Download Ebook Cambridge Guess What (6 Levels) Pdf Audio Video 2015

Download Ebook Cambridge Guess What (6 Levels) 2015

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Level 1
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Level 2
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Level 3
Guess What 3 Activity Book.pdf
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Level 4
Guess What 4 Activity Book.pdf
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Level 5
Guess What 5 Activity Book.pdf
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Guess What 5 Teacher’s Resources.rar
Guess What 5 Tests.rar
Guess What 5 Video.rar
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Level 6
Guess What 6 Class Audio CDs.rar
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Download Ebook Guess What (6 Levels) Pdf Audio Video


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      Download Ebook Cambridge Guess What (6 Levels) Pdf Audio Video



      Overview of the “Guess What!”

      ✅ Coursebook: Guess What
      ✅ Publisher: Cambridge University Press
      ✅ Levels: A1 to A2
      ✅ English type: British English
      ✅ For: Primary
      ✅ Publication year: 2015

      The “Guess What! British English” course is an innovative and highly visual six-level educational program designed for young English learners. Created by Susannah Reed, Lesley Koustaff, and Kay Bentley, this course aligns with the CEFR Levels A1 – A2. It’s a comprehensive journey that combines beautiful photography, captivating videos, and content-based topics to spark children’s natural curiosity and foster their English language skills.

      Key Features:

      • Exploration and Discovery: The course uses real-life videos and CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) topics, alongside stunning world photography, to take young learners on an exploratory journey.
      • Curiosity-Driven Learning: It answers intriguing questions (e.g., “Why do whales jump out of water?”) and uses this curiosity to drive language learning.
      • Functional Language Focus: It emphasizes functional language for practical use both inside and outside school settings.
      • Preparation for Life: Incorporating lively stories, the course prepares children for social challenges, instilling values like cooperation and respect.
      • Comprehensive Syllabus: The syllabus is tailored to young learners, mapping to Pre A1 Starters and Movers exams, and emphasizes self-reflection for enjoyable and effective learning.
      • Digital Integration: All digital content is accessible in one place, Cambridge One, including interactive games, videos, and trackable progress.

      Content Highlights:

      • Visual Learning: The course leverages visual elements like high-quality photography and video to engage learners.
      • Language Skills: It offers various tools for improving pronunciation, spelling, and subject-specific language.
      • Confidence Building: Activities are designed to be both challenging and achievable, building confidence in language skills.
      • Content Proficiency: The topics relate to common subjects in primary curricula, enhancing both language and general knowledge.

      Results and Impact:

      • “Guess What! British English” nurtures natural curiosity and a passion for learning. It achieves this by presenting language and tasks as engaging, meaningful, and socially relevant. The course also emphasizes the development of social skills through storytelling, preparing children for future success.

      In summary, “Guess What! British English” is more than just an English language course. It’s an immersive learning experience that leverages children’s innate curiosity and desire to explore, thereby providing a solid foundation in both language and life skills.


      Download Ebook Guess What 1 Pupil's Book


      Who is suitable for ‘Guess What!’?

      Guess What!” is primarily suitable for young learners of English, particularly those in the primary school age range. The course is designed to cater to children who are at the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) Levels A1 to A2, which typically includes beginners and elementary learners. Here are some specific groups who would find “Guess What!” particularly beneficial:

      Young English Language Learners: Children who are starting to learn English as a second or foreign language would find the course’s visual and interactive approach engaging and suitable for their level of understanding.

      Primary School Students: Given its alignment with primary school curricula and its focus on CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), it’s an excellent resource for students in primary education settings.

      Children Preparing for Language Exams: For those preparing for exams like the Pre A1 Starters and Movers, which are part of the Cambridge English Qualifications for young learners, “Guess What!” provides relevant and targeted learning.

      Learners Requiring a Strong Visual Learning Component: The course is ideal for children who respond well to visual stimuli like photography and videos, making it a good choice for visual learners.

      Young Learners Interested in Global Topics: Children who show curiosity about the world around them and enjoy learning about diverse subjects would find the course’s content appealing.

      Students Needing a Foundation in Functional Language: The course is also suitable for those who need to develop practical language skills for everyday use both inside and outside of the school environment.

      Educators and Parents: Educators looking for a comprehensive English teaching resource for young learners, as well as parents seeking to supplement their children’s English language learning at home, would find “Guess What!” a valuable tool.

      Overall, “Guess What!” is tailored to stimulate, engage, and educate young learners in a dynamic and interactive way, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of children at the early stages of English language learning.

      Download Ebook Guess What 2 Pupil's Book


      The benefits of ‘Guess What!’

      “Guess What!” offers a multitude of benefits for young learners of English, combining innovative teaching methods with engaging content. Here are some of the key benefits:

      Enhanced Engagement Through Visual Learning: The course’s use of high-quality photography and video caters to visual learners, making lessons more engaging and memorable.

      Curiosity-Driven Learning: By tapping into children’s natural curiosity about the world, “Guess What!” motivates learners to explore various topics, thus making language learning more interesting and relevant.

      Comprehensive Language Development: The course covers a wide range of language skills, including speaking, listening, reading, and writing. It also focuses on pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar, providing a well-rounded approach to language learning.

      Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL): By integrating subject content (like science, history, arts) with language learning, the course helps students acquire language skills in a meaningful context, enhancing both their linguistic ability and their general knowledge.

      Functional Language Use: “Guess What!” places a strong emphasis on functional language, equipping learners with practical communication skills that can be used in real-life situations, both in and out of school.

      Download Ebook Guess What 3 Pupil's Book

      Cultural Awareness and Global Perspective: The course introduces learners to different cultures and global issues, fostering openness, tolerance, and a broad worldview.

