Download Ebook Pearson Fly High (4 Levels) Pdf Audio 2011

Download Ebook Pearson Fly High (4 Levels) Pdf Audio 2011

Level 1
Fly High 1 2 My Picture Dictionary.pdf
Fly High 1 Activity Book.pdf
Fly High 1 Class Audio CDs.rar
Fly High 1 Flashcards ABC.pdf
Fly High 1 Flashcards Vocabulary.pdf
Fly High 1 Phonics Worksheets.pdf
Fly High 1 Pupil’s Book.pdf
Fly High 1 Teacher’s Guide.pdf
Fly High 1 Tests.pdf

Level 2
Fly High 2 Activity Book.pdf
Fly High 2 Alphabet
Fly High 2 Alphabet Fun.pdf
Fly High 2 Class Audio
Fly High 2 Fun Grammar SB.pdf
Fly High 2 Fun Grammar TG.pdf
Fly High 2 Lessons 7-10
Fly High 2 Phonics.pdf
Fly High 2 Pupil’s Book.pdf
Fly High 2 Teacher’s Guide.pdf
Fly High 2

Level 3
Fly High 3 Activity Book.pdf
Fly High 3 Class Audio CDs.rar
Fly High 3 Fun Grammar Audio.rar
Fly High 3 Fun Grammar PB.pdf
Fly High 3 Fun Grammar TG.pdf
Fly High 3 Grammar audio.rar
Fly High 3 Grammar.pdf
Fly High 3 Lessons 6-10 exercises.rar
Fly High 3 Pupil’s Book.pdf
Fly High 3 sing along.pdf
Fly High 3 Teacher’s Guide.pdf
Fly High 3 Tests.rar

Level 4
Fly High 4 Activity Book.pdf
Fly High 4 Class Audio CDs.rar
Fly High 4 Fun Grammar TG.pdf
Fly High 4 Fun Grammar.pdf
Fly High 4 lexics.pdf
Fly High 4 Progress Reviews.rar
Fly High 4 Pupil’s Book.pdf
Fly High 4 Quizzes.rar
Fly High 4 Teacher’s Guide.pdf
Fly High 4 Tests.rar

Download Ebook Pearson Fly High (4 Levels) Pdf Audio


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      Download Ebook Pearson Fly High (4 Levels) Pdf Audio



      Overview of the “Fly High”

      ✅ Coursebook: Fly High
      ✅ Publisher: Pearson
      ✅ English type: British English
      ✅ Levels: A1 to A2
      ✅ For: Primary
      ✅ Publication year: 2011

      Fly High” by Pearson is an English language learning program designed specifically for young learners. Here’s a detailed overview of its features and components:

      Target Audience: Primarily aimed at primary school students, the course introduces children to the English language in a fun and engaging way.

      Language Level: The course covers levels from the Global Scale of English (GSE) 22-42, corresponding to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) levels A1 to A2. This range is suitable for beginners and lower intermediate learners.

      Content and Approach:

      • Characters and Stories: The course features humorous cartoon characters and stories that captivate young learners.
      • Games and Songs: Interactive games and songs are used to engage students and make learning more enjoyable.
      • Methodology: It employs a methodology that encourages discovery of new language through stories, games, and songs. This approach focuses on recycling language to reinforce learning and boost confidence.
      • Vocabulary and Grammar Skills: As students progress, they build their vocabulary and grammar skills.

      Materials and Resources:

      • Print and Digital: The course offers both print and digital materials, making it versatile for different learning environments.
      • Classroom Resources: Teachers are provided with resources to help plan lessons and keep classes motivational and meaningful.
      • Extra Practice and Audio Files: Additional practice materials and audio files are included to support learning outside the classroom.

      Program Benefits:

      • Motivational: Engaging characters and stories motivate young learners.
      • Lesson Planning Support: Teachers receive support for creating motivational and meaningful classes.
      • Language Recycling: The course emphasizes the recycling of language to build learner confidence.

      Connected English Learning Program:

      • Teach with Fly High: The core teaching component.
      • Assess with Benchmark Test – Young Learners: An interactive English proficiency test providing detailed reporting across key skills.
      • Certify with Pearson English International Certificate – Young Learners: A fun English language assessment for learners aged 6 to 13, focusing on real-life language use.
      • Global Scale of English (GSE): “Fly High” is part of a broader suite of products that use the GSE, a tool designed to measure English language proficiency and progress in a detailed and nuanced manner.

