Download Own It! It’s Your World (4 Levels) Pdf Audio Video 2020

Download Ebook Cambridge Own It! It’s Your World (4 Levels) Pdf Audio Video 2020

Level 1
Own it! 1 Culture Projects.rar
Own it! 1 Presentation plus.rar
Own it! 1 Student’s Book Audio.rar
Own it! 1 Student’s Book.pdf
Own it! 1 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Own it! 1 Tests Resources.rar
Own it! 1 Videos.rar
Own it! 1 Workbook Audio.rar
Own it! 1 Workbook.pdf
Own it! 1 Worksheets.rar

Level 2
Own it! 2 Culture Projects.rar
Own it! 2 Student’s Book Audio.rar
Own it! 2 Student’s Book.pdf
Own it! 2 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Own it! 2 Wordlists.rar
Own it! 2 Workbook Audio.rar
Own it! 2 Workbook.pdf
Own it! 2 Worksheets.rar

Level 3
Own it! 3 Presentation plus.rar
Own it! 3 Student’s Book Audio.rar
Own it! 3 Student’s Book.pdf
Own it! 3 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Own it! 3 Tests Resources.rar
Own it! 3 Videos.rar
Own it! 3 Wordlists.rar
Own it! 3 Workbook Audio.rar
Own it! 3 Workbook.pdf
Own it! 3 Worksheets.rar

Level 4
Own it! 4 Student’s Book Audio.rar
Own it! 4 Student’s Book.pdf
Own it! 4 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Own it! 4 Wordlists.rar
Own it! 4 Workbook Audio.rar
Own it! 4 Workbook.pdf
Own it! 4 Worksheets.rar
Own it! Placement Test.rar

Download Ebook Cambridge Own It! It's Your World (4 Levels) Pdf Audio Video 2020


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      Download Ebook Cambridge Own It! It's Your World (4 Levels) Pdf Audio Video 2020 full



      Overview of the “Own It! It’s Your World”

      ✅ Coursebook: Own It! It’s Your World
      ✅ Authors: Claire Thacker, Stuart Cochrane, Samantha Lewis and Daniel Vincent
      ✅ Publisher: Cambridge University Press
      ✅ For: Secondary
      ✅ 4 Levels: A1+ – B1+
      ✅ English type: British English
      ✅ Publication year: 2020

      Own It! It’s Your World” is an educational program designed by Cambridge University Press, aimed at helping teenagers develop the necessary skills and confidence to navigate the complexities of the modern world. This program focuses on various competencies essential for future success, including critical and creative thinking, social and emotional skills, and effective teamwork. Here’s an overview of its key features and components:


      • Claire Thacker, Stuart Cochrane, Samantha Lewis, and Daniel Vincent

      CEFR Levels

      • A1+ to B1+

      Key Features

      • Cambridge Life Competencies Framework: Helps students become independent learners and face life’s challenges.
      • Collaborative Projects: Encourages skills like teamwork, leadership, and project management.
      • Global Topics and Videos: Offers over 45 videos per level, covering global, cross-curricular topics.
      • Exam Preparation: Supports students in preparing for A2 Key for Schools, B1 Preliminary for Schools, and other international exams.
      • Digital Tools: Includes Practice Extra for mobile-friendly practice and a digital collaboration space.
      • Test & Train: Provides digital exam preparation tools.

      Content Highlights

      Powerful and Dynamic Content: Fully-supported content for developing real-world skills.

      Digital Package: Includes Presentation Plus, Practice Extra, Collaboration Plus, and Teacher’s Resource Bank.

      Global Cultural Topics: Explores diverse cultures through videos and texts.

      Collaborative Project Work: Every unit includes a project page to develop collaborative skills.

      Videos: Each unit contains several high-quality videos, including documentaries and Language in Action videos.


      Confident, Future-Ready Learners: Focuses on developing vital life competencies and collaboration skills.

      Independent and Collaborative Learners: Emphasizes learning strategies and techniques.

      Mixed-Ability Support: Offers differentiated instruction and support for various ability levels.


      Research-Informed and Classroom Tested: Developed based on extensive research involving teachers and students.

      Corpus Research: Supported by the Cambridge English Corpus for contemporary language use.

      Cambridge Life Competencies Framework: Guides the syllabus for various learning areas.

      Digital Tools and Resources

      Presentation Plus: Interactive class presentation tool.

      Practice Extra: Mobile-friendly, bite-sized practice activities.

      Collaboration Plus: Enables remote collaboration on projects.

      Teacher’s Resource Bank: Offers a range of downloadable resources and tests.

      Overall Impact

      Own It! It’s Your World” integrates language learning with real-world skills development, making it a comprehensive educational tool for modern learners. Its focus on collaboration, global awareness, and life competencies prepares students not just academically, but also for the challenges and opportunities of the future.


      Own it! 1 Student's Book


      Who is suitable for ‘Own It! It’s Your World’?

