Download Pearson Team Together (7 Levels) Pdf Audio Video 2019

Download Ebook Team Together Pdf Audio Video (7 Levels) 2019

Level 1
Team Together 1 Activity Book.pdf
Team Together 1 Animations.rar
Team Together 1 Class Audio.rar
Team Together 1 Culture Video.rar
Team Together 1 Flashcards.pdf
Team Together 1 Photocopiables.rar
Team Together 1 Posters.pdf
Team Together 1 Pupil’s Book.pdf
Team Together 1 Storycards.pdf
Team Together 1 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Team Together 1 Tests.rar
Team Together 1 Wordcards.pdf

Level 2
Team Together 2 Activity Book.pdf
Team Together 2 Animations.rar
Team Together 2 Class Audio.rar
Team Together 2 Culture Video.rar
Team Together 2 Flashcards.pdf
Team Together 2 Posters.pdf
Team Together 2 Pupil’s Book.pdf
Team Together 2 Storycards.pdf
Team Together 2 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Team Together 2 Tests.rar
Team Together 2 Wordcards.pdf

Level 3
Team Together 3 Activity Book.pdf
Team Together 3 Class Audio.rar
Team Together 3 Photocopiables.rar
Team Together 3 Posters.pdf
Team Together 3 Pupil’s Book.pdf
Team Together 3 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Team Together 3 Tests.rar

Level 4
Team Together 4 Activity Book.pdf
Team Together 4 Animations.rar
Team Together 4 Class Audio.rar
Team Together 4 Culture Video.rar
Team Together 4 Photocopiables.rar
Team Together 4 Posters.pdf
Team Together 4 Pupil’s Book.pdf
Team Together 4 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Team Together 4 Tests.rar

Level 5
Team Together 5 Activity Book.pdf
Team Together 5 Class Audio.rar
Team Together 5 Culture Video.rar
Team Together 5 Photocopiables.rar
Team Together 5 Posters.pdf
Team Together 5 Pupil’s Book.pdf
Team Together 5 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Team Together 5 Tests.rar

Level 6
Team Together 6 Activity Book.pdf
Team Together 6 Class Audio.rar
Team Together 6 Culture Video.rar
Team Together 6 Photocopiables.rar
Team Together 6 Posters.pdf
Team Together 6 Pupil’s Book.pdf
Team Together 6 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Team Together 6 Tests.rar
Team Together Classroom Posters.pdf
Team Together Plans.rar

Level Starter
Team Together Starter Activity Book.pdf
Team Together Starter Class Audio.rar
Team Together Starter Flashcards.pdf
Team Together Starter Photocopiables.rar
Team Together Starter Pupil’s Book.pdf
Team Together Starter Teacher’s Book.pdf

Download Ebook Team Together 7 Levels (Pdf Audio Video)


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      Download Ebook Pearson Team Together 7 Levels (Pdf Audio Video)



      Overview of the “Team Together”

      ✅ Coursebook: Team Together
      ✅ Publisher: Pearson
      ✅ English type: British English
      ✅ 7 Levels: Pre A1, A1, A2, B1
      ✅ For: Primary
      ✅ Publication year: 2019

      Team Together” is a comprehensive English language learning series from Pearson, specifically designed for primary learners. It focuses on building confidence across all four language areas while also developing 21st-century skills vital in today’s world. The course is structured for British English and offers both print and digital formats.

      Course Overview

      Target Audience: Primary learners

      Language Level: Ranging from Pre A1 to B1 of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

      GSE Range: 10-50 (Global Scale of English)

      Levels: 7 levels, including Starter, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

      Key Features

      Creative Communication in Authentic Contexts:

      • The course challenges learners to use English creatively and effectively in real-life situations.

      Critical Thinking and Collaboration:

      • Emphasizes critical thinking and collaborative work, essential skills in contemporary education and life.

      Assessment for Learning:

      • Incorporates assessment strategies that support and guide the learning process.

      Language Learning Through Stories and Activities:

      • Utilizes engaging stories and interactive activities to facilitate language acquisition.

      Engaging and Relevant Content:

      • The content links to science and other school subjects, empowering students to use English in a broader context.

      Culture Lessons and Videos:

      • Provides cultural insights through lessons and videos, enhancing learners’ understanding of the English-speaking world.

      English in Action Section:

      • Encourages the use of natural English in authentic contexts, allowing learners to explore and personalize the new language.

      Preparation for Pearson English International Certificate – Young Learners:

      • The course prepares learners for this specific English language assessment, which emphasizes real-life scenarios.

      Connected English Learning Program

      “Team Together” is part of Pearson’s Connected English Learning Program, which includes:

      • Teaching: Using “Team Together” as the core teaching resource.
      • Assessing: Employing Benchmark Test – Young Learners for comprehensive English proficiency testing across speaking, listening, reading, and writing.
      • Certifying: Preparing for the Pearson English International Certificate – Young Learners, tailored for learners aged 6 to 13.


