Download Ebook Cambridge Evolve (6 Levels) Pdf Audio Video 2021

Download Ebook Cambridge Evolve (6 Levels) 2021

Presentation Plus DVD-ROM
Evolve 1 Presentation Plus
Evolve 2 Presentation Plus
Evolve 3 Presentation Plus
Evolve 4 Presentation Plus
Evolve 5 Presentation Plus
Evolve 6 Presentation Plus

Level 1
Evolve 1 Classroom Audio CD.rar
Evolve 1 Student’s Book.pdf
Evolve 1 Teacher’s Book with reading extras.rar
Evolve 1 Workbook Audio CD.rar
Evolve 1 Workbook.pdf
Evolve Photocopiable Activities Worksheet level 1.pdf
Evolve Reading Extracts Level 1 A1 Teacher
Evolve Scope Sequence Evolve Level 1 Scope and Sequence.pdf

Level 2
Evolve 2 Classroom Audio CD.rar
Evolve 2 Student’s Book.pdf
Evolve 2 Teacher’s Book with reading extras.rar
Evolve 2 Workbook Audio CD.rar
Evolve 2 Workbook.pdf
Evolve Photocopiable Activities Worksheet (level 2).pdf
Evolve Reading Extracts Level 2 A2 Teacher

Level 3
Evolve 3 Teacher’s Edition.pdf
Evolve 3 Classroom Audio CD.rar
Evolve 3 Student’s Book.pdf
Evolve 3 Teacher’s Book with reading extras.rar
Evolve 3 Workbook Audio CD.rar
Evolve 3 Workbook.pdf
Evolve Photocopiable Activities Worksheet (level 3).pdf
Evolve Reading Extracts Level 3 B1 Teacher

Level 4
Evolve 4 Classroom Audio CD.rar
Evolve 4 Student’s Book Audio CD.rar
Evolve 4 Student’s Book.pdf
Evolve 4 Teacher’s Book with reading extras.rar
Evolve 4 Workbook Audio CD.rar
Evolve 4 Workbook.pdf
Evolve Reading Extracts Level 4 B1 Teacher

Level 5
Evolve 5 Classroom Audio CD.rar
Evolve 5 Student’s Book.pdf
Evolve 5 Teacher’s Book with reading extras.rar
Evolve 5 Workbook.pdf
Evolve Photocopiable Activities Worksheet (level 5).pdf
Evolve Reading Extracts Level 5 B2 Teacher

Level 6
Evolve 6 Classroom Audio CD.rar
Evolve 6 Student’s Book Audio CD.rar
Evolve 6 Student’s Book.pdf
Evolve 6 Teacher’s Book with reading extras.rar
Evolve 6 Workbook.pdf
Evolve Photocopiable Activities Worksheet (level 6).pdf
Evolve Reading Extracts Level 6 C1 Teacher

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      Download Ebook Cambridge Evolve (6 Levels) 2021 pdf audio video presentation Plus


      Evolve 1 Presentation Plus

      Evolve 1 Presentation Plus



      Overview of the “Evolve”

      ✅ Coursebook: Evolve
      ✅ Authors: Leslie Anne Hendra, Mark Ibbotson, Ben Goldstein, Kathryn O’Dell, Lindsay Clandfield, Ceri Jones, Philip Kerr
      ✅ Publisher: Cambridge University Press
      ✅ For: Adult and Young Adult
      ✅ 6 Level: A1, A2, B1, B1+, B2, C1
      ✅ Publication year: 2021

      Evolve” from Cambridge is a comprehensive six-level English course designed to bolster speaking confidence among students. This student-centered approach, enriched by insights from language teaching experts and real learners, emphasizes practical and effective English learning strategies.

      Product Details

      Authors: Leslie Anne Hendra, Mark Ibbotson, Ben Goldstein, Kathryn O’Dell, Lindsay Clandfield, Ceri Jones, Philip Kerr

      CEFR Levels: A1 – C1

      Key Features

      “Time to Speak” Lessons: Each unit includes a dedicated speaking lesson featuring immersive tasks to enhance speaking skills and boost student confidence.

