Download Pearson Roadmap (8 Levels) Pdf Audio Video 2019

Download Pearson Roadmap (8 Levels) 2019

Level A1
Roadmap A1 Photocopiables.rar
Roadmap A1 Pronunciation Resourses.rar
Roadmap A1 Student’s Book Audio.rar
Roadmap A1 Student’s Book Key.pdf
Roadmap A1 Student’s Book.pdf
Roadmap A1 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Roadmap A1 Teacher’s Resources.rar
Roadmap A1 Tests.rar
Roadmap A1 Video Worksheets.rar
Roadmap A1 Video.rar
Roadmap A1 Workbook Audio.rar
Roadmap A1 Workbook.pdf

Level A2
Roadmap A2 Grammar resources.pdf
Roadmap A2 Photocopiables.rar
Roadmap A2 Pronunciation Resourses.rar
Roadmap A2 SB WB Interactive.pdf
Roadmap A2 Student’s Book Audio.rar
Roadmap A2 Student’s Book.pdf
Roadmap A2 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Roadmap A2 Teacher’s Resources.rar
Roadmap A2 Tests.rar
Roadmap A2 Video.rar
Roadmap A2 Workbook Audio.rar
Roadmap A2 Workbook.pdf

Level A2+
Roadmap A2+ Photocopiables.rar
Roadmap A2+ Pronunciation Resourses.rar
Roadmap A2+ Student’s Book Audio.rar
Roadmap A2+ Student’s Book.pdf
Roadmap A2+ Teacher’s Book.pdf
Roadmap A2+ Teacher’s Resources.rar
Roadmap A2+ Tests.rar
Roadmap A2+ Video.rar
Roadmap A2+ Workbook Audio.rar
Roadmap A2+ Workbook.pdf

Level B1
Roadmap B1 Photocopiables.rar
Roadmap B1 Pronunciation Resourses.rar
Roadmap B1 Student’s Book Audio.rar
Roadmap B1 Student’s Book.pdf
Roadmap B1 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Roadmap B1 Teacher’s Resources.rar
Roadmap B1 Tests.rar
Roadmap B1 Video.rar
Roadmap B1 Workbook Audio.rar
Roadmap B1 Workbook.pdf

Level B1+
Roadmap B1+ Photocopiables.rar
Roadmap B1+ Student’s Book Audio.rar
Roadmap B1+ Student’s Book.pdf
Roadmap B1+ Teacher’s Book.pdf
Roadmap B1+ Teacher’s Resources.rar
Roadmap B1+ Tests.rar
Roadmap B1+ Video.rar
Roadmap B1+ Workbook Audio.rar
Roadmap B1+ Workbook.pdf

Level B2
Roadmap B2 Meditation.rar
Roadmap B2 Photocopiables.rar
Roadmap B2 Pronunciation Resourses.rar
Roadmap B2 Student’s Book Audio.rar
Roadmap B2 Student’s Book.pdf
Roadmap B2 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Roadmap B2 Teacher’s Resources.rar
Roadmap B2 Tests.rar
Roadmap B2 Video.rar
Roadmap B2 Workbook Audio.rar
Roadmap B2 Workbook.pdf

Level B2+
Roadmap B2+ Meditation.rar
Roadmap B2+ Photocopiables.rar
Roadmap B2+ Pronunciation Resourses.rar
Roadmap B2+ Student’s Book Audio.rar
Roadmap B2+ Student’s Book.pdf
Roadmap B2+ Teacher’s Book.pdf
Roadmap B2+ Teacher’s Resources.rar
Roadmap B2+ Tests.rar
Roadmap B2+ Video.rar
Roadmap B2+ Workbook Audio.rar
Roadmap B2+ Workbook.pdf

Level C1
Roadmap C1 Meditation.rar
Roadmap C1 Photocopiables.rar
Roadmap C1 Pronunciation Resourses.rar
Roadmap C1 Student’s Book Audio.rar
Roadmap C1 Student’s Book.pdf
Roadmap C1 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Roadmap C1 Teacher’s Resources.rar
Roadmap C1 Tests.rar
Roadmap C1 Video.rar
Roadmap C1 Workbook Audio.rar
Roadmap C1 Workbook.pdf

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      ✅ Sample pdf file Roadmap B1 Student’s Book.pdf: Click here
      ✅ Sample pdf file Roadmap B1+ Student’s Book.pdf: Click here
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      Overview of the “Roadmap”

      ✅ Coursebook: Roadmap
      ✅ Publisher: Pearson
      ✅ English type: British English
      ✅ 8 Levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2
      ✅ For: Adult
      ✅ Publication year: 2019

      Roadmap” is an eight-level general English course designed for adult learners by Pearson. It offers a unique and flexible approach to English language learning, acknowledging the diversity of classes and individual learning needs. Here’s an overview of the course:


      • Monica Berlis, Jonathan Bygrave, Hugh Dellar, Heather Jones, Andrew Walkley, Lindsay Warwick, Damian Williams.

