Download Ebook Pearson Go Getter (4 Levels) Pdf Audio Video 2018

Download Ebook Go Getter (4 Levels) 2018

Level 1
Go Getter 1 Class Audio CDs.rar
Go Getter 1 Photocopiables.rar
Go Getter 1 Student’s Book.pdf
Go Getter 1 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Go Getter 1 Test and Audio.rar
Go Getter 1 Video.rar
Go Getter 1 Workbook Audio CD.rar
Go Getter 1 Workbook.pdf

Level 2
Go Getter 2 Class Audio CDs.rar
Go Getter 2 Photocopiables.rar
Go Getter 2 Student’s Book.pdf
Go Getter 2 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Go Getter 2 Test and Audio.rar
Go Getter 2 Video.rar
Go Getter 2 Wordlist.rar
Go Getter 2 Workbook Audio CD.rar
Go Getter 2 Workbook.pdf

Level 3
Go Getter 3 Class Audio CDs.rar
Go Getter 3 Photocopiables.rar
Go Getter 3 Student’s Book.pdf
Go Getter 3 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Go Getter 3 Test and Audio.rar
Go Getter 3 Video.rar
Go Getter 3 Workbook Audio CD.rar
Go Getter 3 Workbook.pdf

Level 4
Go Getter 4 Class Audio CDs.rar
Go Getter 4 Photocopiables.rar
Go Getter 4 Student’s Book.pdf
Go Getter 4 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Go Getter 4 Test and Audio.rar
Go Getter 4 Video.rar
Go Getter 4 Workbook Audio CD.rar
Go Getter 4 Workbook.pdf

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      Download Ebook Pearson Go Getter (4 Levels) Pdf Audio Video



      Overview of the “Go Getter”

      ✅ Coursebook: Speakout Third Edition
      ✅ Publisher: Pearson
      ✅ Levels: A1, A2, A2+, B1, B1+, B2, B2+, C1, C2
      ✅ Publication year: 20222023

      GoGetter” by Pearson is an English language learning program specifically tailored for secondary learners, particularly teenagers. It’s designed to engage students who live in a fast-paced, technology-driven world. Here’s an overview of the key features and components of “GoGetter”:

      Key Features

      • Target Audience: Teenagers, with materials and content relevant to their interests and experiences.
      • Language Type: British English.
      • Levels: Four distinct levels, ranging from Pre A1 to B1 on the CEFR scale, and 17-46 on the GSE scale.
      • Formats: Available in both print and digital formats.
      • Authors: Catherine Bright, Jayne Croxford, Graham Fruen, Sandy Zervas.

      Course Objectives

      • Empowering Learners: Focuses on growing English skills within the context of a modern, dynamic world.
      • Interactive Learning: Utilizes BBC videos and interactive activities for a more engaging learning experience.
      • Structured Approach: Provides clear structures, examples, and staged activities for better understanding and retention.
      • Assessment for Learning: Incorporates various techniques to help students understand and focus on their learning process.


      • Digital Tools: Includes Extra Online Practice, My English Lab, Student’s eBook, Active Teach, and a Teacher’s CD-ROM.
      • Student Components: Students’ Book, Workbook with Extra Online Homework, and digital versions for interactive learning.
      • Teacher Components: Teacher’s Book with DVD-ROM, Active Teach, Class Audio, and Tests.

      Unique Selling Points

      • BBC Partnership: The course includes high-quality educational content from the BBC, enhancing the learning experience with real-world, relevant material.
      • Examination Preparation: Integrates exam-style activities to prepare students for various English language tests.
      • Holistic Approach: Aims to grow learners’ English skills comprehensively, focusing on vocabulary, grammar, and communication skills.

      Additional Features

      • Multimedia Content: A blend of various multimedia content suits different teaching styles and supports mixed-ability classes.
      • Organized Material: Provides a clear structure for each lesson, saving time for teachers and students.
      • Cultural Exposure: Includes sections that focus on developing knowledge of other cultures, enhancing communication skills, and encouraging collaborative project work.

