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Level 1
Power Up 1 Activity Book Audio.rar
Power Up 1 Activity Book.pdf
Power Up 1 Class Audio.rar
Power Up 1 Flashcards.pdf
Power Up 1 Home Booklet Key.pdf
Power Up 1 Home Booklet.pdf
Power Up 1 Pupil’s Book.pdf
Power Up 1 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Power Up 1 Teacher’s Materials.rar
Power Up 1 Teacher’s Resource Book Audio.rar
Power Up 1 Teacher’s Resource Book.pdf
Power Up 1 Tests.rar

Level 2
Power Up 2 Activity Book Audio.rar
Power Up 2 Activity Book.pdf
Power Up 2 Class Audio.rar
Power Up 2 Flashcards.pdf
Power Up 2 Home Booklet Key.pdf
Power Up 2 Home Booklet.pdf
Power Up 2 Pupil’s Book.pdf
Power Up 2 Quizes Video.rar
Power Up 2 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Power Up 2 Teacher’s Materials.rar
Power Up 2 Teacher’s Resource Book Audio.rar
Power Up 2 Teacher’s Resource Book.pdf
Power Up 2 Tests.rar

Level 3
Power Up 3 Activity Book Audio.rar
Power Up 3 Activity Book.pdf
Power Up 3 Class Audio.rar
Power Up 3 Flashcards.pdf
Power Up 3 Home Booklet Key.pdf
Power Up 3 Home Booklet.pdf
Power Up 3 Pupil’s Book.pdf
Power Up 3 Quizes Video.rar
Power Up 3 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Power Up 3 Teacher’s Materials.rar
Power Up 3 Teacher’s Resource Book Audio.rar
Power Up 3 Teacher’s Resource Book.pdf
Power Up 3 Test Generator.rar

Level 4
Power Up 4 Activity Book Audio.rar
Power Up 4 Activity Book.pdf
Power Up 4 Class Audio.rar
Power Up 4 Flashcards.pdf
Power Up 4 Home Booklet Key.pdf
Power Up 4 Home Booklet.pdf
Power Up 4 Pupil’s Book.pdf
Power Up 4 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Power Up 4 Teacher’s Materials.rar
Power Up 4 Teacher’s Resource Book Audio.rar
Power Up 4 Video.rar

Level 5
Power Up 5 Activity Book Audio.rar
Power Up 5 Activity Book.pdf
Power Up 5 Class Audio.rar
Power Up 5 Home Booklet.pdf
Power Up 5 Pupil’s Book.pdf
Power Up 5 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Power Up 5 Teacher’s Materials.rar
Power Up 5 Teacher’s Resource Book Audio.rar
Power Up 5 Test Generator.rar

Level 6
Power Up 6 Activity Book Audio.rar
Power Up 6 Activity Book.pdf
Power Up 6 Class Audio.rar
Power Up 6 Home Booklet Key.pdf
Power Up 6 Home Booklet.pdf
Power Up 6 Pupil’s Book.pdf
Power Up 6 Quizes Video.rar
Power Up 6 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Power Up 6 Teacher’s Materials.rar
Power Up 6 Teacher’s Resource Book Audio.rar
Power Up 6 Teacher’s Resource Book.pdf
Power Up 6 Test Generator.rar

Level Start Smart
Power Up Start Smart Activity Book Audio.rar
Power Up Start Smart Class Audio.rar
Power Up Start Smart Pupil’s Book.pdf
Power Up Start Smart Teacher’s Materials.rar

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      Download ebook Cambridge Power Up pdf audio video full



      Overview of the “Power Up”

      ✅ Coursebook: Power Up
      ✅ Authors: Michael Tomlinson, Caroline Nixon
      ✅ Publisher: Cambridge University Press
      ✅ 7 Levels: A1 to B1
      ✅ For: Primary School
      ✅ Publication year: 2018

      The “Power Up” course by Caroline Nixon and Michael Tomlinson is a comprehensive learning program designed to bolster both English language skills and essential life competencies in young learners. This program, crafted by a bestselling author team and jointly published with Cambridge Assessment English, is tailored to students with CEFR levels from A1 to B1.

      Key Features of “Power Up”:

      Confident Learning Approach: The course aims to create ‘future ready’ learners who are confident and prepared for life’s adventures.

