote 1 Video (American).rar
      Keynote 1 Workbook Audio (American).rar

      Level 2
      Keynote 2 Student’s Book (American).pdf
      Keynote 2 Student’s Book Audio (American).rar
      Keynote 2 Teacher’s Book (American).pdf
      Keynote 2 Tests (American).rar
      Keynote 2 Video (American).rar
      Keynote 2 Workbook Audio (American).rar

      Level 3
      Keynote 3 Student’s Book (American).pdf
      Keynote 3 Student’s Book Audio (American).rar
      Keynote 3 Teacher’s Book (American).pdf
      Keynote 3 Tests (American).rar
      Keynote 3 Video (American).rar
      Keynote 3 Workbook Audio (American).rar

      Level 4
      Keynote 4 Student’s Book (American).pdf
      Keynote 4 Student’s Book Audio (American).rar
      Keynote 4 Teacher’s Book (American).pdf
      Keynote 4 Tests (American).rar
      Keynote 4 Video (American).rar
      Keynote 4 Workbook Audio (American).rar

      Keynote All Reading Passages (American).rar
      Keynote All Teachers Resources (American).rar
      Keynote All Wordlists (American).rar
      Keynote Placement Test (American).rar

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        Download ebook pdf audio video Keynote (American)



        Overview of the “Keynote”

        ✅ Coursebook: Keynote
        ✅ Publisher: National Geographic Learning
        ✅ English type: American English, British English
        ✅ 6 Levels: A1+, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 (Beginner to Proficient)
        ✅ For: Adult Learners
        ✅ Publication year: 2017

        The overview of the “Keynote” series from National Geographic Learning offers a comprehensive learning experience for adult learners of English, spanning 6 levels from A1+ to C2 (beginner to proficient). The series incorporates both American and British English, aiming for up to 90 teaching hours per level.

        Key Features:

        • Inspiring Communication: The program encourages learners to delve into life-changing stories, enhancing their understanding of the world. This approach fosters the development of confidence and proficiency in expressing themselves in English.
        • TED Talks Integration: Authentic and engaging TED Talks are central to the program. These talks, delivered by remarkable individuals, provide inspiring ideas and serve as a rich source of authentic language. This helps in driving an integrated-skills syllabus and promotes 21st-century skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.
        • Real-World Content: The course material includes readings, infographics, and interviews that engage learners and motivate them to interact meaningfully with the language.
        • Presentation Skills Development: The program includes unique sections focusing on presentation skills, drawing on best practices from TED speakers. This helps learners develop fluency, confidence, and compelling delivery skills.


        • Paul Dummett: Based in Oxford, UK, Dummett has experience running a school for English teaching to professionals and currently teaches refugee children in Palestine and Jordan.
        • Helen Stephenson: With experience in teaching business English since the 1980s, Stephenson has also developed in-house training courses and a course for upper-secondary students.
        • David Bohlke: Boasting over 30 years of experience in teaching, training, and materials writing, Bohlke has worked in various countries including Japan, Korea, and Saudi Arabia.
        • Lewis Lansford: Lansford’s journey in English teaching began in Barcelona in the late 1980s, leading him to earn a Master’s in TESOL and teach at a university language center in Arizona.


        • For Students: Includes Student’s Book with Spark platform, Instant Access to Spark platform, Combo Splits, and Workbook.
        • For Teachers: Comprises Teacher’s Book and Spark Platform.

        The Spark platform offers various features such as National Geographic Learning Online Placement, Admin Tools, Teacher’s Resources, Classroom Presentation Tool, Assessment Suite, Online Practice, Student’s eBook, and Course Gradebook. It is designed to bring the program to life, combining the world with the classroom and offering comprehensive tools for course management, teaching, student assessment, and class performance tracking.

        Keynote Elementary Student's Book


        Who is suitable for ‘Keynote’?

        “Keynote” by National Geographic Learning is suitable for a broad range of learners, particularly those who are:

        Adult Learners: The course is designed specifically for adult students of English. Its content and methodology are tailored to meet the learning styles and interests of adult audiences.

