Download Cambridge Open World (4 Levels) Pdf Audio Video 2019

Download Cambridge Open World (4 Levels) Pdf Audio Video 2019

Open World Presentation Plus
Open World First Presentation Plus
Open World First Presentation Plus
Open World Key Presentation Plus
Open World Key Presentation Plus
Open World Preliminary Presentation Plus
Open World Preliminary Presentation Plus

A2 Key Level
Open World A2 Key Class
Open World A2 Key Student’s Book.pdf
Open World A2 Key Teacher’s Book.pdf
Open World A2 Key Teacher’s Resource
Open World A2 Key Test Generator
Open World A2 Key
Open World A2 Key Workbook
Open World A2 Key Workbook.pdf

B1 Preliminary Level
Open World B1 Preliminary Class
Open World B1 Preliminary Italian Student’s Book.pdf
Open World B1 Preliminary Student’s Book.pdf
Open World B1 Preliminary Teacher’s Book.pdf
Open World B1 Preliminary Teacher’s Resource
Open World B1 Preliminary Test Generator
Open World B1 Preliminary
Open World B1 Preliminary Workbook
Open World B1 Preliminary Workbook.pdf

B2 First Level
Open World B2 First Class
Open World B2 First Italian Student’s Book.pdf
Open World B2 First Italian Workbook.pdf
Open World B2 First Student’s Book.pdf
Open World B2 First Teacher’s Book.pdf
Open World B2 First Teacher’s Resource
Open World B2 First Test Generator
Open World B2 First
Open World B2 First
Open World B2 First Workbook
Open World B2 First Workbook.pdf
Open World B2 First

C1 Advanced Level
Open World C1 Advanced Class
Open World C1 Advanced Student’s Book.pdf
Open World C1 Advanced
Open World C1 Advanced Workbook Answer.pdf
Open World C1 Advanced Workbook
Open World C1 Advanced Workbook.pdf

Open World list

Open World list 1


Open World Presentation Plus Demo


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      Download Cambridge Open World Pdf Audio Video 2019



      Overview of the “Open World”

      ✅ Coursebook: Open World
      ✅ Publisher: Cambridge University Press
      ✅ Levels: A2 to C1
      ✅ Publication year: 2019

      The “Open World” course from Cambridge is a comprehensive English language program designed to bridge the gap between traditional exam preparation and real-world language use. It offers a unique approach to learning, encompassing a range of elements aimed at enhancing both language skills and exam performance. Here’s an overview of its key features:

      Diverse Topics and Real-world Language: Each unit in the Student’s Book covers a different topic, which helps students build confidence and acquire the language and skills necessary for everyday English situations, in addition to exams.

      Unique Exam Journey: This feature maximizes student performance by providing a systematic route to exam success. It includes exam training tasks that familiarize learners with various exam question types and full task practice in the Exam focus, supplemented by Exam tips and facts.

      Real World Sections: These sections expand language knowledge through listenings, videos, and texts that introduce common yet surprising expressions. Mobile animations offer “Grammar on the move” to facilitate learning outside the classroom.

      Digital Tools for Teachers and Learners: The course offers a Digital Pack on Cambridge One, which includes Practice Extra, Test & Train, eBook, Presentation Plus, and Test Generator.

      Teaching with Open World: This is an online self-study course designed to familiarize educators with the content, methodology, and components of “Open World”. It includes practical ideas for teaching with this course.

      Levels and Content: “Open World” caters to learners from A2 Key to C1 Advanced levels, with the latest addition being “Open World Advanced”. The course includes a variety of authors and a comprehensive map of contents for all levels.

      English for Spanish Speakers: This section addresses specific challenges faced by Spanish speakers learning English, such as problematic spelling, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary differences.

      Student and Teacher Components: The course offers various materials for both students and teachers, including Student’s Books with Digital Packs, Workbooks with audio, Teacher’s Books, and more.

      Additional Features: The course includes ‘Push yourself’ sections to extend student capabilities, Invalsi test practice, Test & Train mobile experience, and comprehensive teacher support with lesson plans, answer keys, audio scripts, and methodological support.

      Digital Teaching and Civic Education: There’s a focus on integrating digital learning and teaching, as well as addressing themes like the 2030 Global Sustainability Goals and Civic Education.

      Inclusive English: The course includes a methodological approach validated for Special Educational Needs, with a focus on students with dyslexia.

      “Open World” from Cambridge thus presents a holistic approach to English language learning, blending exam preparation with practical language skills and embracing modern digital tools and inclusive education methodologies.