      Course Levels: Catering to a range of proficiencies, it includes Start Smart, Levels 1 to 6.

      Engaging Content: The course introduces vibrant characters and includes collaborative missions to foster real-world engagement and social and cognitive skill development.

      Examination Preparation: Embedded exam preparation is a core element, making students ready for various Cambridge English Qualifications, ranging from pre-A1 Starters to B1 Preliminary for Schools.

      Cambridge Framework for Life Competencies: It integrates the Cambridge Framework to develop social, emotional, and cognitive skills at different learning stages.

      Collaborative Missions: These missions are practical, real-life activities that encourage reflection, self-evaluation, and progress tracking.

      Literature Component: Each unit includes literature to foster reading for pleasure and develop emotional and social competencies.

      Cross-Curricular and Cultural Focus: Lessons extend beyond language to cover natural and social sciences, enhanced by documentary-style videos for a broader world view.

      Supportive Videos: The course includes chants, songs, and animated videos to aid in vocabulary development and language skills, tailored to different levels.

      Result-Oriented Learning: With a focus on learning strategy tips and self-assessment, the course aims to build confidence in learners, preparing them to face academic and life challenges with assurance.

      “Power Up” represents a unique blend of language education and life skill development, making it a valuable resource for young learners to thrive in both academic and personal spheres.


      Download ebook Power Up 1 Pupil's Book

      Power Up Level 1


      Who is Suitable for ‘Power Up’?

      Power Up” is a course designed for a broad spectrum of young learners who are learning English as a second language. It is particularly well-suited for:

      • Young learners who are at various stages of English proficiency, ranging from beginner (A1) to intermediate (B1) levels as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
      • Students who are preparing for Cambridge English Qualifications, including exams like Pre A1 Starters, A1 Movers, A2 Flyers, A2 Key for Schools, and B1 Preliminary for Schools.
      • Learners looking for a comprehensive educational experience that goes beyond language skills to include social, emotional, and cognitive development.
      • Students who thrive in collaborative and interactive learning environments, as the course emphasizes missions and real-life activities.
      • Young readers and those who enjoy literature, as the course integrates literary content in each unit.
      • Curious individuals interested in world cultures and sciences, with lessons that explore natural and social sciences enhanced by documentary-style videos.
      • Self-motivated learners who benefit from a course structure that promotes self-assessment and reflection.
      • Students aiming to build confidence in both language and essential life skills.

      Overall, “Power Up” is a dynamic and versatile course that appeals to young learners seeking a holistic approach to learning English and personal development.

      Download ebook Power Up 2 Pupil's Book

      Power Up Level 2


      The Benefits of ‘Power Up’

      Power Up” provides numerous benefits that facilitate the holistic development of young learners in English language learning and more:

      • The course covers all four key language skills—listening, speaking, reading, and writing—ensuring a well-rounded language foundation.
      • It prepares students for internationally recognized Cambridge English Qualifications, which can enhance their educational and career prospects.
      • It integrates the Cambridge Framework for Life Competencies, helping learners develop vital social, emotional, and cognitive skills.
      • The content is engaging and interactive, featuring vibrant characters and collaborative missions that keep students motivated.
      • Lessons include cross-curricular and cultural content, broadening learners’ perspectives by connecting English with other subjects and global views.
      • There is a strong emphasis on literature to foster a love for reading and improve comprehension across various literary genres.
      • The course encourages self-assessment and reflection, aiding students in building confidence in their language abilities and personal growth.
      • Learning pathways can be customized to fit individual needs and paces, supported by multimedia tools like videos, chants, and songs.
      • Ultimately, “Power Up” lays a foundation for lifelong learning by instilling critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills.

      Download ebook Power Up 3 Pupil's Book

      Power Up Level 3


      Effective Teaching and Learning Strategies for ‘Power Up’

      To maximize the benefits of the “Power Up” course, here are some effective strategies for teachers and learners:

      For Teachers:

      • Promote interactive and collaborative learning through group activities and discussions.
      • Utilize the multimedia resources provided, such as chants, songs, and videos, to make learning more engaging.
      • Relate lessons to real-life scenarios to enhance the relevance and application of language skills.
      • Incorporate cross-curricular elements to connect English learning with other academic subjects.
      • Encourage students to engage in self-assessment and reflection to improve self-awareness and learning outcomes.

