Download Oxford Achieve 2nd Edition (4 Levels) Pdf Audio 2013

Download Oxford Achieve 2nd Edition (4 Levels) 2013

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Achieve 2ed Starter Student Book Workbook.pdf
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Level 1
Achieve 2ed 1 Student Book Workbook.pdf
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Level 2
Achieve 2ed 2 Student Book Workbook.pdf
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Level 3
Achieve 2ed 3 Student Book Workbook.pdf
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Download Oxford Achieve 2nd Edition (4 Levels) Pdf Audio full


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      Download Oxford Achieve 2nd Edition (4 Levels) pdf audio video



      Overview of the “Achieve 2nd Edition”

      ✅ Coursebook: Achieve 2nd Edition
      ✅ Publisher: Oxford University Press
      ✅ English type: American English
      ✅ Levels: Intermediate to Upper Intermediate
      ✅ For: Secondary, High School
      ✅ Publication year: 2013

      Achieve 2nd Edition” by Oxford is an American English course specifically designed for upper secondary students preparing for college entrance tests. Authored by Sylvia Wheeldon, Colin Campbell, Airton Pozo de Mattos, Zoltan Rezmuves, Susan Iannuzzi, Claire Thacker, Christina de la Mare, James Styring, and Nicholas Tims, this updated edition features significant enhancements including 50% new content and completely new reading texts.

      Targeting an intermediate to upper-intermediate language level, the course consists of three levels and is focused on preparing students not just for exams, but also for broader language skills applicable beyond school. It combines exam-oriented practice material with topics that are relevant and interesting to teenagers.

      Key features of Achieve 2nd Edition include:

      Strong Focus on Core Skills: Emphasizing reading comprehension, vocabulary building, and grammar.

      New Reading Texts: The reading materials are 100% new, reflecting a range of genres and topics from diverse academic perspectives, designed to resonate with older teenagers.

      Self-Correction and Common Mistakes: ‘Get it right’ boxes for self-correcting and ‘Focus on’ boxes highlighting common mistakes.

      Integrated Workbook and Language Reference: Additional support and practice are provided through integrated workbooks and language reference pages.

      Exam Practice and Skills Building: Level 3 extends the language syllabus with additional exam practice, while optional Skills Books at levels 1 and 2 focus on writing, listening, and speaking.

      Digital and Teaching Resources: iTools for interactive learning and a Teacher’s Resource Center for additional worksheets and tests.

      Practical and Engaging Approach: The course is designed for ease of use by teachers and to be engaging for teenagers, with a straightforward course and unit structure.

      Enhanced Reading Strategy Training: Includes tips on scanning, inferring, and interpreting, with relevant exercises.

      Tailored Content for Teenagers: The reading texts, new in the 2nd edition, are styled like magazine articles, covering various academic disciplines and topics pertinent to teenagers.

      Updated Design and Fresh Content: The 2nd edition features a refreshed design and 50% new content.

      In summary, Achieve 2nd Edition from Oxford is a comprehensive and engaging course for upper secondary students, offering a balanced approach to exam preparation and skill development in American English, tailored to the interests and academic needs of teenagers.


      Download ebook Achieve Starter Student Book & Workbook pdf


      Who is suitable for ‘Achieve 2nd Edition’?

      “Achieve 2nd Edition” is particularly suitable for:

      Upper Secondary Students: It is specifically designed for students in the upper secondary level of education, which typically includes those in the final years of high school.

      Students Preparing for College Entrance Exams: The course material is tailored to help students prepare for college entrance tests, making it ideal for those planning to pursue higher education.

      Learners at an Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate Language Level: The course is aimed at students who already have a basic to moderate understanding of English and are looking to enhance their proficiency to an upper-intermediate level.

      Teenagers Interested in Relevant and Engaging Content: The course materials are designed to appeal to older teenagers, with reading texts and topics that are relevant and interesting to this age group.

      Students Seeking Comprehensive Language Skills Development: Besides exam preparation, the course also focuses on developing rounded language skills that will be beneficial beyond just the exam context.

      Learners Who Need Practice in Key Language Areas: With a strong focus on reading comprehension, vocabulary building, and grammar, it’s ideal for students looking to strengthen these specific areas.

