Download Ebook Outcomes 2nd Edition (6 Levels) 2016

Download Outcomes Second Edition (6 Levels) 2016

Advanced Level
Outcomes 2nd Advanced Class Audio CDs.rar
Outcomes 2nd Advanced Student’s Book Key.pdf
Outcomes 2nd Advanced Student’s Book.pdf
Outcomes 2nd Advanced Teacher’s Book.pdf
Outcomes 2nd Advanced Teacher’s Materials.rar
Outcomes 2nd Advanced Tests.rar
Outcomes 2nd Advanced Video Activities.rar
Outcomes 2nd Advanced Video.rar
Outcomes 2nd Advanced Vocabulary Builder.rar
Outcomes 2nd Advanced WB Audio.rar
Outcomes 2nd Advanced Workbook.pdf

Beginner Level
Outcomes 2nd Beginner Class Audio CDs.rar
Outcomes 2nd Beginner Student’s Book Key.pdf
Outcomes 2nd Beginner Student’s Book.pdf
Outcomes 2nd Beginner Teacher’s Book.pdf
Outcomes 2nd Beginner Teacher’s Materials.rar
Outcomes 2nd Beginner Tests.rar
Outcomes 2nd Beginner Video.rar
Outcomes 2nd Beginner Vocabulary Builder.rar
Outcomes 2nd Beginner WB Audio.rar
Outcomes 2nd Beginner Workbook Key.pdf
Outcomes 2nd Beginner Workbook.pdf

Elementary Level
Outcomes 2nd Elementary Class Audio CDs.rar
Outcomes 2nd Elementary Grammar Worksheets Key.pdf
Outcomes 2nd Elementary Grammar Worksheets.pdf
Outcomes 2nd Elementary Student’s Book.pdf
Outcomes 2nd Elementary Teacher’s Book.pdf
Outcomes 2nd Elementary Teacher’s Materials.rar
Outcomes 2nd Elementary Tests.rar
Outcomes 2nd Elementary Video Worksheets.rar
Outcomes 2nd Elementary Video.rar
Outcomes 2nd Elementary Vocabulary Builder.rar
Outcomes 2nd Elementary WB Audio.rar
Outcomes 2nd Elementary Workbook.pdf

Intermediate Level
Outcomes 2nd Intermediate Additional Materials.rar
Outcomes 2nd Intermediate Class Audio CDs.rar
Outcomes 2nd Intermediate Student’s Book Key.PDF
Outcomes 2nd Intermediate Student’s Book.pdf
Outcomes 2nd Intermediate Teacher’s Book.pdf
Outcomes 2nd Intermediate Teacher’s Materials.rar
Outcomes 2nd Intermediate Tests.rar
Outcomes 2nd Intermediate Video.rar
Outcomes 2nd Intermediate Vocabulary Builder.rar
Outcomes 2nd Intermediate WB Audio.rar
Outcomes 2nd Intermediate Workbook.pdf

Pre-Intermediate Level
Outcomes 2nd Pre-Intermediate Class Audio CDs.rar
Outcomes 2nd Pre-Intermediate Student’s Book.pdf
Outcomes 2nd Pre-Intermediate Teacher’s Book.pdf
Outcomes 2nd Pre-Intermediate Teacher’s Materials.rar
Outcomes 2nd Pre-Intermediate Tests.rar
Outcomes 2nd Pre-Intermediate Video Activities.rar
Outcomes 2nd Pre-Intermediate Video.rar
Outcomes 2nd Pre-Intermediate Vocabulary Builder.rar
Outcomes 2nd Pre-Intermediate WB Audio.rar
Outcomes 2nd Pre-Intermediate Workbook.pdf

Upper Intermediate Level
Outcomes 2nd Upper Intermediate Class Audio CDs.rar
Outcomes 2nd Upper Intermediate Dictation.rar
Outcomes 2nd Upper Intermediate Student’s Book.pdf
Outcomes 2nd Upper Intermediate Teacher’s Book.pdf
Outcomes 2nd Upper Intermediate Teacher’s Materials.rar
Outcomes 2nd Upper Intermediate Tests.rar
Outcomes 2nd Upper Intermediate Video Activities.rar
Outcomes 2nd Upper Intermediate Video.rar
Outcomes 2nd Upper Intermediate Vocabulary Builder.rar
Outcomes 2nd Upper Intermediate WB Audio.rar
Outcomes 2nd Upper Intermediate Workbook.pdf