      Download ebook Power Up 4 Pupil's Book

      Power Up Level 4

      For Learners:

      • Actively participate in all class activities to enhance understanding and retention.
      • Regularly practice the language skills learned in class and use multimedia tools for additional study.
      • Read extensively to explore different genres and improve reading abilities.
      • Apply the language and competencies learned to real-life situations.
      • Embrace mistakes as part of the learning process and seek continuous feedback from teachers and peers.

      By following these strategies, teachers can effectively deliver the “Power Up” content, and learners can engage deeply with the program, ensuring a fruitful and enriching language learning experience.


      Download ebook Power Up 5 Pupil's Book

      Power Up Level 5


      Engaging English Language Learning Series for Young Learners: Top Alternatives to Cambridge’s Power Up for Holistic Development

      For learners looking for alternatives to the “Power Up” series by Cambridge, which is designed to empower students by building their English language skills alongside their confidence and motivation, several educational series offer similar integrative approaches to language learning. These alternatives focus on developing a robust foundation in English while nurturing personal growth and cognitive skills in young learners. Here are notable series that provide structured instruction, engaging content, and skill development:

      Family and Friends” by Oxford University Press: This series combines exceptional language development tasks with effective social and emotional skills training, using stories and activities that engage and support learners.

      “Our World” by National Geographic Learning: Utilizes stunning photography and content from National Geographic, alongside carefully structured language tasks, to teach English and deliver wide-ranging knowledge about the world.

      Big Fun” by Pearson Education: Aimed at young learners, Big Fun makes English learning engaging through play, music, and artwork, helping to develop language skills in a context of creative enjoyment.

      Super Minds” by Cambridge University Press: Enhances children’s cognitive skills along with their English language abilities. It integrates language learning with arts and crafts, science, and math, fostering creativity and critical thinking.

      “Brain Waves” by Richmond Publishing: Designed for very young learners, this series focuses on developing essential language skills through interactive activities, songs, and engaging stories that also stimulate cognitive development.

      “Jump In!” by Macmillan Education: Aims at making learning English as enjoyable as playing a game. Features a variety of stories and activities that promote language learning through playful interaction.

      Download ebook Power Up 6 Pupil's Book

      Power Up Level 6

      Show and Tell” by Oxford University Press: Integrates language learning with developing social and emotional intelligence, using themes that resonate with young learners to help them express themselves in English.

      “Footprints” by Macmillan Education: Offers a blend of English language learning with moral and environmental education, delivered through stories and projects that encourage young learners to think about the world around them.

      Let’s Go” by Oxford University Press: Known for its success in combining language learning with engaging songs, games, and puzzles, Let’s Go encourages active participation and language use from young learners in a fun-filled environment.

      Kid’s Box” by Cambridge University Press: This vibrant and colorful series is perfect for stimulating young minds. It combines language learning with fun games and activities that promote creativity and critical thinking.

      “Happy House” by Oxford University Press: A two-level course that introduces English to children through songs, stories, and activities, focusing on building language skills in a lively and enjoyable way.

      “Happy Campers” by Macmillan Education: Provides a language-learning adventure, using themes and concepts that engage young learners through stories, arts, and teamwork, enhancing both their English skills and social abilities.

      “Happy Street” by Oxford University Press: Continuation of Happy House, it expands on themes and vocabulary, providing new challenges with stories and activities that explore the neighborhood and introduce the community.

      “Little Friends” by Oxford University Press: Helps very young learners take their first steps in English with familiar themes and gentle phonics work, using songs and crafts to make learning simple and fun.

      English Time” by Oxford University Press: Engages children with colorful illustrations and captivating content across multiple levels, making learning English enjoyable and effective with a balanced approach to teaching speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

      “Dolphin Readers” by Oxford University Press: An engaging series of graded readers for children learning English, featuring a range of interactive activities designed to improve language skills and boost confidence.

      These series not only improve English language skills but also incorporate elements of personal development to ensure that learners can grow both linguistically and personally. Whether through direct engagement with creative projects, integration of STEM subjects, or exploration of new social concepts, these resources aim to equip young learners with the necessary skills for effective communication and holistic development.

      ELT Ebooks by Cambridge University Press