      Students Who Benefit from Self-Correction and Strategy Training: The course includes features like ‘Get it right’ and ‘Focus on’ boxes for self-correction and strategy training, which can be particularly beneficial for learners who thrive on understanding and correcting their mistakes.

      Teachers and Students Preferring Structured and Easy-to-Use Courses: The course’s straightforward structure requires minimal teacher preparation and is easy for students to follow, making it a good fit for classrooms with a preference for clearly organized learning materials.

      In essence, “Achieve 2nd Edition” is suitable for upper secondary students who are intermediate to upper-intermediate in their English language proficiency, preparing for college entrance exams, and interested in materials that are both academically challenging and engaging.


      Download ebook Achieve 1 Student Book & Workbook pdf


      The benefits of ‘Achieve 2nd Edition’

      “Achieve 2nd Edition” offers several benefits for both students and educators, making it a valuable resource for English language learning, especially in the context of preparing for college entrance exams. Key benefits include:

      Comprehensive Exam Preparation: It is specifically tailored for students preparing for school leaving or college entrance exams, providing thorough practice in the skills and knowledge required for these tests.

      Holistic Language Development: While focusing on exam preparation, the course also helps in developing all-around language skills, ensuring students are not only ready for exams but also equipped with language proficiency for broader contexts.

      Engaging and Relevant Content: The reading materials and topics are chosen to resonate with older teenagers, making the learning process more interesting and relatable. This can increase motivation and engagement in the classroom.

      Balanced Focus on Key Skills: With a strong emphasis on reading comprehension, vocabulary building, and grammar, the course provides a balanced approach to learning these core areas of language proficiency.

      Self-Correction and Learning Strategies: Features like ‘Get it right’ and ‘Focus on’ boxes encourage students to self-correct and understand common errors, promoting independent learning.

      Flexibility in Learning: Optional Skills Books at different levels offer guided practice in writing, listening, and speaking, allowing for a more tailored learning experience depending on the student’s needs.

      Interactive and Digital Learning Tools: The inclusion of iTools and other digital resources facilitates interactive learning, making it easier for teachers to manage classrooms and for students to engage with the material in a modern, dynamic way.

      Resource-Rich Teacher Support: The Teacher’s Resource Center provides additional worksheets and tests, aiding teachers in effectively supplementing and reinforcing the course material.

      Enhanced Reading Strategy Training: The course includes specific training in reading strategies like scanning, inferring, and interpreting, which are crucial skills for academic success.

      Updated and Fresh Approach: With 50% new content and a refreshed design, the second edition offers a contemporary look and feel, keeping the material up-to-date and visually appealing.

      Easy-to-Use Course Structure: The straightforward structure of the course and unit design requires minimal teacher preparation time, facilitating ease of use in a variety of educational settings.

      In summary, “Achieve 2nd Edition” offers a comprehensive, engaging, and versatile approach to English language learning for upper secondary students, particularly those preparing for college entrance exams. Its focus on both exam preparation and overall language development, along with its modern and student-friendly content, makes it a beneficial tool for learners and educators alike.

      Download ebook Achieve 2 Student Book & Workbook pdf


      Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘Achieve 2nd Edition’

      Effective teaching and learning strategies for “Achieve 2nd Edition” can enhance the educational experience and maximize the benefits of the course. Here are some strategies for both teachers and students:

      For Teachers:

      Incorporate Blended Learning: Utilize the iTools and digital resources provided with “Achieve 2nd Edition” to create a blended learning environment. This can include interactive activities, online exercises, and multimedia content to complement traditional teaching methods.

      Encourage Active Reading: Guide students through the new reading texts, emphasizing skills like skimming, scanning, inferring, and critical analysis. This helps develop comprehensive reading skills crucial for college entrance exams.

      Focus on Vocabulary and Grammar in Context: Use the course’s content to teach vocabulary and grammar in context, rather than in isolation, to help students understand how these elements are used in real-life situations.

      Utilize ‘Focus on’ and ‘Get it Right’ Boxes: Regularly integrate these features into lessons to address common mistakes and misunderstandings, encouraging self-correction and independent learning.

