Download Richmond All Around New Edition (3 Levels) Pdf Audio 2018

Download All Around New Edition (3 Levels) 2018

Level 1
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Level 2
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Level 3
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Download Ebook All Around New Edition (3 Levels) Pdf Audio


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      Download Ebook All Around New Edition (3 Levels) Pdf Audio full



      Overview of the “All Around New Edition”

      ✅ Coursebook: All Around New Edition
      ✅ Publisher: Richmond
      ✅ Levels: A1
      ✅ English type: British English
      ✅ For: Primary
      ✅ Publication year: 2018

      The “All Around New Edition” by Richmond is a comprehensive English language learning program designed for learners at Levels 1 to 3, aligning with the A1 proficiency level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This new edition is an updated and enhanced version of the original bestseller “All Around.”

      Key Features and Approach:

      ๏ Holistic Learning Approach: The program is not just focused on English language acquisition but also aims at teaching the whole child. This includes cognitive, creative, and social aspects through a variety of modern, engaging projects and activities that foster social and emotional competencies.

      ๏ Big Question Framework: Each unit is centered around a “Big Question,” which is designed to stimulate critical thinking, curiosity, and a keen interest in learning. This approach encourages students to engage deeply with the material and think beyond the conventional scope of language learning.

      ๏ Integrated Language Skills Development: The program ensures that students not only learn English but also practice it extensively. This includes a strong emphasis on the simultaneous development of social and emotional skills, which are essential for comprehensive personal growth.

      ๏ Diverse and Interactive Material: The All Around New Edition offers a wide range of printed and digital resources. These materials are cross-curricular and interactive, making the learning process both fun and educational. The activities are designed to cater to different learning styles and preferences, ensuring a more inclusive educational experience.

      ๏ Support for Teachers: In addition to student-focused materials, the program provides an abundance of extra ideas and resources for teachers. This support helps educators to effectively implement the program and adapt it to the specific needs of their students.

      Overall, the “All Around New Edition” appears to be a well-rounded, engaging, and innovative program for English language learners, emphasizing not just language skills but also the broader aspects of learning and personal development.

      All Around New Edition Level 1 Student's Book

      All Around New Edition Level 1 Student’s Book


      Who is suitable for ‘All Around New Edition’?

      The “All Around New Edition” is designed to cater to a specific audience in the field of English language learning. It is suitable for:

      ๏ Young Learners: The program is tailored for young students, likely in primary or elementary school, given its focus on Levels 1 to 3 and alignment with the A1 proficiency level in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This makes it ideal for children who are beginning their journey in English language learning.

      ๏ Students Needing a Holistic Learning Approach: This program is particularly suitable for learners who benefit from a holistic educational approach. It addresses not only cognitive and linguistic skills but also places significant emphasis on creative and social development, making it ideal for students who thrive in a learning environment that goes beyond traditional language instruction.

      ๏ Learners Interested in Developing Social and Emotional Skills: The “All Around New Edition” integrates social-emotional learning components, making it appropriate for students whose education goals include the development of social and emotional competencies alongside language skills.

      ๏ Educators Seeking Comprehensive Teaching Resources: The program offers a wealth of resources for teachers, including extra ideas and materials. This makes it a good choice for educators looking for a well-structured, easy-to-use program that supports their teaching methodologies and provides additional support.

      ๏ Classes with a Focus on Interactive and Cross-Curricular Learning: Schools or educational programs that emphasize interactive, fun, and cross-curricular activities will find the program fitting. It’s designed to engage students through a variety of activities that make learning English enjoyable and relevant to other areas of study.

      Overall, the “All Around New Edition” is ideal for young, beginner-level English learners and educators who are looking for a comprehensive, interactive, and holistic approach to language teaching.


