Download Pearson Formula (3 Levels) Pdf Audio Video 2021

Download Pearson Formula (3 Levels) Pdf Audio Video 2021

B1 Level
Formula B1 All About the Exam
Formula B1 All Speaking Test
Formula B1 Answer
Formula B1
Formula B1 Coursebook
Formula B1 Coursebook with key.pdf
Formula B1 Exam File.pdf
Formula B1 Exam Trainer
Formula B1 Exam Trainer Teacher’s Notes.pdf
Formula B1 Exam Trainer with key.pdf
Formula B1
Formula B1 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Formula B1

B2 Level
Formula B2 About the Exam
Formula B2 All Speaking Test
Formula B2 Answer
Formula B2
Formula B2 Courcebook with key.pdf
Formula B2 Coursebook
Formula B2 Exam File.pdf
Formula B2 Exam Trainer
Formula B2 Exam Trai…r Teacher’s Notes.pdf
Formula B2 Exam Trainer with key.pdf
Formula B2
Formula B2 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Formula B2

C1 Level
Formula C1 All About the Exam
Formula C1 All Speaking Test
Formula C1 Answer
Formula C1
Formula C1 Courcebook with key.pdf
Formula C1 Coursebook
Formula C1 Exam File.pdf
Formula C1 Exam Trainer
Formula C1 Exam Trainer Teacher’s Notes.pdf
Formula C1 Exam Trainer with key.pdf
Formula C1
Formula C1 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Formula C1

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      ✅ Sample pdf file Formula B1 Coursebook with key.pdf: Click here
      ✅ Sample pdf file Formula B1 Exam Trainer with key.pdf: Click here

      ✅ Sample pdf file Formula B2 Courcebook with key.pdf: Click here
      ✅ Sample pdf file Formula B2 Exam Trainer with key.pdf: Click here

      ✅ Sample pdf file Formula C1 Courcebook with key.pdf: Click here
      ✅ Sample pdf file Formula C1 Exam Trainer with key.pdf: Click here

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      Download Pearson Formula 3 Levels Pdf Audio Video 2021


      Overview of the “Formula”

      ✅ Coursebook: Formula
      ✅ Publisher: Pearson
      ✅ Levels: B1, B2, C1
      ✅ English type: British English
      ✅ For: Adult
      ✅ Publication year: 2021

      Formula is an innovative language learning solution designed by Pearson to address the needs of adult learners aiming to pass Cambridge exams. Utilizing Pearson’s extensive expertise in exam preparation, Formula introduces a novel approach to dissecting subjects, units, and components, culminating in a comprehensive exam-focused package.

      Tailored for adult learners, it is presented in British English across three levels, covering a Global Scale of English (GSE) range from 42 to 84, which corresponds to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) levels B1 to C1.

      Key Features of the Course

      • Customizable Learning Journey: Formula stands out for its flexibility, allowing for fully customizable paths based on course duration, specific exam targets, and language needs. This adaptability ensures that learners can navigate their way to Cambridge exam success efficiently, achieving their desired grades.
      • Exam-centric Syllabus: The course is meticulously structured around the demands of Cambridge exams. A collaborative effort between experienced authors and exam consultants has led to the creation of a syllabus that guarantees thorough, authentic, and intense exam preparation and practice.
      • Core Components: Formula comprises two primary elements – the Coursebook and the Exam Trainer. These can be utilized independently or in conjunction to suit the intensity of the exam preparation course, its duration, and the specific language and skills that learners need to hone.
      • Availability and Resources: Available in both print and digital formats, Formula is complemented by a variety of digital resources. It is ideally suited for classrooms focused on preparing students for Cambridge exams.

      Why Choose Formula?

      • Adaptable Learning Environments: Formula is designed to be versatile, fitting seamlessly into blended or entirely digital learning contexts.
      • Flexibility for Exam Preparation: The course’s components are designed to work independently or together, accommodating both short and intensive exam preparation periods.
      • Engaging and Thematic Approach: By adopting a unique themed approach, Formula not only reinforces learning but also ignites learners’ curiosity, making the journey towards exam success both effective and enjoyable.

      In summary, Pearson’s Formula is a comprehensive, flexible, and engaging solution for adult learners seeking to pass Cambridge exams. Its adaptability to various teaching and learning scenarios, coupled with its focus on rigorous exam preparation, makes it an excellent choice for both learners and educators aiming for success in Cambridge English qualifications.


      Formula B1 Coursebook with key


      Who is suitable for ‘Formula’?

