Download Ebook Pearson Expert IELTS 5 6 7.5 Pdf ActiveTeach DVD-ROM

Download Ebook Pearson Expert IELTS 5, 6, 7.5 Pdf Audio Video ActiveTeach

Expert IELTS 5 ActiveTeach DVD-ROM.rar
Expert IELTS 6 ActiveTeach DVD-ROM.rar
Expert IELTS 7.5 ActiveTeach DVD-ROM.rar

Level Band 5
Expert IELTS 5 Assessment.rar
Expert IELTS 5 Coursebook Audio.rar
Expert IELTS 5 Coursebook.pdf
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Expert IELTS 5 Photocopiables.rar
Expert IELTS 5 SRB answer keys.rar
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Level Band 6
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Expert IELTS 6 Coursebook Audio.rar
Expert IELTS 6 Coursebook.pdf
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Expert IELTS 6 Photocopiables.rar
Expert IELTS 6 SRB answer keys.rar
Expert IELTS 6 Student’s Audio.rar
Expert IELTS 6 Teacher’s Resource Book.pdf
Expert IELTS 6 Teaching notes and photocopiables.rar
Expert IELTS 6 Test practice lessons.rar
Expert IELTS 6 Video.rar

Level Band 7.5
Expert IELTS 7.5 Assessment.rar
Expert IELTS 7.5 Coursebook Audio.rar
Expert IELTS 7.5 Coursebook.pdf
Expert IELTS 7.5 Other resources.rar
Expert IELTS 7.5 Photocopiables.rar
Expert IELTS 7.5 Speaking Video.rar
Expert IELTS 7.5 SRB answer keys.rar
Expert IELTS 7.5 Student’s Audio.rar
Expert IELTS 7.5 Teaching notes and photocopiables.rar
Expert IELTS 7.5 Test Practice Lessons.rar
Expert IELTS 7.5 Video.rar


Download Pearson Expert IELTS 5, 6, 7.5 ActiveTeach DVD-ROM

Download Ebook Pearson Expert IELTS 5 6 7.5 Pdf Audio Video


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      Overview of the “Expert IELTS”

      ✅ Coursebook: Expert IELTS: 5, 6, 7.5
      ✅ Publisher: Pearson
      ✅ For: IELTS
      ✅ Publication year: 2017

      The “Expert IELTS” series from Pearson is a comprehensive set of educational resources designed to prepare students for the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam. It targets three IELTS band levels: 5, 6, and 7.5, and is tailored to help students improve their language proficiency and achieve the scores necessary for various goals such as employment, education, or visa requirements.

      Key Features of Expert IELTS:

      Flexible Preparation Approach: It offers a variety of components and resources, allowing for adaptable teaching and learning methods.

      Student Coursebook:

      • Contains ten topic-based modules.
      • Includes task analysis, assessment, and improvement sections.
      • Features an Expert Speaking section and other tools for learning enhancement.

      Teacher’s Book:

      • Provides essential teaching support.
      • Offers clear guidance for optimizing the use of the Coursebook and other resources.
      • Aids in personalizing learning for classes and individual students.


      • An online platform for comprehensive exam training.
      • Features include a full practice test, a mock timed test, and interactive exercises covering all key skill areas.

      Coursebook Details:

      • Modules and Training: Divided into test training and practice sections, focusing on boosting student confidence and efficiency.
      • Task Analysis and Assess and Improve Sections: Helps students identify learning outcomes and areas for improvement.
      • Expert Speaking and Writing Sections: Include practice test videos, activities with real IELTS students, test tasks, model answers, and key language guidance.

      Levels Available:

      • Band 5: Suitable for students from band 4.
      • Band 6: Suitable for students from band 5.
      • Band 7.5: Suitable for students from band 6.

      MyEnglishLab Features:

      • Accessibility: Can be accessed anywhere, providing online hints, tips, and feedback.
      • Student Engagement: Offers a wide range of interactive activities for all four skills, including vocabulary and language development.
      • Diagnostic and Practice Tests: Includes diagnostic testing, ongoing practice tests, a mock test with speaking test videos, and 120 test practice activities.
      • Feedback and Assessment: Provides instant feedback, record and playback activities for speaking practice, and full essay-writing activities with model answers and teacher feedback.

      Overall, the “Expert IELTS” series is a versatile and comprehensive tool for both teachers and students, aimed at facilitating targeted and effective IELTS preparation.

      Expert IELTS 5 Coursebook


      Who is suitable for ‘Expert IELTS’?

      “Expert IELTS” from Pearson is suitable for a range of learners, especially those preparing for the IELTS exam. The series is designed to cater to students at different levels of English proficiency and specific band targets in the IELTS test. Here’s a breakdown of its suitability:

      Students Preparing for the IELTS Test: It’s specifically tailored for learners aiming to take the IELTS exam, regardless of whether they are preparing for academic or general training versions.

