Download Ebook Oxford Metro (4 Levels) Pdf Audio Video 2017

Download Ebook Oxford Metro (4 Levels) 2017

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      Download Ebook Oxford Metro (4 Levels) Pdf Audio Video full



      Overview of the “Metro”

      ✅ Coursebook: Metro
      ✅ Publisher: Oxford University Press
      ✅ Levels: A1 to B1
      ✅ For: Secondary, Teenage Learners
      ✅ Publication year: 2017

      Metro,” published by Oxford University Press, is a contemporary secondary course designed to resonate with the lives of today’s teenagers and guide them towards becoming confident, independent learners. The course, authored by Nicholas Tims and James Styring, operates at a language level ranging from A1 to B1.

      Key Features and Components of Metro:

      Student-Centric Content: The course material is tailored to engage teenagers, featuring topics and activities that are relevant and interesting to them. It includes quirky and engaging subjects, ensuring that the learning is relatable and enjoyable.

      Video Content: Each unit includes two graded videos, presented by a group of teen friends, making the learning process accessible and fun.

      Mobile Learning: “On the Move” smartphone activities are incorporated, allowing students to practice English wherever they are.

      Online Homework: This feature offers interactive language practice with automatic marking for instant feedback, making it convenient for both students and teachers.

      Reading Syllabus: The course includes an effective reading syllabus with graded texts based on real sources, ensuring that learners are appropriately challenged.

      Learning Tips: Tips for becoming ‘Good readers’ and ‘Good writers’ are provided, offering strategies for immediate improvement in performance.

      Critical Thinking: Reflective questions are included to encourage students to think critically about various topics.

      Digital Tools for Teachers: The Classroom Presentation Tool facilitates engaging and interactive lessons, while a wealth of testing material helps track student progress.

      Comprehensive Teacher Support: The Teacher’s Pack and other resources save preparation time and help in delivering effective lessons.

      Flexibility in Formats: The course material is available in various formats, including the Student Book and Workbook Pack, Student e-book, and specialized packs for different regions like Brazil.

      Educational Philosophy:

      “Metro” is informed by contemporary pedagogical insights, balancing challenge and support. The methodology used in the course ensures that language and grammar are presented in context, encouraging students to reflect on meaning and interpretation. This approach not only helps in language learning but also in developing critical thinking skills.

      Overall, “Metro” appears to be a comprehensive and modern course designed to meet the educational needs of today’s teenagers, providing them with the tools and knowledge to progress in their English language learning journey while also fostering independent learning skills.




      Who is suitable for ‘Metro’?

      “Metro,” as a secondary course designed by Oxford University Press, is primarily suitable for:

      Teenage Learners: The course is specifically tailored to reflect the lives and interests of teenagers. It takes into account their learning preferences and the ways they engage with the world, such as through social media and digital content.

      Students with Language Levels A1 to B1: This range corresponds to beginners to intermediate learners in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). It’s ideal for students who are just starting to learn English or who have a basic grasp of the language and are looking to improve their skills.

      Learners Seeking Engaging and Relevant Content: The course’s focus on relatable topics and the inclusion of videos and interactive content make it particularly suitable for students who prefer a dynamic and engaging approach to learning.

      Students Interested in Developing Independent Learning Skills: “Metro” is designed not just to teach English, but also to encourage critical thinking and self-directed learning, making it a good choice for students who are keen to develop these skills.

      Learners Who Benefit from Mixed Media Learning: With its combination of textbooks, videos, online homework, and smartphone activities, “Metro” caters to students who thrive in a learning environment that incorporates various types of media and technology.

      Teachers Looking for Comprehensive Resources: The course offers extensive support for teachers, including a Classroom Presentation Tool and various testing materials, making it suitable for educators seeking a well-rounded teaching package.

      In summary, “Metro” is ideal for teenage learners of English at the beginner to intermediate level who are looking for a modern, engaging, and comprehensive educational experience that aligns with their interests and learning styles. Teachers who want to provide a dynamic, technology-integrated classroom environment will also find this course suitable.




      The benefits of ‘Metro’

      “Metro,” a secondary course designed for teenage English language learners, offers several benefits rooted in its innovative approach and comprehensive content. These benefits cater to both students and teachers, enhancing the overall learning and teaching experience.

      Benefits for Students:

      Engaging Content: With topics and materials that reflect teenagers’ interests and lives, “Metro” keeps students motivated and engaged in learning.

      Multimedia Learning: The inclusion of videos, online activities, and smartphone-compatible exercises provides a rich multimedia experience that caters to different learning styles.

      Language Skill Development: The course covers reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, ensuring a well-rounded development in English language proficiency.

      Critical Thinking and Independent Learning: Through reflective questions and strategically designed activities, students are encouraged to think critically and develop independent learning skills.

      Practical Language Usage: Activities and content in “Metro” are geared towards practical language use, preparing students for real-life situations.

      Instant Feedback: Online homework with automatic marking offers immediate feedback, aiding in quicker learning and adjustment.

      Benefits for Teachers:

      Comprehensive Teaching Resources: The Teacher’s Pack and digital tools like the Classroom Presentation Tool provide extensive resources, reducing lesson preparation time.

      Flexible Teaching Options: A range of materials, including digital and print, allows for flexibility in teaching methods and adapting to different classroom settings.

      Student Progress Tracking: The availability of various testing materials enables teachers to monitor student progress effectively throughout the course.

      Interactive and Heads-Up Lessons: The digital tools facilitate more interactive and engaging lessons, keeping students more involved in the learning process.