      Open World A2 Key Student's Book


      Who is suitable for ‘Open World’?

      Open World” from Cambridge is suitable for a wide range of learners due to its comprehensive and flexible approach to English language learning. The course is particularly well-suited for:

      English Language Learners at Different Levels: The course caters to students from A2 Key (elementary) to C1 Advanced levels. This makes it suitable for learners at various stages of their English language journey, whether they are beginners or advanced students.

      Students Preparing for Exams: Given its focus on exam preparation, “Open World” is ideal for students who are preparing for English proficiency exams. The course’s unique exam journey, which includes exam training tasks and full task practice, is designed to maximize students’ performance in these exams.

      Learners Seeking Real-World Language Skills: The course is also beneficial for students who want to improve their practical English language skills for real-world situations. It includes Real World sections that expose learners to common expressions and practical language use.

      Spanish Speakers Learning English: With its specific section for English for Spanish Speakers, “Open World” addresses the unique challenges faced by Spanish-speaking individuals learning English. This makes it a great choice for Spanish speakers looking for tailored learning resources.

      Educators and Teachers: The course offers extensive support for teachers, including a self-study course to familiarize them with the content and methodology, lesson plans, answer keys, and digital tools for classroom management. It’s suitable for educators seeking comprehensive teaching resources.

      Students with Special Educational Needs: The course takes an inclusive approach to education, making it suitable for students with Special Educational Needs, including those with dyslexia. The validated methodological approach ensures that these students are also catered to effectively.

      Learners Interested in Digital Learning: With its robust digital offerings, including a complete virtual classroom environment, “Open World” is well-suited for students and educators who prefer or require digital learning tools.

      Students Interested in Global Issues and Civic Education: The course incorporates themes related to the 2030 Global Sustainability Goals and Civic Education, making it suitable for learners interested in global issues and becoming responsible global citizens.

      In summary, “Open World” is suitable for a diverse group of learners, ranging from elementary to advanced levels, including those preparing for exams, Spanish speakers, learners with special educational needs, and those interested in digital and global citizenship education.

      Open World B1 Preliminary Student's Book


      The benefits of ‘Open World’

      Open World” from Cambridge offers numerous benefits, making it a comprehensive and effective English language learning resource. Here are some of the key advantages:

      Holistic Language Development: The course bridges the gap between exam preparation and real-world language use. This ensures that students not only prepare for English proficiency exams but also develop practical language skills that can be used in everyday situations.

      Flexibility Across Levels: With content spanning from A2 Key to C1 Advanced levels, “Open World” is flexible and suitable for a wide range of learners, from beginners to those at advanced stages.

      Comprehensive Exam Preparation: The unique exam journey feature systematically guides learners through exam training tasks, full exam practice, and provides them with essential tips and facts. This focused approach maximizes students’ performance in exams.

      Real-World Language Exposure: The Real World sections expose learners to common expressions and practical language use, enhancing their ability to communicate effectively in English in diverse contexts.

      Tailored Content for Spanish Speakers: The course includes specific sections for Spanish speakers, addressing common challenges in spelling, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary differences, making it highly beneficial for this demographic.

      Digital Learning Tools: “Open World” incorporates digital tools and resources, including an interactive eBook, a virtual classroom environment, and instant feedback mechanisms. These tools facilitate a more engaging and efficient learning experience.

      Teacher Support and Resources: Teachers are provided with extensive resources, including lesson plans, answer keys, audio scripts, and methodological support. This makes it easier for educators to deliver effective and engaging lessons.

      Inclusivity for Special Educational Needs: The course’s approach to Special Educational Needs, especially for students with dyslexia, ensures inclusivity and accessibility in language learning.

      Development Beyond Language Skills: By integrating themes related to global sustainability goals and civic education, “Open World” contributes to the development of learners as global citizens, enriching their educational experience beyond just language acquisition.

      Engaging and Interactive Content: The use of documentary videos, texts, and mobile animations in the course makes learning more engaging and interactive, which can enhance retention and make the learning process more enjoyable.

      Personalized Learning Experience: The variety of materials and digital tools allow for a more personalized learning experience, catering to the different needs, learning styles, and paces of individual students.

      In conclusion, “Open World” offers a well-rounded, flexible, and inclusive approach to English language learning that caters to a wide range of learners and their diverse needs, making it a valuable resource for both students and educators.

