Download Pearson Big Teen (3 Levels) Pdf Audio Active Teach 2015

Download Pearson Big Teen (3 Levels) 2015

Level 1
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Level 2
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Level 3
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Download Pearson Big Teen (3 Levels) Pdf Audio Active Teach


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      Download Ebook Pearson Big Teen pdf audio Active Teach full


      Overview of the “Big Teen”

      ✅ Coursebook: Big Teen
      ✅ Publisher: Pearson
      ✅ For: Teenage Students
      ✅ Publication year: 2015

      Big Teen” appears to be an educational series designed for teenage students, created by Pearson Education. It is particularly aimed at adolescents who have previously studied English during their elementary school years and are looking to enhance their proficiency in the language. Here are some key features and components of the “Big Teen” series:

      Target Audience: Teenagers who have a foundational understanding of English and are seeking to improve their language skills.

      Levels: The series comprises three levels, catering to different stages of language proficiency.

      Methodology: The methodology is innovative, focusing on a communicative and constructivist approach to language acquisition. This involves interactive and engaging learning strategies.

      Components for Pupils:

      • Student’s Book: Main textbook for students.
      • Workbook: Supplementary exercises and activities to reinforce learning.

      Components for Teachers:

      • Teacher’s Book: A guide for educators to effectively teach the material.
      • Flashcards: Visual aids to support teaching and reinforce vocabulary.
      • Posters: Classroom materials for visual and interactive learning.
      • Active Teach (Online): An online resource to enhance teaching with digital tools.

      Educational Features:

      • Songs and chants to make learning engaging and memorable.
      • Social practices and cooperative learning to encourage interaction and teamwork.
      • Self-assessment components to help students evaluate their progress.
      • Hands-on projects to apply language skills in practical contexts.
      • Discovery activities and contextualized practice to aid in language construction.

      Author: The series is authored by Mario Herrera, a well-known and respected figure in English Language Teaching (ELT). His books are widely used by students globally.

      The “Big Teen” series seems to prioritize a holistic and interactive approach to language learning, aiming to make the process both effective and enjoyable for teenage learners.

      Big Teen 1 Student Book


      Who is suitable for ‘Big Teen’?

      “Big Teen” is suitable for the following groups:

      Teenage Students: The primary target audience is teenagers, especially those who have already been introduced to English during their elementary school years. It’s designed for adolescents who are looking to build upon their existing English language skills.

      Advanced Elementary School Graduates: Students who have completed elementary education and have a foundational understanding of English but need further development in language proficiency.

      Students Seeking Engaging and Interactive Learning: Teenagers who enjoy learning through interactive methods like songs, chants, cooperative projects, and hands-on activities will find this series particularly engaging.

      Learners Who Prefer a Constructivist Approach: Students who benefit from a constructivist approach to language learning, where they actively construct knowledge and understanding through experiences and reflection on those experiences.

      Students Requiring a Structured Language Learning Path: The three-level series offers a structured approach to language learning, making it suitable for those who need a clear progression in their language education.

      Teenagers Seeking Comprehensive Language Skills Development: Since the series covers various aspects of language learning including speaking, listening, reading, writing, and grammar, it’s suitable for those who want a comprehensive enhancement of their English language skills.

      In summary, “Big Teen” is ideal for teenage learners who are intermediate in their English language proficiency and are looking for a dynamic, interactive, and comprehensive approach to further improve their skills.

      Big Teen 2 Student Book


      The benefits of ‘Big Teen’

      “Big Teen” offers several benefits for its target audience, making it an effective tool for English language learning among teenagers. Here are some of the key benefits:

      Enhanced Language Proficiency: Designed for students with foundational English skills, “Big Teen” helps in advancing their proficiency. The three-level series allows students to progress in a structured manner, enhancing their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

      Engaging and Interactive Learning: The use of songs, chants, and hands-on projects makes the learning process more engaging and interactive. This approach not only makes lessons enjoyable but also aids in better retention of the material.

      Constructivist Approach: The constructivist methodology helps students in actively constructing knowledge. This approach encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as students learn to apply language in various contexts.

      Focus on Cooperative Learning: The series emphasizes social practices and cooperative learning. This not only helps in developing language skills but also fosters teamwork and communication skills among students.

      Self-Assessment Tools: With components for self-assessment, students are empowered to track their own progress. This encourages self-directed learning and helps students identify areas where they need more focus.

      Cultural and Contextual Relevance: The activities and content are designed to be culturally and contextually relevant, making the learning process more relatable and effective for teenagers.

      Comprehensive Language Development: “Big Teen” covers a wide range of language aspects, including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and pragmatic language use. This comprehensive approach ensures a well-rounded development of language skills.

      Resources for Teachers: With teacher’s books, flashcards, posters, and online resources, educators are well-equipped to deliver effective lessons. These resources help in planning and executing lessons that cater to diverse learning styles.

      Authored by an Expert: The series is written by Mario Herrera, a respected figure in ELT. His expertise ensures that the content is pedagogically sound and effective for language learning.

      Preparation for Real-World Communication: By focusing on practical language use, “Big Teen” prepares students for real-world communication, equipping them with the skills needed to use English confidently in various settings.