      All Around 2 Student's Book New Edition

      All Around New Edition Level 2 Student’s Book


      The benefits of ‘All Around New Edition’

      The “All Around New Edition” offers several key benefits that make it a valuable resource for English language learning, especially for young learners. These benefits include:

      ๏ Holistic Learning: One of the primary advantages of this program is its holistic approach to language education. It not only focuses on English language acquisition but also integrates cognitive, creative, and social learning. This well-rounded approach ensures that students are not just learning a language but are also developing critical thinking, creativity, and social skills.

      ๏ Engagement through Big Questions: The use of “Big Questions” as a central theme for each unit encourages deeper engagement and curiosity among students. This method promotes critical thinking and a keen interest in learning, making the educational process more interesting and effective.

      ๏ Integrated Social and Emotional Learning: By incorporating social and emotional competencies into the curriculum, the program helps young learners develop important life skills. These skills include empathy, emotional regulation, and effective communication, which are essential for personal and academic success.

      ๏ Variety of Interactive Materials: The program offers a diverse range of both printed and digital materials, which cater to different learning styles and keep students engaged. Interactive and fun activities ensure that the learning process is enjoyable and effective, enhancing student motivation and participation.

      ๏ Support for Teachers: With plenty of extra ideas and resources available, teachers are well-equipped to deliver the program effectively. This support is crucial for educators to adapt their teaching methods to meet the needs of their students and to implement the program seamlessly in their classrooms.

      ๏ Development of Language Skills in Context: The cross-curricular nature of the materials allows students to learn English in context, relating it to other subjects and real-world scenarios. This approach helps in better retention and understanding of the language.

      ๏ Inclusive and Adaptive Learning Environment: The program’s structure and content are designed to be inclusive, catering to a wide range of learners with different abilities and learning preferences. This adaptability makes it suitable for diverse classroom settings.

      In summary, the “All Around New Edition” is beneficial for its holistic approach to education, its ability to engage and motivate young learners, its integration of social and emotional learning, and its comprehensive support for both students and teachers. These features make it an effective tool for teaching English to young learners, ensuring they acquire not only language skills but also a broad range of cognitive, creative, and social competencies.


      All Around 3 Student's Book New Edition

      All Around New Edition Level 3 Student’s Book


      Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘All Around New Edition’

      To maximize the effectiveness of the “All Around New Edition” in teaching and learning English, certain strategies can be employed by educators. These strategies align with the holistic and interactive nature of the program:

      ๏ Incorporate Collaborative Learning: Encourage group activities and projects where students can interact and practice their language skills with peers. Collaboration fosters communication skills and allows learners to learn from each other, enhancing their social and emotional development.

      ๏ Utilize the Big Question Approach: Integrate the Big Questions into the classroom discussions and activities. Encourage students to think critically about these questions, formulating their own opinions and ideas. This approach stimulates curiosity and deeper understanding of the content.

      ๏ Differentiate Instruction: Recognize that students have varying levels of proficiency and learning styles. Differentiate your teaching methods to cater to these differences. This might involve using a mix of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic materials and activities, as provided in the program.

      ๏ Promote Social and Emotional Learning (SEL): Integrate SEL activities into everyday lessons. Use scenarios and examples from the course material to discuss emotions, empathy, problem-solving, and effective communication. This helps in the overall development of the child.

      ๏ Interactive and Technology-Integrated Learning: Make use of the digital resources provided by the program. Interactive learning through digital media can enhance engagement and provide a dynamic learning environment that complements traditional teaching methods.

      ๏ Encourage Reflective Thinking: After completing a unit or activity, engage students in reflective thinking. Ask them to share what they learned, how they applied their skills, and what they found challenging or interesting. Reflection helps consolidate learning and develop metacognitive skills.

      ๏ Cross-Curricular Connections: Draw connections between English language learning and other subjects. This helps students see the relevance of their language skills in different contexts and enhances their overall understanding and retention.

      ๏ Continuous Assessment and Feedback: Implement regular assessments to monitor progress and provide constructive feedback. This can include both formal and informal methods, such as quizzes, class participation, and project evaluations. Feedback is crucial for student growth and helps in identifying areas that need more focus.

