Download Ebook Oxford Mouse and Me Pdf Audio Video 2017

Download Ebook Oxford Mouse and Me (3 Levels) Pdf Audio Video 2017

Level 1
Mouse and Me 1 Class Audio.rar
Mouse and Me 1 Songs.rar
Mouse and Me 1 Student’s Book.pdf
Mouse and Me 1 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Mouse and Me 1 Teacher’s Resources.rar
Mouse and Me 1 Video.rar

Level 2
Mouse and Me 2 Class Audio.rar
Mouse and Me 2 Songs.rar
Mouse and Me 2 Student’s Book.pdf
Mouse and Me 2 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Mouse and Me 2 Teacher’s Resources.rar
Mouse and Me 2 Video.rar

Level 3
Mouse and Me 3 Class Audio.rar
Mouse and Me 3 Songs.rar
Mouse and Me 3 Student’s Book.pdf
Mouse and Me 3 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Mouse and Me 3 Teacher’s Resources.rar
Mouse and Me 3 Video.rar

Download Ebook Oxford Mouse and Me (3 Levels) Pdf Audio Video 2017


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      Download Ebook Oxford Mouse and Me Pdf Audio Video 2017 full



      Overview of the “Mouse and Me”

      ✅ Coursebook: Mouse and Me
      ✅ Publisher: Oxford University Press
      ✅ For: Preschool
      ✅ Publication year: 2017

      Mouse and Me!” is an award-winning educational series designed for young learners of English. Developed by Jennifer Dobson, Alicia Vazquez, Mary Charrington, and Charlotte Covill, it won the English Speaking Union’s English Language Award in 2018.

      The series revolves around three main characters: Daisy, Robin, and their favorite toy, Mouse. These characters engage in various adventures, donning different costumes and exploring the world through imaginative play. This approach is aimed at captivating children’s imaginations and teaching them important values.

      Key features of “Mouse and Me!” include:

      Lively Adventures and Important Values: The series uses the adventures of Daisy, Robin, and Mouse to capture children’s imaginations and instill values such as respect, tolerance, and friendliness.

      Whole-Child Approach: The program supports cognitive, emotional, physical, social, and language development in children.

      Cross-Curricular Smart Topics: These topics are designed to develop multiple intelligences in children.

      Interactive Learning: The series encourages learning through interactive songs, stories, crafts, and activities, including a fun mouse puppet and 3D pop-outs.

      Digital Material: Every lesson is supplemented with digital content, including live-action songs, story animations, and real-world clips.

      Flexible Phonics Program: A phonics program is integrated into the course to aid in language development.

      Home-School Link: The series includes review worksheets, “My Book” activities, and opportunities for end-of-year performances to strengthen the connection between home and school learning.

      The “Mouse and Me!” course includes a comprehensive set of materials for both students and teachers, such as student book packs (with stickers and pop-outs), teacher’s book packs, resource packs with posters, storybooks, flashcards, classroom presentation tools, DVDs, and access to the Lingokids™ app.

      The course is divided into three levels, each with five titles, making a total of fifteen titles across the entire “Mouse and Me!” series. Each level builds on the previous one, gradually enhancing the learning experience for children.

      Overall, “Mouse and Me!” is designed to offer a rich, engaging, and comprehensive English learning journey for young learners, blending imaginative play with educational content.

      Mouse and Me 1 Student's Book


      Who is suitable for ‘Mouse and Me’?

      “Mouse and Me!” is ideally suited for young children, particularly those in the pre-school and early primary school years. The program is designed to cater to early learners of English, typically in the age range of 3 to 5 years old. Here’s why it’s suitable for this age group:

      Imaginative Play: Young children often learn best through play. The series focuses on imaginative and pretend play, which is a natural and enjoyable learning method for this age group.

      Introduction to English: The series is tailored for beginners in English, making it suitable for children who are just starting to learn the language.

      Whole-Child Development: “Mouse and Me!” supports various aspects of a child’s development, including cognitive, emotional, physical, social, and language skills, which are key focus areas in early childhood education.

      Engaging Characters and Stories: The adventures of Daisy, Robin, and Mouse are designed to be relatable and engaging for young learners, keeping them interested and motivated.

      Interactive Learning: The inclusion of songs, crafts, and activities caters to the active learning style of young children, who often learn best when they can move and interact.

