Download Macmillan English World (10 levels) Pdf Audio DVD 2016

Download English World Pdf Audio DVDRom 2016

Level 1
English World 1 Class Audio CDs.rar
English World 1 DVDRom.rar
English World 1 Extra Materials.rar
English World 1 Flashcards.rar
English World 1 Grammar Practice Book.pdf
English World 1 Plan.rar
English World 1 Pupil’s Book.pdf
English World 1 Teacher Training Video.rar
English World 1 Teacher’s Book.pdf
English World 1 Tests.rar
English World 1 Workbook.pdf

Level 2
English World 2 Class Audio CDs.rar
English World 2 Dictionary.pdf
English World 2 DVDRom.rar
English World 2 Grammar Practice Book.pdf
English World 2 Pupil’s Book.pdf
English World 2 Teacher’s Guide.pdf
English World 2 Tests.pdf
English World 2 Workbook.pdf

Level 3
English World 3 Class Audio CDs.rar
English World 3 Dictionary.pdf
English World 3 DVDRom.rar
English World 3 Grammar Practice Book.PDF
English World 3 Pupil’s Book.pdf
English World 3 Teacher’s Guide.pdf
English World 3 Tests.pdf
English World 3 Workbook.pdf

Level 4
English World 4 Class Audio CDs.rar
English World 4 Dictionary.pdf
English World 4 DVDRom.rar
English World 4 Grammar Practice Book.pdf
English World 4 Pupil’s Book.pdf
English World 4 Teacher’s Guide.rar
English World 4 Tests.pdf
English World 4 Workbook.pdf

Level 5
English World 5 Class Audio CDs.rar
English World 5 Dictionary.pdf
English World 5 DVDRom.rar
English World 5 Grammar Practice Book.pdf
English World 5 Pupil’s Book.pdf
English World 5 Teacher’s Guide.pdf
English World 5 Tests.rar
English World 5 Workbook.pdf

Level 6
English World 6 Class Audio CDs.rar
English World 6 Dictionary.pdf
English World 6 DVDRom.rar
English World 6 Grammar Practice Book.pdf
English World 6 Pupil’s Book.pdf
English World 6 Teacher’s Guide.pdf
English World 6 Tests.rar
English World 6 Workbook.pdf

Level 7
English World 7 Class Audio CDs.rar
English World 7 Dictionary.pdf
English World 7 Exam Audio CD.rar
English World 7 Exam practice book.pdf
English World 7 Student’s Book.pdf
English World 7 Teacher’s Guide.pdf
English World 7 Workbook.pdf

Level 8
English World 8 Class Audio CDs.rar
English World 8 Exam Audio CD.rar
English World 8 Exam practice book.pdf
English World 8 Student’s Book.pdf

Level 9
English World 9 Class Audio CDs.rar
English World 9 Exam Audio CD.rar
English World 9 Exam practice book.pdf
English World 9 Student’s Book.pdf
English World 9 Workbook.pdf

Level 10
English World 10 Class Audio CDs.rar
English World 10 Exam Audio CD.rar
English World 10 Student’s Book.pdf
English World 10 Workbook.pdf

English World Starter Audio.rar
English World Starter Flashcards.pdf
English World Starter Pack.rar
English World Starter Teacher’s Notes.pdf

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      Download Ebook English World Full Pdf Audio full 10 levels



      Overview of the “English World”

      ✅ Coursebook: English World
      ✅ Publisher: Macmillan
      ✅ For: Primary, Secondary
      ✅ English Type: British English
      ✅ Publication year: 2016

      The “English World” series by Macmillan is a comprehensive 10-level English language learning program, tailored specifically for young learners. This educational series bridges the gap between primary and secondary education, covering levels from Pre A1 to A2+ on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) scale. It’s designed for a global audience and focuses on British English.

      Key Features:

      Grammar In Conversation Modules: These introduce new language concepts in meaningful contexts, ranging from simple dialogues to complex conversations.

      Age-Appropriate Topics: The course includes a range of topics suitable for young learners, enhancing their general knowledge with cross-curricular content.

      Portfolio and Diploma Pages: These features allow students to track their achievements and encourage continuous learning.

      Home-School Connect Programme: This aspect extends learning beyond the classroom, fostering parent-teacher interaction.

      Supplementary Resources: These include Dictionary and Grammar Practice Books, which reinforce classroom learning and support home self-study.

      Download English World 1 Full [Pdf Audio]

      Components of the English World Series:

      Pupil’s Book: Contains twelve units, each designed for eight teaching sessions over a two-week period, focusing on reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.

      Workbook: Offers fun and engaging activities that reinforce the lessons from the Pupil’s Book, promoting independent work and improving scanning and thinking skills.

      Grammar Practice Book: Provides additional exercises to consolidate classroom learning, designed for children to work independently.