      Overall, “Fly High” is designed to be a comprehensive, fun, and effective way for young learners to start their journey in English language learning, supported by a range of materials and resources that cater to their specific learning needs.


      Download ebook Fly High 1 pdf audio


      Who is suitable for ‘Fly High’?

      “Fly High” by Pearson is particularly suitable for:

      Young Learners: The program is specifically designed for primary school children. The age range typically covers early primary school years, making it ideal for young learners who are just beginning their English language learning journey.

      Beginners to Lower Intermediate Students: With content covering the Global Scale of English (GSE) levels from 22 to 42, corresponding to CEFR levels A1 to A2, it’s well-suited for beginners and learners who have some basic understanding of English.

      Students Who Enjoy Interactive Learning: Given its focus on engaging characters, humorous stories, interactive games, and songs, “Fly High” is ideal for children who respond well to a dynamic and interactive learning environment.

      Learners Aged 6 to 13: The Pearson English International Certificate – Young Learners, which is part of the program, targets learners in this age group. This suggests that “Fly High” is geared towards children in this age range.

      Students Seeking a Comprehensive English Program: The course not only teaches English but also assesses and certifies language proficiency, making it suitable for learners who need a structured and comprehensive approach to language learning.

      Learners Requiring Both Print and Digital Resources: The availability of both print and digital materials makes it suitable for various learning settings and preferences.

      In summary, “Fly High” is apt for young, primary school-aged children who are at the beginning or lower intermediate stages of English language learning and who benefit from an engaging, interactive, and comprehensive educational approach.


      Download ebook Fly High 2 pdf audio


      The benefits of ‘Fly High’

      “Fly High” by Pearson offers several benefits for young English language learners, making it a comprehensive and effective learning tool. Here are some of its key advantages:

      Engaging and Fun Learning Experience: The use of humorous cartoon characters, stories, games, and songs makes learning English enjoyable and engaging for young learners. This approach can help maintain students’ interest and motivation in learning a new language.

      Foundation in English Language Skills: The program covers a range of language skills including vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening, reading, and writing. This holistic approach ensures a well-rounded foundation in English.

      Confidence Building: By focusing on language recycling – revisiting and reusing language concepts – “Fly High” helps reinforce learning and build confidence in using English.

      Suitable for Various Learning Styles: The combination of visual (cartoons, stories), auditory (songs, audio files), and kinesthetic (games) learning materials caters to different learning styles, making it effective for a diverse group of students.

      Resource Support for Teachers: The program provides lesson planning support and classroom resources, helping teachers create motivational and meaningful classes. This can enhance the effectiveness of teaching and make the classroom experience more enriching for students.

      Comprehensive Learning Path: As part of the Connected English Learning Program, “Fly High” integrates teaching, assessing, and certifying English language skills. This provides a clear and structured learning path for students.

      Global Scale of English (GSE) Alignment: The alignment with the GSE and CEFR levels ensures that learning objectives and outcomes are internationally recognized and standardized.

      Flexibility with Print and Digital Materials: The availability of both print and digital materials allows for flexibility in teaching and learning, accommodating different classroom settings and learning preferences.

      Progress Tracking and Assessment: Tools like the Benchmark Test for Young Learners help in assessing the proficiency of students in a detailed manner, enabling teachers and parents to track progress and identify areas for improvement.

      Real-Life Language Application: The emphasis on real-life language use, especially in assessments like the Pearson English International Certificate for Young Learners, prepares students to use English in practical, everyday situations.

      In summary, “Fly High” provides a fun, interactive, and comprehensive approach to English language learning for young students, offering a range of tools and resources to support both learners and educators in the language learning journey.


      Download ebook Fly High 3 pdf audio


      Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘Fly High’

      Effectively teaching and learning with “Fly High” involves leveraging its rich set of resources and methodologies to engage young learners in English language acquisition. Here are some strategies for both teachers and students:

      For Teachers:

      Utilize Engaging Characters and Stories: Leverage the cartoon characters and stories in “Fly High” to create a narrative context for learning. Stories can be used to introduce new vocabulary and concepts in a memorable and engaging way.

      Incorporate Games and Songs: Use the games and songs provided in the program to reinforce language concepts. These interactive elements can make learning more enjoyable and help with retention.

      Focus on Language Recycling: Regularly revisit previously taught language concepts to reinforce learning and aid memory retention. This can be done through quizzes, storytelling, or integrating previous lessons into new contexts.