      “Formula” by Pearson is specifically designed for a particular audience with distinct needs and goals. It is most suitable for:

      Adult Learners: The course is tailored for adult learners, implying it caters to individuals who are typically beyond traditional school age. This makes it ideal for university students, professionals seeking to improve their English for career advancement, or adults looking to achieve personal goals related to language proficiency.

      Learners Preparing for Cambridge Exams: The entire structure of “Formula” is built around the requirements of Cambridge English exams. Therefore, it’s best suited for learners aiming to prepare for and pass these exams at their desired grade. This includes exams such as the B2 First, C1 Advanced, and other Cambridge qualifications.

      Students at CEFR Levels B1 to C1: Given that “Formula” covers a Global Scale of English (GSE) range of 42 to 84, it is suitable for learners at the CEFR levels of B1 (Intermediate), B2 (Upper-Intermediate), and C1 (Advanced). This range indicates that the course is designed for learners who have a basic to proficient level of English and are looking to refine and expand their skills for higher proficiency and exam success.

      Learners in Blended or Fully Digital Environments: “Formula” is adaptable for various learning settings, making it suitable for learners who prefer traditional classroom settings, blended learning environments (a mix of traditional and online learning), or fully digital (online) learning contexts. This flexibility ensures that it meets the needs of learners regardless of their learning preferences or geographical location.

      Learners Seeking Flexible Study Options: The course’s structure, offering separate but complementary Coursebook and Exam Trainer components, caters to learners who need the flexibility to adjust their study intensity and focus areas. Whether they have a short period to prepare for an exam or need intensive study over a longer period, “Formula” provides the necessary resources and structure to accommodate these varying needs.

      In summary, “Formula” is particularly well-suited for adult learners who are targeting Cambridge English exams and seek a flexible, comprehensive, and engaging course that can be tailored to their specific learning needs and contexts.


      Formula B2 Courcebook with key


      The benefits of ‘Formula’

      “Formula,” developed by Pearson, offers several benefits designed to meet the unique needs of its learners, particularly those preparing for Cambridge English exams. These advantages make it a compelling choice for adult learners and educators alike. Here are some of the key benefits of using “Formula”:

      1. Customized Learning Paths

      • Personalized Preparation: Learners can tailor their study plan based on the specific Cambridge exam they are preparing for, their current language level, and their personal or professional time constraints. This ensures a more targeted and efficient learning experience.

      2. Comprehensive Exam Focus

      • Rigorous Exam Preparation: The syllabus is meticulously aligned with the requirements of Cambridge exams, ensuring that learners are thoroughly prepared for the types of questions and tasks they will encounter.
      • Authentic Practice: Materials and practice tests are designed to replicate the exam format and difficulty closely, providing learners with a realistic understanding of what to expect.

      3. Flexible Components for Varied Intensity

      • Adaptable Materials: The Coursebook and Exam Trainer can be used independently or together, allowing for flexibility in how intensive the exam preparation needs to be. This adaptability makes “Formula” suitable for both short-term cramming sessions and longer, more detailed study plans.

      4. Engagement and Curiosity

      • Themed Learning: A unique themed approach to learning not only makes the study material more engaging but also helps to spark curiosity and deepen understanding of the language in different contexts.
      • Interactive Digital Resources: The availability of digital formats and resources enhances learning, providing interactive and engaging ways to practice language skills.

      5. Suitability for Blended and Digital Learning Environments

      • Versatile Use: “Formula” can be effectively used in traditional classrooms, blended learning settings, or fully online courses, making it a versatile tool for different teaching and learning scenarios.
      • Access Anywhere: With materials available in both print and digital formats, learners can study whenever and wherever suits them best, facilitating continuous learning outside the classroom.

      6. Expertly Developed Content

      • Designed by Experts: The course content is developed by a team of authors and exam consultants with extensive experience in language teaching and exam preparation. This ensures high-quality, effective learning materials that are up to date with the latest exam standards.

      7. Comprehensive Skill Development

      • Holistic Language Improvement: While the primary focus is on exam preparation, “Formula” also contributes to the overall improvement of English language skills, including reading, writing, listening, and speaking, as well as vocabulary and grammar.

      “Formula” thus offers a well-rounded, flexible, and engaging approach to English language learning and exam preparation, designed to meet the diverse needs of adult learners and help them achieve their Cambridge exam goals with confidence.