      Levels and CEFR/GSE Range:

      • 8 levels from A1 to C1, with a GSE range of 22 to 88, catering to a broad spectrum of learners from beginners to advanced.


      • British English.

      Course Overview:

      “Roadmap” is designed to provide personalized learning experiences, focusing on practical vocabulary and communication skills. It recognizes that every learner is unique and aims to help them progress effectively.


      Roadmap A1 Students Book


      Key Features:

      Dual Teaching Tracks:

      • Offers two different teaching tracks, allowing flexibility and adaptation to students’ needs and expectations.

      Integrated Skills Approach:

      • Focuses on an integrated skills approach, emphasizing practical vocabulary and the development of communication skills.

      Engaging and Relevant Content:

      • Includes varied topics and carefully-structured speaking tasks, appealing to learners and facilitating full participation in class.

      Practical Vocabulary and Hands-On Skills:

      • Teaches practical vocabulary that can be used in real-life contexts, enhancing the practical application of language learning.

      Digital Learning and Support:

      • MyEnglishLab: Roadmap on the Pearson English Portal offers an online homework tool with exercises supporting lesson material.
      • Roadmap Presentation tool (Active Teach) on the Pearson English Portal provides a digital copy of the course, additional resources, and interactive exercises.

      Development of 21st Century Skills:

      • The course includes a focus on 21st Century Skills like communication, active listening, cultural understanding, and teamwork.

      Reading, Writing, and Other Skills Development:

      • Each unit includes lessons focusing on specific skills, such as writing, reading, and additional listening, linked thematically to the main lessons.

      Why Choose Roadmap?

      • For students, it provides engaging, practical, and accessible material, along with amusing video clips and a mobile app for practice.
      • For teachers, it offers clear, organized content with user-friendly lessons, extra materials, and digital tools for effective classroom management and lesson delivery.

      “Roadmap” is an excellent choice for adult learners who appreciate having material that is relevant and engaging, and who benefit from a flexible and comprehensive approach to language learning. It’s suitable for both students who need to work independently and teachers who seek to provide structured, supportive instruction.


      Roadmap A2 Students Book


      Who is suitable for ‘Roadmap’?

      Roadmap” is a comprehensive English language course designed to cater to specific groups of learners:

      Adult Learners:

      • The course is primarily aimed at adults, making it suitable for learners in college, university, adult education programs, or those engaging in self-study.

      Learners Across Various Proficiency Levels:

      • With eight levels covering A1 to C1 in the CEFR, “Roadmap” is ideal for a wide range of proficiency levels, from complete beginners to advanced learners.

      Students Seeking Flexible Learning Paths:

      • The course offers two different teaching tracks, allowing for customization based on individual learning needs and goals. This makes it appropriate for learners who require a more personalized approach to English language learning.

      Learners Focused on Practical Language Skills:

      • “Roadmap” emphasizes practical vocabulary and communication skills, making it suitable for students who are looking to apply their English skills in real-life contexts, such as the workplace or in social settings.

      Roadmap A2 Students Book 1


      Students Preparing for 21st Century Challenges:

      • The course focuses on developing 21st Century Skills like communication, active listening, cultural understanding, and teamwork, making it relevant for learners preparing to navigate the complexities of the modern world.

      Learners Requiring a Comprehensive Skills Approach:

      • Roadmap” includes thorough support for developing writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills, benefiting learners who need a balanced and comprehensive approach to language acquisition.

      Individuals Seeking Digital Learning Tools:

      • The course’s integration of digital tools like MyEnglishLab and the Roadmap Presentation tool on the Pearson English Portal makes it suitable for learners who prefer or benefit from digital and online learning resources.

      Teachers Looking for Structured and Supportive Materials:

      • “Roadmap” is also ideal for teachers seeking a well-organized curriculum with user-friendly lessons and a range of supplementary materials for classroom use.

      In summary, “Roadmap” is suitable for adult learners across various levels of English proficiency, offering a flexible, practical, and comprehensive approach to language learning. It is particularly beneficial for those seeking to improve their practical language skills and 21st Century competencies, as well as for educators looking for a structured and supportive teaching resource.


