Download Cambridge Touchstone 2nd Edition (4 Levels) Pdf Audio Video 2015

Download Cambridge Touchstone 2nd Edition (4 Levels) 2015

Level 1
Touchstone 2nd 1 Audio Scripts.pdf
Touchstone 2nd 1 Class Audio.rar
Touchstone 2nd 1 Student’s Book.pdf
Touchstone 2nd 1 Teacher’s Edition.pdf
Touchstone 2nd 1 Video Activity Book.pdf
Touchstone 2nd 1 Video.rar
Touchstone 2nd 1 Workbook.pdf

Level 2
Touchstone 2nd 2 Audio Scripts.pdf
Touchstone 2nd 2 Class Audio.rar
Touchstone 2nd 2 Student’s Book.pdf
Touchstone 2nd 2 Teacher’s Edition.pdf
Touchstone 2nd 2 Video.rar
Touchstone 2nd 2 Workbook.pdf

Level 3
Touchstone 2nd 3 Audio Scripts.pdf
Touchstone 2nd 3 Class Audio.rar
Touchstone 2nd 3 Student’s Book.pdf
Touchstone 2nd 3 Teacher’s Edition.pdf
Touchstone 2nd 3 Video.rar
Touchstone 2nd 3 Workbook.pdf

Level 4
Touchstone 2nd 4 Audio Scripts.pdf
Touchstone 2nd 4 Class Audio.rar
Touchstone 2nd 4 Student’s Book.pdf
Touchstone 2nd 4 Teacher’s Edition.pdf
Touchstone 2nd 4 Video.rar
Touchstone 2nd 4 Workbook.pdf

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      Download Cambridge Touchstone 2nd Edition (4 Levels) 2015 pdf audio video



      Overview of the “Touchstone Second Edition”

      ✅ Coursebook: Touchstone 2nd Edition
      ✅ Publisher: Cambridge University Press
      ✅ English Type: American English
      ✅ For: Adult, Young Adult
      ✅ Publication year: 2015

      The “Touchstone Second Edition” is an English language learning program designed for beginner to intermediate learners. It’s a product of Cambridge, developed by authors Michael McCarthy, Jeanne McCarten, and Helen Sandiford. This program is unique in its use of the Cambridge English Corpus, a large database of real English, to inform its content. This ensures that the language taught is not only accurate but also relevant and commonly used.

      Key Features of the Touchstone Second Edition:

      • Corpus-Informed Language Research: The program’s content is based on extensive research into the language people actually use, which helps learners to understand and use English more effectively in real-life situations. This research also guides the creation of ‘common error’ panels, which address frequent mistakes learners make.
      • Conversation Strategies: A significant focus of Touchstone is on developing conversation skills. It teaches students the necessary language and strategies to interact naturally and confidently.
      • Inductive Learning Approach: This approach encourages learners to deduce grammatical structures and English usage on their own. This method is believed to enhance retention and understanding, as students actively engage with the material.

      The Touchstone program, along with Viewpoint, forms a comprehensive six-level course. It is designed to be flexible in its delivery, allowing for 100% classroom-based learning, 100% online, or any blend of the two. This adaptability makes it suitable for various teaching and learning contexts.

      Additionally, the Touchstone program offers support for remote teaching. Their blog provides a series of ‘how-to’ guides to assist teachers in using the course books and digital resources effectively in a virtual classroom environment, ensuring that the transition to online education is smooth and efficient.

      This program is part of Cambridge’s commitment to the “World of Better Learning,” showcasing their dedication to enhancing education and learning experiences globally.

      Touchstone 2ed 1 Student's Book


      Who is suitable for ‘Touchstone Second Edition’?

      The “Touchstone Second Edition” is suitable for a wide range of learners, primarily catering to those at the beginning to intermediate levels of English language proficiency. Here are some groups who would find this program particularly beneficial:

      Adult Learners and Young Adults: The content and structure are designed to be accessible and engaging for adult learners and young adults. The focus on practical, real-life language usage makes it relevant for these age groups.

      Students in Educational Institutions: It’s suitable for students in schools, colleges, and universities who are learning English as a second language. The program’s flexibility in delivery means it can be adapted to various classroom settings and teaching styles.

