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Level Foundations
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Level 1
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Level 2
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Level 3
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Level 4
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Level 5
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Download ebook Connectivity pdf audio video full


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      Download ebook Pearson Connectivity pdf audio video full



      Overview of the “Connectivity”

      ✅ Coursebook: Connectivity
      ✅ Publisher: Pearson
      ✅ For: Adult, Business
      ✅ 6 Levels: Pre A1 – C1
      ✅ English type: American English
      ✅ Publication year: 2021

      Connectivity” is an English language learning course designed for adult learners, focusing on socio-linguistic competency to enable students to apply their learning to real-world situations. Authored by Joan Saslow and Allen Ascher, the course spans six levels, corresponding to the CEFR levels of Pre A1 to C1 and the Global Scale of English (GSE) scores of 16 to 84.

      The course structure includes:

      • Target Audience: Adult learners of American English.
      • Format: Available in both print and digital formats.
      • Levels: Six, covering a wide range of proficiency levels.

      Key Features of Connectivity:

      • Communication Skills Focus: It emphasizes communication skills and achievement-driven lessons to enhance employability.
      • Rigorous Speaking Pedagogy: Incorporates intensive practice across all four language skills, along with essential soft skills for employment.
      • Cultural Fluency Syllabus: Prepares learners to use English in various contexts like work, travel, studies, and daily life.
      • Methodology: Uses recycling techniques for maximum retention and includes a unique cultural fluency syllabus.
      • Blended Learning: Combines traditional learning materials with online practice, interactive eBooks, and the Pearson Practice English App.

      Connectivity Level 1 Student's Book

      Components for Students:

      • Student’s Books & Interactive eBooks
      • Online Practice
      • Audio and Video Resources
      • Pearson Practice English App

      Components for Teachers:

      • Teacher’s Book and Lesson Planner
      • Access to Digital Resources on Pearson Online Portal
      • Presentation Tools
      • Assessment and Test Generation Tools
      • Downloadable Resources

      Course Highlights:

      • Focuses on socio-linguistic competency.
      • Includes engaging materials like a sitcom video (Connect TV).
      • Designed to keep students motivated and show progress in every class.

      Connectivity” is part of Pearson’s Connected English Learning Program, which also includes the Benchmark Test for measuring progress and the Pearson English International Certificate focusing on communication skills. The course represents a comprehensive approach to learning English, tailored to the needs of modern learners.

      Connectivity Level 2 Student's Book


      Who is suitable for ‘Connectivity’?

      Connectivity” is particularly suitable for:

      Adult Learners: It is specifically designed for adult learners of English, making it ideal for individuals seeking to improve their language skills for various purposes.

      Learners at Various Proficiency Levels: With its six-level course structure, it caters to a wide range of learners, from true beginners (CEFR level Pre A1) to advanced (CEFR level C1). This makes it appropriate for people at different stages of their English language learning journey.

      Individuals Focused on Socio-Linguistic Competency: The course is ideal for learners who want to use English effectively in real-world contexts. It emphasizes practical language use in work, travel, studies, and everyday life.

      Job Seekers and Professionals: Since the course includes a focus on communication skills and soft skills needed for employability, it is well-suited for job seekers or professionals aiming to enhance their language proficiency for career advancement.

      Learners Seeking a Blended Learning Experience: The course offers a mix of traditional and digital learning tools, including online practice, interactive eBooks, and a mobile app. This makes it suitable for learners who prefer a combination of self-study and guided learning.

      Students Preparing for International English Certifications: For those aiming to obtain certifications like the Pearson English International Certificate, “Connectivity” provides relevant preparation material.

      Learners Interested in Cultural Fluency: The course’s unique cultural fluency syllabus is beneficial for students interested in learning how to use English in various cultural settings.

      In summary, “Connectivity” is suited for adult learners across various proficiency levels who are looking for a comprehensive, practical, and flexible English language learning solution that combines traditional and digital learning methods.

