Download Cambridge Eyes Open (4 Levels) Pdf Audio Video 2015

Download Eyes Open (4 Levels) 2015

Presentation Plus
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Level 1
Eyes Open 1 Class Audio CD.rar
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Eyes Open 1 Workbook.pdf

Level 2
Eyes Open 2 Class Audio CD.rar
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Eyes Open 2 Teacher’s Book.pdf
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Eyes Open 2 Video.rar
Eyes Open 2 Workbook Audio CD.rar
Eyes Open 2 Workbook.pdf

Level 3
Eyes Open 3 Class Audio CD.rar
Eyes Open 3 Student’s Book.pdf
Eyes Open 3 Teacher’s Book.pdf
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Eyes Open 3 Tests.rar
Eyes Open 3 Video.rar
Eyes Open 3 Workbook Audio CD.rar
Eyes Open 3 Workbook.pdf

Level 4
Eyes Open 4 Class Audio CD.rar
Eyes Open 4 Student’s Book.pdf
Eyes Open 4 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Eyes Open 4 Teacher’s Resources.rar
Eyes Open 4 Tests.rar
Eyes Open 4 Video.rar
Eyes Open 4 Workbook Audio CD.rar
Eyes Open 4 Workbook.pdf

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Download Ebook Eyes Open 1,2,3,4 Cambridge [Pdf Audio] Full


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      Download Ebook Cambridge Eyes Open 1,2,3,4 Pdf Audio Full



      Overview of the “Eyes Open”

      ✅ Coursebook: Eyes Open
      ✅ Authors: Ceri Jones, Ben Goldstein
      ✅ Publisher: Cambridge University Press
      ✅ Levels: A1 to B1+
      ✅ For: Secondary
      ✅ Publication year: 2015

      Eyes Open” is an educational program developed by Cambridge, designed to engage students in learning English through a combination of stimulating content and interactive methods. Here’s an overview of the program:

      Key Features:

      Interest-Grabbing Content: The program uses captivating videos from Discovery Education™ to stimulate curiosity and foster learning.

      Communication and Skills Development: It focuses on promoting communication and developing critical 21st Century Skills.

      CEFR Levels A1+ to B1+: Catering to a range of proficiency levels, it is suitable for various stages of language learning.

      Personalized Language Building Activities: The course includes a progression of activities tailored to enhance speaking and writing fluency.

      High-Interest Subject Matter: The content is designed to spark curiosity and reinforce language learning through diverse video types.

      Flexible Digital Resources: Digital support and online practice are available through Teacher and Workbook Digital Packs.


      Global Exploration: The course takes students on a journey around the world, from China to Brazil, using Discovery Education videos.

      Discovery Education Video: 140 high-interest videos are integrated throughout the course to enhance language learning and cultural understanding.

      Intercultural Awareness: Topics and texts encourage students to discover various cultures and people globally.

      Digital Support: The program offers a flexible digital package, including digital classroom software, online workbooks, and interactive e-books.


      Scaffolded Productive Activities: These activities are designed to gradually build speaking and writing skills.

      Speaking: Features like “Real Talk” interviews and structured exercises help boost students’ confidence in speaking English.

      Writing: Guided writing pages with model texts and learner training exercises help students improve their writing skills.


      Research-Informed Content: The course is developed by experts in language research and pedagogy, ensuring the content is relevant and effective.

      Corpus-Informed Content: Utilizes the Cambridge English Corpus to ensure the teaching of frequently used words and phrases.

      Expert Author Team: Ben Goldstein and Ceri Jones, specialists in teaching with images and video, contributed their insights to the course.

      Course Materials:

      Student’s Book: Introduces language through engaging topics designed for young teens.

      Workbook: Offers additional practice and free access to online exercises for autonomous learning.

      “Eyes Open” is a comprehensive program that combines engaging content, effective teaching methods, and digital resources to provide a dynamic and interactive learning experience for students. It’s shaped by Cambridge’s extensive research and expertise, enabling teachers to effectively teach and students to reach their full potential in English language learning.

      Download ebook Eyes Open 1 pdf audio


      Who is suitable for ‘Eyes Open’?

