Download Grammar Genius (4 Levels) Pdf Video CD-Rom 2012

Download Grammar Genius Pdf Video CD-Rom 2012

Level 1
Grammar Genius 1 CD-Rom.rar
Grammar Genius 1 Student’s Book.pdf
Grammar Genius 1 Test Booklet.pdf
Grammar Genius 1 Video.rar

Level 2
Grammar Genius 2 CD-Rom.rar
Grammar Genius 2 Student’s Book Keys.pdf
Grammar Genius 2 Student’s Book.pdf
Grammar Genius 2 Test Book Answer Key.pdf
Grammar Genius 2 Test Booklet.pdf
Grammar Genius 2 Video.rar

Level 3
Grammar Genius 3 CD-Rom.rar
Grammar Genius 3 Student’s Book Keys.pdf
Grammar Genius 3 Student’s Book.pdf
Grammar Genius 3 Test Book Answer Key.pdf
Grammar Genius 3 Test Booklet.pdf
Grammar Genius 3 Video.rar

Level 4
Grammar Genius 4 CD-Rom.rar
Grammar Genius 4 Student’s Book Keys.pdf
Grammar Genius 4 Student’s Book.pdf
Grammar Genius 4 Test Book Answer Key.pdf
Grammar Genius 4 Test Booklet.pdf

Little Genius Grammar for Primary A Keys.pdf
Little Genius Grammar for Primary A.pdf
Little Genius Grammar for Primary B.pdf

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      Download Grammar Genius Pdf Video CD-Rom 2012



      Overview of the “Grammar Genius”

      ✅ Coursebook: Grammar Genius
      ✅ Publisher: Hamilton House
      ✅ Levels: A1, A2, A2+, B1
      ✅ For: Primary, Grammar
      ✅ Publication year: 2012

      Grammar Genius” by Hamilton House is a series of grammar reference and practice books designed for English language learners, ranging from beginners to intermediate levels. Here is an overview of the series:

      Series Composition: The series comprises various levels, each catering to different proficiency levels in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Levels include A1, A2, A2+, and B1​​​​.

      Content and Features:

      • Grammar Presentation: Grammar is taught through engaging and humorous cartoon strips, making it appealing and accessible for young learners​​​​.
      • Structure and Exercises: Each book contains grammar structures taught in short, learner-friendly steps, followed by a variety of graded practice exercises, writing, and speaking tasks​​​​.
      • Additional Resources: The series includes detailed reference sections, regular revision units, a unit-by-unit wordlist, spelling rules, and a table of irregular verbs​​​​​​.
      • ‘Be a Genius’ Tips: Special sections provide helpful tips and insights for mastering grammar concepts​​​​.
      • Teacher and Test Booklets: Teacher’s Books with overprinted answers and Test Booklets with carefully written tasks to check grammar comprehension are also available​​​​​​.
      • Interactive Elements: Interactive Whiteboard Software and an online platform with additional practice exercises enhance the learning experience​​​​​​.

      Character-Driven Learning: The course features a young inventor, Eugenius, his robot Dax, and friends, guiding learners through English grammar and structure in an engaging manner​​.

      Adaptability with Other Coursebooks: Due to its thoroughly researched syllabus, “Grammar Genius” can be used alongside any other coursebook written for its target levels​​.

      Online Platform: Hamilton House also offers an e-learning platform, where students can engage with the course content digitally. This platform includes courses for each level of “Grammar Genius”​​.

      Overall, “Grammar Genius” combines entertaining content with comprehensive grammar instruction, making it a useful resource for young learners at different stages of English language learning.


      Download Ebook pdf audio Grammar Genius 1 Student's Book


      Who is suitable for ‘Grammar Genius’?

      “Grammar Genius” by Hamilton House is suitable for a range of learners, primarily targeting young English language learners at different proficiency levels. Here are the key groups who would find this series beneficial:

      Young Learners of English: The series is specifically designed with young learners in mind, using engaging and fun cartoon strips to present grammar concepts. This approach makes it particularly appealing and accessible for children and teenagers.

      Beginner to Intermediate Level Students: The series covers CEFR levels A1 to B1. This range includes absolute beginners (A1) to learners who have reached an intermediate level of English proficiency (B1)​​​​.

      Students in Need of Supplementary Grammar Practice: “Grammar Genius” is designed to complement other course materials. Its thoroughly researched syllabus allows it to be used alongside any standard coursebook, making it ideal for students seeking additional grammar practice and reinforcement.

      Classroom and Individual Study: The series is suitable for use in classroom settings, thanks to the availability of Teacher’s Books and Test Booklets, and it can also be used for individual study, with its easy-to-follow structure and online practice exercises​​​​​​.

