Download Pearson Real Life (5 Levels) Pdf Active Teach 2010

Download Real Life (5 Levels) 2010

Elementary Level
Real Life Elementary Class Audio CDs.rar
Real Life Elementary Student’s Book.pdf
Real Life Elementary Teacher’s Handbook.pdf
Real Life Elementary Teacher’s Resource Book.pdf
Real Life Elementary Video.rar
Real Life Elementary Workbook Audio CD.rar
Real Life Elementary Workbook.pdf

Pre-Intermediate Level
Real Life Pre-Intermediate Class Audio CDs.rar
Real Life Pre-Intermediate Starting Pill.pdf
Real Life Pre-Intermediate Student’s Book.pdf
Real Life Pre-Intermediate Teacher’s Handbook.pdf
Real Life Pre-Intermediate Teacher’s Resource Book.pdf
Real Life Pre-Intermediate Test.rar
Real Life Pre-Intermediate Workbook Audio CD.rar
Real Life Pre-Intermediate Workbook.pdf

Intermediate Level
Real Life Intermediate Class Audio CDs.rar
Real Life Intermediate Student’s Book.pdf
Real Life Intermediate Teacher’s Handbook.pdf
Real Life Intermediate Teacher’s Resource Book.pdf
Real Life Intermediate Teacher’s Resource.pdf
Real Life Intermediate Workbook Audio CD.rar
Real Life Intermediate Workbook.pdf

Upper-Intermediate Level
Real Life Upper-Intermediate Class Audio CDs.rar
Real Life Upper-Intermediate Student’s Book.pdf
Real Life Upper-Intermediate Teacher’s Handbook.pdf
Real Life Upper-Intermediate Teacher’s Resource Book.pdf
Real Life Upper-Intermediate Video.rar
Real Life Upper-Intermediate Workbook Audio CD.rar
Real Life Upper-Intermediate Workbook.pdf

Advanced Level
Real Life Advanced Class Audio CD.rar
Real Life Advanced Student’s Book.pdf
Real Life Advanced Teacher’s Handbook.pdf
Real Life Advanced Teacher’s Resource Book.pdf
Real Life Advanced Tests.rar
Real Life Advanced Video.rar
Real Life Advanced Workbook Audio CD.rar
Real Life Advanced Workbook.pdf

Download Ebook Real Life Full [Pdf Audio Video CD-ROM]


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      Download Ebook Pearson Real Life (5 Levels) Pdf Audio Video



      Overview of the “Real Life”

      ✅ Coursebook: Real Life
      ✅ Publisher: Pearson
      ✅ Levels: Elementary to Advanced
      ✅ For: Upper Secondary
      ✅ Publication year: 2010

      Real Life” by Sarah Cunningham, Peter Moor, Martyn Hobbs, Julia Starr Keddle, and Jonathan Bygrave is an educational series designed to enhance English language learning for upper secondary students, typically aged 15 to 18/19. The series focuses on making English learning both enjoyable and practical, emphasizing real-life applications and topics relevant to teenagers.

      Key features of the “Real Life” series include:

      Real-World Application: The series connects English learning to topics and issues significant in students’ lives, encouraging them to discuss global issues, goals, and dreams.

      Practical and Functional Language Usage: Language is taught and practiced in real-world contexts, often through photo stories, ensuring that students can apply what they learn in everyday situations.

      Grammar and Language Practice: A manageable grammar syllabus, accompanied by sections like Grammar2Know, Words2Know, and Phrases2Know, aids in language acquisition and practice.

      Skills Development and Exam Preparation: The series emphasizes solid speaking and writing skills training, offering strategies for educational success and exam readiness. Active Study sections provide regular revision of grammar, vocabulary, and skills, supplemented with study tips and exam strategies.

      Additional Learning Materials: The Mini Workbook at the back of the Student’s Book and the Teacher’s Handbook offer extra practice and teaching support, respectively.

      Digital Teaching Tools: The Active Teach tool supports interactive learning through whiteboards or projectors, providing resources like Teacher’s Resources, integrated audio and video, and interactive activities. A Skills Multi-ROM also offers additional classroom exercises.

      Teen Appeal: The content and design are tailored to appeal to teenagers, featuring texts and topics that resonate with their everyday experiences and interests.

      Systematic Skills Development: Special emphasis is placed on functional and transactional language, alongside systematic development of various language skills.

      Achievable Syllabus and Vocabulary Development: The series offers a manageable grammar syllabus and topic-based vocabulary development, designed to be completed within a year with 2-3 lessons per week.