      Learners at Different English Proficiency Levels:

      • Band 5 Course: Ideal for those currently at an IELTS band 4 level, aiming to reach band 5.
      • Band 6 Course: Suitable for students at a band 5 level, targeting a band 6 score.
      • Band 7.5 Course: Designed for learners at band 6, aiming to achieve a band 7.5 score.

      Self-Study Learners and Classroom Students: The course materials are versatile enough to be used for self-study or in a classroom setting, providing flexibility for different learning styles.

      Individuals Seeking to Improve Specific Skills: With modules focusing on speaking, writing, reading, and listening, it’s beneficial for those looking to enhance particular areas of their English language skills.

      Teachers and Educators: The Teacher’s Book provides extensive resources and guidance for educators teaching IELTS courses, making it suitable for use in educational institutions.

      Students with Varying Learning Goals: Whether the goal is to secure a better job, enroll in a university course, or meet visa requirements, this series can help achieve the necessary IELTS band score.

      Learners Seeking Comprehensive Resources: The inclusion of MyEnglishLab offers a digital dimension for interactive learning, making it suitable for those who prefer a blend of traditional and online learning resources.

      In summary, “Expert IELTS” is suitable for a wide range of learners, particularly those aiming to improve their IELTS scores and enhance their English language proficiency for various personal, professional, or academic reasons.

      Expert IELTS 6 Coursebook


      The benefits of ‘Expert IELTS’

      “Expert IELTS” offers numerous benefits to learners preparing for the IELTS exam. Its comprehensive design and diverse resources make it a valuable tool for improving language proficiency and achieving target band scores. Here are some of the key benefits:

      Targeted Learning at Various Levels: With materials designed for bands 5, 6, and 7.5, learners can choose a level that closely matches their current proficiency, ensuring focused and effective preparation.

      Holistic Skill Development: The course covers all four key language skills tested in IELTS: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. This comprehensive approach helps learners become well-rounded in their English language abilities.

      Task Analysis and Self-Assessment: The inclusion of task analysis and self-assessment sections allows learners to evaluate their own progress, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and focus on areas needing improvement.

      Expert Speaking and Writing Support: The Expert Speaking and Writing sections provide in-depth guidance and practice, which are critical for achieving high scores in these challenging components of the IELTS exam.

      Realistic Test Practice: With practice tests, mock exams, and interactive exercises, learners can experience the format and type of questions they will encounter in the actual exam, reducing test anxiety and improving readiness.

      Immediate Feedback and Interactive Learning: MyEnglishLab offers instant feedback on exercises, allowing learners to quickly understand and correct their mistakes. The interactive format makes learning more engaging and effective.

      Convenience and Flexibility: The availability of both physical books and online resources means learners can study anytime, anywhere, adapting their learning to their schedule and preferences.

      Teacher Support: The Teacher’s Book provides educators with clear guidance, resources, and strategies to effectively teach IELTS courses, allowing for personalized learning experiences for students.

      Skill-Specific Activities: The course’s diverse activities target specific language skills, such as vocabulary building, grammar, and pronunciation, contributing to overall language development.

      Diagnostic Testing: The initial diagnostic tests help learners identify their starting level, ensuring they focus on the most appropriate materials and activities for their current proficiency.

      Preparation for Academic and Professional Goals: By achieving the desired IELTS band score, learners can meet the English proficiency requirements for academic courses, professional opportunities, and visa applications.

      In summary, “Expert IELTS” provides a structured, comprehensive, and flexible approach to IELTS preparation, making it a beneficial resource for learners with various goals and at different stages of English language proficiency.

      Expert IELTS 6 Teacher's Resource Book


      Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘Expert IELTS’

      Effective teaching and learning strategies are crucial for maximizing the benefits of the “Expert IELTS” program. Here are some strategies tailored for both teachers and students:

      For Teachers:

      Diagnostic Assessment: Begin with diagnostic tests to understand the current proficiency levels of students. This helps in tailoring the lessons to meet specific needs.

      Module Integration: Integrate the various modules and resources from “Expert IELTS” into your lesson plans. Ensure a balance between teaching the test format and enhancing language skills.

      Interactive Sessions: Encourage interactive sessions where students practice speaking and listening skills. Use materials from the Expert Speaking section for role plays and discussions.

      Personalized Feedback: Provide personalized feedback on writing and speaking tasks. Utilize MyEnglishLab to track student progress and identify areas for improvement.

      Skill-Specific Focus: Allocate specific classes for each skill area (listening, speaking, reading, writing) and use the corresponding modules in the Coursebook.

