Download Ebook Pearson Hey Friends Pdf Audio Video 2018

Download Ebook Pearson Hey Friends (5 Levels) Pdf Audio Video 2018

Level 1
Hey Friends 1 Class
Hey Friends 1 Flashcards.pdf
Hey Friends 1 Student’s Book.pdf
Hey Friends 1 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Hey Friends 1 Tests
Hey Friends 1 Workbook Key.pdf
Hey Friends 1 Workbook.pdf

Level 2
Hey Friends 2 Class
Hey Friends 2 Flashcards.pdf
Hey Friends 2 Student’s Book.pdf
Hey Friends 2 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Hey Friends 2 Tests
Hey Friends 2 Workbook Key.pdf
Hey Friends 2 Workbook.pdf

Level 3
Hey Friends 3 Class
Hey Friends 3 Flashcards.pdf
Hey Friends 3 Student’s Book.pdf
Hey Friends 3 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Hey Friends 3 Tests

Level A
Hey Friends A B Flashcards.pdf
Hey Friends A Class
Hey Friends A Student’s Book.pdf
Hey Friends A Teacher’s Book.pdf
Hey Friends A Tests

Level B
Hey Friends B Class
Hey Friends B Student’s Book.pdf
Hey Friends B Teacher’s Book.pdf
Hey Friends B Tests
Hey Friends B Workbook Key.pdf
Hey Friends B Workbook.pdf

Hey Friends


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      Download Ebook Pearson Hey Friends Pdf Audio Video 2018



      Overview of the “Hey Friends!”

      ✅ Coursebook: Hey Friends!
      ✅ Publisher: Pearson
      ✅ For: Primary school
      ✅ Publication year: 2018


      The “Hey Friends!” series from Pearson is a comprehensive and engaging English language learning program designed for primary school students aged 6 to 11. This British English series is structured into five levels, catering to learners with varying degrees of English proficiency within the Global Scale of English (GSE) range of 11-30.

      Key Aspects:

      Target Audience: Primary pupils, particularly suitable for those attending 1 to 3 English classes per week.

      Educational Focus: The program emphasizes learning English in a social context, encouraging students to explore their own and other cultures.

      Developmental Goals: It aims to develop critical thinking, values, and social skills, in line with national and local curricula.

      Teaching Environment: A fun and engaging approach is central, with the inclusion of songs, games, and a blend of fantasy and reality to captivate students.

      Curriculum Coverage: Comprehensive coverage of curriculum requirements is ensured.

      Materials: The program includes a student’s book with an access code, a workbook, and a teacher’s book.

      Digital Integration: Students’ digital competencies are enhanced through a digital companion, which provides various activities for a modern learning experience.

      Special Features for Different Levels:

      • Levels A and B are presented in capital letters, ideal for early grades.
      • “Let’s Read and Write” in levels B 1 and 2.
      • “Portfolio” in levels 1 and 2.
      • “Reflection Corner” in levels 1, 2, and 3.

      Pupil Autonomy: The series promotes autonomy in learners through the structured presentation of different sections in the books.

      Hey Friends 1 Student's Book


      The series is authored by F. Foster, B. Brown, A. Verdelli, and Ma. S. Cormick, who bring diverse expertise to create a balanced and effective learning experience.

      Overall Experience:

      “Hey Friends!” is designed to be both fun and educational, striking a balance between academic rigor and an enjoyable learning experience. Its focus on social learning, cultural awareness, and critical thinking skills, combined with a dynamic and interactive approach, makes it a suitable choice for young learners beginning their journey in English language acquisition.


      Who is suitable for ‘Hey Friends!’?

      “Hey Friends!” is suitable for primary school students aged between 6 to 11 years old. It is especially designed for those attending 1 to 3 periods of English classes per week. The program caters to learners at various stages of English proficiency within the Global Scale of English (GSE) range of 11-30.

      The series is a good fit for students who are:

      Beginning or Developing English Language Learners: With its focus on British English, the series is well-suited for students starting to learn English or looking to improve their existing language skills.

      Interested in a Culturally Enriching Experience: Since the program emphasizes learning about one’s own and other cultures, it’s ideal for students interested in cultural exploration and understanding.

      Seeking a Fun and Interactive Learning Environment: With its inclusion of songs, games, and activities blending fantasy and reality, it appeals to children who enjoy learning in a dynamic and engaging manner.

      In Need of a Structured Learning Path: The series offers clear progression through its levels, making it suitable for students who benefit from a structured approach to language learning.

      Developing Critical Thinking and Social Skills: “Hey Friends!” is tailored for students who are not only learning a new language but also developing critical thinking, values, and social skills.

      The series is adaptable to various learning environments and teaching styles, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of primary students.


      Hey Friends 2 Student's Book


      The benefits of ‘Hey Friends!’

      The “Hey Friends!” series offers several benefits that make it a valuable educational resource for teaching English to primary school students. Here are some key advantages:

      Comprehensive Curriculum Alignment: It covers all necessary curriculum requirements, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded education in English that aligns with national and local standards.

      Balanced Skill Development: The series focuses on developing not just language skills but also critical thinking, social skills, and cultural awareness, providing a holistic educational experience.

      Engaging and Fun Learning Environment: With its emphasis on songs, games, and a mix of fantasy and reality, “Hey Friends!” makes learning English enjoyable and engaging, which can enhance student motivation and participation.