      Learners Who Enjoy Interactive and Visual Learning: The use of cartoon strips, ‘be a genius’ tips, and interactive whiteboard software makes this series suitable for learners who benefit from a more visual and interactive approach to language learning​​​​​​.

      Educators and Parents: Teachers and parents looking for structured, engaging, and comprehensive grammar teaching materials for children will find this series beneficial.

      In summary, “Grammar Genius” is appropriate for young English language learners from beginner to intermediate levels, whether they are in a classroom setting, learning individually, or seeking supplementary materials to aid their English language studies.


      Download Ebook pdf audio Grammar Genius 2 Student's Book Keys


      The benefits of ‘Grammar Genius’

      “Grammar Genius” by Hamilton House offers several benefits that make it an effective and engaging tool for learning English grammar, especially for young learners. These benefits include:

      Engaging Content: The use of loveable cartoon strips to present grammar rules makes learning more enjoyable and engaging for young learners. This approach helps in maintaining interest and motivation in the subject​​​​.

      Step-by-Step Learning: Grammar structures are taught in short, learner-friendly steps, ensuring that students can gradually and effectively understand and apply grammar rules without feeling overwhelmed.

      Comprehensive Practice: The series provides a wide variety of carefully graded practice exercises. This comprehensive practice ensures thorough understanding and reinforcement of the grammar concepts taught in each unit​​​​.

      Writing and Speaking Tasks: At the end of each unit, there are writing and speaking tasks that allow students to apply the grammar they have learned in practical, real-world contexts. This integration of grammar into communicative tasks is crucial for language acquisition​​​​.

      Helpful Tips and Revision Units: Special ‘be a genius’ boxes offer helpful tips to students, and regular revision units help consolidate learning, ensuring that students can remember and apply what they have learned over time​​​​.

      Adaptable to Various Learning Environments: The series can be used alongside any coursebook, making it a flexible tool for different learning environments, whether in a classroom or for individual study​​.

      Interactive and Digital Learning Opportunities: With the inclusion of interactive whiteboard software and an online platform with additional exercises, students have the opportunity to engage with the material in a digital format, catering to diverse learning styles and technological preferences​​​​​​.

      Structured Assessment Tools: The availability of Test Booklets with tasks that are carefully written to check all main grammar items taught in the respective units, along with a score scheme for easy marking, helps teachers assess student progress effectively​​​​​​.

      Comprehensive Support for Teachers: Teacher’s Books containing the full version of the Student’s Book with overprinted answers aid educators in effectively teaching and reviewing the material​​​​​​.

      Building Confidence in English Language Use: By providing a solid foundation in English grammar, “Grammar Genius” helps students build confidence in their English language skills, which is essential for their overall language development.

      Overall, “Grammar Genius” combines educational rigor with engaging and interactive content, making it a valuable resource for young learners of English at various stages of their language learning journey.


      Download Ebook pdf audio Grammar Genius 3 Student's Book Keys


      Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘Grammar Genius’

      To effectively teach and learn using “Grammar Genius” by Hamilton House, it’s important to implement strategies that align with the series’ engaging and structured approach to English grammar. Here are some effective teaching and learning strategies:

      For Teachers:

      Introduction to Characters: Begin by introducing the characters such as Eugenius, Dax, and their friends to the students. Create a sense of curiosity and engagement by discussing the characters and their adventures in English grammar.

      Visual Learning: Utilize the visually engaging cartoon strips provided in the series to explain grammar concepts. Encourage students to analyze the cartoons and discuss how they relate to the grammar rules being taught.

      Interactive Whiteboard Software: Make use of the interactive whiteboard software if available. Use it to display cartoons, conduct interactive exercises, and engage students in grammar-related activities.

      Grammar Tables and Rules: After presenting grammar concepts through cartoons, reinforce learning by discussing the associated grammar tables and rules. Encourage students to take notes and reference these tables during practice.

      Grammar Exercises: Assign a variety of grammar exercises from the series to provide practice opportunities. Include exercises that cover different aspects of each grammar concept, such as fill-in-the-blanks, multiple-choice questions, and sentence construction.

      Speaking and Writing Tasks: Incorporate speaking and writing tasks at the end of each unit. Encourage students to apply the grammar they’ve learned in real-life situations. Provide feedback and correction as needed.

      Regular Revision: Schedule regular revision sessions to consolidate learning. Use the revision units provided in the series to review previously learned grammar concepts.

      ‘Be a Genius’ Tips: Highlight the ‘be a genius’ tips in the series, which provide helpful insights and strategies for mastering grammar. Discuss these tips with students to enhance their understanding.

      Assessment: Use the Test Booklets included in the series for formal assessments. Evaluate students’ progress and provide constructive feedback.

      Differentiation: Recognize that students may progress at different rates. Offer additional support or challenges to meet individual learning needs.