      Encourage Active Participation: Create opportunities for students to use English actively, through role-playing, group discussions, or presenting stories. This not only improves language skills but also builds confidence.

      Integrate Digital and Print Materials: Make use of both digital and print resources to cater to different learning styles and environments. Digital tools can offer interactive and multimedia elements, while print materials are great for traditional reading and writing exercises.

      Customize Lessons to Student Needs: Tailor your lessons to the specific needs and levels of your students. Use the assessment tools provided by “Fly High” to identify areas where students need more support.

      Promote Collaborative Learning: Encourage group activities where students can practice language skills with their peers. This can include group projects, games, or paired exercises.

      For Students:

      Regular Practice: Consistency is key in language learning. Encourage students to practice regularly, both in and out of the classroom.

      Engage with the Material: Students should be encouraged to actively engage with the stories, characters, and activities in “Fly High”. This can include discussing the stories, singing along with the songs, or participating in games.

      Use Supplementary Resources: Encourage students to use the extra practice materials and audio files provided. These resources can help reinforce what is learned in class.

      Interactive Learning: Students should take advantage of digital tools for interactive learning experiences. These tools often provide immediate feedback and can be very engaging.

      Peer Interaction: Students can learn a lot from each other. Encourage them to practice speaking and working on activities together.

      Parental Involvement: For younger learners, involvement of parents in the learning process can be very beneficial. Parents can help with practice at home, using the materials provided by “Fly High”.

      By employing these strategies, teachers can create a dynamic and effective learning environment, while students can maximize their engagement and learning outcomes with the “Fly High” program.


      Download ebook Fly High 4 pdf audio


      Fly High: Nurturing Young Linguists through Fun and Interactive English

      In today’s globalized world, the importance of learning English cannot be overstated, especially for young learners. Pearson’s “Fly High” program stands out as a pioneering approach in nurturing young linguists. It combines fun, interactivity, and a robust educational framework to introduce English to primary learners. This article delves into how “Fly High” is transforming the landscape of language learning for the young minds of our generation.

      Engaging Young Minds with Characters and Stories

      At the heart of “Fly High” lies a colorful world of engaging characters and enthralling stories. These elements are not just mere tools for entertainment but are carefully crafted to introduce linguistic concepts in a way that resonates with young learners. By situating language learning within exciting narratives, “Fly High” ensures that children are not just passive recipients of knowledge but active participants in a linguistic adventure.

      Interactive Learning: Games and Songs

      Learning a language is not just about memorizing grammar rules or expanding vocabulary; it’s about immersing oneself in the culture and rhythm of the language. “Fly High” masterfully incorporates interactive games and catchy songs that make this immersion not only possible but also incredibly enjoyable. These activities aid in reinforcing the language skills acquired during the lessons and encourage children to practice English in a playful, stress-free environment.

      Recycling Language: Building Confidence and Competence

      One of the innovative aspects of “Fly High” is its emphasis on recycling language. This technique involves revisiting key language points and vocabulary across different contexts and modules. Such repetition ensures that learners can internalize language structures and use them confidently. This approach not only solidifies the learners’ grasp of English but also builds their confidence in using the language in various settings.

      Comprehensive Support for Educators

      “Fly High” extends its support beyond the learners to the educators. The program provides a wealth of resources for lesson planning, making the teaching process both effective and enjoyable. These resources help teachers design classes that are motivational and meaningful, thus enhancing the overall learning experience for their students.

      A Holistic Learning Journey

      The journey with “Fly High” doesn’t end with teaching; it encompasses assessment and certification as well. The program’s alignment with the Global Scale of English (GSE) and CEFR levels ensures that the learning outcomes are globally recognized. The integration of assessments like the Benchmark Test for Young Learners and certification through the Pearson English International Certificate makes “Fly High” a comprehensive language learning journey.

      The Future of Language Learning

      In conclusion, “Fly High” represents the future of language learning for young students. Its blend of storytelling, interactive games, songs, and a structured educational approach makes it an exemplary model in the world of language education. By nurturing young linguists in a fun and interactive environment, “Fly High” is not just teaching English; it’s opening doors to new worlds, cultures, and opportunities for the young learners of today.

      In a world where the mastery of English opens up innumerable possibilities, programs like “Fly High” are not just educational tools but bridges to a brighter, more connected future.


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