      “Eyes Open” is particularly suitable for the following groups:

      Young Teenagers: The program is designed to appeal to young teens, with topics and content that are engaging and relevant to their interests and age group. This makes it ideal for middle school students or those in early high school years.

      English Language Learners at CEFR Levels A1+ to B1+: The program caters to a range of proficiency levels within this spectrum, making it appropriate for learners from beginner to intermediate stages. This includes students who are just starting to learn English, as well as those who are looking to further develop their language skills.

      Students Interested in Global Cultures and Exploration: Given its use of Discovery Education videos and focus on various cultures and locations around the world, “Eyes Open” is particularly suitable for students who have an interest in learning about different cultures and global perspectives.

      Learners Seeking 21st Century Skills Development: The program emphasizes the development of critical 21st-century skills, such as communication and digital literacy, making it a good fit for students who need to develop these competencies in conjunction with language learning.

      Students and Teachers Embracing Digital Learning Tools: With its comprehensive digital support and resources, “Eyes Open” is well-suited for those who are comfortable with or looking to integrate digital tools into their learning or teaching experience.

      Educators Seeking Research-Informed Materials: Teachers who value content that is informed by the latest language research, pedagogy, and real-world usage (as evidenced by the Cambridge English Corpus) will find “Eyes Open” particularly suitable.

      Self-Learners Seeking Structured Language Practice: The program’s workbook and online resources can support self-learners who are looking for structured practice in addition to classroom learning.

      Overall, “Eyes Open” is ideal for young learners who are enthusiastic about exploring new cultures and ideas while developing their English language skills in a dynamic, interactive, and informed learning environment.

      Download ebook Eyes Open 2 pdf audio


      The benefits of ‘Eyes Open’

      “Eyes Open” offers a range of benefits that make it an effective and engaging English language learning program. These benefits include:

      Engaging and Relevant Content: The use of high-interest videos from Discovery Education™ ensures that the learning material is not only engaging but also relevant to the interests of young learners. This helps in maintaining student interest and motivation.

      Cultural and Global Awareness: By exploring various cultures and locations around the world, the program enhances students’ intercultural awareness and understanding, preparing them for a globalized world.

      Development of 21st Century Skills: “Eyes Open” places a strong emphasis on communication and other essential skills for the 21st century, such as critical thinking, collaboration, and digital literacy, which are crucial for academic and professional success.

      Comprehensive Language Development: The program offers a balanced focus on all language skills – speaking, writing, listening, and reading. This comprehensive approach ensures a well-rounded development of language proficiency.

      Personalized Learning Experience: With a variety of activities tailored to different learning styles and levels, “Eyes Open” allows for a personalized learning experience, catering to the unique needs of each student.

      Flexible Digital Resources: The availability of digital resources and online practice offers flexibility in learning and teaching, allowing for a blend of traditional and digital educational experiences.

      Research and Corpus-Informed Content: The content in “Eyes Open” is informed by the latest research in language learning and the Cambridge English Corpus. This ensures that the material is not only pedagogically sound but also relevant and up-to-date.

      Confidence Building in Language Use: Structured activities and scaffolded learning approaches gradually build students’ confidence in using the language, particularly in productive skills like speaking and writing.

      Teacher Support: The program provides extensive resources and tools for teachers, making lesson planning and delivery more effective and less time-consuming.

      Enhanced Learner Autonomy: The inclusion of online resources and interactive e-books encourages students to take charge of their learning, fostering learner autonomy and self-directed study habits.

      Overall, “Eyes Open” offers a dynamic, interactive, and comprehensive approach to English language learning that is both educationally enriching and enjoyable for young learners.

      Download ebook Eyes Open 3 pdf audio


      Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘Eyes Open’

      Effective teaching and learning strategies for “Eyes Open” can significantly enhance the educational experience and outcomes for both teachers and students. Here are some strategies tailored to the program’s unique features:

      For Teachers:

      Integrate Videos Effectively: Utilize the Discovery Education™ videos not just as a passive watching experience but as a springboard for discussions, language practice, and cultural exploration. Pause videos to discuss vocabulary, concepts, or ask predictive questions.

      Promote Interactive Learning: Encourage students to actively engage with the content. Group discussions, debates, and role-plays based on the topics covered can be highly effective.