      Connectivity Level 3 Student's Book


      The benefits of ‘Connectivity’

      Connectivity” offers several key benefits to learners, making it a comprehensive and effective English language learning course:

      Comprehensive Language Proficiency Development: The course covers a wide range of proficiency levels from true beginner to advanced (CEFR Pre A1 to C1), ensuring learners can progress through stages as their skills improve.

      Focus on Real-World Application: With an emphasis on socio-linguistic competency, “Connectivity” prepares learners to use English confidently in practical settings such as work, travel, studies, and everyday life.

      Enhanced Employability Skills: The course integrates language learning with soft skills development, which are crucial for employability. This focus helps learners to not only improve their English but also to gain skills valuable in the job market.

      Rigorous Speaking Pedagogy: “Connectivity” employs a rigorous approach to speaking and language activation, ensuring learners can practice and improve their spoken English effectively.

      Cultural Fluency: The unique cultural fluency syllabus prepares students to navigate different cultural contexts using English, enhancing their global communication skills.

      Connectivity Level 4 Student's Book


      Blended Learning Approach: The course combines traditional print materials with digital resources, including online practice, interactive eBooks, and a mobile app. This blended approach caters to diverse learning preferences and allows for flexibility in study habits.

      Engaging and Motivational Content: Materials like the sitcom video (Connect TV) make learning engaging and enjoyable, which can boost motivation and aid in language retention.

      Progress Tracking and Feedback: With digital tools and the Pearson Practice English App, learners can track their progress and receive immediate feedback, allowing for more targeted and effective learning.

      Recycling Techniques for Retention: “Connectivity” uses tried and tested recycling techniques to ensure maximum retention of language concepts and vocabulary.

      Support for Teachers: The course provides extensive resources for teachers, including lesson planners, digital resources, and assessment tools, making it easier to deliver effective and engaging lessons.

      Customizable Learning Path: The availability of different components and levels allows learners and educators to tailor the course to meet specific learning goals and needs.

      Overall, “Connectivity” offers a well-rounded, practical, and engaging approach to English language learning, suitable for a wide range of adult learners seeking to improve their language skills for personal, professional, or academic reasons.

      Connectivity Level 5 Student's Book


      Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘Connectivity’

      To maximize the effectiveness of teaching and learning with the “Connectivity” course, several strategies can be employed:

      Blended Learning Approach: Utilize the combination of print and digital materials effectively. Encourage students to engage with the interactive eBooks and the Pearson Practice English App for self-paced learning and practice. This approach allows learners to benefit from both guided instruction and independent study.

      Regular Practice and Review: Leverage the online practice modules and the app to reinforce learning. Regular practice helps in consolidating new language skills and the recycling techniques used in “Connectivity” aid in long-term retention.

      Active Participation in Speaking Activities: Since “Connectivity” has a strong focus on speaking skills, encourage learners to actively participate in speaking exercises. Create a supportive environment where students feel comfortable practicing speaking, even if they make mistakes.

      Integrate Cultural Fluency: Use the cultural fluency syllabus to discuss various cultural contexts and encourage learners to share their own experiences and perspectives. This not only enhances language learning but also broadens cultural understanding.

      Employment of Soft Skills: As “Connectivity” includes soft skills essential for employability, incorporate these skills into lessons. Discuss and role-play real-world scenarios where these skills are applicable.

      Use of Multimedia and Interactive Content: Engage students with the multimedia content provided, such as the sitcom videos (Connect TV). This not only makes lessons more engaging but also helps in improving listening skills and cultural understanding.

      Connectivity Level 6 Student's Book

      Personalized Feedback and Support: Provide personalized feedback to students based on their performance in various activities. Utilize the tools available in the course for tracking progress and identifying areas needing improvement.

      Group Work and Collaborative Learning: Encourage group activities and discussions. This fosters collaborative learning and allows students to learn from each other while practicing language skills in a social context.

      Goal-Oriented Learning: Set clear learning goals for each lesson and communicate these to students. This helps in keeping the lessons focused and allows students to understand the purpose behind each activity.

      Incorporate Real-Life Scenarios: Use real-life examples and scenarios in teaching to make the lessons more relevant and practical. This approach helps students understand how they can apply their language skills outside the classroom.