      ๏ Parental Involvement: Encourage parents to participate in their child’s learning process. Share tips and resources that they can use at home to reinforce the learning taking place in the classroom.

      ๏ Professional Development for Teachers: Teachers should continually seek professional development opportunities to stay updated with the latest teaching methodologies and to effectively implement the “All Around New Edition” curriculum.

      By implementing these strategies, educators can enhance the effectiveness of the “All Around New Edition” program, ensuring that students not only learn English as a language but also develop critical thinking, creativity, and social-emotional skills.


      Top English Language Learning Series for Young Learners: Engaging Alternatives to Richmond’s All Around New Edition

      For learners looking for alternatives to the “All Around New Edition” series by Richmond, which is designed to engage students in a comprehensive English language learning experience, several educational series offer similar comprehensive approaches. These alternatives focus on enhancing English proficiency through engaging and thematic content suited for young learners and teenagers. Here are notable series that provide structured instruction, engaging content, and skill development:

      ๏ “Family and Friends” by Oxford University Press: This series combines language learning with emotional and social skills development, using stories and activities that engage and support young learners effectively.

      ๏ “Our World” by National Geographic Learning: Utilizes stunning photography and content from National Geographic, making English learning engaging and informative, particularly for young learners interested in exploring global cultures and environments.

      ๏ “Big Fun” by Pearson Education: Targets young learners with a playful approach that integrates language learning with games and songs, making the learning process both enjoyable and effective.

      ๏ “Super Minds” by Cambridge University Press: Enhances not only language skills but also cognitive skills through an integrated approach that includes arts and crafts, and science, fostering creativity and critical thinking alongside language development.

      ๏ “Kid’s Box” by Cambridge University Press: A colorful and vibrant series designed to stimulate young learners’ imaginations, making learning English fun and engaging with a variety of stories and activities.

      ๏ “Jump In!” by Macmillan Education: Makes learning English enjoyable through a mix of activities, games, and songs, aimed at young learners and designed to promote active use of English.

      ๏ “Show and Tell” by Oxford University Press: Combines language learning with developing social and emotional intelligence, using themes that resonate with young learners to help them express themselves in English.

      ๏ “Footprints” by Macmillan Education: Offers a blend of English language learning with moral and environmental education, delivered through stories and projects that encourage young learners to think about the world around them.

      ๏ “English in Mind” by Cambridge University Press: Tailored for teenage learners, this series combines engaging content with a clear grammatical and communicative methodology, encouraging students to express themselves both personally and academically.

      ๏ “American English File” by Oxford University Press: Known for its communicative approach, this series focuses on language, grammar, and skills practice in real-world contexts, using humor and engaging topics to maintain student interest.

      ๏ “Fly High” by Pearson Education: A fun, engaging series for younger students that builds confidence through songs, chants, and games, while gently introducing young learners to language concepts.

      ๏ “Life” by National Geographic Learning: Integrates National Geographic content with English learning, offering stunning visuals and compelling content that inspire students to learn about the world and the English language.

      ๏ “Speakout” by Pearson Education: Combines in-depth language teaching with authentic video material from the BBC, making it suitable for older teens and adults looking to enhance their English in a meaningful context.

      ๏ “Global” by Macmillan Education: Designed for adult learners but also suitable for older teenagers, this series emphasizes language learning within a global context, providing insights into different cultures and global issues.

      ๏ “Real Life” by Pearson Education: Brings English to real life for students through modern topics, real-world communication skills, and strategies, ensuring learners are prepared to use their English both academically and in their everyday lives.

      ๏ “Happy Street” by Oxford University Press: New editions of this classic series reflect the interests of children and include funny stories and lovely characters to enhance learning enjoyment, suitable for younger learners.

      These series not only improve English language skills but also aim to engage learners through content that is both educational and relevant to their daily lives and interests. Whether through direct engagement with creative projects, integration of STEM subjects, or exploration of new social concepts, these resources aim to equip learners with the necessary skills for effective communication and comprehensive development.