      Support for Mixed-Level Classes: The series caters to classes with students at different levels of language proficiency.

      “Real Life” is thus a comprehensive English language learning tool, well-suited for upper secondary students, focusing on practical language use, skill development, and exam preparation, all while being engaging and relevant to real-life contexts.




      Who is suitable for ‘Real Life’?

      “Real Life” is particularly suitable for upper secondary students, generally aged between 15 and 18/19 years old. It is well-suited for learners who are:

      Preparing for Exams: The series is designed to help students prepare for various English language exams, offering a solid foundation in speaking and writing skills, along with specific strategies and tips for exam success.

      Interested in Practical Language Use: The curriculum emphasizes functional language use in real-world contexts, making it ideal for students who want to learn English for practical, everyday use.

      Seeking Engaging and Relevant Material: With its focus on contemporary topics and issues relevant to teenagers, “Real Life” appeals to students looking for material that reflects their interests and real-life experiences.

      In Need of a Manageable Learning Path: The series offers a grammar and language syllabus that is designed to be achievable and manageable, especially beneficial for students who may find traditional language courses too intensive or overwhelming.

      Looking for Systematic Skills Development: Students who need systematic development in language skills, including functional and transactional language, will find the series beneficial.

      Part of Mixed-Level Classes: The series supports mixed-ability classrooms, offering material and approaches that cater to diverse learning needs and levels.

      Studying with Limited Weekly Hours: The curriculum is structured to be completed within a typical school year with 2-3 lessons per week, making it suitable for students with limited time for English language learning.

      Interested in Supplemental Learning Resources: Students who benefit from additional learning materials like mini workbooks, digital teaching tools, and teacher’s handbooks will find “Real Life” comprehensive and supportive.

      Overall, “Real Life” is ideal for teenage learners who are looking for an English language course that is both engaging and effective in preparing them for academic success and real-world communication.




      The benefits of ‘Real Life’

      “Real Life,” as an English language learning series, offers several key benefits to its users, particularly upper secondary students. These benefits include:

      Practical Language Application: The series focuses on teaching English in a way that is directly applicable to real-life situations. This practical approach helps students see the relevance of what they are learning and how it can be used in everyday contexts.

      Engagement with Relevant Topics: By incorporating topics and issues that are significant and interesting to teenagers, “Real Life” keeps students engaged and motivated. This relevance to their own lives enhances their learning experience.

      Comprehensive Skills Development: The series covers a wide range of language skills, including speaking, writing, listening, and reading. This comprehensive approach ensures a balanced development of language abilities.

      Exam Preparation: “Real Life” provides specific training and strategies for exam success, making it beneficial for students preparing for English proficiency exams. This includes focus on writing and speaking skills that are often crucial in exams.

      Structured Yet Manageable Learning: With a clearly defined grammar syllabus and language practice, the series presents a structured learning path that is achievable for students, even with limited study time per week.

      Functional Language Usage: Emphasis on functional and transactional language equips students with the skills to communicate effectively in various scenarios, from casual conversations to more formal exchanges.

      Materials for Diverse Learning Styles: The inclusion of digital tools, photo stories, and interactive activities caters to different learning styles, making the series adaptable to various student needs.

      Support for Teachers: With resources like the Teacher’s Handbook and Active Teach tools, educators are well-equipped to deliver effective and engaging lessons, enhancing the overall teaching and learning experience.

      Vocabulary and Grammar Development: Targeted vocabulary expansion and grammar practice ensure that students build a strong foundation in English, essential for both academic and real-world communication.

      Flexibility for Mixed-Level Classes: The series is designed to accommodate classes with students at varying levels of English proficiency, making it a versatile choice for diverse educational settings.

      In summary, “Real Life” offers a holistic approach to English language learning that combines practical language use, engaging content, comprehensive skill development, and exam preparation, all tailored to the needs and interests of teenage learners.




      Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘Real Life’

      To effectively teach and facilitate learning using the “Real Life” English language series, several strategies can be employed. These strategies are designed to maximize student engagement, understanding, and practical application of the language skills being taught:

      Contextualized Learning: Integrate the language skills with real-life contexts and situations. This helps students understand the practical application of what they are learning and enhances their ability to use English in everyday scenarios.

      Interactive Lessons: Utilize the digital tools and resources provided by the “Real Life” series, such as Active Teach, to create interactive and dynamic lessons. This can include multimedia content, interactive exercises, and collaborative activities that engage students more deeply.