      Roadmap B1 Students Book


      The benefits of ‘Roadmap’

      Roadmap” offers several benefits tailored to adult learners of English, making it an effective resource for language acquisition and skill development. Here are some of the key advantages of using this course:

      Flexibility in Learning Paths:

      • With its dual teaching tracks, “Roadmap” provides flexibility, allowing teachers to adapt lessons to meet the specific needs and expectations of their students. This makes it ideal for a diverse range of learners.

      Comprehensive Language Development:

      • The course covers all key language skills — speaking, listening, reading, and writing. This comprehensive approach ensures a well-rounded development of language proficiency.

      Practical Language Application:

      • Emphasis on practical vocabulary and real-life language usage equips students with skills that are immediately applicable in everyday contexts, enhancing the practicality of their learning.

      21st Century Skills Focus:

      • “Roadmap” includes a focus on developing 21st Century Skills such as communication, active listening, and teamwork, which are essential in modern professional and social environments.

      Engaging and Relevant Content:

      • The course content is engaging and relevant to adult learners, featuring varied topics and structured speaking tasks that cater to their interests and learning preferences.

      Roadmap B1 Students Book 1


      Digital Learning Tools:

      • Integration of digital tools like MyEnglishLab and the Roadmap Presentation tool enhances the learning experience, offering interactive exercises and resources that are accessible and user-friendly.

      Skill-Specific Lessons:

      • Each unit includes lessons that focus on specific skills, linked thematically to the main lessons, providing targeted practice and development in areas such as writing, reading, and listening.

      Suitable for Diverse Learning Environments:

      • “Roadmap” is adaptable for various teaching scenarios, including traditional classroom settings, blended learning, and self-study, making it versatile for different learning needs.

      Teacher Support:

      • The course offers extensive support for teachers, including clearly-organized content, ready-made extras for each lesson, and additional resources to enhance classroom engagement.

      Cultural and Global Awareness:

      • The course’s content often touches upon cultural and global issues, helping students broaden their perspectives and understand different viewpoints.

      Promotion of Independent Learning:

      • “Roadmap” encourages learners to take responsibility for their own learning, fostering independence and self-motivation.

      In summary, “Roadmap” provides a flexible, comprehensive, and practical approach to English language learning for adult students. Its integration of modern skills, engaging content, and digital resources makes it a well-rounded course suitable for a wide range of adult learners and teaching environments.


      Roadmap B2 Students Book


      Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘Roadmap’

      Effectively teaching and learning with “Roadmap” involves adopting strategies that complement the course’s structure and objectives, which are tailored to adult learners with diverse needs. Here are some effective teaching and learning strategies for this series:

      Utilize the Dual Teaching Tracks:

      • Choose the teaching track that best suits the needs and goals of your students. This flexibility allows for a more personalized learning experience.

      Emphasize Practical Language Use:

      • Focus on teaching practical vocabulary and phrases that students can use in real-life situations. Encourage students to practice these in role-plays, discussions, and other interactive activities.

      Integrate 21st Century Skills:

      • Incorporate activities that develop communication, teamwork, and critical thinking skills. These skills are essential for students’ personal and professional lives in the modern world.

      Leverage Digital Tools:

      • Make the most of digital resources like MyEnglishLab and the Roadmap Presentation tool to enhance learning. These tools can provide additional practice and bring variety to the learning experience.

      Engage with Relevant and Varied Topics:

      • Use the course’s engaging topics to stimulate discussion and maintain student interest. Varied themes ensure that all students find something that resonates with them.

      Focus on Speaking and Listening Skills:

      • Prioritize speaking and listening exercises, as these are often key areas for improvement in language learning. Provide ample opportunities for students to practice these skills in class.


      Roadmap B2 Students Book 1


      Develop Reading and Writing Skills:

      • Use the reading and writing sections in each unit to improve these essential skills. Tailor reading materials and writing tasks to match students’ interests and levels.

      Encourage Independent Study:

      • Motivate students to use the course’s online resources for self-study. Independent learning helps reinforce what is taught in class and allows students to progress at their own pace.

      Personalize Learning:

      • Tailor lessons to meet the specific needs and interests of your students. This might involve focusing more on certain skills or topics based on individual or group preferences.

      Use of Authentic Materials:

      • Supplement course materials with real-world resources like news articles, videos, and podcasts to provide authentic language exposure.