      Download Ebook pdf audio Grammar Genius 4 Student's Book Keys

      For Students:

      Active Participation: Actively engage with the cartoon strips and content. Discuss the stories and characters with classmates to reinforce understanding.

      Note-Taking: Take notes on grammar tables, rules, and ‘be a genius’ tips. These notes can serve as reference materials during practice and revision.

      Practice Regularly: Complete the grammar exercises provided in the series. Regular practice is key to internalizing grammar concepts.

      Speak and Write: Practice speaking and writing in English using the grammar rules you’ve learned. Try to use them in everyday conversations and writing assignments.

      Online Platform: If available, explore the online platform with additional practice exercises. This can provide extra opportunities for reinforcement.

      Collaborate: Collaborate with classmates on assignments and group activities. Discussing grammar concepts with peers can enhance understanding.

      Ask Questions: Don’t hesitate to ask your teacher for clarification or help if you encounter difficulties with any grammar concept.

      Self-Assessment: Use the Test Booklet assessments to gauge your own progress and identify areas that may require additional practice.

      Be Patient: Learning grammar takes time, so be patient with yourself. It’s normal to make mistakes along the way.

      Enjoy the Learning Journey: Have fun discovering English grammar through the engaging stories and characters in “Grammar Genius.” Enjoying the learning process can make it more effective.

      By combining these teaching and learning strategies, educators can create a dynamic and effective learning environment for students using “Grammar Genius,” fostering a deeper understanding of English grammar concepts.


      Top 14 English Grammar Series: Comprehensive Alternatives to Hamilton House’s Grammar Genius

      If you’re looking for alternatives to the “Grammar Genius” series by Hamilton House, which is designed to enhance grammar skills through structured lessons and activities, here are several other grammar-focused educational series that could serve as suitable replacements:

      Grammar in Use” Series by Cambridge: This highly popular series, including “English Grammar in Use” (intermediate) and “Basic Grammar in Use” (beginners), offers clear explanations and practice exercises. It is well-suited for self-study or supplementary classroom material.

      “Grammar Spectrum” by Oxford: Known for its clear explanations and practical exercises, this series is designed for young adult and adult learners at various levels, providing comprehensive grammar practice.

      “Understanding and Using English Grammar” by Betty Schrampfer Azar and Stacy A. Hagen: This series is widely used in classrooms and for individual study. It offers detailed explanations of grammar points, numerous practice exercises, and is available in both a student book and a workbook format.

      “Practical English Usage” by Michael Swan (Oxford): More of a reference than a traditional workbook, this guide is invaluable for learners who need to clarify grammatical questions. It provides practical answers to common problems.

      “Murphy’s Grammar in Use” by Raymond Murphy: Another cornerstone of grammar learning, this series is comprehensive and available in editions tailored to different levels. It’s highly regarded for its clarity and utility in both classroom and self-study settings.

      “Top Grammar” by Pearson: This series includes easy-to-understand explanations and interactive practice, making it appropriate for young adults and adults who want to improve their grammar skills systematically.

      Grammar Goals” by Macmillan: Tailored for young learners, this series uses engaging content and clear visuals to help students grasp complex grammar concepts in an enjoyable way.

      “Total Grammar” by Collins: This is a comprehensive series that covers grammar extensively with clear explanations and plenty of practice exercises, suitable for learners of all ages.

      Round-Up” by Pearson Longman: This series is particularly engaging for younger learners, featuring a colorful and interactive approach to grammar practice. It uses games and puzzles to make learning grammar fun and effective.

      “English Grammar Today” by Cambridge: An up-to-date and practical reference guide to the structures of modern English as it is used in everyday contexts, from speaking to formal writing. This makes it a versatile resource for both learners and teachers.

      Focus on Grammar” by Pearson: This integrated skills approach helps students bridge the gap between comprehending grammatical structures and actually using them in written and spoken English. The series offers clear visual presentation of grammar, contextualized listening activities, and comprehensive review and expansion sections.

      “Grammar and Beyond” by Cambridge: This series ensures students are prepared to use the grammar they learn in real-world settings, integrating systematic grammar instruction with authentic examples and practice.

      “Grammar Express” by Pearson: For intermediate to high-intermediate students who need to improve their grammar for written and oral communication, this series offers concise, easy-to-understand explanations with lots of examples, making it ideal for both classroom use and self-study.

      Oxford Practice Grammar” by Oxford: This series offers comprehensive coverage of English grammar structures with practical activities and examples that reflect the way English is used today. It’s structured in a way that is accessible for learners at different levels.

      These alternatives provide robust grammar learning opportunities, each with unique features and strengths, ranging from thorough explanations for self-study to interactive classroom exercises, effectively replacing the “Grammar Genius” series.