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Academy Stars Parents Guide.pdf
Academy Stars Placement Test.pdf
Academy Stars Scope Sequence.rar
Academy Stars Visuals Pack Introduction.pdf

Level Starter
0. Academy Stars Alphabet Book Audio CD.rar
0. Academy Stars Alphabet Book.pdf
0. Academy Stars Alphabet Flashcards.rar
0. Academy Stars Starter Flashcards.rar
0. Academy Stars Starter Pupil’s Book Audio CD.rar
0. Academy Stars Starter Pupil’s Book.pdf
0. Academy Stars Starter Teacher’s Book.pdf
0. Academy Stars Starter Worksheets.rar

Level 1
1. Academy Stars 1 Class Audio CDs.rar
1. Academy Stars 1 Flashcards.rar
1. Academy Stars 1 Grammar Videos.rar
1. Academy Stars 1 Grapic Grammar Reference.pdf
1. Academy Stars 1 Pupil’s Book.pdf
1. Academy Stars 1 Teacher’s Book.pdf
1. Academy Stars 1 Tests.rar
1. Academy Stars 1 Workbook.pdf
1. Academy Stars 1 Worksheets.rar

Level 2
2. Academy Stars 2 Class Audio CDs.rar
2. Academy Stars 2 Flashcards.rar
2. Academy Stars 2 Grapic Grammar Reference.pdf
2. Academy Stars 2 Pupil’s Book.pdf
2. Academy Stars 2 Teacher’s Book.pdf
2. Academy Stars 2 Tests.rar
2. Academy Stars 2 Workbook.pdf
2. Academy Stars 2 Worksheets.rar

Level 3
3. Academy Stars 3 Class Audio CDs.rar
3. Academy Stars 3 English in Use Video.rar
3. Academy Stars 3 Grammar Videos.rar
3. Academy Stars 3 Grapic Grammar Reference.pdf
3. Academy Stars 3 Pupil’s Book.pdf
3. Academy Stars 3 Reading Time Video.rar
3. Academy Stars 3 Teacher’s Book.pdf
3. Academy Stars 3 Tests.rar
3. Academy Stars 3 Workbook.pdf
3. Academy Stars 3 Worksheets.rar

Level 4
4. Academy Stars 4 Class Audio CDs.rar
4. Academy Stars 4 Flashcards.rar
4. Academy Stars 4 Grammar Reference.pdf
4. Academy Stars 4 Grammar Videos.rar
4. Academy Stars 4 Grapic Grammar Reference.pdf
4. Academy Stars 4 Pupil’s Book.pdf
4. Academy Stars 4 Teacher’s Book.pdf
4. Academy Stars 4 Tests.rar
4. Academy Stars 4 Video reading time.rar
4. Academy Stars 4 Workbook.pdf

Level 5
5. Academy Stars 5 Class Audio CDs.rar
5. Academy Stars 5 Grapic Grammar Reference.pdf
5. Academy Stars 5 Pupil’s Book.pdf
5. Academy Stars 5 Workbook.pdf

Level 6
6. Academy Stars 6 Class Audio CDs.rar
6. Academy Stars 6 Grapic Grammar Reference.pdf
6. Academy Stars 6 Pupil’s Book.pdf
6. Academy Stars 6 Workbook.pdf

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      Overview of the “Academy Stars”

      ✅ Coursebook: Academy Stars
      ✅ Publisher: Macmillan Education
      ✅ For: Primary
      ✅ Publication year: 2017

      Academy Stars” is an educational program designed by Macmillan for young learners of English. It’s a comprehensive primary course that blends a robust skills syllabus with an innovative approach called “Graphic Grammar”. The program targets CEFR Levels from PRE A1 to A2+ and is structured across seven levels: Starter, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

      The course aims to support and inspire young learners to achieve excellence in English. It focuses on making language learning memorable and hands-on, encouraging early learner autonomy. The course engages students with dialogue models, animations, and relatable contexts, fostering confidence, curiosity, and motivation.