      “Own It! It’s Your World” is primarily designed for teenage learners, particularly those in secondary school. The program is suitable for a range of students with these specific characteristics:

      CEFR Levels A1+ to B1+: This range indicates that the program is suitable for learners from beginner to intermediate levels of English proficiency. It is tailored to help students progress through these levels effectively.

      Students Preparing for International Exams: The program includes materials and practice specifically designed to prepare students for exams like the A2 Key for Schools and B1 Preliminary for Schools. Students aiming to take these or similar international English language assessments will find the course particularly beneficial.

      Learners Seeking to Develop 21st-Century Skills: The curriculum is designed to enhance not only language skills but also critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and social-emotional skills. It’s ideal for students who need to build competencies that are increasingly important in today’s global and digital world.

      Teenagers Interested in Global and Cultural Topics: The course includes a strong focus on global cultural topics, making it suitable for students interested in learning about different cultures and global issues through the medium of English.

      Students Who Enjoy Collaborative Learning: With its emphasis on collaborative projects and teamwork, the program is a good fit for students who thrive in group learning environments and are looking to develop their communication and leadership skills.

      Learners Needing Mixed-Ability Support: The program is designed to accommodate mixed-ability classrooms, offering various levels of challenges and activities that can be tailored to different learning abilities.

      Students Looking for a Blended Learning Experience: The inclusion of digital tools like Practice Extra, Collaboration Plus, and Presentation Plus makes it suitable for learners who are comfortable with and benefit from a blend of traditional and digital learning methods.

      In summary, “Own It! It’s Your World” is well-suited for secondary school students who are at the beginner to intermediate levels of English language proficiency and are looking to develop both their language skills and broader life competencies in a dynamic, culturally aware, and collaborative learning environment.


      Own it! 2 Student's Book


      The benefits of ‘Own It! It’s Your World’

      Own It! It’s Your World” offers a range of benefits that cater to the diverse needs of teenage learners in a modern educational context. These benefits are designed to equip students not just with language proficiency but also with critical life skills necessary for success in the 21st century. Here are some of the key benefits:

      Comprehensive Language Development: The program covers CEFR levels A1+ to B1+, ensuring a structured and progressive language learning experience. This helps students build a strong foundation in English and gradually advance their skills.

      Focus on 21st-Century Skills: Beyond language proficiency, the program emphasizes critical thinking, creativity, social and emotional intelligence, and collaboration. These skills are essential for success in today’s globalized and rapidly changing world.

      Global and Cultural Awareness: Through its inclusion of global topics and cultural content, the program broadens students’ perspectives, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of different cultures and global issues.

      Preparation for International Exams: The course materials are designed to prepare students for various international English exams, which can be crucial for their academic and career opportunities.

      Enhanced Collaborative Learning: With project-based learning and collaborative tools, students develop teamwork, leadership, and project management skills. This collaborative approach mirrors real-world scenarios, preparing students for future workplace environments.

      Digital Integration: The incorporation of digital tools and resources, like Practice Extra and Collaboration Plus, aligns with modern educational trends, offering a blended learning experience that combines traditional and digital methodologies.

      Adaptability to Mixed-Ability Classrooms: The program offers differentiated instruction and resources to cater to varied learning abilities, ensuring that all students can engage with the content effectively.

      Engaging and Relevant Content: The inclusion of videos and interactive elements makes learning engaging and relevant for teenagers. This approach helps to maintain student interest and motivation.

      Development of Independent Learning Skills: “Own It!” encourages students to take charge of their learning, developing important skills such as self-assessment, note-taking, and reflective thinking.

      Alignment with Cambridge Life Competencies Framework: The program is grounded in a well-researched framework, ensuring that the competencies developed are aligned with global educational standards and best practices.

      In summary, “Own It! It’s Your World” provides a holistic educational experience that goes beyond traditional language learning. It equips students with essential language skills, prepares them for global challenges, and fosters essential life skills that are critical in today’s interconnected and ever-evolving world.


      Own it! 3 Student's Book


      Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘Own It! It’s Your World’

      Implementing effective teaching and learning strategies is key to maximizing the benefits of the “Own It! It’s Your World” program. Here are some strategies that can be particularly effective:

      Project-Based Learning: Utilize the program’s project-based approach to foster collaborative skills, creativity, and real-world problem solving. Encourage students to work on projects that integrate language skills with other subject areas, enhancing their interdisciplinary understanding.

      Blended Learning: Combine traditional classroom methods with the digital tools provided by “Own It!”. Use the online resources for interactive activities, and incorporate the Practice Extra and Collaboration Plus tools to support learning outside the classroom.

      Flipped Classroom Model: Leverage the Language in Action videos and documentaries to introduce new topics and grammar points before class. This allows students to familiarize themselves with the material ahead of time, making in-class discussions more productive.

      Differentiated Instruction: Address the diverse needs of students by utilizing the graded activities and resources. Offer varying levels of challenge to cater to different abilities, ensuring that all students are engaged and supported.