      Professionals and Business People: For those looking to improve their English for professional reasons, Touchstone’s emphasis on conversation strategies and common language usage can be particularly useful in business and professional contexts.

      ESL Teachers and Tutors: Educators teaching English as a Second Language will find the program’s comprehensive approach, which includes extensive language research and inductive learning methods, a valuable resource for curriculum planning and instruction.

      Self-Learners: Individuals who are self-studying English can benefit from the program’s structure and resources, especially with the option for 100% online learning.

      Remote Learners: Given its adaptability to online learning environments, it’s ideal for students who are engaged in remote or distance learning.

      In summary, the “Touchstone Second Edition” is well-suited for a diverse range of learners seeking a comprehensive, research-based, and flexible English language learning program. Its blend of practical language use, focus on conversational skills, and adaptability to different learning environments makes it a versatile choice for many.

      Touchstone 2ed 2 Student's Book


      The benefits of ‘Touchstone Second Edition’

      The “Touchstone Second Edition” offers several benefits that make it a strong choice for English language learners and educators. Here are some of the key advantages:

      Research-Based Content: The program is grounded in extensive research from the Cambridge English Corpus, ensuring that the language taught is the language that is actually used in real-life situations. This makes the learning more relevant and practical.

      Focus on Conversation Skills: A major strength of Touchstone is its emphasis on conversation strategies. It not only teaches the language but also the skills needed to use English confidently and naturally in everyday interactions. This focus is especially beneficial for learners who want to improve their speaking and listening skills.

      Innovative Inductive Learning Approach: Touchstone encourages learners to discover grammatical structures and language usage for themselves. This method promotes deeper understanding and better retention, as learners are more actively engaged in the learning process.

      Common Error Panels: These panels help learners to avoid typical mistakes. This feature is particularly valuable as it addresses common challenges learners face, helping them to speak and write more accurately.

      Flexibility in Delivery: The program can be delivered 100% in the classroom, 100% online, or in any blended format. This flexibility makes it suitable for various teaching and learning contexts, including traditional classroom settings, online learning, and hybrid models.

      Comprehensive Six-Level Program: Touchstone, along with Viewpoint, offers a complete language learning journey from beginner to intermediate levels. This comprehensive structure allows learners to progress systematically.

      Support for Remote Teaching: The program provides resources and guides for teachers who are conducting classes remotely, making it a timely choice in the context of increasing online and distance learning.

      Global Recognition: Being a product of Cambridge, a renowned institution in language education, Touchstone carries a mark of quality and global recognition, which can be reassuring for learners and educators alike.

      Interactive and Engaging Materials: The course materials are designed to be interactive and engaging, which helps in maintaining student interest and motivation.

      In summary, “Touchstone Second Edition” is beneficial for its practical, research-informed approach to language learning, its focus on conversational skills, its flexibility in delivery, and its comprehensive, structured program. These features make it a versatile and effective tool for a wide range of learners and educational contexts.

      Touchstone 2ed 3 Student's Book


      Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘Touchstone Second Edition’

      Effective teaching and learning strategies can greatly enhance the experience and outcomes when using “Touchstone Second Edition” in an English language learning context. Here are some strategies tailored to leverage the strengths of this program:

      Utilize the Corpus-Informed Approach: Encourage students to focus on the real-life usage of language as presented in the program. Highlight the importance of context and usage in understanding and using English effectively.

      Integrate Conversation Practice Regularly: Since Touchstone emphasizes conversation skills, incorporate regular speaking and listening exercises. Role-plays, debates, and group discussions can be particularly effective.

      Leverage Inductive Learning: Guide students to discover rules and patterns themselves rather than just providing them with information. This can involve problem-solving tasks, group work, and research projects where students explore language use.

      Focus on Common Errors: Use the common error panels to create awareness. Regularly revisit these errors in various contexts to help students internalize correct usage.

      Blend Classroom and Online Learning: If feasible, combine classroom learning with online resources provided by Touchstone. This blended approach can cater to different learning styles and provide a more rounded learning experience.