      Use Digital Tools for Engagement: Leverage the digital resources available in “Eyes Open” to create an interactive classroom environment. Incorporate the Presentation Plus digital classroom software for a more dynamic teaching experience.

      Personalize Learning: Recognize the diverse learning styles and levels in your classroom. Offer differentiated tasks and use the online practice activities to cater to individual student needs.

      Focus on Real-world Language Use: Use the corpus-informed content to teach language as it is actually used in real-world settings, emphasizing practical and commonly used phrases and expressions.

      Build 21st Century Skills: Integrate activities that develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and digital literacy skills, in line with the program’s emphasis on 21st-century competencies.

      Encourage Cultural Exploration: Use the global topics as an opportunity to broaden students’ perspectives about different cultures and foster open-mindedness and curiosity about the world.

      For Students:

      Active Participation: Be proactive in lessons. Engage in class discussions, ask questions, and participate in group activities to deepen your understanding of the material.

      Utilize Digital Resources for Practice: Regularly use the online workbook and digital practice activities for additional practice and reinforcement of classroom learning.

      Watch Videos Multiple Times: Re-watch the videos to improve listening skills and comprehension. Each viewing can reveal new vocabulary or language nuances.

      Practice Language Skills Holistically: Don’t just focus on one skill (like reading or writing). Practice speaking, listening, reading, and writing equally to develop a well-rounded language proficiency.

      Reflect on Cultural Learnings: After learning about a new culture or place, reflect on how it compares to your own experiences and what new insights you’ve gained.

      Self-Study and Autonomy: Take advantage of the course materials for self-study. The interactive e-book and online resources are excellent for independent learning.

      Peer Collaboration: Work with classmates on assignments or practice speaking with them. Learning from peers can be a powerful tool in language acquisition.

      By implementing these strategies, teachers can maximize the effectiveness of the “Eyes Open” program, and students can significantly enhance their language learning experience, making it more engaging, practical, and enjoyable.


      Download ebook Eyes Open 4 pdf audio


      Top 10 English Language Learning Series for Teenagers: Ideal Alternatives to Cambridge’s Eyes Open

      “Eyes Open” by Cambridge is a vibrant English language learning series designed for teenagers, combining exciting video content with a robust syllabus centered around critical thinking and practical skills. Here are some alternative series that offer similar features and are suitable for teenage learners:

      English in Mind by Cambridge University Press – This series combines engaging content with a strong focus on grammar and vocabulary. It’s designed to captivate teenagers’ attention and encourage communication and collaboration.

      Gateway by Macmillan Education – Specifically aimed at teenagers, Gateway integrates language learning with academic and life skills development. It prepares students for school exams as well as international English exams, making it a comprehensive alternative.

      Beyond by Macmillan Education – This series is well-suited for teenage learners, focusing on developing language skills alongside critical thinking and practical capabilities for real-world use.

      Life by National Geographic Learning – Offering stunning visuals and compelling content, Life explores themes and stories from around the globe, enhancing language learning with a cultural and informational richness akin to what “Eyes Open” provides.

      Real Life by Pearson English – This series focuses on English usage in practical, real-life contexts, helping students to develop the language skills they need to communicate effectively in an increasingly globalized world.

      Go for English! by Pearson – This series is designed to make English learning enjoyable and practical with its focus on communication and interactive activities, appealing to teenagers’ interests and engagement levels.

      Motivate! by Macmillan Education – A course that integrates motivating content with practical language skills and critical thinking development, aimed at engaging and inspiring teenage learners.

      Interchange by Cambridge University Press – Known for its communicative and interactive approach, Interchange provides contemporary topics and practical activities designed to boost language skills and cultural understanding among teenagers.

      Solutions by Oxford University Press – This series is structured to provide clear language progression and comprehensive grammar and vocabulary development, tailored for teenagers preparing for exams and everyday communication.

      Global by Macmillan Education – Aimed at older teenagers and young adults, Global offers a sophisticated approach to English language learning with a strong focus on critical thinking and speaking skills, suitable for students looking to engage with complex and diverse content.

      These series provide comprehensive English learning experiences that engage teenage learners through a combination of multimedia resources, cultural content, and critical thinking exercises, similar to the approach used in “Eyes Open.”


      ELT Ebooks by Cambridge University Press