      Professional Development: By using a course that incorporates modern pedagogical techniques, teachers can also enhance their own teaching skills and methodologies.

      Overall Educational Impact:

      “Metro” combines reliable methodology with contemporary features, making it a unique tool in the landscape of secondary language education. Its focus on both language skills and personal development, alongside the integration of modern technology and teaching resources, makes it a robust solution for effective and enjoyable language learning and teaching.




      Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘Metro’

      Implementing effective teaching and learning strategies with “Metro,” a secondary course designed for English language learners, can greatly enhance the educational experience. Here are some strategies that both teachers and students can use to maximize the benefits of this course:

      For Teachers:

      Utilize Multimedia Resources: Incorporate the videos, online activities, and other multimedia content in “Metro” to cater to different learning styles and keep lessons dynamic.

      Encourage Interactive Learning: Use the Classroom Presentation Tool to create more engaging and interactive lessons. Interactive lessons can boost student participation and interest.

      Assign Real-World Tasks: Since “Metro” includes practical language usage, assign tasks that mimic real-world scenarios. This approach helps students see the relevance of what they are learning.

      Promote Independent Learning: Encourage students to use the online homework and mobile activities for self-study. This not only reinforces classroom learning but also fosters independence.

      Track and Assess Progress Regularly: Utilize the testing materials to regularly assess student progress. This can help in identifying areas where students need more support.

      Facilitate Group Work and Discussions: Use pairwork worksheets and discussion topics from “Metro” to encourage collaborative learning, which can improve communication skills and boost confidence.

      Incorporate Critical Thinking Activities: Use the reflective questions and critical thinking exercises in “Metro” to develop students’ analytical skills.

      Customize Lessons to Student Needs: Adapt the course materials to meet the varying needs of your students. This might involve focusing more on certain skills or topics depending on the class’s interests and proficiency levels.

      For Students:

      Engage Actively with Multimedia Content: Actively watch and analyze the videos, and participate in online and smartphone activities to enhance language skills.

      Practice Regularly: Consistent practice, especially with the online homework and mobile activities, is key to language acquisition.

      Utilize Tips and Strategies: Apply the ‘Good readers’ and ‘Good writers’ tips to improve reading and writing skills.

      Participate in Class Activities: Engage in group discussions, pair work, and other class activities to improve speaking and listening skills.

      Reflect on Learning: Use the reflective questions to think about language use and personal learning processes.

      Seek Feedback: Regularly ask for and reflect on feedback from teachers and peers to identify areas for improvement.

      Use Resources for Self-Study: Make use of the e-book and other resources for additional practice outside of classroom hours.

      Set Personal Goals: Identify personal learning objectives and use “Metro” materials to achieve these goals, whether they’re related to vocabulary building, grammar, or communication skills.

      By adopting these strategies, both teachers and students can leverage the full potential of “Metro,” making the process of teaching and learning English more effective, engaging, and enjoyable.




      Discover ‘Metro’: The Future of Teenage Language Learning

      In the dynamic world of education, where the needs and interests of learners evolve rapidly, a groundbreaking approach to language learning is making waves. Enter “Metro,” Oxford University Press’s latest offering in secondary education, a course that’s redefining how teenagers learn English. This innovative program is not just another language course; it’s a gateway to the future of teenage language learning.

      Tailored for the Modern Teenager

      At the heart of “Metro” is a deep understanding of today’s teenagers. The world they inhabit is fast-paced, digitally interconnected, and culturally diverse. Recognizing this, “Metro” offers a fresh combination of reliable methodology infused with fun, contemporary features that truly resonate with young learners. From content that mirrors their everyday experiences to learning tools that align with their digital fluency, “Metro” speaks the language of today’s youth.

      Engaging Content that Sparks Interest

      One of the standout features of “Metro” is its commitment to keeping students engaged. The course creators, Nicholas Tims and James Styring, have meticulously crafted content that not only holds the attention of teenagers but also stimulates their curiosity. Each unit in the course is bolstered with two graded videos presented by relatable teen friends, making learning both accessible and enjoyable. These videos are not just educational tools; they are windows into real-life scenarios where English is the key to understanding and interaction.

      Beyond Language: Skills for Life

      “Metro” transcends traditional language teaching by fostering skills that prepare teenagers for life beyond the classroom. The course encourages critical thinking and independent learning, skills that are indispensable in the modern world. By incorporating reflective questions and promoting self-evaluation, “Metro” nudges students towards becoming confident and thoughtful global citizens.

      Embracing Technology in Learning

      Understanding the pivotal role of technology in contemporary education, “Metro” integrates digital elements seamlessly into its curriculum. The ‘On the Move’ smartphone activities and online homework platform are not just about convenience; they represent a learning style that is second nature to today’s teenagers. This approach allows students to practice English wherever they are, turning every moment into an opportunity to learn.

      Teacher-Friendly Resources

      “Metro” also stands out for its wealth of resources for teachers. The Classroom Presentation Tool, for instance, enables educators to run more engaging and interactive lessons. Additionally, the course offers extensive testing material and worksheets, saving precious lesson preparation time. This comprehensive support system not only enhances the teaching experience but also ensures effective learning outcomes.

      Conclusion: A New Chapter in Language Education

      As we embrace a future where the boundaries of communication and culture are continually expanding, “Metro” emerges as a beacon for teenage language learning. It’s not just about mastering English; it’s about empowering young individuals to navigate and thrive in a global environment. “Metro” is more than a course; it’s a journey towards confidence, independence, and global awareness. For educators, parents, and students looking for a cutting-edge approach to language learning, “Metro” is undoubtedly the future.


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