      • Comprehensive Language Development: Covers all four language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing).
      • 21st-Century Skills Integration: Fosters skills like critical thinking and teamwork.
      • Cultural Awareness: Enhances understanding of different cultures through relevant content.
      • Interactive and Engaging Learning: Keeps young learners motivated and interested.
      • Aligned with Global Standards: Matches GSE and CEFR levels, ensuring globally recognized language proficiency.

      In summary, “Team Together” offers a dynamic and holistic approach to English language learning for young learners, integrating language skills with critical thinking, collaboration, and cultural awareness, thereby preparing them not only for academic success but also for practical challenges in today’s global environment.


      Download ebook Team Together 1


      Who is suitable for ‘Team Together’?

      “Team Together” is a comprehensive English language learning series specifically designed to cater to the needs and learning styles of primary school learners. Given its structure and content, the series is suitable for the following groups:

      Primary School Students:

      • Children in primary education, typically aged between 6 to 12 years, are the primary target audience. The course is tailored to suit their developmental stage and cognitive abilities.

      Young Learners at Various Language Levels:

      • The series is suitable for young learners ranging from Pre A1 to B1 level in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), making it ideal for beginners to intermediate-level students.

      Students Preparing for English Language Assessments:

      • The course is specifically designed to prepare young learners for the Pearson English International Certificate – Young Learners, making it suitable for those aiming to take this assessment.

      Learners Needing a Strong Foundation in English:

      • Children who require a solid foundation in the English language, including grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

      Students Interested in Developing 21st-Century Skills:

      • “Team Together” not only focuses on language learning but also emphasizes critical thinking, collaboration, and cultural awareness, making it suitable for learners who need to develop these essential 21st-century skills.

      Young Learners in Multilingual Environments:

      • Children in multilingual environments or international schools where English is either the medium of instruction or a significant language.

      Home-Schooling Contexts:

      • The series can be an effective resource for parents or guardians homeschooling their children, especially in developing their English language skills.

      English Language Tutors and Teachers:

      • Language tutors and primary school teachers looking for comprehensive, structured, and engaging teaching materials for young English language learners.

      “Team Together” is characterized by its engaging content, age-appropriate language activities, and focus on both language and key skills development. It offers a balanced approach to learning English, making it an ideal choice for young learners in a variety of educational contexts.


      Download ebook Team Together 2


      The benefits of ‘Team Together’

      “Team Together” offers a range of benefits that make it an effective and engaging English language learning resource for primary learners. These benefits are aligned with its goal of not only teaching English but also developing crucial 21st-century skills. Here are some of the key advantages:

      Holistic Language Development:

      • The course covers all four language skills – speaking, listening, reading, and writing – ensuring a comprehensive language learning experience.

      Age-Appropriate Content:

      • The materials are specifically designed for primary school learners, making them age-appropriate, engaging, and relatable.

      Integration of 21st-Century Skills:

      • In addition to language skills, the course emphasizes critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving, preparing learners for future challenges in a globalized world.

      Cultural Awareness and Global Perspectives:

      • “Team Together” includes cultural lessons and real-world content that broaden learners’ understanding of different cultures and perspectives.

      Preparation for English Language Assessments:

      • The course prepares learners for the Pearson English International Certificate – Young Learners, providing them with a solid foundation for these assessments.

      Engaging and Interactive Learning Methods:

      • Through stories, activities, and interactive content, the course keeps learners motivated and actively engaged in their language learning journey.

      Download ebook Team Together 3

      Focus on Creative Communication:

      • It encourages learners to use English creatively in authentic contexts, enhancing their communicative competence.

      Digital and Print Resources:

      • The availability of both digital and print materials offers flexibility in learning and teaching methods, catering to different preferences and needs.

      Personalized Learning Experience:

      • With a range of levels and resources, the course can be tailored to meet the individual learning pace and style of each student.

      Building Confidence in Language Use:

      • The course is designed to build confidence in using English in real-life situations, which is crucial for young learners’ language development.

      Connection to Other School Subjects:

      • By linking to science and other school subjects, “Team Together” helps students apply English in broader educational contexts, enhancing cross-curricular learning.

      Assessment for Learning:

      • The inclusion of assessment tools helps in tracking progress and identifying areas where learners may need additional support.

      In summary, “Team Together” is beneficial for its comprehensive approach to language learning, its integration of essential 21st-century skills, and its emphasis on cultural awareness and real-world application. These features make it an ideal choice for primary learners to develop their English language proficiency in a supportive and engaging learning environment.


      Download ebook Team Together 5


      Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘Team Together’

      Effectively teaching and learning with “Team Together” involves strategies that engage young learners, foster active participation, and ensure the development of both language skills and 21st-century competencies. Here are some strategies for both teachers and learners to maximize the benefits of this course:

      For Teachers

      Interactive and Engaging Lessons:

      • Use the course’s interactive elements, such as stories and activities, to create lively and engaging lessons. This keeps young learners interested and motivated.

      Incorporate Collaborative Activities:

      • Facilitate group work and collaborative projects to develop teamwork and communication skills. This aligns with the course’s emphasis on collaboration.

      Integrate Cultural Learning:

      • Utilize the cultural lessons and real-world content to broaden students’ global understanding and awareness.