      Key features of “Academy Stars” include:

      • Graphic Grammar Animations: These help learners interact visually with grammar structures in easy-to-understand contexts.
      • Learning Skills Strand and Be a Star! Activities: These elements promote critical thinking and learner autonomy.
      • Cambridge Young Learners Test-Style Practice: Provides teachers with ready-to-use materials for preparing students for international exams.
      • Think About It Lessons: Aimed at developing decision-making and problem-solving skills.
      • Values Box and Me Activities: These help in developing social values, personal reflection, and understanding responsibility and consequence.

      The course also offers a fully flexible approach, accommodating both remote and face-to-face teaching methods. Its digital components make it adaptable to various teaching scenarios.

      Download ebook Academy Stars Starter

      Components of the course include:

      • Pupil’s Book and Digital Pupil’s Book with Pupil’s Practice Kit: A combination of print and digital materials for comprehensive learning.
      • Digital Pupil’s Book with Pupil’s Practice Kit: A fully digital solution for online teaching, including access to various digital resources.
      • Workbook with Digital Workbook: Offers extra practice in both print and digital formats, complementing the Pupil’s Book.
      • Teacher’s Book Pack: Includes a Teacher’s eBook, Teacher’s Resource Centre, Presentation Kit, Test Generator, lesson notes, plans, tips, and answer keys.
      • Digital Teacher’s Book Pack: Similar to the Teacher’s Book Pack but in a fully digital format.

      “Academy Stars” thus provides a multifaceted approach to English language learning for young learners, combining innovative teaching methods with flexibility for various teaching environments.

      Download ebook Academy Stars 1


      Who is suitable for ‘Academy Stars’?

      “Academy Stars” is suitable for a wide range of young learners, particularly those who are at the beginning stages of learning English. The program is designed to cater to children in the primary school age range. Here are the specific groups for whom “Academy Stars” is particularly suitable:

      Young Learners of English: It is aimed at children who are starting to learn English as a second or foreign language. The program covers CEFR levels from PRE A1 to A2+, making it ideal for beginners and lower-intermediate level students.

      Primary School Students: Given its structure and content, “Academy Stars” is well-suited for primary school students. The course’s levels correlate with the typical learning stages of children in primary education.

      Students Preparing for Cambridge Young Learners Tests: The program includes materials and practice activities designed to prepare students for international exams like the Cambridge Young Learners tests.

      Learners Needing a Strong Foundation in English Grammar and Skills: The unique Graphic Grammar approach and the comprehensive skills syllabus make this course ideal for students who require a solid foundation in English grammar, vocabulary, and communication skills.

      Download ebook Academy Stars 2

      Students Benefiting from a Blended Learning Approach: “Academy Stars” is suitable for students who can benefit from a mix of traditional and digital learning resources, as the program offers both print and digital materials.

      Learners Needing Flexibility in Learning: For students who require a flexible learning environment, such as those engaged in remote learning or in situations where classroom learning is not always possible, “Academy Stars” provides digital components that facilitate online learning.

      Children Interested in an Interactive and Engaging Learning Experience: The course’s use of animations, dialogue models, and relatable contexts make it appealing for children who enjoy interactive and engaging learning experiences.

      In summary, “Academy Stars” is suitable for young English language learners at the primary school level, especially those who are just beginning to learn the language, need a strong foundation in English skills, or are preparing for international English proficiency tests. The program’s flexibility and interactive components also make it a good fit for diverse learning environments and styles.

      Download ebook Academy Stars 3


      The benefits of ‘Academy Stars’

      “Academy Stars” offers a range of benefits that make it a valuable educational resource for young learners of English. Here are some of the key benefits:

      Comprehensive Language Skills Development: The program covers all essential language skills – speaking, listening, reading, and writing. This holistic approach ensures a well-rounded development of language proficiency.

      Engaging and Interactive Learning: With its Graphic Grammar animations and interactive activities, “Academy Stars” makes learning English fun and engaging, which can increase motivation and interest among young learners.

      Foundation for Lifelong Learning: By promoting critical thinking and learner autonomy, the course helps children develop skills that are not only crucial for language learning but also beneficial in their overall educational journey.