        Various Proficiency Levels: With levels ranging from A1+ to C2, the program caters to learners at all stages of English proficiency, from beginners to those who are highly proficient.

        Interested in Authentic, Real-world Content: Learners who benefit from engaging with real-world content, such as TED Talks, and those interested in developing a deeper understanding of global issues and ideas will find this program particularly appealing.

        Aspiring to Develop Strong Communication Skills: The course is ideal for those who aim to improve their English communication skills, both spoken and written. It is especially beneficial for learners looking to enhance their presentation and public speaking skills.

        Seeking Integrated Skills Development: “Keynote” is suitable for learners who want to develop a range of skills, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing, as well as critical thinking and collaboration skills.

        Professionals and University Students: Given its focus on real-world content and presentation skills, the program is well-suited for professionals and university students who need English for academic or career advancement.

        Teachers of English: English language teachers looking for a comprehensive, engaging, and modern teaching resource will find “Keynote” to be a valuable addition to their teaching toolkit.

        Overall, “Keynote” is an excellent choice for adult learners who are seeking a dynamic and comprehensive English language learning experience that combines language skills development with real-world relevance and practical application.

        Keynote Pre-Intermediate Student's Book


        The benefits of ‘Keynote’

        “Keynote” offers several key benefits for learners and teachers alike, making it a distinctive and effective English language learning resource:

        Integration of TED Talks: The use of TED Talks provides learners with exposure to authentic, engaging, and varied language used by expert speakers. This not only enhances listening skills but also exposes learners to different accents, speaking styles, and real-life topics.

        Holistic Language Development: The program promotes the development of all four language skills – listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It is complemented by activities that encourage critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration, aligning with 21st-century educational goals.

        Cultural and Global Awareness: With content drawn from around the world, learners gain insights into different cultures, ideas, and perspectives, fostering global awareness and understanding.

        Skills for Effective Communication: “Keynote” emphasizes the development of strong communication skills, particularly in the context of public speaking and presentations. This is highly beneficial for learners aiming to use English in professional or academic settings.

        Keynote Intermediate Student's Book

        Flexible and Comprehensive Learning Materials: The range of materials, including the Student’s Book, Workbook, and the Spark platform, offers a comprehensive and flexible learning experience. It allows for both classroom-based learning and self-study.

        Interactive and Engaging Platform: The Spark platform integrates teaching and learning tools, making the educational process interactive and engaging. It includes features like online practice, assessment tools, and a digital gradebook.

        Professional Development for Teachers: For educators, “Keynote” provides a rich source of content and teaching resources, aiding in lesson planning and classroom management. The Teacher’s Book and Spark platform are valuable tools for enhancing teaching effectiveness.

        Suitable for Various Proficiency Levels: With levels from A1+ to C2, the program caters to a wide range of learners, making it suitable for almost anyone interested in improving their English.

        Real-World Application: The focus on real-world content and practical application ensures that learners are not just learning English in theory but are also able to apply it in real-life situations.

        Encourages Lifelong Learning: The inspiring and thought-provoking content of TED Talks and other materials can instill a love for learning and personal development, extending beyond language acquisition.

        Overall, “Keynote” is an innovative and comprehensive English language learning solution that offers a unique blend of linguistic skill development, cultural exposure, and practical application, making it an excellent choice for adult learners and educators.

        Keynote Upper Intermediate Student's Book


        Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘Keynote’

        Effective teaching and learning strategies for “Keynote” can significantly enhance the educational experience for both teachers and learners. Here are some strategies tailored to the unique features of the “Keynote” series:

        Leverage TED Talks for Engagement: Utilize the TED Talks integrated into the curriculum to spark interest and discussion. Encourage learners to watch the talks outside of class and come prepared to discuss the ideas presented. This not only improves listening skills but also promotes critical thinking.

        Incorporate Blended Learning: Combine traditional classroom teaching with the digital resources available on the Spark platform. This approach allows for a more personalized learning experience and caters to different learning styles.