Download Ebook National Geographic Outcomes Second Edition (6 Levels)


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      Download Ebook National Geographic Outcomes Second Edition (6 Levels) full



      Overview of the “Outcomes Second Edition”

      ✅ Coursebook: Outcomes Second Edition
      ✅ Publisher: National Geographic Learning
      ✅ English type: British English
      ✅ Levels: A1 to C1
      ✅ Publication year: 2016

      The “Outcomes Second Edition” by National Geographic Learning is a comprehensive English language learning program designed for adult learners. This six-level course spans from A1 to C1, covering beginner to advanced levels in British English. Each level provides up to 120 teaching hours, offering a rich learning experience.

      Key Features:

      • Real-World Focus: The course is dedicated to helping students achieve practical communicative outcomes. It emphasizes real situations, using language as it is spoken in everyday contexts.
      • Lexically-Rich Content: The course is designed to help students have conversations in English that mirror those in their native language, with a strong emphasis on vocabulary.
      • Contemporary and Global Content: Reflects the use of English in the real world, with contemporary topics and global perspectives.
      • New Beginner Level: A brand-new level has been added to cater to absolute beginners.


      • Hugh Dellar: With over 25 years of experience in the field, Dellar is a teacher, teacher trainer, and coursebook writer based in London, and co-founder of Lexical Lab.
      • Andrew Walkley: Boasting over three decades in English language teaching, Walkley started in Valencia, Spain, and has a significant history of work in London’s colleges and universities.


      • For All Classrooms: Includes print (Student’s Book and Workbook), blended (Student’s Book with DVD and Online Workbook), and digital (Student’s eBook with Online Workbook) options.
      • For Learners: Offers various materials including a Student’s Book with DVD, eBooks, Workbooks with Audio CD, Split Editions, Combo Splits, and an Online Workbook.
      • For Teachers: Provides a Teacher’s Book with Audio CD, Classroom Presentation Tool, ExamView Assessment Suite, Learning Management System, and the National Geographic Learning Online Placement Test.

      Outcomes 2ed Advanced Student's Book

      New Edition Highlights:

      • Grammar Syllabus: A clear, evenly-paced grammar syllabus linked strongly to context, taught through a guided discovery approach.
      • National Geographic Videos: Inspiring videos provide global content and language context, supplemented with ‘Conversation Practice’ videos for natural language output.
      • Understanding Fast Speech: A feature to help students grasp authentic English.
      • Integrated Pronunciation Syllabus: Aids in accurate and fluent language use.
      • Expanded Online Vocabulary Builder: Allows personalized vocabulary learning through word lists and self-testing.

      Additional Tools:

      • Companion Site: Offers downloadable materials for lesson preparation.
      • Classroom Presentation Tool: Digital versions of core instructional materials for interactive lessons.
      • Learning Management System: Facilitates assignment and tracking of student progress.
      • ExamView® Assessment Suite: Provides editable pre-made tests and quizzes.

      Overall, “Outcomes Second Edition” seems to be a thorough and versatile English learning program, incorporating modern teaching methodologies and resources to cater to a wide range of learning styles and needs.

      Outcomes 2ed Beginner Student's Book


      Who is suitable for ‘Outcomes Second Edition’?

      “Outcomes Second Edition” by National Geographic Learning is suitable for a broad range of learners, especially considering its comprehensive structure that spans from beginners to advanced levels. Here are the groups who would find this program particularly beneficial:

      Adult Learners: The course is explicitly designed for adult students, making it ideal for individuals looking to enhance their English proficiency for personal, professional, or academic reasons.

      Learners at Various Proficiency Levels: With levels ranging from A1 (beginner) to C1 (advanced), the program caters to students at almost any stage of their English learning journey.

      Students Preparing for Real-world Communication: The course focuses on real situations and practical language use, making it suitable for learners who want to improve their ability to communicate effectively in English in everyday scenarios.

      Learners Interested in Contemporary, Global Content: The inclusion of contemporary topics and global perspectives makes it appealing to students who wish to understand and discuss current global issues.

      Those Seeking a Lexically-Rich Curriculum: Students who want to expand their vocabulary and have conversations in English similar to their native language would find this course beneficial.

      Students Who Prefer Blended or Digital Learning Environments: With options for print, blended, and digital materials, the course suits various learning preferences, including traditional classroom settings, online learning, and self-study.