      Continuous Assessment and Reflection: Regularly assess students’ progress through both formal and informal methods. Encourage self-assessment and reflection to help learners become more aware of their own learning process.

      Professional Development for Teachers: Teachers should take advantage of professional development opportunities and resources provided with “Connectivity”. Staying updated with the latest teaching methodologies and understanding the course materials thoroughly can significantly enhance the teaching experience.

      By implementing these strategies, teachers can effectively deliver the “Connectivity” course, and learners can gain the most from this comprehensive English language learning program.


      Comprehensive English Language Learning for Adults: Integrating Digital Literacy and Global Awareness

      For those seeking alternatives to the “Connectivity” series by Pearson, which focuses on adult and young adult English learners integrating language skills with digital literacy and global connectivity, several educational series offer a similar blend of language development, technology use, and engagement with global issues. Here are notable series that provide comprehensive English language learning experiences:

      Speakout” by Pearson English: Incorporates BBC video content to provide authentic language learning experiences, emphasizing speaking and listening skills, digital literacy, and contemporary topics that engage learners in the digital age.

      Life” by National Geographic Learning: Utilizes compelling content from National Geographic to teach English, focusing on developing language skills alongside critical thinking and global awareness, with digital resources to enhance learning.

      English File” by Oxford University Press: Offers a balanced approach to grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation with a strong focus on practical communication skills. It includes digital resources that encourage interaction and engagement with global topics.

      World English” by National Geographic Learning: Features content from National Geographic and TED Talks, bringing global perspectives into the English learning classroom and encouraging learners to explore a wide range of topics through English.

      “Global” by Macmillan Education: Aimed at adult learners, Global offers insights into the English-speaking world’s culture and encourages language learning through a global lens, with an emphasis on using technology for language practice.

      Navigate” by Oxford University Press: Tailored for adults and young adults, Navigate offers a rich learning experience that focuses on practical English usage in a global context, with digital resources that support self-study and blended learning environments.

      Outcomes” by National Geographic Learning: Prepares learners to communicate effectively in English, using real-world contexts and content that reflects how English is used today, supported by digital tools for enhanced learning.

      Roadmap” by Pearson Education: Provides a flexible, personalized learning experience with a focus on developing speaking and listening skills. It’s designed for adult learners, offering a clear and structured path to improve English proficiency and digital literacy.

      In Focus” by National Geographic Learning: Tailored for adults and young adults, this series uses engaging content from National Geographic to develop English language skills while fostering critical thinking about global issues, supported by interactive digital tools.

      Mindset for IELTS” by Cambridge University Press: While specifically aimed at preparing learners for the IELTS exam, this series integrates skill development in reading, writing, listening, and speaking with strategies for test success and academic readiness, supported by online resources.

      “English for Everyone” by DK Publishing: A visually engaging series that covers language learning from beginner to advanced levels, integrating digital resources through an app that complements the print materials for a blended learning experience.

      “Impactful English” by Cengage Learning: Focuses on language learning for real-world communication and professional development, integrating digital tools and resources to enhance learning and engage with current events and global topics.

      Cutting Edge” by Pearson Education: Offers a communicative and task-based approach, with a strong emphasis on speaking and listening, supported by digital resources that include videos and interactive exercises for engaging with contemporary topics.

      Business Partner” by Pearson Education: Although focused on business English, this series integrates language learning with professional skills development and digital literacy, making it suitable for learners aiming to use English in the workplace.

      “Open Mind” by Macmillan Education: Combines language learning with the development of life skills, such as critical thinking and digital literacy, offering a comprehensive package of print and digital resources for adult learners.

      “Skills for Success” by Oxford University Press: Integrates critical thinking, listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills development with content that engages learners on topics of global relevance, supported by extensive digital resources.

      These alternatives offer robust preparation for adult and young adult learners, aiming to improve their English proficiency while navigating the digital world and understanding global issues. They provide a mix of comprehensive language development, practical communication exercises, cultural insights, and digital learning resources to ensure a holistic educational experience.


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