      Focus on 21st-Century Skills:

      • Explicitly teach and integrate critical thinking, problem-solving, and creative communication skills into language lessons.

      Utilize Technology and Digital Resources:

      • Leverage digital materials provided by “Team Together” for a blended learning approach, which can enhance engagement and learning flexibility.

      Regular Assessments and Feedback:

      • Use the course’s assessment tools to monitor progress and provide regular, constructive feedback to guide learning.

      Personalize Learning:

      • Tailor lessons to meet the diverse needs and learning styles of students, ensuring that each child receives the support they need.

      Download ebook Team Together 6

      For Learners

      Active Participation:

      • Engage actively with all aspects of the course, including stories, activities, and digital resources. Participation is key to language acquisition.

      Collaborate with Peers:

      • Actively participate in group activities and projects to build teamwork skills and improve language through social interaction.

      Explore Cultural Content:

      • Show interest in cultural lessons and materials, which can enhance understanding of different perspectives and global awareness.

      Practice Regularly:

      • Consistent practice, both in and out of the classroom, is crucial for language development. Make use of online resources for additional practice.

      Embrace Technology:

      • Utilize digital resources for learning and practice, which can make the process more interactive and enjoyable.

      Combined Strategies

      • Parental Involvement: Encourage parents to get involved in their child’s learning process, especially for home study and practice.
      • Real-World Application: Teachers should create opportunities for students to use English in real-life situations, while learners should seek to apply their language skills outside the classroom.
      • Cross-Curricular Connections: Integrate English learning with other school subjects to provide a more holistic educational experience.

      By employing these strategies, both teachers and learners can effectively utilize “Team Together” to develop not only English language proficiency but also essential skills needed for success in the 21st century.


      Top English Learning Series for Young Learners: Enhancing Teamwork and Communication Skills Through Collaborative Activities

      For learners looking for alternatives to the “Team Together” series by Pearson, which emphasizes teamwork and collaborative learning through engaging English language activities, several educational series offer similar approaches to fostering communication and cooperation among young learners. These alternatives focus on enhancing English skills in a supportive and interactive group setting. Here are notable series that provide structured instruction, engaging content, and skill development:

      Family and Friends” by Oxford University Press: This series combines strong language development with social and emotional skills through stories and activities designed to engage young learners and promote teamwork and collaboration.

      “Our World” by National Geographic Learning: Uses stunning photography and content from National Geographic to teach English, encouraging students to work together on projects that explore global cultures and environments.

      Big English” by Pearson Education: Like Team Together, Big English is designed to make learning English fun and engaging while focusing on developing teamwork skills through a variety of collaborative activities and projects.

      Super Minds” by Cambridge University Press: Enhances children’s thinking skills along with their English language development. It integrates language learning with arts and crafts, science, and math, fostering creativity and collaborative problem-solving.

      “Jump In!” by Macmillan Education: Aimed at young learners, this series makes learning English as enjoyable as playing a game. It features stories and activities that promote language learning through play and teamwork.

      Let’s Go” by Oxford University Press: Known for its success in combining language learning with engaging songs, games, and puzzles, Let’s Go encourages group interaction and communication, making it ideal for learning English through collaboration.

      Show and Tell” by Oxford University Press: Integrates language learning with developing social and emotional skills, using themes that resonate with young learners to help them express themselves while working together.

      “Footprints” by Macmillan Education: Offers stories and activities that teach English while also imparting values and environmental awareness. The series includes numerous group activities that encourage teamwork and collective problem-solving.

      “Pockets” by Pearson Education: Designed for very young learners, Pockets introduces English through interactive songs, stories, and activities that emphasize cooperative play and learning, making it suitable for preschool-aged children.

      Kids’ Box” by Cambridge University Press: This lively course for young learners integrates all four language skills and encourages children to cooperate in pair and group activities, helping to build communication and collaboration skills alongside English language proficiency.

      “Magic Time” by Oxford University Press: Acts as a precursor to “English Time,” providing young learners with foundational English skills through interactive activities that encourage teamwork and creative expression.

      “Brain Waves” by Richmond Publishing: Focuses on cognitive development alongside language skills, using a variety of group activities that promote cooperative learning and problem-solving among young students.

      “Balloon” by Helbling Languages: Offers a gentle introduction to English for young learners, with a focus on simple vocabulary and interactive activities that require working together, making learning fun and collaborative.

      “Smart Choice” by Oxford University Press: A secondary level series that combines engaging content with a flexible learning approach, where teamwork and group projects play a central role in language acquisition.

      “English Adventure” by Pearson Education: Utilizes familiar Disney characters and narratives to create a magical learning experience that encourages interaction and teamwork among young learners.

      “Happy Campers” by Macmillan Education: This series fosters a collaborative learning environment through thematic units based on adventure and discovery, promoting teamwork and communication among students.

      These series not only improve English language skills but also incorporate team-building activities to ensure that learners develop the ability to work effectively with others. Whether through direct engagement with group projects, integration of arts and sciences, or exploration of new social environments, these resources aim to equip young learners with the necessary skills for collaborative communication and interpersonal understanding.


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