      Learners Seeking Structured Grammar and Pronunciation Instruction: The program’s clear grammar syllabus and integrated pronunciation instructions make it suitable for those who want to improve their grammatical accuracy and spoken English.

      Educators and Institutions: Teachers and educational institutions looking for a comprehensive English language teaching resource that includes classroom materials, assessment tools, and a learning management system would find this edition valuable.

      In summary, “Outcomes Second Edition” is versatile and can accommodate a wide range of adult learners, from complete beginners to those seeking advanced proficiency in English, and it is particularly suited to those who value a practical, real-world approach to language learning.

      Outcomes 2ed Elementary Student's Book


      The benefits of ‘Outcomes Second Edition’

      “Outcomes Second Edition” offers several benefits that make it a strong choice for English language learners and educators. Here are some of the key advantages:

      Comprehensive Level Coverage: Spanning from A1 to C1 levels, it accommodates beginners through to advanced learners, providing a full journey in English language proficiency.

      Real-World Language Focus: The course emphasizes practical communication skills, teaching language as it’s used in real-life situations. This approach helps learners become proficient in everyday conversations and professional interactions.

      Contemporary and Global Content: The inclusion of current topics and global perspectives keeps the material relevant and engaging, helping learners stay connected with real-world issues while learning English.

      Lexical Approach: A strong focus on vocabulary helps learners acquire a rich lexicon, enabling them to express themselves more naturally and accurately in various contexts.

      Multimedia Learning Resources: The integration of National Geographic videos, audio, and other multimedia elements provides a diverse and stimulating learning experience, catering to different learning styles.

      Pronunciation and Grammar Integration: The course includes a systematic approach to pronunciation and grammar, aiding learners in developing clear and correct spoken and written English.

      Customizable Digital Tools: With digital resources like eBooks and online workbooks, learners have the flexibility to study anytime, anywhere. This is particularly beneficial for adult learners who might need to balance learning with other responsibilities.

      Teacher Support and Resources: Educators are equipped with a wealth of materials, including Teacher’s Books, Classroom Presentation Tools, and an ExamView Assessment Suite, making lesson planning and delivery more efficient and effective.

      Adaptive Online Placement Test: This feature helps in accurately placing learners at the right proficiency level, ensuring a tailored learning experience.

      Learning Management System: The LMS enables teachers to track student progress, assign activities, and manage grades, enhancing the overall teaching and learning experience.

      Skill Development in Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing: The course provides a balanced focus on all key language skills, ensuring comprehensive language development.

      Understanding Fast Speech Feature: This unique feature helps learners comprehend authentic, fast-paced English, which is crucial for real-world interactions.

      Overall, “Outcomes Second Edition” stands out for its practical approach to language learning, comprehensive level coverage, and the integration of modern, multimedia teaching tools. These features make it an effective resource for both learners and educators aiming for tangible improvements in English language proficiency.

      Outcomes 2ed Intermediate Student's Book


      Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘Outcomes Second Edition’

      To maximize the effectiveness of teaching and learning with “Outcomes Second Edition,” educators and learners can employ a variety of strategies that align with the course’s design and objectives. Here are some effective strategies:

      For Teachers

      Utilize the Guided Discovery Approach: The course’s grammar syllabus is taught through guided discovery. Encourage students to explore grammar rules themselves before providing explanations, enhancing their understanding and retention.

      Incorporate Multimedia Resources: Regularly use the National Geographic videos and other multimedia elements included in the course. These resources can stimulate interest, provide real-world context, and cater to different learning styles.

      Focus on Real-world Communication: Since the course emphasizes real-world language use, create lessons that simulate everyday situations. Encourage role-plays, debates, and discussions based on the course content.

      Integrate Pronunciation Practice: Make use of the integrated pronunciation syllabus to help students improve their speaking skills. Regular, focused pronunciation activities can aid in clearer, more fluent communication.

      Leverage the Digital Tools and LMS: Use the Learning Management System for tracking progress, assigning homework, and managing assessments. Digital tools like eBooks and online workbooks can supplement classroom learning.

      Adapt to Individual Needs: Use the adaptive online placement test to understand each student’s level. Tailor your teaching methods to meet the diverse needs of your class.

      Encourage Vocabulary Building: The course’s lexical richness should be exploited. Encourage students to maintain vocabulary journals and use the Online Vocabulary Builder for personalized learning.