      Implement Peer Review and Collaborative Learning: Encourage students to work in pairs or groups for certain activities, promoting peer learning and collaboration.

      Regular Practice Tests and Feedback: Use the Teacher’s Resource Center to access practice tests and worksheets. Regular testing and constructive feedback can help track progress and address areas needing improvement.

      Customize Learning Paths: Recognize that students have different strengths and weaknesses. Use the optional Skills Books to provide additional practice in specific areas like writing, listening, or speaking, tailored to individual student needs.

      For Students:

      Active Engagement with Materials: Engage actively with the course materials, not just by reading but also by taking notes, highlighting key points, and summarizing content.

      Regular Self-Review and Practice: Utilize the integrated workbook and language reference pages for regular practice and review. This helps reinforce learning and identify areas for improvement.

      Practice with Reading Strategies: Apply the reading strategies taught in the course to diverse texts, both within and outside the curriculum, to build versatility in reading comprehension.

      Participate in Interactive Learning: Make the most of the digital tools and resources available. Interactive exercises can provide a more engaging way to learn and practice language skills.

      Peer Collaboration: Collaborate with classmates on assignments and projects. This not only enhances understanding but also builds communication skills.

      Self-Correction and Reflection: Pay attention to common errors highlighted in the course and work on self-correcting these. Reflect on personal progress and areas for growth.

      Seek Teacher Feedback: Regularly seek feedback from teachers and act on their suggestions to improve language skills.

      By implementing these strategies, both teachers and students can effectively utilize “Achieve 2nd Edition” to its fullest potential, ensuring comprehensive preparation for college entrance exams and overall enhancement of English language proficiency.


      Download ebook Achieve 3 Student Book & Workbook pdf


      Top 12 English Language Learning Series for Adult and Young Adult Learners: Effective Alternatives to Oxford’s Achieve 2nd Edition

      “Achieve 2nd Edition” by Oxford is an English language learning series designed to help students progress and achieve proficiency across the four main language skills. If you’re looking for alternative series that offer similar educational benefits, here are some excellent choices:

      English File by Oxford University Press – Known for its strong focus on students’ speaking skills, English File provides a comprehensive blend of listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities, suitable for a wide range of learners aiming to improve their English fluency.

      Language Leader by Pearson Education – This series offers a study of English with a serious, in-depth methodology suited for academic students who are preparing for university or professional life, emphasizing critical thinking and communication.

      Global by Macmillan Education – Aimed at adult learners, Global provides a comprehensive language learning experience with a focus on developing fluency and understanding of global cultures.

      Total English by Pearson Education – This series is structured around the needs of students who want to gain a thorough understanding of English with a strong grammar foundation and rich vocabulary input.

      Outcome by National Geographic Learning – This series uses real-world content to teach English, aiming to improve students’ speaking abilities by focusing on functional language used in real situations.

      Laser by Macmillan Education – A modern and fun course designed for teenagers, but with rigorous content that prepares students for all aspects of their language development, including grammar, vocabulary, and skills work.

      Speakout by Pearson Education – This series emphasizes authentic language use in a global context, combining BBC content with communicative activities to help learners use English practically and effectively.

      Roadmap by Pearson Education – A flexible, digital-friendly series designed for adults and young adults that focuses on communication in real-life scenarios through a structured learning path and extensive multimedia content.

      Insight by Oxford University Press – This series is designed to challenge students and stimulate their thinking with in-depth content, preparing them for further academic study and effective communication in English.

      Four Corners by Cambridge University Press – A four-skilled integrated English course that combines effective learning strategies with practical communication and cultural insights, suitable for adults and young adults at various proficiency levels.

      Life by National Geographic Learning – Integrating stunning photography and compelling content, Life helps learners explore global issues and develop language skills for academic and professional advancement.

      Skills in English by Garnet Education – This series provides a comprehensive approach to learning English, with a strong focus on academic skills and preparation for university-level studies.

      These alternatives provide robust learning frameworks that can help students build their English language skills comprehensively, preparing them for academic success, professional communication, or proficient daily interaction in English.

      ELT Ebooks by Oxford University Press