      Visual and Audio Aids: With its rich array of visual and audio materials, including animations and songs, the series is appealing to children who are typically more responsive to such stimuli at a young age.

      Parental Involvement: The course encourages parental involvement, which is crucial for children at this age, as it reinforces learning at home and helps establish a connection between school and home learning environments.

      Foundation for Phonics: The phonics program integrated into the series is suitable for young learners beginning to recognize sounds and letters, a fundamental skill in early reading and language acquisition.

      Overall, “Mouse and Me!” is ideal for young children at the foundational stage of their educational journey, particularly those just beginning to learn English or those in environments where English is a second language.

      Mouse and Me 2 Student's Book


      The benefits of ‘Mouse and Me’

      “Mouse and Me!” offers several significant benefits as an educational resource for young learners, particularly in the context of early English language learning and holistic development. These benefits include:

      Language Development: The series provides a structured yet engaging approach to learning English. It introduces basic vocabulary, simple sentences, and phonics, which are crucial in building a strong foundation in a new language.

      Cognitive Skills Enhancement: Through its various activities and stories, “Mouse and Me!” stimulates thinking and problem-solving skills. The inclusion of cross-curricular Smart topics encourages children to think about different subjects and concepts, enhancing cognitive development.

      Emotional and Social Learning: The adventures of Daisy, Robin, and Mouse often involve themes that teach important values like respect, tolerance, and cooperation. This not only aids in emotional development but also in social learning, as children learn about positive interactions with others.

      Multiple Intelligences Approach: Recognizing that children have different learning styles, “Mouse and Me!” incorporates activities that cater to various intelligences, such as linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic. This ensures a more inclusive learning experience for all children.

      Engagement through Imaginative Play: The series uses imaginative play as a key teaching tool. This approach is highly effective for young learners, as it keeps them engaged and makes learning enjoyable.

      Interactive and Hands-On Learning: With its interactive songs, crafts, and activities, “Mouse and Me!” encourages active participation, which is essential for retaining young children’s attention and enhancing their learning experience.

      Digital and Multimedia Resources: The use of digital materials, including animations and live-action videos, helps in bringing lessons to life. This multimedia approach caters to the modern learning environment and keeps children engaged with varied content.

      Parental Involvement and Home-School Connection: The series includes resources and activities that parents can use with their children at home, strengthening the link between school learning and home environment. This is crucial for reinforcing learning and for parental engagement in the child’s education.

      Flexibility in Teaching: “Mouse and Me!” offers a wealth of teacher materials and clear teaching notes, making it easier for educators to adapt lessons to their classroom’s needs and dynamics.

      Cultural Exposure: Through its diverse range of stories and characters, children are exposed to different cultures and lifestyles, which can broaden their understanding and acceptance of the world around them.

      In summary, “Mouse and Me!” provides a comprehensive, engaging, and multi-faceted approach to early childhood education, particularly in English language learning. Its focus on whole-child development, interactive learning, and inclusivity makes it a valuable resource for educators and parents alike.

      Mouse and Me 3 Student's Book


      Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘Mouse and Me’

      To effectively teach and facilitate learning with the “Mouse and Me” series, educators and parents can adopt several strategies that align with the program’s design and objectives. Here are some effective strategies:

      Interactive Storytelling: Use the stories in “Mouse and Me” as a basis for interactive storytelling sessions. Encourage children to predict what might happen next, ask questions, and express their thoughts about the story. This enhances comprehension and engagement.

      Role Play and Drama: Leverage the characters and scenarios in the series for role-playing activities. Children can take on the roles of Daisy, Robin, and Mouse, acting out scenes from the books. This kind of imaginative play supports language development and creative thinking.

      Songs and Music: Incorporate the songs from the series into daily routines. Singing helps with language acquisition, particularly in young learners, by reinforcing vocabulary, rhythm, and pronunciation.

      Crafts and Hands-On Activities: Use the crafts and activities in “Mouse and Me” to create a tactile learning experience. Hands-on activities are especially effective in maintaining the attention of young learners and in reinforcing concepts taught in the lessons.

      Phonics Games and Exercises: Utilize the phonics program in “Mouse and Me” through games and interactive exercises. Phonics games can make the process of learning to read more enjoyable and less intimidating for young children.