      Open World B2 First Student's Book


      Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘Open World’

      To effectively teach and learn with “Open World” from Cambridge, it’s essential to employ strategies that maximize the benefits of its comprehensive and flexible approach. Here are some effective teaching and learning strategies:

      For Teachers:

      Integrate Digital Tools: Utilize the digital resources provided, like the interactive eBook and virtual classroom environment, to create a dynamic and engaging learning experience. Incorporate multimedia resources to cater to different learning styles.

      Personalize Learning: Recognize the diverse needs of your students. Use the flexible content of “Open World” to tailor lessons to their proficiency levels and interests. This can include focusing more on real-world language skills or exam preparation as needed.

      Encourage Active Participation: Use the Real World sections to stimulate discussion and encourage students to share their experiences and opinions. This can enhance their speaking and critical thinking skills.

      Incorporate Collaborative Learning: Facilitate group activities and peer learning. This can include group discussions, projects, or peer review sessions, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

      Utilize the ‘Push Yourself’ Sections: Challenge advanced students or those who progress quickly with these sections, to keep them engaged and motivated.

      Focus on Formative Assessment: Regularly assess students’ understanding through quizzes, presentations, and interactive activities. Provide constructive feedback to guide their learning process.

      Incorporate Civic Education and Global Issues: Use topics related to global sustainability goals and civic education to teach English in a context that also raises global awareness and social responsibility.

      Address Special Educational Needs: Utilize the course’s resources for students with dyslexia and other learning challenges to ensure an inclusive learning environment.

      For Students:

      Active Engagement with Digital Tools: Make the most of the digital packs and online resources for self-study. These tools can provide additional practice and reinforce learning outside the classroom.

      Regular Practice and Review: Consistently review and practice the materials covered in class. This is especially important for exam preparation and mastering real-world language skills.

      Participate Actively in Class: Engage in class discussions, group activities, and presentations. This active participation is crucial for improving language fluency and confidence.

      Use Real World Sections for Practical Learning: Apply the expressions and language skills learned in the Real World sections to everyday situations, enhancing practical language use.

      Seek Feedback and Self-Reflect: Regularly seek feedback from teachers and peers, and engage in self-reflection to identify areas for improvement.

      Leverage ‘Grammar on the Move’ Animations: Utilize these mobile animations to reinforce grammar learning in a fun and engaging way.

      Explore the English for Spanish Speakers Section: For Spanish-speaking students, focus on this section to address specific challenges and differences in language use.

      Utilize Resources for Test & Train: Engage with the Test & Train sections for focused exam practice and to build test-taking strategies.

      By employing these strategies, teachers and students can effectively harness the comprehensive resources of “Open World” to enhance both English language proficiency and exam performance, while also developing real-world communication skills and global awareness.

      Open World C1 Advanced Student's Book


      Exploring the Open World: A New Dimension in English Language Learning

      In the realm of language education, a revolutionary program has emerged, transforming how English is taught and learned. “Open World,” a comprehensive course from Cambridge, is not just another language learning package—it’s a portal to a new dimension in English language learning, blending traditional exam preparation with real-world linguistic skills.

      Beyond Conventional Boundaries

      Open World” breaks the mold of conventional language courses. Where traditional methods often focus narrowly on grammar rules and exam preparation, this course understands that language is a living, breathing entity, best learned in diverse contexts. It encompasses a range of topics and scenarios, offering learners a holistic understanding of the English language as it is used in real-life situations.

      A Journey from A2 to C1

      One of the standout features of “Open World” is its flexibility across proficiency levels. Tailored for learners ranging from A2 Key to C1 Advanced, it offers a structured yet adaptable pathway, allowing students to progress at their own pace. This versatility makes it an ideal resource for a wide demographic, from young learners taking their first steps in English, to advanced students aiming to refine their proficiency.

      Unique Exam Journey

      The course’s unique exam journey is meticulously designed to enhance students’ performance in English proficiency exams. By systematically exposing learners to various question types and offering full task practice, it builds confidence and competence. This approach demystifies the examination process, transforming what can often be a stressful experience into a series of manageable, even enjoyable, challenges.

      Real-World Language in Real Time

      At the heart of “Open World” is its Real World sections. These segments immerse students in authentic language use, introducing them to idiomatic expressions and practical communication skills. This exposure is vital in ensuring that learners are not just exam-ready but also equipped to navigate the complexities of English in everyday life.

      Digital Integration for Modern Learning

      In today’s digital era, learning is increasingly moving online, and “Open World” embraces this shift. It integrates digital resources such as interactive eBooks and virtual classroom environments, enhancing the teaching and learning experience. These tools offer learners immediate feedback and allow for a more dynamic interaction with the language.