      Outcomes 2ed Upper Intermediate Student's Book


      For Learners

      Active Participation: Engage actively with all materials and activities. Participation in class discussions, role-plays, and other interactive exercises can significantly enhance language acquisition.

      Regular Practice with Multimedia Content: Use the videos and audio materials for extra listening practice. This can improve comprehension skills, particularly in understanding fast speech and different accents.

      Self-Study with Digital Resources: Take advantage of the digital resources for self-study. The flexibility of eBooks and online workbooks allows for learning outside the classroom.

      Personalize Vocabulary Learning: Use the expanded and updated Online Vocabulary Builder to create personal word lists and test yourself on new vocabulary regularly.

      Peer Learning and Group Activities: Collaborate with classmates on group projects or study groups. Discussing and explaining concepts to peers can reinforce your own understanding.

      Consistent Grammar Practice: Make use of the guided discovery approach to explore and understand grammar rules. Regular practice through exercises in the workbook can solidify this knowledge.

      Seek Feedback: Regularly ask for feedback from teachers on both spoken and written work. Constructive feedback is crucial for improvement.

      Reflect on Learning Progress: Regularly assess your progress and identify areas for improvement. This could involve self-assessment or discussions with your teacher.

      By employing these strategies, both teachers and learners can fully exploit the potential of “Outcomes Second Edition” and achieve significant improvements in English language proficiency.

      Outcomes 2ed Pre-Intermediate Student's Book


      Discover the New Horizon of English Learning with Outcomes Second Edition


      In an era where the English language is not just a skill but a global passport, the quest for effective English learning resources is more prominent than ever. “Outcomes Second Edition” by National Geographic Learning heralds a new era in this journey, offering a comprehensive, engaging, and practical approach to mastering English. This article explores the innovative facets of this second edition and how it stands as a beacon for both learners and educators in the vast ocean of language education.

      A New Approach to English Mastery

      “Outcomes Second Edition” is not just another coursebook; it’s a carefully crafted pathway that guides learners from the foundational levels of English (A1) right up to the advanced stages (C1). What sets this edition apart is its unwavering focus on real-world communicative outcomes. The course recognizes the dynamic nature of English and adapts to reflect its use in everyday life, making the learning experience not only educational but also profoundly relevant.

      Engaging Content with a Global Perspective

      One of the core strengths of “Outcomes Second Edition” is its incorporation of global content. With materials sourced from the renowned National Geographic archives, learners are exposed to a tapestry of cultural contexts, enhancing their understanding of the language in a global setting. This aspect is not just about learning English; it’s about understanding the world through the lens of English.

      Lexical Richness and Practical Usage

      Diving deeper into its pedagogical approach, the course emphasizes a lexically-rich curriculum. This method ensures that learners are equipped with the vocabulary and expressions needed for the conversations they are likely to have in their own lives. It bridges the gap between textbook English and the language used in everyday interactions.

      Multimedia Integration for a Comprehensive Experience

      The integration of multimedia resources, such as National Geographic videos and interactive digital tools, caters to diverse learning styles. These resources are not just supportive but are central to the learning experience, providing context, enhancing comprehension, and making learning engaging and memorable.

      Structured Yet Flexible Learning Path

      “Outcomes Second Edition” offers a clear and consistent structure in its curriculum, with a strong focus on grammar taught through a guided discovery approach. Yet, it provides enough flexibility to adapt to various learning environments, whether it’s in a traditional classroom setting, a blended learning module, or purely digital.

      Tools for Teachers and Learners Alike

      The course is replete with tools and resources for both educators and learners. For teachers, there are comprehensive guides, digital classroom tools, and assessment suites. Learners benefit from interactive eBooks, online workbooks, and a unique Online Vocabulary Builder that personalizes vocabulary learning.


      “Outcomes Second Edition” stands as a testament to what modern English language teaching and learning can achieve. It’s more than just acquiring a language; it’s about connecting with the world through that language. As we continue to navigate the evolving landscape of English education, “Outcomes Second Edition” shines as a guiding light, paving the way for effective, engaging, and real-world language learning experiences. Whether you’re beginning your English learning journey or looking to refine your proficiency, this course offers a comprehensive, engaging, and practical pathway to achieving your linguistic goals. Discover the new horizon of English learning with “Outcomes Second Edition” and transform your command of the English language.


      ELT Ebooks by National Geographic Learning