      Overall Impression

      “GoGetter” seems to be a well-rounded, modern English language learning solution that aligns with the needs and interests of today’s teenagers. Its integration of technology, multimedia content, and real-world material, particularly from the BBC, makes it an attractive choice for both learners and educators aiming for a comprehensive and engaging English learning experience.


      Download ebook Go Getter 1 pdf audio video


      Who is suitable for ‘Go Getter’?

      “Go Getter” is primarily suitable for:

      Teenagers: The program is specifically designed for secondary learners, focusing on the interests and experiences relevant to a teenage audience.

      Learners at Various Levels of English Proficiency: With four levels ranging from Pre A1 to B1 on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and 17-46 on the Global Scale of English (GSE), it caters to a broad range of abilities within the secondary school age group.

      Students Seeking a Dynamic and Interactive Learning Experience: The use of multimedia content, including BBC videos and interactive activities, makes it ideal for learners who thrive in a more engaging and technologically integrated educational environment.

      Learners Preparing for English Language Examinations: The program integrates exam-style activities, making it suitable for students who are preparing for English language proficiency tests.

      Students Interested in Global Perspectives and Cultures: With content focusing on developing knowledge of other cultures and enhancing communication skills, it’s apt for teenagers keen on global awareness and cultural understanding.

      Overall, “Go Getter” is well-suited for secondary school students who are looking for a comprehensive, engaging, and technologically savvy approach to learning English, with content that is both educational and relevant to their everyday lives.


      Download ebook Go Getter 2 pdf audio video


      The benefits of ‘Go Getter’

      The “Go Getter” program offers several benefits tailored to the needs and interests of teenage learners. These benefits include:

      Engaging and Relevant Content: Partnership with the BBC ensures high-quality, educational content that is both relevant and motivating for teenagers. This includes authentic BBC videos that make learning more relatable and engaging.

      Multimedia Learning Experience: The integration of videos, animations, and interactive activities helps cater to different learning styles. This multimedia approach can enhance understanding and retention, making learning more dynamic and enjoyable.

      Comprehensive Language Development: The course covers a wide range of language skills, including grammar, vocabulary, listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It ensures a well-rounded development of English language proficiency.

      Structured Learning Path: The step-by-step approach helps in building concepts gradually and strengthens language fundamentals. This structure is particularly beneficial for learners at different proficiency levels.

      Assessment for Learning: Regular assessments and feedback mechanisms help students track their progress, focus on their learning, and understand the areas that need improvement. It also aids teachers in tailoring their instruction to meet individual student needs.

      Cultural Awareness and Communication Skills: The course emphasizes developing knowledge about different cultures and enhancing communication skills, which are crucial in today’s globalized world.

      Preparation for English Proficiency Exams: With exam-style activities integrated into the lessons, “Go Getter” helps prepare students for various English language tests, setting a solid foundation for future academic and career opportunities.

      Digital and Print Resources: Offering both digital and print materials, the program provides flexibility in learning and teaching methods, catering to different classroom settings and personal preferences.

      Teacher Support: Resources like the Teacher’s Book, Active Teach, and Teacher’s CD-ROM provide comprehensive support, making lesson planning and delivery more effective and less time-consuming.

      Motivational Aspect: The course is designed to be motivating and inspiring, which is crucial for maintaining the interest and enthusiasm of teenage learners.

      In summary, “Go Getter” is a versatile and comprehensive English language learning program that combines quality content, multimedia tools, and structured learning to create an engaging, effective, and enjoyable learning experience for teenagers.


      Download ebook Go Getter 3 pdf audio video


      Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘Go Getter’

      To effectively implement the “Go Getter” program in teaching and learning, educators and learners can adopt several strategies that leverage the strengths of the program. Here are some key strategies:

      For Teachers

      Utilize Multimedia Content: Make full use of the BBC videos, animations, and interactive activities to engage students. Visual and interactive elements can greatly enhance understanding and retention.