      Inclusivity and Accessibility

      Acknowledging the diverse needs of learners, “Open World” includes resources for students with special educational needs, particularly focusing on dyslexia-friendly approaches. Its inclusive design ensures that language learning is accessible to all, reflecting Cambridge’s commitment to educational equity.

      Teaching Resources and Support

      “Open World” also serves as a valuable asset for educators. It provides extensive teaching resources, including lesson plans, answer keys, and methodological support. This comprehensive support empowers teachers to deliver engaging and effective lessons, fostering an environment where both teacher and student thrive.

      A Cultural Lens

      Language is a gateway to culture, and “Open World” incorporates themes related to global sustainability goals and civic education. This aspect enriches the learning experience, allowing students to explore not only the language but also the cultural nuances that shape English-speaking societies.


      In conclusion, “Open World” from Cambridge is more than just an English language course; it’s a journey into a new dimension of language learning. It successfully marries the rigors of exam preparation with the vibrancy of real-world language use, supported by the latest in digital learning tools. For anyone embarking on the adventure of learning English, “Open World” offers a comprehensive, engaging, and thoroughly modern approach to mastering this global language.


      Comprehensive English Language Preparation: Top Series for Enhancing Skills and Exam Readiness

      For learners looking for alternatives to the “Open World” series by Cambridge, which integrates English language learning with life skills and exam preparation, several educational series offer a similar comprehensive approach. These alternatives focus on enhancing English proficiency while also equipping learners with practical skills needed for academic and professional success. Here are some notable series that provide thorough instruction and skill development:

      “English File” by Oxford University Press: Known for its practical approach to language learning, English File includes detailed grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation work integrated with skills development necessary for success in real-world and exam settings.

      “Roadmap” by Pearson Education: Offers a flexible learning path with a focus on developing speaking and listening skills and includes specific variants designed for exam preparation.

      “Objective” Series by Cambridge University Press: This series includes several levels such as Objective First, Objective Advanced, and Objective Proficiency, each tailored to prepare learners for respective Cambridge English Qualifications with comprehensive skill-building exercises.

      “IELTS Preparation and Practice” by Oxford University Press: Designed specifically for IELTS preparation, this series provides extensive practice in all four skills, ensuring learners are well-prepared for the exam.

      “Ready for Series” by Macmillan Education: A comprehensive series providing detailed preparation for Cambridge English Qualifications, including Ready for First, Ready for Advanced, and Ready for IELTS, focusing on all key language skills.

      “Global” by Macmillan Education: Aimed at adult learners, Global combines real-world language skills development with complex global issues discussions, preparing students for both academic and professional environments.

      “Life” by National Geographic Learning: Integrates stunning photography and content from National Geographic with language lessons designed to bring the world to the classroom, perfect for learners who need to use English in academic and professional contexts.

      “Speakout” by Pearson English: Features authentic video content from the BBC to provide contextual lessons focused on enhancing communication skills, with materials that also cater to exam preparation needs.

      “Mindset for IELTS” by Cambridge University Press: Specifically designed for IELTS preparation, this series aligns with the IELTS academic modules and provides extensive practice across all four skills, helping students build confidence and exam readiness.

      “Impact” by National Geographic Learning: Tailored for teenagers and young adults, this series uses engaging content from National Geographic to develop language skills and prepare students for academic challenges, including exam situations.

      “Business Benchmark” by Cambridge University Press: Focuses on preparing students for business-related English exams with comprehensive language development and business context integration, suitable for those preparing for BEC or BULATS.

      “IELTS Advantage” by Delta Publishing: A series focused on providing detailed strategies and skills development specifically for high-stakes tests like the IELTS, offering tools and tactics necessary for achieving high scores.

      “Skills for Success” by Oxford University Press: Integrates critical thinking with academic skills development, preparing students for complex English usage in university and beyond with a special focus on TOEFL and IELTS preparation.

      “Passport to IELTS” by Longman: This older but still effective series provides a well-rounded preparation route for the IELTS examination, covering language skills needed for a successful score.

      “Academic Encounters” by Cambridge University Press: Combines reading, study skills, and writing to provide an authentic academic preparation experience, helping learners to adapt to the demands of higher education in English.

      “Focus” by Pearson Education: A comprehensive series that blends English language development with critical thinking and academic skills, designed to prepare students for success in English proficiency exams and college-level education.

      These series not only improve language competence but also focus on developing critical thinking and practical skills through up-to-date content and structured learning paths. They offer robust preparation for learners aiming to excel in English language exams while also enhancing their ability to communicate effectively in an English-speaking environment.


      ELT Ebooks by Cambridge University Press