      In summary, “Big Teen” offers a comprehensive, interactive, and effective approach to English language learning, tailored to meet the needs and preferences of teenage learners.


      Big Teen 3 Student Book


      Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘Big Teen’

      To maximize the effectiveness of the “Big Teen” series in teaching and learning English, several strategies can be employed by both educators and students. These strategies align with the series’ interactive and constructivist approach:

      Interactive Classroom Activities: Incorporate activities that promote interaction among students. Group discussions, role-plays, and collaborative projects can be highly effective. This not only enhances language skills but also encourages teamwork and social interaction.

      Use of Multimedia Resources: Leverage the “Active Teach” online resources and other multimedia tools to make lessons more engaging. Videos, audio clips, and interactive games can significantly enhance the learning experience.

      Incorporation of Music and Chants: Utilize the songs and chants provided in the series to make learning fun and memorable. Music aids in vocabulary retention and improves pronunciation.

      Hands-on Projects: Engage students in hands-on projects that require them to apply their language skills in practical, real-world scenarios. This approach helps in contextualizing language learning and makes it more relevant.

      Self-Assessment and Reflection: Encourage students to regularly assess their own progress using the self-assessment tools in the series. Reflection on their learning helps students understand their strengths and areas for improvement.

      Cultural Exchange and Discussions: Use the culturally diverse content in the series to spark discussions and exchange of ideas. This not only broadens the students’ cultural understanding but also improves their conversational skills.

      Customized Learning Paths: Recognize that each student has a unique learning style and pace. Tailor activities and exercises to cater to these individual needs, ensuring that all students are adequately challenged and supported.

      Feedback and Supportive Evaluation: Provide regular and constructive feedback. This helps students understand their mistakes and learn from them, fostering a supportive learning environment.

      Encouragement of Critical Thinking: Incorporate activities that require analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. This develops critical thinking skills and encourages students to engage more deeply with the material.

      Language Games and Puzzles: Utilize language games and puzzles to make learning grammar and vocabulary more enjoyable. This approach can enhance student engagement and retention of material.

      Real-life Communication Practice: Encourage students to use English in real-life situations outside the classroom. This could be through school clubs, conversation with native speakers, or writing blogs.

      Regular Review Sessions: Conduct periodic review sessions to reinforce previous lessons. This helps in solidifying knowledge and addressing any lingering confusion.

      By employing these strategies, teachers can effectively utilize the “Big Teen” series to create a dynamic, engaging, and productive English language learning environment for their students.


      Unveiling ‘Big Teen’: Revolutionizing Teenage English Learning

      In an era where English fluency is not just a skill but a necessity for global connectivity, “Big Teen,” a trailblazing educational series by Pearson, is making significant strides in transforming how English is taught and learned by teenagers.

      The Genesis of ‘Big Teen’

      “Big Teen” is conceptualized to bridge the gap between elementary proficiency and advanced mastery in English for adolescents. Developed by Mario Herrera, a luminary in the field of English Language Teaching (ELT), this series is a testament to his commitment to innovative education. Herrera’s methodology, acclaimed globally, has been the cornerstone of English learning for millions.

      Target Audience: The Adolescent Learner

      Adolescence is a period of exploration and identity formation. Recognizing this, “Big Teen” is meticulously tailored for teenagers who have a basic understanding of English and are eager to enhance their language capabilities. The series is structured into three levels, meticulously crafted to align with the learners’ growing linguistic competencies.

      A Paradigm Shift in Language Learning

      The “Big Teen” series stands out with its dynamic approach to teaching. Eschewing traditional rote learning, it adopts a communicative, constructivist approach. This methodology involves interactive learning, where students actively participate, collaborate, and engage in the language acquisition process.

      Components that Make Learning Engaging

      “Big Teen” encompasses a variety of components:

      • For Students: The series includes engaging textbooks and workbooks, replete with activities that are both fun and educational.
      • For Teachers: Educators are equipped with a comprehensive teacher’s book, flashcards, posters, and an innovative online resource, “Active Teach,” to facilitate an interactive teaching experience.

      The Pedagogical Approach

      At the heart of “Big Teen” is a focus on songs, chants, and hands-on projects that make learning not just educational but enjoyable. It goes beyond the confines of traditional learning by incorporating real-life scenarios, encouraging students to apply their learning in practical contexts.

      The Benefits: Beyond Language Learning

      “Big Teen” offers more than just language proficiency. It’s a conduit for developing critical life skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication. The cooperative learning approach fosters teamwork and social skills, while self-assessment elements empower students to take charge of their learning journey.

      Transforming the Classroom Experience

      With “Big Teen,” classrooms transform into vibrant learning spaces. Teachers become facilitators, guiding students through discovery and exploration. Language learning becomes a journey of cultural exchange and personal growth.

      Conclusion: Setting New Standards

      “Big Teen” is more than an educational series; it’s a revolution in teenage English learning. As students across the globe navigate through its levels, they are not just learning a language; they are preparing for a future where English is a key to global opportunities. In unveiling “Big Teen,” Pearson Education has once again set new standards in language learning, empowering the next generation to communicate, connect, and thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.


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