      Formula B2 Courcebook with key


      Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘Formula’

      Implementing effective teaching and learning strategies is crucial for maximizing the benefits of Pearson’s “Formula” in preparing learners for Cambridge English exams. Here are some strategies educators and learners can adopt to enhance the teaching and learning experience with “Formula”:

      For Educators:

      Diagnostic Assessment:

      Start with a diagnostic test to understand the learners’ current proficiency levels and identify areas that need focus. This helps in customizing the learning path to suit individual or group needs.

      Blended Learning Approach:

      • Incorporate a mix of traditional classroom teaching, online resources, and digital platforms provided by “Formula”. This approach caters to different learning styles and makes the learning process more engaging and flexible.

      Thematic Learning Integration:

      • Utilize the unique themed approach of “Formula” to connect language learning with real-world contexts. This enhances learners’ engagement and makes language acquisition more relevant and meaningful.

      Collaborative Learning:

      • Encourage group work and discussions to allow learners to practice language skills in a social setting. This fosters communication skills and helps in understanding different perspectives.

      Regular Practice and Feedback:

      • Make use of the Coursebook and Exam Trainer to provide regular practice opportunities. Offer constructive feedback on learners’ performance to guide improvement and boost confidence.

      Technology-Enhanced Learning:

      • Leverage “Formula’s” digital resources for interactive learning experiences. These resources can provide immediate feedback, track progress, and offer a variety of practice exercises.

      Exam Strategy Sessions:

      • Conduct dedicated sessions to teach exam strategies and time management skills. Familiarize learners with the exam format and question types using practice tests from “Formula”.

      For Learners:

      Active Engagement:

      • Be actively engaged in the learning process, participate in class activities, and complete assigned tasks diligently. Utilize the Coursebook and Exam Trainer to reinforce learning.

      Self-Directed Study:

      • Take advantage of “Formula’s” flexibility for self-study. Use the digital resources to practice at your own pace and focus on areas where you need the most improvement.

      Utilize Digital Tools:

      • Make the most of the digital tools and platforms available with “Formula” for additional practice and self-assessment. These tools can help in tracking progress and identifying areas for further study.

      Practice with Peers:

      • Engage in language practice with peers. This can include forming study groups, participating in discussion forums, or practicing speaking and listening skills together.

      Incorporate Language into Daily Life:

      • Try to incorporate English into your daily life by reading English newspapers, watching English movies or TV shows, and practicing speaking with native speakers or through language exchange platforms.

      Regular Review and Self-Assessment:

      • Regularly review what you have learned and assess your progress. Use “Formula’s” practice tests to evaluate your readiness for the exam and identify areas that need further review.

      By integrating these strategies into the teaching and learning process, both educators and learners can significantly enhance the effectiveness of “Formula” in achieving Cambridge English exam success.


      Pearson’s Formula: Blending Tradition and Innovation for Ultimate Cambridge Exam Readiness

      In the ever-evolving landscape of language learning, Pearson’s “Formula” emerges as a beacon of innovation, skillfully merging traditional methodologies with modern technology to pave the way for unparalleled success in Cambridge English exams. This educational solution stands as a testament to Pearson’s commitment to fostering academic excellence, tailored specifically for adult learners aiming to conquer B1 to C1 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). “Formula” not only embodies Pearson’s trusted exam know-how but also introduces a fresh, effective approach to exam-focused learning. Here, we delve into how “Formula” harmonizes tradition and innovation to equip learners with the tools necessary for ultimate Cambridge exam readiness.

      The Foundation of Tradition

      At its core, “Formula” respects the tried-and-true elements of language learning. The course is structured around a comprehensive, exam-centric syllabus, meticulously crafted by a team of seasoned authors and exam consultants. This foundation ensures that learners are exposed to comprehensive, authentic, and rigorous exam preparation and practice. Traditional pedagogical techniques are employed, focusing on the systematic development of language skills – reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Moreover, the inclusion of a Coursebook in “Formula” serves as a nod to conventional learning, offering structured guidance and a tangible resource for learners to anchor their studies.

      The Spark of Innovation

      Where “Formula” truly distinguishes itself is in its embrace of modern educational technology and innovative teaching methodologies. The program is available in both print and digital formats, catering to the preferences of a diverse learner demographic. Digital resources play a pivotal role in “Formula,” offering interactive exercises, practice tests, and instant feedback mechanisms that adapt to the individual’s learning pace and style. This blend of resources ensures that learners can study anywhere, anytime, breaking free from the constraints of traditional classroom settings.