      Preparation for International Exams: For learners aiming to take international English language tests such as the Cambridge Young Learners English Tests, “Guess What!” provides a solid foundation and relevant preparation.

      Development of Social Values and Skills: Through its storytelling and thematic content, the course teaches important social values like cooperation, respect, and responsibility.

      Confidence Building: The course is designed to present language in manageable chunks, making tasks achievable and helping to build confidence in young learners.

      Digital Learning Support: With digital tools and content integrated into the course, learners can benefit from an interactive and modern approach to language learning, which also allows for self-paced study and instant feedback.

      Teacher and Parental Support: “Guess What!” provides resources not just for learners, but also for educators and parents, assisting them in effectively supporting the child’s learning process.

      Adaptability and Flexibility: The course can be adapted to various learning environments, whether in the classroom, for homeschooling, or in supplementary language schools.

      In essence, “Guess What!” is a comprehensive English language learning program that goes beyond mere language instruction, aiming to develop both linguistic proficiency and a range of cognitive, social, and cultural skills.


      Download Ebook Guess What 4 Pupil's Book


      Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘Guess What!’

      Effective teaching and learning strategies for the “Guess What!” course can significantly enhance the learning experience and outcomes for young English language learners. Here are some strategies that teachers, parents, and learners can adopt:

      Interactive Learning: Engage students in interactive activities that make use of the course’s visual and video materials. Group discussions, role-playing, and collaborative projects can encourage active participation.

      Incorporate CLIL Methodology: Utilize the Content and Language Integrated Learning approach by linking language lessons with content from other subjects such as science, history, or art. This approach helps students apply language skills in various contexts.

      Focus on Functional Language: Emphasize the practical use of language. Encourage students to practice language skills in real-life scenarios, such as conducting interviews, writing letters, or making presentations.

      Storytelling and Role Play: Use the course’s stories to teach social values. Role-playing these stories can help students understand and internalize these values while practicing language skills.

      Encourage Curiosity and Exploration: Foster a learning environment where questions are welcomed and exploration is encouraged. This can be done through project-based learning, where students research and present on topics of interest.

      Use Digital Tools and Resources: Integrate the digital content from Cambridge One platform into the lessons. This can include interactive games, online exercises, and videos that complement the textbook material.

      Download Ebook Guess What 5 Pupil's Book

      Regular Revision and Practice: Implement regular revision sessions and practice exercises to reinforce language concepts and vocabulary. This can be done through quizzes, flashcards, and memory games.

      Cultural Awareness Activities: Organize activities that explore different cultures featured in the course material. This can include cultural days, food tasting, or research projects on different countries.

      Pronunciation Practice: Use the ‘Say it’ sections to focus on sounds of English. Activities like tongue twisters, phonetic drills, and listening exercises can improve pronunciation.

      Parental Involvement: Encourage parents to be involved in the learning process. This can include reading together, practicing vocabulary at home, or using the online resources for additional practice.

      Personalized Learning: Recognize that each student learns differently. Tailor activities and exercises to suit different learning styles and levels.

      Continuous Feedback and Assessment: Provide regular and constructive feedback to students. Use assessments not just for grading, but as a tool for understanding student progress and areas needing improvement.

      Build a Supportive Learning Community: Create a classroom environment where students feel safe and supported to express themselves and take risks in their language learning.

      By implementing these strategies, teachers and parents can maximize the effectiveness of the “Guess What!” course, making learning English a more engaging, enjoyable, and fruitful experience for young learners.


      Download Ebook Guess What 6 Pupil's Book


      Top 10 English Language Learning Series for Young Learners: Ideal Alternatives to Cambridge’s Guess What!

      “Guess What!” by Cambridge is a vibrant English language learning series for young learners, known for its engaging content that stimulates curiosity and incorporates beautiful photography to help teach English. If you’re looking for alternative series that offer similar educational benefits for children, here are some excellent options:

      Family and Friends by Oxford University Press – This series is highly popular among young learners, offering a strong grammar and vocabulary syllabus with integrated skills work and a focus on values education through stories.

      Our World by National Geographic Learning – Similar to “Guess What!”, “Our World” uses stunning National Geographic photography and facts to engage young learners, combining language learning with fascinating world knowledge.

      Super Minds by Cambridge University Press – Developed by a team of experts, this series enhances children’s thinking skills along with their English language skills, making it a holistic educational tool.

      Footprints by Macmillan Education – This series for young learners uses themes and stories that are imaginative and engaging, designed to motivate children and teach them English in a playful and colorful environment.

      Let’s Go by Oxford University Press – Known for its fun approach to learning, this series focuses on communication from the very start and uses songs and games to teach the language in an interactive way.

      Big Fun by Pearson Education – This series uses themes and activities that are familiar to children, helping them build confidence and begin speaking English in a fun and engaging way.

      English Adventure by Pearson Education – Aimed at making learning English magical, this series combines the enchanting world of Disney characters with language learning, making it highly attractive to young learners.

      Everybody Up by Oxford University Press – This series encourages children to use language in a natural and meaningful way while learning about different cultures and ideas through content linked to other school subjects.

      Wonderland by Macmillan Education – Specifically designed for young learners, Wonderland uses fantasy and imagination to teach English, promoting learning through engaging stories and activities.

      Kid’s Box by Cambridge University Press – This is another engaging, balanced approach to teaching English, encouraging communication and collaboration among children, with a strong phonics foundation.

      These alternatives are tailored to captivate and educate young learners, making the process of learning English enjoyable and effective, much like the “Guess What!” series.


      ELT Ebooks by Cambridge University Press