      Teacher’s Book: Includes step-by-step teaching notes for each lesson, warm-ups, answer keys, and classroom suggestions.

      Teacher’s Guide + eBook Pack: Features comprehensive teaching notes and an electronic version of the Pupil’s Book.

      Dictionary: Tailored for young learners, it presents new vocabulary with illustrations, definitions, and example sentences.

      Posters: A set of twelve posters, one for each unit, to aid in teaching new vocabulary and presenting dialogues.

      Flashcards: A4 size flashcards support the presentation of new vocabulary and can be used for classroom games and activities.

      Overall, “English World” offers a structured, engaging, and comprehensive approach to English language learning for young learners, making it an excellent resource for both classroom teaching and home learning.

      Download English World 2 Full [Pdf Audio]


      Who is suitable for ‘English World’?

      “English World” by Macmillan is suitable for a broad range of young learners, primarily due to its comprehensive structure and multi-level approach. Here are the key groups who would find it most beneficial:

      Young Learners of English: The series is specifically designed for children in primary and lower secondary education. Its content is age-appropriate and engages young students with a variety of topics and activities.

      Students at CEFR Levels Pre A1 – A2+: The course caters to beginners and elementary learners of English, covering the basics up to a little above the A2 level. This makes it ideal for students who are just starting to learn English or who have a basic understanding of the language.

      Students Transitioning from Primary to Secondary Education: The series bridges the gap between primary and secondary education, making it suitable for students who are in this transition phase and need a consistent learning path.

      Learners Requiring a Structured Language Program: The course’s systematic approach, with a strong focus on developing the four key language skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening), is beneficial for learners who thrive with structured and comprehensive language instruction.

      Home Learners and Homeschooling Environments: With its supplementary materials like workbooks, practice books, and home-school connect programs, “English World” is also suitable for learners studying at home, either as a supplement to school learning or in a homeschooling setting.

      Teachers and Educators: The series provides extensive resources for teachers, including detailed teaching guides, lesson plans, and classroom activity suggestions, making it a valuable tool for educators in diverse teaching environments.

      In summary, “English World” is well-suited for young learners at various stages of English language learning, from beginners to those at an elementary level, and it serves as a comprehensive resource for both in-class and at-home education.

      Download English World 3 Full [Pdf Audio]


      The benefits of ‘English World’

      “English World” from Macmillan offers several benefits as an English language learning series, particularly for young learners. Here are some of the key advantages:

      Comprehensive Curriculum: The series spans 10 levels, covering a wide range of proficiency from Pre A1 to A2+ on the CEFR scale. This comprehensive coverage ensures a structured and gradual development of language skills.

      Balanced Skill Development: “English World” places equal emphasis on the four key language skills – reading, writing, speaking, and listening. This balanced approach ensures well-rounded language proficiency.

      Engaging and Age-Appropriate Content: The course materials are tailored for young learners, with age-appropriate topics and activities that keep students engaged and motivated.

      Grammar in Context: The program introduces grammar in meaningful contexts, helping students understand and apply grammatical concepts in real-life situations.

      Cross-Curricular Learning: By integrating content from other subject areas, “English World” not only enhances English language skills but also broadens general knowledge, making learning more interesting and relevant.

      Self-Assessment and Tracking Progress: Portfolio and Diploma pages enable students to track their progress and achievements, fostering a sense of accomplishment and encouraging continuous learning.

      Download English World 4 Full [Pdf Audio]

      Parent-Teacher Collaboration: The Home-School Connect programme encourages active involvement of parents in the learning process, facilitating better understanding and support for the child’s educational journey.

      Supplementary Learning Materials: The inclusion of workbooks, practice books, and dictionaries allows for reinforcement of classroom learning and supports self-study, which is crucial for language acquisition.

      Teacher Support: The series provides extensive resources for teachers, including step-by-step teaching notes, lesson plans, and classroom activities, making it easier for educators to deliver effective lessons.

      Cultural Sensitivity and Global Perspective: Being an internationally acclaimed series, “English World” incorporates a global perspective, promoting cultural awareness and sensitivity among young learners.

      Visual and Interactive Learning Tools: The use of flashcards, posters, and interactive electronic resources makes learning more dynamic and caters to different learning styles.

      In summary, “English World” offers a well-rounded, engaging, and effective approach to English language learning for young students, combining language development with cultural awareness, critical thinking, and active learning strategies.

      Download English World 5 Full [Pdf Audio]


      Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘English World’

      To maximize the effectiveness of the “English World” series in teaching English to young learners, it’s important to employ a variety of teaching and learning strategies that cater to different learning styles and keep students engaged. Here are some effective strategies:

      Interactive Learning: Encourage active participation in the classroom. Use the flashcards and posters included in the series for interactive activities, such as vocabulary games, role-playing, and group discussions.

      Blended Learning Approach: Combine traditional classroom teaching with digital resources. Utilize the electronic versions of the textbooks and other online resources to create a more dynamic and engaging learning environment.

