Download Ebook Oxford English Time (6 Levels) Pdf Audio 2011

Download English Time (6 Levels) Pdf Audio 2011

Level 1
English Time 1 Class Audio
English Time 1 StoryBook Audio
English Time 1 StoryBook.pdf
English Time 1 Student Book
English Time 1 Student Book.pdf
English Time 1 Teacher Book.pdf
English Time 1 Workbook.pdf

Level 2
English Time 2 Class Audio
English Time 2 Storybook Audio
English Time 2 Storybook.pdf
English Time 2 Student Book.pdf
English Time 2 Teacher Book.pdf
English Time 2 Workbook.pdf

Level 3
English Time 3 Class Audio
English Time 3 Storybook Audio
English Time 3 Storybook.pdf
English Time 3 Student Book.pdf
English Time 3 Teacher Book.pdf
English Time 3 Workbook.pdf

Level 4
English Time 4 Class Audio
English Time 4 Storybook Audio
English Time 4 Storybook.pdf
English Time 4 Student Book.pdf
English Time 4 Teacher Book.pdf
English Time 4 Workbook.pdf

Level 5
English Time 5 Class Audio
English Time 5 Storybook Audio
English Time 5 Storybook.pdf
English Time 5 Student Book.pdf
English Time 5 Teacher Book.pdf
English Time 5 Workbook.pdf

Level 6
English Time 6 Class Audio
English Time 6 StoryBook Audio
English Time 6 Storybook.pdf
English Time 6 Student Book.pdf
English Time 6 Teacher Book.pdf
English Time 6 Workbook.pdf

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      Download Ebook Oxford English Time (6 Levels) Pdf Audio 2011



      Overview of the “English Time”

      ✅ Coursebook: English Time
      ✅ Publisher: Oxford University Press
      ✅ For: Primary, Young Learners
      ✅ Publication year: 2011

      “English Time” by Susan Rivers and Setsuko Toyama is an interactive and engaging six-level course designed for teaching English to young learners. Here’s an overview of its key features and approach:

      Unique Features

      Big Picture Approach: This method uses detailed and humorous illustrations to introduce new language concepts. These illustrations draw children’s attention and provide a real-life context for language learning. The vibrant images also aid in vocabulary building and keep students focused during lessons.

      Stories: The course includes stories featuring consistent characters across all levels. These characters become familiar friends to the learners, assisting in language learning through a natural, conversational approach. “Digger’s World” is an example of an ongoing story used in this series.

      Songs: English Time incorporates familiar tunes to make new language concepts memorable. The new Student Audio CD includes recordings of conversations, grammar, songs, and phonics from the Student Book, which facilitates practice at home.

      Craft Activities: These activities cater to different learning styles and keep students actively engaged in their English lessons.

      Cross-Curricular and Project Time Pages: These pages link English to other school subjects and combine English learning with skills like research, writing, and creativity. Projects are particularly useful for demonstrating to parents what students have learned.

      Grammar Presentation: The course provides clear and accessible grammar explanations, helping students understand and use English grammar effectively.

      Assessment and Resources

      Test Centre: This includes placement tests, practice tests for Cambridge Young Learners English (YLE) exams, and a variety of unit, mid-term, and final tests, both printable and editable.

      Student Audio CD: A new addition that enhances learning through auditory engagement.

      Additional Options

      For more comprehensive coverage, English Time can be extended to an eight-level course by integrating it with the “Magic Time” series.

      The course also addresses different needs, such as pre-writing practice, making it adaptable to various learning requirements.

      Overall, English Time offers a comprehensive, fun, and interactive approach to English language learning for children, emphasizing visual, auditory, and practical learning styles.


      Download ebook English Time 1


      Who is suitable for ‘English Time’?

      “English Time” is primarily designed for young learners of English as a second or foreign language. The program is suitable for:

      Elementary School Students: The content and approach are tailored for children in elementary school, typically ages 6 to 12. The engaging stories, songs, and activities are particularly appealing to this age group.

      Beginners in English: The course is structured to cater to beginners or early learners of English. It introduces language concepts in a gradual, easy-to-understand manner.

      Visual and Auditory Learners: With its emphasis on ‘Big Picture’ illustrations and inclusion of songs and audio materials, this program is ideal for children who learn best through visual cues and auditory stimulation.

      Learners Who Enjoy Interactive and Creative Learning: The inclusion of craft activities, stories, and project-based learning makes this course suitable for children who thrive in interactive and creative learning environments.

      Students Preparing for English Language Tests: Since the program includes practice tests for Cambridge Young Learners English (YLE) exams, it is also suitable for students preparing for these assessments.

      Learners Needing Structured Grammar Instruction: The course’s clear grammar presentations make it appropriate for students who benefit from structured and straightforward explanations of language rules.