      Furthermore, “Formula” is designed with flexibility at its heart – a feature that speaks volumes about its innovative spirit. Learners can customize their study path based on the specific Cambridge exam they are targeting, their current proficiency level, and their unique learning needs. Whether used in a fully digital format or in a blended learning environment, “Formula” adapts seamlessly to various teaching and learning scenarios.

      The Ultimate Goal: Cambridge Exam Readiness

      The ultimate aim of “Formula” is to guide learners towards achieving their desired grade in Cambridge English exams. By blending traditional elements with innovative practices, “Formula” not only prepares learners for the specific challenges of these exams but also instills a deep-seated confidence and a thorough understanding of the English language. The unique themed approach of “Formula” further enriches the learning experience, sparking curiosity and reinforcing knowledge through engaging content.

      In essence, “Formula” represents Pearson’s commitment to evolving educational paradigms. It acknowledges the value of traditional teaching methods while simultaneously embracing the potential of modern technology and personalized learning paths. For adult learners embarking on the journey to Cambridge exam success, “Formula” offers a comprehensive, adaptable, and engaging toolkit, setting a new standard for exam preparation in the 21st century.


      Top English Language Learning Series: Comprehensive Skill Development and Practical Application Alternatives to Pearson’s Formula

      For those seeking alternatives to the Formula series by Pearson, which is designed to provide a comprehensive English learning experience with a focus on real-world communication and academic skills, several other educational series offer a similar blend of practical language use, academic preparation, and engaging content. These series are suitable for teenagers and adults looking to improve their English proficiency:

      English File” by Oxford University Press: Known for its unique, lively approach that balances grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and skills development, with a strong emphasis on speaking and listening.

      Roadmap” by Pearson Education: Offers a flexible, step-by-step approach to learning English, focusing on real-life communication skills, with content structured around achieving individual learning goals.

      Speakout” by Pearson English: Integrates authentic video content from the BBC to provide real-world language learning experiences, emphasizing speaking and listening skills and offering a range of digital resources for immersive learning.

      Life” by National Geographic Learning: Utilizes engaging content from National Geographic to teach English, focusing on developing language skills while expanding learners’ global awareness and critical thinking abilities.

      Outcomes” by National Geographic Learning: A series focused on real-world communication, helping learners to achieve practical language skills and fluency, supported by content that reflects how English is used today.

      “Global” by Macmillan Education: Aimed at adult learners, Global provides comprehensive language development with an international outlook, encouraging learners to engage with global issues and cultures through English.

      Navigate” by Oxford University Press: Tailored for adults and young adults at intermediate to upper-intermediate levels, focusing on real-world English and practical communicative abilities alongside personal and professional development skills.

      Market Leader” by Pearson Education: Geared towards learners interested in business English, this series combines current business concepts and relevant articles from the Financial Times to teach English, suitable for those aiming to use English in professional contexts.

      New Total English” by Pearson Education: Offers a complete package for English language learning across all skill levels, from beginner to advanced, focusing on clarity, practicality, and comprehensiveness in grammar, vocabulary, and skills development.

      Cutting Edge” by Pearson Education: This series is known for its communicative and task-based approach, focusing on real-life language use. It combines engaging topics with clear objectives to help learners improve their English.

      Four Corners” by Cambridge University Press: A four-level integrated skills English series for adults and young adults designed to help students achieve their language and communication goals through clear methodology and practical language tasks.

      Interchange” by Cambridge University Press: One of the world’s most popular and trusted English course series, offering a balanced approach to teaching all four language skills through contemporary themes.

      Headway” by Oxford University Press: A staple in English language teaching, Headway series offers a thoroughly balanced approach to teaching and learning English, with a strong emphasis on real-life speaking skills and cultural fluency.

      American English File” by Oxford University Press: Combines engaging content and a systematic approach to developing language skills with a focus on speaking, listening, and pronunciation, tailored for a wide range of learners.

      Business Result” by Oxford University Press: Tailored for business English students, this series provides practical communication skills and functional language for use in a professional environment, supplemented with video content.

      Objective” series by Cambridge University Press: Focused on academic and exam preparation, the Objective series covers various levels and includes specific editions for IELTS and Cambridge exam preparation, combining language development with exam skills training.

      Each of these series provides a unique approach to English language learning, combining rigorous language development with practical communication exercises, cultural insights, and digital resources to provide learners with a rich and varied learning experience. Whether for academic preparation, professional development, or personal growth, these resources aim to make the process of learning English as engaging and effective as possible.


      ELT Ebooks by Pearson