Download Jolly Phonics (7 levels) Pdf Audio Video DVD-ROM

Download Jolly Phonics (7 levels)

Finger Phonics book 1 s_a_t_i_p_n.pdf
Finger Phonics book 2 c_k_e_h_r_m_d.pdf
Finger Phonics book 3 g_o_u_l_f_b.pdf
Finger Phonics book 4 ai_j_oa_ie_ee_o.pdf
Finger Phonics book 5 z_w_ng_v_00_00.pdf
Finger Phonics book 6 y_x_ch_sh_th_th.pdf
Finger Phonics book 7.pdf

Jolly Phonics Activity Book 1.pdf
Jolly Phonics Activity Book 2.pdf
Jolly Phonics Activity Book 3.pdf
Jolly Phonics Activity Book 4.pdf
Jolly Phonics Activity Book 5.pdf
Jolly Phonics Activity Book 6.pdf
Jolly Phonics Activity Book 7.pdf

Jolly Phonics Extra Pupil Book 1.pdf
Jolly Phonics Extra Pupil Book 2.pdf
Jolly Phonics Extra Pupil Book 3.pdf

Jolly Phonics Workbook 1 s_a_t_i_p_n.pdf
Jolly Phonics Workbook 2 c_k_e_h_r_m.pdf
Jolly Phonics Workbook 3 g_o_u_l_f_b.pdf
Jolly Phonics Workbook 4 ai_j_oa_ie_e.pdf
Jolly Phonics Workbook 5 z_w_ng_v_oo.pdf
Jolly Phonics Workbook 6 y_x_ch_sh_th.pdf
Jolly Phonics Workbook 7 qu_ou_oi_ue.pdf

Jolly Phonics 1 Cards.rar
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Jolly Phonics The Grammar Handbook 1-2.rar
Jolly Phonics Word Book Bank Box Cards.rar
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The Jolly Phonics For The Whiteboard DVD-ROM.rar

Jolly Phonics Readers
Jolly Phonics Action Sheet.pdf Jolly Phonics Ants.pdf
Jolly Phonics Bretts Dragon.pdf
Jolly Phonics Cartoonito Activity Sheets.rar
Jolly Phonics Dads Red Tent.pdf
Jolly Phonics Duck Gets Stuck.pdf
Jolly Phonics Golf is not fun.pdf
Jolly Phonics Hen and cats picnic.pdf
Jolly Phonics Level 1 and 2 Practice.pdf Jolly Phonics Pet panic.pdf
Jolly Phonics Snap.pdf
Jolly Phonics Tips.pdf
Jolly Readers Animal Chatter.pdf
Jolly Readers Butterflies and Moths.pdf
Jolly Readers Cheese Stars.pdf
Jolly Readers Crabs.pdf
Jolly Readers Hetty.pdf
Jolly Readers Lizards.pdf
Jolly Readers Looking for Snake.pdf
Jolly Readers Monster Party.pdf
Jolly Readers Oil.pdf
Jolly Readers Phonic.pdf
Jolly Readers Picnic.pdf
Jolly Readers Rainforests.pdf
Jolly Readers Red Hen.pdf
Jolly Readers Shells.pdf
Jolly Readers Spots.pdf
Jolly Readers Zacks Present.pdf

Download Jolly Phonics (7 levels) Pdf Audio Video DVD-ROM

Jolly Phonics Readers


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      Download Jolly Phonics (7 levels) Pdf Audio Video DVD full



      Overview of the “Jolly Phonics”

      Jolly Phonics is a comprehensive and multi-sensory synthetic phonics program designed to teach children how to read and write in English. It’s recognized for its effectiveness and has been a significant part of the UK curriculum. Now used in over 100 countries, it offers a 7-year educational plan covering phonics, spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Here are some key aspects of Jolly Phonics:

      Synthetic Phonics Approach: It uses synthetic phonics, a method where children learn to read by blending letter sounds and to write by segmenting sounds into letters.

      Multi-Sensory Teaching: The program incorporates actions, stories, and songs to make learning engaging and multi-sensory.

      Research-Backed and Widely Recognized: Independent research supports its effectiveness, and it’s validated by the UK Department for Education as meeting essential core criteria.

      Systematic Learning: It includes systematic teaching of phonics, grammar, spelling, and punctuation across school years.

      Five Key Skills: These include learning letter sounds, letter formation, blending, segmenting, and handling tricky words.

      Flexibility and Ease of Implementation: Designed by teachers, it’s flexible and straightforward to integrate into school curricula.

      Continuous Development: The program continues to evolve, with new and refreshed resources, adapting to the needs of pupils and teachers.