      Use of Digital Resources: Integrate the digital content provided with “Mouse and Me,” such as animations and live-action videos, into the learning process. These resources can be used to reinforce the lessons and provide a multimodal learning experience.

      Encouraging Parental Involvement: Involve parents in the learning process by sharing activities and songs that can be done at home. This not only reinforces what is learned in class but also strengthens the home-school connection.

      Smart Topics for Cross-Curricular Learning: Use the cross-curricular Smart topics to connect English learning with other areas of knowledge such as science, social studies, and art. This approach helps in creating a more holistic learning experience.

      Regular Review and Repetition: Regularly review key vocabulary and concepts to reinforce learning. Repetition is key in language learning, especially for young children.

      Creating a Supportive Learning Environment: Foster a classroom environment that is supportive, inclusive, and responsive to the needs of each child. Celebrate effort as much as achievement to build confidence and encourage a positive attitude towards learning.

      Using Real-World Connections: Make connections between the themes in “Mouse and Me” and the children’s real-world experiences. This helps in making learning more relevant and meaningful.

      Performance and Presentation Opportunities: Provide opportunities for children to showcase what they have learned, for example, through end-of-unit performances or show-and-tell sessions. This not only reinforces their learning but also builds confidence and communication skills.

      By integrating these strategies, educators and parents can maximize the effectiveness of the “Mouse and Me” series in teaching English and supporting overall developmental goals for young learners.


      Dive into Fun and Learning with Mouse and Me’s Exciting Adventures!

      In the world of early childhood education, striking a balance between learning and play is crucial. “Mouse and Me,” an award-winning educational series, masterfully bridges this gap, offering young learners an adventurous journey into the realms of imagination and language. Let’s delve into how “Mouse and Me” is changing the landscape of early English language learning with its unique blend of fun, adventure, and education.

      The Magic of Imaginative Play

      At the heart of “Mouse and Me” lies the power of imaginative play. Through the delightful escapades of Daisy, Robin, and their beloved toy, Mouse, children are whisked away on adventures that not only captivate their imagination but also foster language development. Each story in the series is carefully crafted to engage young minds in a narrative that is both enjoyable and educational.

      Learning Through Adventures

      What sets “Mouse and Me” apart is its ability to transform each lesson into an adventure. As children follow the antics of the central characters, they’re unknowingly absorbing fundamental aspects of the English language. From new vocabulary to simple sentence structures, the learning is seamless and natural, much like acquiring one’s first language.

      A Symphony of Songs and Stories

      Songs and music play a pivotal role in “Mouse and Me.” Each tune is designed to reinforce language lessons in a catchy and memorable way. These lively songs, coupled with stories that encourage children to join in, make the learning experience incredibly interactive and dynamic.

      Embracing Multiple Intelligences

      Understanding that each child is unique, “Mouse and Me” employs a whole-child approach, embracing multiple intelligences. Whether it’s through songs (musical intelligence), storytelling (linguistic intelligence), or craft activities (spatial intelligence), the series ensures that every child finds a resonating learning pathway.

      Digital Integration in Learning

      In an age where digital media is inextricably woven into the fabric of education, “Mouse and Me” stands out with its rich digital resources. Engaging animations, live-action videos, and interactive content bring the characters and stories to life, ensuring that children are not just passive learners but active participants in their educational journey.

      Building Values and Social Skills

      “Mouse and Me” goes beyond mere language teaching; it embeds essential life values within its narratives. As children embark on adventures with Daisy, Robin, and Mouse, they learn about friendship, respect, tolerance, and empathy. This holistic approach to learning helps in shaping well-rounded individuals.

      Parental Involvement and Home-School Synergy

      Recognizing the importance of the home environment in a child’s learning process, “Mouse and Me” fosters strong home-school connections. Parents are provided with tools to become active participants in their child’s learning journey, thereby reinforcing the concepts taught in the classroom.


      “Mouse and Me” is more than just an English language course for young learners; it’s a gateway to a world where learning and play are intertwined in the most harmonious way. As children dive into the adventures of Daisy, Robin, and Mouse, they are not just learning a language; they are developing a love for learning that will last a lifetime. In the magical world of “Mouse and Me,” every lesson is an adventure, and every adventure a lesson.


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