      Mock Tests: Regularly conduct full-length mock tests under exam conditions to familiarize students with the test format and time management.

      Use of Multimedia Resources: Incorporate the video explanations and activities from MyEnglishLab to provide a diverse learning experience.

      Peer Review and Collaboration: Foster an environment of peer review and collaboration, especially for speaking and writing tasks.

      For Students:

      Regular Practice: Consistently work through the modules in the Coursebook. Focus on both test training and practice sections.

      Self-Evaluation: Utilize the task analysis and self-assessment sections to monitor your progress and understand areas needing improvement.

      Utilize MyEnglishLab: Engage with the interactive practice activities and make full use of the resources available on MyEnglishLab, including practice tests and feedback.

      Focus on Weaknesses: Identify your weak areas and dedicate more time to improving them. Use the relevant modules and exercises for targeted practice.

      Time Management: Practice managing your time effectively, especially when working on practice tests.

      Speaking Practice: Regularly practice speaking English, not just for test preparation but also in daily life. Record yourself to improve pronunciation and fluency.

      Writing Practice: Write essays and reports regularly and seek feedback either from teachers or through the MyEnglishLab platform.

      Engage with Authentic Materials: In addition to the course materials, engage with English language media, such as news articles, podcasts, and videos, to enhance comprehension and vocabulary.

      Group Study Sessions: Participate in or organize group study sessions for collaborative learning and mutual support.

      Stay Motivated: Set clear goals for each study session and keep track of your progress to stay motivated and focused.

      By implementing these strategies, both teachers and students can effectively utilize the “Expert IELTS” program to improve English proficiency and achieve the desired outcomes in the IELTS exam.

      Expert IELTS 7.5 Coursebook


      Mastering IELTS with Expert IELTS: Your Ultimate Guide to Success


      The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) stands as a gateway to global opportunities, be it in education, employment, or migration. Achieving a desirable score in IELTS is a dream for many. However, the path to IELTS success is often laden with challenges. This is where ‘Expert IELTS’ by Pearson comes into play. Tailored to meet the needs of learners at various proficiency levels, ‘Expert IELTS’ is more than just a preparation guide; it’s a comprehensive toolkit for mastering the IELTS.

      Understanding ‘Expert IELTS’

      ‘Expert IELTS’ is a meticulously crafted program that offers a multi-level approach, catering to learners aiming for IELTS bands 5, 6, and 7.5. It encompasses a wide range of learning materials, including a student Coursebook, a Teacher’s Book, and the innovative MyEnglishLab online platform.

      1. Structured Learning Path

      At its core, ‘Expert IELTS’ provides a structured learning path through its well-designed Coursebook. The book contains ten topic-based modules that cover all IELTS sections – Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Each module is split into test training and test practice, ensuring that students not only learn the format and tactics but also apply them in practice settings.

      2. Personalized Teaching Aids

      The Teacher’s Book is a treasure trove for educators. It offers detailed lesson plans, teaching tips, and strategies to personalize learning experiences. The ability to tailor lessons according to individual student needs makes ‘Expert IELTS’ a versatile tool in diverse classroom settings.

      3. Interactive Online Learning with MyEnglishLab

      MyEnglishLab bridges the gap between traditional learning and digital innovation. It offers students a plethora of interactive exercises, full practice tests, and instant feedback mechanisms. This digital platform also allows teachers to track student progress, making it easier to identify areas where students struggle and need additional support.

      Enhancing Test Preparedness

      Preparing for IELTS is not just about understanding the test format; it’s about building confidence and proficiency in English. ‘Expert IELTS’ excels in this regard by providing:

      • In-depth Skill Development: Each section of the test is thoroughly covered, with special focus given to challenging areas like writing and speaking.
      • Practical Test Experience: Regular mock tests and practice exercises simulate real test conditions, helping students to manage time and stress effectively.
      • Continuous Feedback and Improvement: The Assess and Improve sections encourage self-reflection, allowing students to track their progress and focus on areas needing improvement.

      For Teachers and Learners Alike

      What sets ‘Expert IELTS’ apart is its dual focus. For students, it’s a comprehensive guide that offers everything from foundational language skills to test-taking strategies. For teachers, it’s an invaluable resource for effective lesson planning and student engagement.


      In conclusion, ‘Expert IELTS’ is more than just a study guide; it’s a pathway to mastering the IELTS. With its structured approach, comprehensive materials, and innovative online support, it equips learners with the tools they need to succeed. Whether you are a student aiming for a higher band score or a teacher seeking to enhance your IELTS teaching methodologies, ‘Expert IELTS’ is your ultimate guide to success. Embrace this journey with ‘Expert IELTS’ and unlock your potential to achieve IELTS excellence.


      ELT Ebooks by Pearson