      Global Use and Impact: Its use worldwide has shown significant progress in children’s reading and writing abilities.

      Extended Program: Beyond initial phonics teaching, it includes extended learning in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

      Alignment with Curricula: The program aligns with the UK National Curriculum and the US Common Core State Standards.

      Jolly Phonics has proven to be a valuable tool in literacy education, offering a structured, engaging, and effective approach to early reading and writing skills development.


      Jolly Phonics Activity Book 1


      Who is suitable for ‘Jolly Phonics’?

      Jolly Phonics is suitable for a wide range of learners, particularly targeting early education. Here are the key groups for whom Jolly Phonics is especially suitable:

      Early Years Students: It’s primarily designed for young children in their first years of schooling. The program is often started in preschool or kindergarten and continues through the first few years of elementary school.

      Children Learning English: Since Jolly Phonics teaches reading and writing in English, it’s beneficial for children learning English as a second language. The systematic approach to phonics can help non-native speakers grasp the basics of English pronunciation and literacy.

      Children with Diverse Learning Needs: The multi-sensory approach of Jolly Phonics can be effective for children with different learning styles and needs, including those with dyslexia or other learning difficulties. The use of songs, actions, and stories can make learning more accessible and engaging for these children.

      Educators and Parents: Teachers and parents looking for a structured, research-backed method to teach reading and writing will find Jolly Phonics a suitable tool. Its systematic approach and comprehensive resources provide a clear pathway for guiding children through the early stages of literacy.

      Schools Implementing Phonics Programs: Schools that are integrating phonics into their curriculum can adopt Jolly Phonics as it aligns well with educational standards in many countries and offers a complete package for teaching phonics, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

      Children Across Various Abilities: The program is effective across the ability range, supporting children of varying academic levels and learning paces.

      In summary, Jolly Phonics is versatile and can be adapted to suit a broad range of early learners, making it a popular choice in many educational settings worldwide.


      Jolly Phonics Activity Book 2


      The benefits of ‘Jolly Phonics’

      Jolly Phonics offers several benefits in the realm of early literacy education, making it a widely adopted program in various educational settings. Here are some of the key benefits:

      Enhanced Reading and Writing Skills: By focusing on synthetic phonics, Jolly Phonics helps children develop strong foundational skills in reading and writing. Children learn to decode words by blending sounds and encode words by segmenting sounds into letters, which significantly improves their literacy.

      Multi-Sensory Learning Approach: The program incorporates visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning strategies, making it engaging and effective for children with different learning styles. This multi-sensory approach also aids in better retention and understanding of the concepts.

      Early Language Development: Starting from a young age, Jolly Phonics helps children develop a good grasp of language fundamentals, which is crucial for their future academic success.
      Inclusivity and Accessibility: The program is suitable for a wide range of learners, including those with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, and those for whom English is a second language.

      Building Confidence: As children quickly learn to read and write simple words, their confidence and interest in learning increase. This early success can foster a positive attitude towards learning in general.

      Structured and Systematic Approach: Jolly Phonics provides a clear, structured path for literacy education, which helps teachers and parents in guiding children through the learning process.

      Supports Diverse Educational Standards: It aligns with various educational curricula, including the UK National Curriculum and the US Common Core State Standards, ensuring its relevance and applicability in different educational contexts.

      Improves Pronunciation and Listening Skills: As children learn to recognize and produce different sounds, their pronunciation and listening skills are enhanced.

      Prepares Children for Future Academic Challenges: By providing a solid foundation in reading and writing, Jolly Phonics prepares children for more complex literacy tasks in their subsequent schooling years.

      Global Recognition and Research-Backed: With its effectiveness supported by independent research, Jolly Phonics is globally recognized and adopted, attesting to its quality and impact.

      In summary, Jolly Phonics offers a comprehensive, engaging, and effective approach to early literacy that benefits children by laying a strong foundation for reading and writing, accommodating different learning styles, and preparing them for future academic success.


      Jolly Phonics Activity Book 3


      Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘Jolly Phonics’

      Effective teaching and learning strategies are crucial for maximizing the benefits of the Jolly Phonics program. Here are some strategies that can enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning with Jolly Phonics:

      Systematic and Sequential Approach: Follow the prescribed sequence of Jolly Phonics, which introduces sounds in a specific order. This structured approach helps in building a solid foundation, ensuring that each new skill builds upon the last.

      Multi-Sensory Activities: Utilize the multi-sensory nature of Jolly Phonics. Engage students with actions, songs, and stories for each sound. This helps cater to different learning styles and makes learning more memorable and enjoyable.

      Regular Practice and Revision: Consistent practice is key. Regularly revisiting previously learned sounds and skills ensures reinforcement and aids in long-term retention.