      Personalized Learning: Cater to individual student needs by identifying different learning styles within the classroom. Use a variety of teaching methods, such as group work, individual tasks, and class discussions, to accommodate these diverse learning styles.

      Focus on Functional Language: Emphasize functional language and transactional dialogues that students are likely to encounter in real-world interactions. Role-playing and simulation exercises can be particularly effective in this regard.

      Regular Practice and Revision: Make use of the Active Study sections for regular practice and revision of grammar, vocabulary, and skills. Consistent reinforcement helps in better retention and understanding of the language.

      Encourage Critical Thinking and Discussion: Use the topics and themes in the “Real Life” series to stimulate critical thinking and discussion among students. This not only improves language skills but also develops their ability to think and articulate their ideas in English.

      Skills Integration: Integrate the four key language skills—reading, writing, speaking, and listening—into each lesson. This holistic approach ensures a balanced development of language competencies.

      Feedback and Assessment: Provide regular feedback on students’ performance and conduct assessments to track progress. This can include both formal evaluations and informal feedback during class activities.

      Utilize the Mini Workbook: Encourage students to use the additional activities in the Mini Workbook for extra practice at home. This reinforces what is learned in class and allows for individual practice.

      Teacher’s Handbook as a Resource: For teachers, make full use of the Teacher’s Handbook for lesson planning, understanding student difficulties, and finding additional resources for teaching each unit.

      Incorporate Technology: Leverage technology for language learning, including online resources, language learning apps, and the series’ Skills Multi-ROM. This can provide a more varied and engaging learning experience.

      Cultural Awareness: Use the series to introduce and discuss cultural aspects related to the English language, fostering a broader understanding and appreciation of English-speaking cultures.

      By implementing these strategies, teachers can create a more effective and enjoyable learning experience for students using the “Real Life” series, ultimately helping them to achieve both academic success in English and practical language skills for real-life use.




      Practical English for the Modern Teenager: Discover Real Life

      In an ever-evolving world where English serves as a global lingua franca, the need for practical and relatable English language education has never been more paramount, especially for the younger generation. Enter “Real Life”, an innovative English language learning series specifically designed for the modern teenager. This program stands out in its approach to not just teach English, but to immerse students in the practical use of the language through themes and situations they encounter daily.

      Bridging the Classroom and the Real World

      Traditional methods of language teaching often focus heavily on grammar rules and textbook exercises, which, while foundational, can sometimes disconnect students from the real-world applications of the language. “Real Life” bridges this gap by integrating language learning with topics and issues that are central to the lives of teenagers today. From social media trends to global environmental issues, the series ensures that learning English is not only about mastering the language but also about connecting with the world.

      Engaging Content That Resonates

      What sets “Real Life” apart is its understanding of its audience – teenagers. The content is designed to be engaging, with a light, colorful look and feel that appeals to young learners. By using photo stories, relatable scenarios, and contemporary topics, “Real Life” makes English learning enjoyable and meaningful. It’s not just about passing exams; it’s about empowering students to express themselves on issues they care about.

      Practical Language Skills for Everyday Use

      “Real Life” emphasizes functional language use. This means that students learn English as it is spoken and used in everyday contexts, from shopping and traveling to using social media. The series includes a variety of speaking and listening activities, encouraging students to practice English in realistic settings. This approach builds confidence and fluency, essential for any teenager looking to navigate the world today.

      Comprehensive Learning Path to Success

      The series is comprehensive, covering all language skills – reading, writing, speaking, and listening. It offers a manageable grammar syllabus and language practice, ensuring a gentle yet effective path to mastering English. Key language points are highlighted through innovative sections like Grammar2Know, Words2Know, and Phrases2Know, aiding in easy comprehension and retention.

      Digital Tools for the Digital Age

      Recognizing the importance of technology in modern education, “Real Life” incorporates digital teaching tools like the Active Teach platform. This tool can be used with interactive whiteboards or projectors, bringing lessons to life with integrated audio, video, and interactive activities. It’s an approach that aligns with the tech-savvy nature of today’s teens.

      Preparing for the Future

      Importantly, “Real Life” equips students with strategies for success in their educational and future career paths. With solid speaking and writing skills training and comprehensive exam preparation, it lays a strong foundation for higher education and professional opportunities where English is a key asset.


      In sum, “Real Life” is more than just an English language course; it’s a gateway to global citizenship for the modern teenager. By combining practical language skills with engaging content and digital tools, it prepares young learners not just for exams, but for a life where English is a vital tool for communication, expression, and understanding. Discover “Real Life” – where language learning meets the real world, and where today’s teenagers become tomorrow’s global communicators.


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