      Preparation for International Exams: The inclusion of Cambridge Young Learners test-style practice activities makes “Academy Stars” an effective tool for preparing students for these and other international English proficiency exams.

      Cultivation of Social Values and Personal Reflection: Through its Values box and Me activities, the program encourages the development of social values, personal reflection, and an understanding of responsibility and consequences, which are essential life skills.

      Download ebook Academy Stars 4

      Flexible Learning Options: The availability of both print and digital materials allows for a blended learning approach, making it adaptable to various teaching and learning scenarios, including face-to-face and remote learning environments.

      Enhanced Teacher Support: The Teacher’s Book Pack and Digital Teacher’s Book Pack provide extensive resources for lesson planning, classroom management, and assessment, thereby supporting teachers in delivering effective and engaging lessons.

      Building Confidence and Independence: The course is designed to help children become confident and independent learners, providing them with the tools and knowledge to explore the English language on their own.

      Cultural and Linguistic Exposure: The use of diverse contexts and scenarios in the course material exposes learners to different cultures and linguistic uses, broadening their understanding and appreciation of the English language in a global context.

      Customizable Learning Paths: The structure of the course allows teachers to tailor the learning experience to the specific needs and abilities of their students, ensuring that each child can progress at an appropriate pace.

      Overall, “Academy Stars” is beneficial for its comprehensive approach to language learning, focus on student engagement and autonomy, and its flexibility to suit various learning environments and teaching methodologies. These features make it an effective tool for young learners beginning their journey in English language proficiency.

      Download ebook Academy Stars 5


      Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘Academy Stars’

      To maximize the effectiveness of “Academy Stars” in teaching English to young learners, employing a range of teaching and learning strategies can be highly beneficial. Here are some effective strategies tailored to the unique features and content of the program:

      Leverage Graphic Grammar Animations: Utilize the program’s innovative Graphic Grammar animations to visually reinforce grammar concepts. These animations can be used as a focal point for lessons, encouraging students to interact with and discuss the grammar structures they are learning.

      Interactive and Collaborative Activities: Encourage students to participate in group work and pair activities. This fosters collaboration and communication among learners, essential for language development. Role plays, dialogues, and group projects based on the course material can be particularly effective.

      Incorporate Technology in Learning: Make the most of the digital components of “Academy Stars”. Use the Digital Pupil’s Book and Practice Kit for interactive exercises and online resources. This approach can be especially engaging for students who are digital natives.

      Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: Integrate the “Think about it” lessons to develop decision-making and problem-solving skills. Encourage students to think critically about the material, ask questions, and engage in discussions.

      Regular Assessment and Feedback: Use the program’s review activities and practice tests to assess student progress regularly. Provide constructive feedback to help students understand their strengths and areas for improvement.

      Download ebook Academy Stars 6

      Cultivate Social Values and Personal Reflection: Utilize the Values box and Me activities to initiate conversations about social values, personal reflection, and responsibility. These discussions can help in developing empathy and ethical reasoning skills.

      Customize Lessons to Student Needs: Adjust the pace and focus of lessons based on the needs and abilities of your students. Differentiate instruction to cater to various learning styles and levels of proficiency.

      Encourage Autonomy in Learning: Foster learner autonomy by encouraging students to set personal learning goals and reflect on their progress. Guide them in using the Pupil’s Practice Kit for self-study and practice outside the classroom.

      Cultural and Linguistic Exposure: Use the diverse contexts presented in the course materials to expose students to different cultures and ways of using English. This broadens their understanding of the language in a global context.

      Parental Involvement: Engage parents in the learning process, especially for younger learners. Provide guidance on how they can support their children’s learning at home, such as through reading together or practicing vocabulary.

      Professional Development for Teachers: Teachers should continuously seek professional development opportunities to stay updated with the latest teaching methodologies and effectively utilize all the resources provided in the Teacher’s Book Pack.

      By integrating these strategies, teachers can enhance the learning experience for students using “Academy Stars,” making it more interactive, engaging, and effective. These approaches not only aid in language acquisition but also in the overall cognitive and social development of young learners.