      Blending and Segmenting Practice: Focus on blending (for reading) and segmenting (for spelling) from the early stages. Use games, flashcards, and interactive activities to practice these skills.

      Incorporate Phonics into Daily Activities: Embed phonics learning in everyday classroom activities. For instance, use phonics knowledge during reading sessions, writing tasks, or even while playing.

      Differentiated Instruction: Recognize that children learn at different paces. Tailor your teaching to meet individual needs, offering extra support or additional challenges where necessary.

      Use of Visual Aids and Props: Employ visual aids like flashcards, alphabet charts, and letter tiles. Props can make learning more engaging and help in visualizing and understanding concepts.

      Jolly Phonics Activity Book 4

      Interactive and Collaborative Learning: Encourage group activities and games that promote interaction and collaboration among students. This not only makes learning fun but also fosters social skills.

      Positive Reinforcement: Use praise and positive feedback to motivate children. Celebrate their successes, no matter how small, to build confidence and a positive attitude towards learning.

      Parental Involvement: Encourage parents to get involved in their child’s phonics learning. Provide them with resources and simple activities they can do at home to support their child’s learning.

      Continuous Assessment and Feedback: Regularly assess students’ progress and provide constructive feedback. This helps in identifying areas that need more focus and tailoring teaching strategies accordingly.

      Integration with Other Literacy Skills: While focusing on phonics, also integrate teaching with other literacy skills such as vocabulary building, comprehension, and writing, to provide a holistic learning experience.

      Professional Development for Educators: Teachers should continually seek to improve their understanding and skills in teaching phonics. Attending workshops, training sessions, or webinars on Jolly Phonics can be highly beneficial.

      By incorporating these strategies, teachers can effectively deliver the Jolly Phonics program, ensuring that children develop strong literacy skills in an engaging and supportive environment.


      Jolly Phonics Activity Book 5


      Unlocking Literacy with Jolly Phonics: A Comprehensive Guide

      In the quest for effective literacy education, Jolly Phonics stands out as a beacon of innovation and success. This comprehensive guide delves into the Jolly Phonics program, a multi-sensory, fun, and highly effective method of teaching young children to read and write in English. Designed with the understanding that early literacy is crucial for future academic success, Jolly Phonics provides an engaging and structured approach to introduce the fundamentals of the English language to young learners.

      What is Jolly Phonics?

      Jolly Phonics is a systematic synthetic phonics program, initially developed over 25 years ago. It is designed to teach children the sounds of English, how to blend them to read words, and how to segment them to write words. The program stands on the premise that teaching children to read and write using synthetic phonics is the most effective method. Over the years, Jolly Phonics has evolved, informed by extensive research and is now implemented in over 100 countries.

      Jolly Phonics Activity Book 6

      The Core Elements of Jolly Phonics

      Synthetic Phonics Approach: Unlike traditional methods that start with the alphabet, Jolly Phonics focuses on the 42 sounds of English. This approach teaches children to read by synthesizing or blending the sounds together to form words.

      Multi-Sensory Learning: Jolly Phonics makes learning to read and write an active and enjoyable experience. It incorporates visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles, using actions, stories, and songs for each sound.

      Five Key Skills: The program is built around five essential skills – learning the letter sounds, learning letter formation, blending, segmenting, and tricky words. These skills are taught in a specific sequence, ensuring a solid foundation in literacy.

      The Benefits of Jolly Phonics

      Early Reading and Writing Success: Children using Jolly Phonics show remarkable progress in reading and writing, often surpassing expectations for their age group.

      Engagement and Enjoyment: The fun, interactive nature of the program keeps children engaged and eager to learn.

      Inclusivity: It works effectively for all children, including those with learning difficulties and those learning English as an additional language.

      Foundation for Future Learning: Jolly Phonics lays a strong foundation for future literacy skills, including advanced reading, comprehension, and creative writing.

      Jolly Phonics Activity Book 7

      Implementing Jolly Phonics

      The program is versatile and can be adapted to various educational settings. It’s suitable for use in schools, at home, and in tutoring sessions. Teachers and parents can access a wealth of resources, including books, workbooks, software, and training.

      The Global Impact of Jolly Phonics

      With its adoption in over 100 countries, Jolly Phonics has had a global impact on early literacy. Independent research supports its effectiveness, and many education systems have incorporated it into their standard curriculum.


      Jolly Phonics has revolutionized the way we approach teaching literacy. Its success lies in its ability to turn the complex task of learning to read and write into an enjoyable and fulfilling journey for children. By unlocking literacy with Jolly Phonics, educators and parents are opening doors to a world of opportunities for young learners, setting them on a path to lifelong learning and success.