      Incorporate Blended Learning: Combine traditional teaching methods with the digital resources available in “Go Getter”. This approach caters to different learning styles and keeps students engaged.

      Foster a Collaborative Environment: Encourage group activities and discussions, particularly using the “Get Culture!” sections. This promotes peer learning and improves communication skills.

      Implement Assessment for Learning: Regularly use the assessment tools provided to track student progress. Provide constructive feedback and tailor your teaching approach based on individual student needs and progress.

      Promote Independent Learning: Encourage students to use the Extra Online Practice and MyEnglishLab resources for self-study. This fosters a sense of responsibility and self-motivation in their learning process.

      Integrate Exam Preparation: Seamlessly incorporate exam-style activities into your lessons. This not only prepares students for English proficiency exams but also helps them get accustomed to the format and style of such tests.

      Download ebook Go Getter 4 pdf audio video

      For Students

      Engage Actively with Multimedia Resources: Take full advantage of the videos, interactive activities, and animations. These resources make learning more enjoyable and can aid in better understanding and retention of concepts.

      Practice Regularly: Consistently use the workbook and online practice materials. Regular practice is key to language acquisition and proficiency improvement.

      Participate in Group Activities: Engage in classroom discussions and group projects. This not only enhances language skills but also helps in developing teamwork and interpersonal skills.

      Utilize Online Tools for Revision: Make use of the digital components for extra revision and practice. These tools provide additional support and resources that can be accessed anytime.

      Set Personal Goals: Use the assessments to set personal learning goals. Regularly review these goals to stay focused and motivated.

      Explore Cultural Content: Pay attention to the “Get Culture!” sections to gain insights into different cultures and contexts. This broadens perspectives and enhances language learning by understanding its practical use in various cultural settings.

      By implementing these strategies, both teachers and students can maximize the benefits of the “Go Getter” program, making the process of learning English more effective, enjoyable, and rewarding.


      Discovering the World with Go Getter: Learning English Through a Technological Journey

      In today’s rapidly evolving digital age, learning English is not just about mastering grammar and vocabulary; it’s about connecting with the world. Enter “Go Getter” – a dynamic, technology-driven English learning program that offers more than just language skills. It’s a journey through cultures, technologies, and ideas, making English learning an adventure of discovery.

      Embracing Technology in Learning

      “Go Getter” integrates cutting-edge technology into English learning, making it relevant and engaging for teenagers. The program employs interactive multimedia resources, including authentic BBC videos, which bring real-world scenarios into the classroom. This approach not only enlivens the learning experience but also provides learners with a practical understanding of how English is used in various technological and cultural contexts.

      A Step Towards Global Connectivity

      With its focus on British English, “Go Getter” opens doors to a global perspective. The course content, enriched by its partnership with the BBC, includes cultural insights and contemporary topics. It’s not just about learning a language; it’s about preparing to become a global citizen, competent in navigating the diverse landscapes of the modern world.

      Structured for Success

      “Go Getter” is meticulously structured across four levels, accommodating learners from Pre A1 to B1 on the CEFR scale. This scaffolded approach ensures that learners build their English skills progressively, with each level introducing new challenges and opportunities for growth. The integration of Assessment for Learning techniques helps students track their progress and stay motivated.

      Interactive and Collaborative Learning

      The course emphasizes interactive learning, encouraging students to engage actively with the material. Group activities and collaborative projects foster communication skills and teamwork, essential competencies in today’s interconnected world. The “Get Culture!” sections are particularly noteworthy, offering learners a chance to explore different cultures through English.

      Preparing for the Future

      “Go Getter” doesn’t just equip learners with language skills; it prepares them for future academic and career opportunities. The inclusion of exam-style activities helps students prepare for English proficiency tests, a crucial step for many in their educational journey.


      “Go Getter” is more than an English course; it’s a passport to the world. By intertwining language learning with technology and cultural exploration, it offers a comprehensive and engaging educational experience. It empowers learners to not only master English but to use it as a tool to explore, connect, and grow in the ever-evolving global landscape.

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