      Learners with Diverse Learning Styles: “English Time” accommodates a variety of learning styles, including kinesthetic learners through its ‘Project Time’ pages and activities.

      In summary, “English Time” is well-suited for young learners at the elementary level who are beginning their English language journey and prefer a varied, interactive, and visually engaging approach to learning.


      Download ebook English Time 2


      The benefits of ‘English Time’

      “English Time” offers several benefits for young learners of English, making it an effective and enjoyable way to learn the language. Some of the key benefits include:

      Engaging and Interactive Learning: With its use of detailed illustrations, stories, songs, and craft activities, “English Time” provides a highly engaging and interactive learning experience. This approach keeps children interested and motivated, which is crucial for effective language learning.

      Holistic Language Development: The course focuses on developing all key language skills – speaking, listening, reading, and writing. This holistic approach ensures that students develop a well-rounded proficiency in English.

      Cultural and Cross-Curricular Learning: By integrating cross-curricular pages, the program connects English learning with other school subjects, broadening students’ general knowledge and cultural understanding.

      Building Vocabulary and Grammar Skills: The Big Picture approach and clear grammar presentations help in building a strong vocabulary and understanding of English grammar, which are fundamental for language mastery.

      Download ebook English Time 3

      Support for Different Learning Styles: “English Time” caters to various learning styles, including auditory, visual, and kinesthetic, making it effective for a diverse range of learners.

      Preparation for English Proficiency Tests: The inclusion of practice tests for Cambridge YLE exams prepares students for these assessments, helping them gain confidence in their language abilities.

      Parental Engagement: The project-based aspect of the course allows for creations that can be shared with parents, helping to involve them in their child’s learning process and demonstrating progress.

      Continuity and Progression: The use of consistent characters and a structured level system across the course ensures continuity in learning and helps children progress smoothly from one level to the next.

      Audio-Visual Aids: The inclusion of a Student Audio CD complements the learning experience by providing additional auditory resources that can reinforce what is taught in the classroom.

      Adaptability and Extension: The possibility to combine “English Time” with “Magic Time” to create an eight-level course allows for greater adaptability to different learning environments and student needs.

      Overall, “English Time” is beneficial for its comprehensive, engaging, and adaptable approach to teaching English, making it an excellent choice for young learners beginning their journey in English language acquisition.


      Download ebook English Time 4


      Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘English Time’

      To effectively teach and facilitate learning with “English Time,” educators can employ a variety of strategies that align with the course’s design and objectives. Here are some effective teaching and learning strategies for this program:

      Utilize the Big Picture Approach: Make full use of the detailed illustrations to introduce new vocabulary and concepts. Encourage students to observe and talk about what they see, fostering both language development and critical thinking skills.

      Incorporate Storytelling: Regularly read and discuss the stories from the course. Storytelling helps in language acquisition by providing context and making the language more memorable. Encourage students to predict outcomes, retell stories, and relate them to their own experiences.

      Sing and Listen to Songs: Use the songs to reinforce new language concepts. Songs provide a fun and memorable way to learn new vocabulary and grammar structures. Encourage students to sing along and discuss the meanings of the lyrics.

      Engage in Interactive Activities: Conduct the craft activities and projects in the classroom. These hands-on activities cater to kinesthetic learners and help in reinforcing language concepts in an engaging and creative way.

      Download ebook English Time 5

      Use the Audio CD for Listening Practice: Regularly play recordings from the Student Audio CD to improve students’ listening skills. Listening exercises can be made interactive through Q&A sessions, filling in the blanks, or summarizing what they heard.

      Incorporate Role-Playing and Drama: Use role-playing activities to practice dialogues and scenarios from the course. This helps students practice speaking and listening in a fun, interactive way.

      Focus on Grammar in Context: Teach grammar using the clear presentations provided in the course, but always relate it back to practical, real-life usage. Encourage students to create their own sentences using the new grammar structures.

      Conduct Regular Reviews and Assessments: Use the Test Centre resources to assess students’ progress. Regular testing helps in identifying areas where students might need extra help and reinforces learning.

      Encourage Cross-Curricular Connections: Use the cross-curricular pages to link English learning with other subjects. This approach enriches students’ overall educational experience and shows the practical application of English.

      Foster a Positive Learning Environment: Create a supportive and encouraging classroom atmosphere. Praise efforts, encourage participation, and make learning English an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

      Involve Parents: Share students’ projects and progress with parents. This not only keeps parents informed but also encourages their involvement in their child’s language learning journey.

      By implementing these strategies, educators can maximize the effectiveness of “English Time” in teaching English, ensuring that students not only learn the language but also enjoy the process.


      Download ebook English Time 6



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