      Digital Learning Tools: The inclusion of a digital companion enriches the learning experience by integrating technology, which is essential for 21st-century education. It helps in fostering digital competencies among students.

      Hey Friends 3 Student's Book

      Flexibility in Learning Levels: With five different levels and two potential entry points, the series can cater to a wide range of learning abilities and ages, making it adaptable to individual student needs.

      Support for Early Grades: The use of capital letters in levels A and B is particularly beneficial for early graders, facilitating ease in reading and comprehension.

      Student Autonomy: The series encourages pupil autonomy by carefully presenting different sections in the books, allowing students to navigate and engage with the material independently.

      Cultural Exploration: By learning about their own and other cultures, students gain a broader perspective of the world, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of diversity.

      Teacher Support: The availability of a teacher’s book and structured lesson plans assists educators in delivering effective and engaging lessons.

      Progress Tracking: Features like “Let’s Read and Write,” “Portfolio,” and “Reflection Corner” provide opportunities for students to track their progress and reflect on their learning journey.

      Overall, “Hey Friends!” offers a dynamic and comprehensive approach to English language learning that balances academic rigor with an engaging and culturally enriching experience.

      Hey Friends A Student's Book


      Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘Hey Friends!’

      To maximize the effectiveness of the “Hey Friends!” series in teaching English to primary students, several teaching and learning strategies can be employed. These strategies are designed to complement the structure and content of the series, enhancing both teaching efficacy and student engagement.

      Interactive and Collaborative Activities: Encourage group work and collaborative activities using the series’ games and songs. This promotes social interaction and practical language use, which is essential for language acquisition.

      Cultural Exploration Projects: Utilize the series’ focus on cultural awareness by assigning projects or discussions around different cultures. This helps students connect language learning with real-world contexts and develop global awareness.

      Integrate Technology with Learning: Make use of the digital companion to integrate technology into lessons. This can include interactive exercises, online quizzes, and digital storytelling, which cater to diverse learning styles and keep students engaged.

      Differentiated Instruction: Tailor lessons to meet the diverse needs of students. “Hey Friends!” offers various entry points and levels, so use these to differentiate instruction based on students’ language abilities and learning speeds.

      Hey Friends B Student's Book

      Use of Visual and Audio Aids: Enhance lessons with visual and audio materials from the series. This multisensory approach can help reinforce language concepts and cater to different learning preferences.

      Encourage Independent Learning: Foster autonomy by guiding students to use different sections of the books independently. This can include self-assessment sections, portfolio building, and reflection corners.

      Focus on Phonetics and Pronunciation: Utilize the series’ materials to focus on correct pronunciation and phonetics, especially for younger learners or beginners. Songs and rhymes in the series can be particularly effective for this.

      Incorporate Real-life Scenarios: Use role-plays and simulations based on real-life scenarios present in the series. This method helps students practice conversational English in a practical context.

      Regular Review and Reinforcement: Implement regular review sessions using the exercises and activities from the series to reinforce previously learned material and track progress.

      Parental Involvement: Encourage parental involvement in learning, especially for homework and reading activities. This can enhance learning continuity and support outside the classroom.

      Gamification of Learning: Turn learning activities into games and challenges. This makes learning more enjoyable and can significantly increase student engagement and motivation.

      By integrating these strategies into the teaching process, educators can effectively utilize the “Hey Friends!” series to create an enriching, engaging, and comprehensive English learning experience for primary students.


      “Unlocking Creativity and Language Skills with ‘Hey Friends!’ Series”

      The ‘Hey Friends!’ series emerges as a beacon of innovation in the realm of primary education, offering a unique blend of creative exploration and English language skill development. Tailored for young learners aged 6 to 11, this series stands out as more than just a language learning tool; it is a gateway to unlocking the creative potential and linguistic abilities of students.

      At the heart of ‘Hey Friends!’ is a commitment to making the process of learning English enjoyable and engaging. By integrating fun elements like songs, games, and a fascinating mix of fantasy and reality, the series captivates the minds of young learners, fostering a love for the language that goes beyond the traditional classroom setting.

      The series is meticulously structured into five levels, catering to a wide range of proficiencies within the Global Scale of English (GSE). This progressive structure ensures that each child is learning at a pace and level that suits their individual needs, making the acquisition of language skills a personalized and effective journey.

      Moreover, ‘Hey Friends!’ is not just about learning a language; it’s about using that language as a tool for broader educational goals. It encourages students to explore their own and other cultures, enhancing their global awareness and empathy. This cultural exploration aspect is vital in today’s interconnected world and serves as a foundation for developing more informed, tolerant, and globally-minded individuals.

      The inclusion of digital tools and resources in the series aligns with contemporary educational approaches, helping to develop digital competencies from a young age. These digital components offer an interactive and immersive learning experience, keeping students engaged and motivated.

      Furthermore, the series promotes critical thinking and social skills, essential components of modern education. Through its varied activities and structured learning path, ‘Hey Friends!’ ensures that students are not just learning a language, but also developing the skills necessary to think independently, collaborate with others, and approach problems creatively.

      In conclusion, the ‘Hey Friends!’ series is more than just an English learning program; it is a comprehensive educational experience that nurtures creativity, cultural awareness, and language skills in young learners. Its unique approach to teaching English, combined with its focus on creative and critical thinking, makes it an invaluable resource for primary education, paving the way for a generation of inspired and linguistically proficient individuals.


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