      Own it! 4 Student's Book

      Cultural Immersion: Use the global cultural topics to immerse students in different cultures and perspectives. Encourage discussions, research, and presentations on these topics to develop cultural awareness and empathy.

      Interactive and Collaborative Activities: Incorporate group activities and discussions to foster teamwork and communication skills. The Collaboration Plus tool can be particularly useful for remote or online collaborations.

      Self-Directed Learning: Promote independent learning by encouraging students to use the Learn to Learn feature. Teach them how to set goals, manage their time, and use effective study techniques.

      Continuous Assessment and Feedback: Regularly assess student progress through the program’s Test & Train feature and other assessment tools. Provide constructive feedback to guide improvement.

      Real-World Connections: Relate the course content to real-life scenarios and current events. This helps students see the relevance of their learning and apply their skills in practical contexts.

      Encourage Language Use Outside the Classroom: Motivate students to use English in real-life situations or through online platforms. This practical application of language skills reinforces learning and improves fluency.

      Teacher Professional Development: Teachers should familiarize themselves with all aspects of the program and stay updated with best practices in language teaching. Participating in workshops or online forums can provide additional insights and strategies.

      Student Reflection and Self-Evaluation: Encourage students to reflect on their learning journey. Have them assess their progress and identify areas for improvement, fostering a growth mindset.

      By implementing these strategies, teachers can effectively leverage the comprehensive resources of “Own It! It’s Your World” to create an engaging, dynamic, and effective learning environment that prepares students not only in English language proficiency but also in essential life skills.


      Engaging English Language Learning Series for Young Learners: Fostering Global Citizenship and Environmental Awareness

      Finding alternatives to the “Own It! It’s Your World” series by Cambridge, which is designed to empower young learners by enhancing their English language skills alongside fostering an understanding of global citizenship, can involve looking at educational series that integrate language learning with themes of personal development, cultural awareness, and global issues. Here are several series that offer a comprehensive approach to English language learning with a focus on developing a broader worldview:

      “Our World” by National Geographic Learning: Utilizes stunning photography and content from National Geographic to introduce young learners to English alongside themes of global cultures, science, and the natural world, encouraging exploration and discovery.

      World English” by National Geographic Learning: Features content from National Geographic and TED Talks, bringing global perspectives into the English learning classroom to improve language skills while expanding learners’ understanding of the world.

      “Life Adventures” by Cambridge University Press: Focuses on developing English language skills through engaging stories and themes that promote social values, environmental awareness, and community engagement.

      “Global Citizens” by Oxford University Press: A series that aims to develop English language skills while encouraging learners to think about their role in a global community, focusing on themes of citizenship, environmental issues, and cultural understanding.

      “English for Everyone” by DK: This visually innovative series covers language learning from beginners to advanced levels, integrating themes of work, travel, and everyday life with a global perspective to foster practical communication skills and cultural awareness.

      Voices” by National Geographic Learning: Aimed at older learners, this series integrates language development with inspiring stories and insights from people around the world, fostering global awareness and empathy.

      Super Minds” by Cambridge University Press: Enhances children’s thinking skills along with their English language proficiency, integrating language learning with arts and crafts, science, and problem-solving, encouraging creativity and a global outlook.

      “Jump In!” by Macmillan Education: Aims at young learners, making learning English fun through songs, stories, and games, with a focus on developing communication skills in a vibrant and supportive setting that includes global themes.

      “Discover English” by Pearson Education: Uses engaging content to explore the world around us, encouraging young learners to use English as a tool for discovery. It integrates cross-curricular content, fostering curiosity about different cultures and global issues.

      “Brainwave” by Macmillan Education: Aimed at young learners, this series includes themes that touch on natural science, social studies, and arts, combined with language learning to promote curiosity, creativity, and a global mindset.

      “Island” by Scholastic: Offers an English program that integrates themes of adventure and discovery, encouraging learners to explore various aspects of the world and their own potential impact on it through engaging narratives and activities.

      “Footprints” by Macmillan Education: Combines language learning with a focus on environmental awareness and values education, encouraging young students to think about their impact on the world and how they can contribute to society positively.

      “Incredible English” by Oxford University Press: A series that integrates language learning with personal development and social skills, using a variety of stories, songs, and projects to encourage young learners to explore the world around them.

      “Happy Earth” by Oxford University Press: Focuses on environmental education alongside English language learning, offering stories and activities that raise awareness about global environmental issues and the importance of sustainability.

      Look!” by National Geographic Learning: Aimed at young learners, this series uses captivating photography and age-appropriate non-fiction content from National Geographic to teach English, engaging students with the world around them while developing critical thinking skills.

      “The World Around Us” by Pearson Education: A series designed to enhance English language skills through content that explores geography, culture, and science, encouraging learners to become curious about the world and its diverse inhabitants.

      These series offer varied approaches to language learning, ensuring that there’s something to cater to different interests and learning styles. Each series is crafted to engage children through stories, interactive content, and thematic learning, encouraging them to learn English while also developing a broad range of cognitive, social, and global competencies.


      ELT Ebooks by Cambridge University Press