        Focus on Authentic Material: Utilize the real-world content to create authentic learning experiences. Encourage students to relate the material to their own lives and experiences, which helps in better retention and understanding.

        Develop Presentation Skills: Regularly assign presentation tasks, drawing inspiration from the TED speakers. Teach students the art of public speaking, including voice modulation, body language, and visual aids.

        Keynote Advanced Student's Book

        Promote Interactive Learning: Encourage group discussions, debates, and collaborative projects. This not only improves language skills but also develops soft skills like teamwork and problem-solving.

        Incorporate Flipped Classroom Techniques: Assign reading or video-watching as homework, and use classroom time for discussions, practice, and application. This makes classroom sessions more dynamic and interactive.

        Utilize the Assessment Tools: Make use of the assessment suite on the Spark platform to track progress and provide targeted feedback. Regular assessments can guide instruction and help students focus on areas that need improvement.

        Encourage Reflection and Self-Assessment: After each unit or topic, ask students to reflect on what they’ve learned and how they can apply it. Self-assessment encourages active learning and responsibility for one’s own learning process.

        Integrate Cultural Learning: Use the diverse cultural content in “Keynote” to broaden students’ global perspective. Encourage them to research and share information about different cultures and contexts presented in the course material.

        Regularly Update Teaching Methods: Stay informed about new teaching techniques and technologies. Adapt your methods to keep the learning experience fresh, relevant, and effective.

        By incorporating these strategies, teachers can maximize the effectiveness of the “Keynote” series, making the learning process more engaging, relevant, and rewarding for students.

        Keynote Proficient Student's Book


        Top 11 Engaging English Language Learning Series: Best Alternatives to NGL’s Keynote with TED Talks

        If you’re looking for alternatives to the “Keynote” series by National Geographic Learning (NGL), which is known for integrating TED Talks into learning English, here are several other educational resources that focus on comprehensive English learning with engaging content:

        English File by Oxford – This series is well-regarded for its strong communicative approach and engaging content that includes videos and interactive activities. It helps students improve all four language skills and is known for making complex grammar easy to understand.

        Speakout by Pearson – Similar to Keynote, Speakout integrates authentic video content, including BBC video materials, into its curriculum, providing engaging, real-world context to help enhance students’ listening and speaking skills.

        Life by National Geographic Learning – Another series from NGL, Life uses stunning photography and compelling content from National Geographic to teach English, ensuring students learn the language as they learn about the world.

        Global by Macmillan – This series is designed for adult learners and provides a comprehensive language learning experience that includes a focus on contemporary topics, critical thinking, and communication skills, similar to what Keynote offers.

        Market Leader by Pearson – Focusing more on business English, this series integrates current business theory and practice, using case studies and input from the Financial Times. It’s an excellent option for students interested in business English with a practical, real-world focus.

        Impact by National Geographic Learning – Focusing on critical thinking and communication, this series leverages engaging content and stories from around the world to provide a foundation in English and a broader understanding of global issues.

        World English by National Geographic Learning – This series integrates compelling National Geographic content with a structured language learning approach. It’s designed to help learners understand English in a global context, improving their language skills while expanding their understanding of the world.

        Outcomes by National Geographic Learning – Focusing on real-world communication, Outcomes teaches English through conversational phrases and situational contexts. It uses a rich mix of media and texts to teach the language as it is actually used.

        English Unlimited by Cambridge – This series offers a goals-based approach to learning. It’s designed for adults who want to gain mastery over English for academic, professional, and social purposes. The series includes a variety of multimedia resources to enhance learning.

        Pathways by National Geographic Learning – Designed for academic students, this series focuses on developing language skills through content that explores global challenges, blending language learning with academic content knowledge.

        Four Corners by Cambridge – A four-level integrated skills English course for adults and young adults. Four Corners is designed to place a strong emphasis on communicative spoken English and presentation skills, similar to Keynote’s focus on integrating TED Talks.

        These series offer various approaches to learning English, integrating engaging content and real-world applications, much like the Keynote series, making them suitable alternatives for learners seeking to improve their English proficiency.


        ELT Ebooks by National Geographic Learning