      Contextual Grammar Teaching: Introduce new grammatical concepts through the “Grammar In Conversation” modules. Contextual learning helps students understand and remember grammar rules better by seeing them used in real-life scenarios.

      Cross-Curricular Integration: Since “English World” incorporates cross-curricular content, integrate lessons with other subjects. This approach not only enhances language skills but also broadens students’ general knowledge and critical thinking skills.

      Portfolio Development: Encourage students to maintain portfolios as suggested in the series. This practice helps them track their progress, reflect on their learning, and take ownership of their language development.

      Parental Involvement: Use the Home-School Connect programme to involve parents in the learning process. Regular communication with parents about their child’s progress and strategies for supporting learning at home can be highly beneficial.

      Differentiated Instruction: Tailor your teaching strategies to meet the diverse needs of learners. Recognize that students have different learning styles and levels of ability, and adapt your teaching methods accordingly.

      Regular Practice and Revision: Utilize the Workbook and Grammar Practice Book for regular practice and revision. Consistent practice helps reinforce what has been taught and aids in long-term retention of language skills.

      Use of Authentic Materials: Supplement the course material with authentic English resources like children’s books, songs, and videos. This exposure to real-world English aids in developing listening and comprehension skills.

      Peer Learning and Collaboration: Encourage collaborative learning through group activities and projects. This not only helps in language development but also in developing social skills and teamwork.

      Formative Assessment: Use ongoing assessments to gauge student understanding and provide feedback. This can be done through quizzes, oral presentations, writing assignments, and class participation.

      Cultural Sensitivity and Global Awareness: Incorporate discussions and activities that promote cultural understanding and global awareness, aligning with the international appeal of the “English World” series.

      By employing these strategies, teachers can effectively use “English World” to create a stimulating and supportive learning environment that caters to the diverse needs of young English language learners.

      Download English World 6 Full [Pdf Audio]


      Navigating ‘English World’: The Ultimate English Learning Experience

      In the realm of language education, the journey to mastering English is a voyage of discovery, challenge, and immense reward. “English World,” a groundbreaking series from Macmillan Education, stands as a beacon in this journey, offering an immersive and comprehensive learning experience for young learners across the globe. This article delves into the various facets of “English World,” illuminating why it is considered the ultimate English learning experience.

      A Comprehensive Curriculum for Young Minds

      “English World” is meticulously crafted for young learners, spanning 10 levels that cover the spectrum from Pre A1 to A2+ on the CEFR scale. This broad range ensures a smooth transition from primary to secondary education, catering to different stages of language proficiency. The curriculum is designed not just to teach English, but to instill a love for the language and an appreciation for its global relevance.

      Balancing the Four Pillars of Language Learning

      The series excels in balancing the four key skills of language learning: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Each level of “English World” is infused with activities and lessons that simultaneously develop these skills. This holistic approach ensures that students don’t just learn English; they live it. From reading engaging texts to writing creatively, from participating in stimulating conversations to listening to and comprehending spoken English, learners are continuously building their language prowess.

      Engaging Content that Sparks Curiosity

      What sets “English World” apart is its ability to engage young learners with content that is both educational and captivating. The series employs a variety of age-appropriate topics and themes, ranging from everyday experiences to exciting explorations of the world. This not only aids in vocabulary building and grammar understanding but also enhances the learners’ general knowledge and critical thinking skills.

      Innovative Tools for Interactive Learning

      “English World” harnesses the power of interactive tools such as flashcards, posters, and digital resources. These tools make learning more dynamic and cater to different learning styles. Flashcards and posters, for example, are excellent for visual learners and can be used in a multitude of classroom activities. The digital components of the series ensure that learning is not confined to the classroom but extends to the home, fostering an environment of continuous learning.

      Fostering Independence and Confidence

      A unique feature of “English World” is its focus on building independent learning skills. The series encourages learners to take charge of their educational journey. Through exercises designed to be completed individually, learners develop the ability to work autonomously, enhancing their learning skills and boosting their confidence.

      Parental Involvement and Teacher Support

      Recognizing the crucial role of parents and teachers in a child’s educational journey, “English World” includes resources to facilitate both home-school collaboration and effective classroom teaching. The Home-School Connect programme strengthens the link between learning at school and at home, while the comprehensive teacher’s guides provide invaluable support to educators, ensuring they have the tools and knowledge to effectively deliver each lesson.


      “English World” is more than just an English language course; it’s a holistic learning experience that nurtures young minds, preparing them not only for academic success but also for a life in a globalized world. Its comprehensive curriculum, engaging content, and innovative learning tools collectively make it the ultimate choice for English language education. As students navigate through the rich and diverse landscape of “English World,” they are not just learning a language; they are embarking on a lifelong journey of discovery, understanding, and global connection.