      Use Authentic Materials: Supplement the course with real-world materials like news articles, podcasts, and videos. This can help students connect the language they learn with its practical application.

      Encourage Self-Study and Reflection: Assign tasks that promote independent learning and reflection. Encourage students to keep journals or blogs in English to practice writing and self-expression.

      Regular Feedback and Assessment: Provide regular, constructive feedback on both spoken and written work. Use a variety of assessment methods to gauge progress, including oral presentations, written assignments, and quizzes.

      Promote Cultural Understanding: Use the course material as a springboard to discuss cultural aspects related to language use. Understanding cultural nuances can be crucial in mastering a language.

      Facilitate Peer Learning and Collaboration: Encourage students to work in pairs or groups. Peer teaching and collaborative projects can be very effective in reinforcing language skills.

      Adapt to Learner Needs: Be responsive to the needs and levels of your students. Modify activities and pacing as needed to ensure that all students are engaged and challenged appropriately.

      Incorporate Technology Effectively: Use digital resources and tools effectively to enhance the learning experience. This could include language learning apps, online dictionaries, and multimedia resources.

      By employing these strategies, educators can maximize the benefits of “Touchstone Second Edition,” making the learning process more engaging, practical, and effective for their students.

      Touchstone 2ed 4 Student's Book


      Unlocking Fluency with Touchstone Second Edition: Your Guide to Mastering English

      In the ever-evolving landscape of language education, the “Touchstone Second Edition” emerges as a beacon for English learners, illuminating a path to fluency that is both innovative and effective. This remarkable program, crafted by the combined expertise of Michael McCarthy, Jeanne McCarten, and Helen Sandiford, stands as a testament to the power of research-driven language instruction. Here, we delve into how Touchstone Second Edition is revolutionizing the way English is learned and taught.

      A Corpus at Its Core

      At the heart of Touchstone’s approach is the Cambridge English Corpus, a vast and dynamic database of real-life English usage. This corpus informs every aspect of the program, ensuring that the language taught is not just theoretically sound but also practically relevant. For learners, this means engaging with English as it is spoken and written in the real world, bridging the gap between textbook English and the language of everyday interactions.

      Conversational Mastery

      One of the most daunting aspects of learning a new language is gaining conversational fluency. Touchstone Second Edition addresses this head-on with a strong emphasis on conversation strategies. These strategies are not mere theoretical constructs; they are practical tools that empower learners to navigate through real-life conversations with confidence and ease. From small talk to complex discussions, Touchstone equips learners with the skills to express themselves articulately and comprehend others effectively.

      The Inductive Learning Approach

      Touchstone’s innovative inductive learning approach places learners in the driver’s seat of their educational journey. Instead of being passive recipients of information, students are encouraged to actively discover language patterns and rules. This method fosters deeper understanding and long-term retention of language concepts, as it compels learners to think critically and engage deeply with the material.

      Avoiding Common Pitfalls

      Language learning is often a path strewn with potential errors, but Touchstone Second Edition helps learners navigate this path with its ‘common error’ panels. These panels are strategically placed to address and correct frequent mistakes, ensuring that learners are not just fluent but also accurate in their use of English.

      Flexible and Adaptive Learning

      Recognizing the diverse needs of learners and educators, Touchstone Second Edition is designed for flexibility. Whether it’s a fully classroom-based setup, an entirely online format, or a blend of both, this program adapts to varied teaching and learning environments. This adaptability is particularly relevant in today’s world, where digital and remote learning have become increasingly prevalent.

      Supporting Educators and Learners

      Beyond its content, Touchstone Second Edition is a resource-rich program. It offers extensive support for educators, including guides for effective teaching strategies and materials for classroom use. For learners, there are additional resources for self-study, practice, and review, making the learning process comprehensive and continuous.


      In conclusion, Touchstone Second Edition is not just another English language course; it’s a gateway to mastering English with confidence and competence. Its research-based approach, focus on conversational fluency, inductive learning method, and comprehensive support system make it a standout choice for anyone on the journey to English proficiency. Whether you are a student, a professional, or an educator, Touchstone Second Edition holds the key to unlocking fluency in English, setting you on a path to success in the global landscape.


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