      Continuous Assessment and Feedback:

      • Regularly assess students’ progress and provide constructive feedback. This helps in identifying areas for improvement and in adjusting teaching strategies accordingly.

      Foster a Collaborative Learning Environment:

      • Encourage teamwork through group projects and collaborative activities. This not only improves language skills but also enhances social interaction and cooperation.

      Cultural and Global Awareness:

      • Discuss cultural and global issues presented in the course to enhance students’ cultural understanding and global perspectives.

      Reflective Learning:

      • Encourage students to reflect on their learning process. This can involve maintaining learning journals or engaging in self-assessment activities.

      By integrating these strategies, educators can effectively use “Roadmap” to create a dynamic, engaging, and productive learning environment that caters to the diverse needs of adult learners.


      Roadmap C1 Students Book


      Comprehensive English Language Learning Series: Effective Alternatives to Pearson’s Roadmap for Enhanced Communication Skills

      For learners seeking alternatives to the “Roadmap” series by Pearson, which is known for its flexible, personalized learning paths and a focus on developing speaking and listening skills, several educational series offer similar comprehensive approaches to English language acquisition and proficiency. Here are notable series that provide structured instruction, engaging content, and skill development:

      “English File” by Oxford University Press: Known for its balanced approach, combining grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation with skills development. English File offers plenty of speaking practice to boost confidence and fluency, making it a good alternative for comprehensive language learning.

      “Speakout” by Pearson Education: Features authentic video content from the BBC, providing real-world language learning experiences that emphasize communication skills. It includes a strong digital component and is well-suited for adult learners looking to improve their English in a practical context.

      “Life” by National Geographic Learning: Utilizes compelling content from National Geographic to enhance language learning, focusing on developing language skills alongside critical thinking and global awareness. Life is designed for adult learners and includes a robust suite of digital resources.

      “Global” by Macmillan Education: Aims at adult learners, offering insights into the English-speaking world’s culture while encouraging language learning through a global perspective. This series combines language development with critical thinking about global issues.

      “Face2Face” by Cambridge University Press: Offers a communicative approach to language learning, designed to advance students’ speaking and listening skills through real-life contexts and engaging content, similar to Roadmap’s approach.

      “Outcomes” by National Geographic Learning: Provides a focus on real-world speaking skills and practical communication strategies, using contexts that reflect how English is used today. It also offers a digital component for blended learning environments.

      “Navigate” by Oxford University Press: Tailored for adults and young adults, Navigate offers a rich learning experience that focuses on practical English usage in a global context, making it ideal for learners looking to use English professionally or in an academic setting.

      “Market Leader” by Pearson Education: While primarily aimed at business English learners, Market Leader combines language learning with professional skills development. It’s suitable for learners aiming to improve their English in professional contexts.

      “English Unlimited” by Cambridge University Press: A goals-based course for adults and young adults that combines language development with life skills and cultural insights. English Unlimited promotes communication and practical skills through a variety of multimedia resources.

      “Four Corners” by Cambridge University Press: A four-level integrated skills English series that combines effective communicative methodology with practical language tasks and activities. It is designed for adults and young adults who need English for everyday life and the workplace.

      “Touchstone” by Cambridge University Press: Utilizes a corpus-informed syllabus to focus on language and skills adult learners need for effective communication. Touchstone’s unique approach blends practical language content with comprehensive media and online components.

      “World English” by National Geographic Learning: Incorporates compelling images, texts, and video from National Geographic to ensure students learn English in a context of global conversation. The series encourages learners to develop linguistic skills alongside strategies for understanding and interacting with cultures worldwide.

      “Real Life” by Pearson Education: Brings English to life through modern topics, real-world projects, and dynamic contexts. Real Life aims to develop the skills and strategies students need to communicate effectively in both academic and global environments.

      “American English File” by Oxford University Press: Provides a balanced blend of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and skills to build student confidence and success in English. Its communicative, student-centered approach makes it effective for extensive language practice in diverse contexts.

      “Optimize” by Macmillan Education: A preparation course for academic exams that combines language learning with test preparation, designed to optimize students’ test results while improving overall English proficiency.

      “In Company” by Macmillan Education: Specifically designed for the workplace, this series is perfect for adult learners who need to balance learning English with a busy work schedule. It offers practical business insights and skills development alongside language learning.

      These series offer robust preparation for learners at various stages of their English language learning journey. They aim to improve English proficiency while also focusing on enhancing speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Each provides a mix of comprehensive language development, practical communication exercises, and cultural insights to ensure a holistic educational experience.


      ELT Ebooks by Pearson