      Real Student Involvement: The course incorporates real students in its Student Books, featuring them in mobile-friendly videos responding to discussion questions, providing relatable peer models.

      Interactive Smartphone Activities: “Find it” activities integrate live content into lessons, while “Practice Extra” offers homework options for smartphones, tablets, or computers, catering to busy students.

      Unique Aspects of Evolve

      Insights from Students and Teachers: Over 2,000 students worldwide contributed their preferences for English discussion topics and contexts. Teachers played a pivotal role in shaping the course, ensuring it aligns with real classroom needs.

      Language Research: Evolve is underpinned by insights from pedagogy and language research, including the Cambridge International Corpus, ensuring content is both effective and relevant.

      Course Content

      Dedicated Speaking Lessons: Each unit includes “Time to Speak,” focusing on developing speaking abilities through engaging tasks.

      Student-Generated Content: Bite-sized student videos foster engagement and provide realistic speaking examples.

      Mobile-Friendly Learning: Homework and in-class activities are designed for accessibility on various devices.

      Integrated Teacher Development: The Teacher’s Edition includes a development program to enhance teaching skills in tandem with student learning.

      Results and Feedback

      Enhanced Student Motivation: The course’s structure and content have been praised for increasing student motivation and confidence in speaking English.

      Measurable Progress: Regular progress checks allow students to assess their learning effectively.

      Download Ebook Evolve Cambridge 1 Full Pdf Audio iTools


      Student’s Book: Features 12 units per level with comprehensive language and grammar lessons.

      Workbook: Offers extensive practice in vocabulary, grammar, and listening skills.

      Practice Extra: Provides additional homework activities, accessible on multiple devices.

      Teacher Edition with Test Generator: Includes teaching notes, worksheets, and a unique teacher development program.

      Presentation Plus: A tool for classroom presentation integrating audio, video, and teaching resources.

      Video Resource Book: Complements the Student’s Book with additional video content and teaching resources.

      Class Audio CDs: Contains all audio tracks from the Student’s Book, also available as MP3 downloads.

      Special Features

      Focus on Speaking: “Time to Speak” lessons and student-generated content foster a speaking-centric learning environment.

      Integrated Teacher Development: The course includes a teacher development program in each unit, focusing on speaking skills, classroom support, and language acquisition.

      Evolve stands out for its comprehensive approach, combining innovative teaching methods, real-world insights, and a focus on speaking, making it a robust resource for both students and teachers in English language learning.

      Download Ebook Evolve Cambridge 2 Full Pdf Audio iTools


      Who is suitable for ‘Evolve’?

      Evolve” is designed to cater to a diverse range of learners, making it suitable for various groups:

      Adult and Young Adult Learners: Primarily aimed at adults and young adults, the course material is relevant and engaging for these age groups.

      Students at Different CEFR Levels: With levels ranging from A1 (beginner) to C1 (advanced), it is suitable for learners at different stages of their English language journey.

      Learners Seeking to Improve Speaking Skills: Those who want to focus on enhancing their speaking abilities will find the course particularly beneficial due to its emphasis on speaking and communication.

      Busy Students Needing Flexible Learning Options: The inclusion of mobile-friendly activities and online resources makes it ideal for learners who need to fit their studies around a busy schedule.

      Students Looking for Real-World Language Applications: The course’s use of real students and situations in its materials makes it suitable for learners who desire practical and applicable language skills.

      Teachers Seeking Professional Development: Teachers interested in integrating new techniques and theories into their teaching will find the integrated teacher development program useful.

      Students Who Prefer a Structured Learning Path: The course’s comprehensive structure, with clear unit objectives and progress checks, is ideal for those who benefit from a more organized approach to language learning.

      Learners Who Enjoy Interactive and Technology-Integrated Education: The inclusion of smartphone activities, online resources, and video content makes it appealing to learners who are comfortable with or prefer technology-assisted learning.

      In summary, “Evolve” is versatile and can cater to a wide audience, especially those who are motivated to improve their English speaking skills and appreciate a blend of traditional and modern learning tools.

      Download Ebook Evolve Cambridge 3 Full Pdf Audio iTools


      The benefits of ‘Evolve’

      Evolve” offers numerous benefits to both students and teachers in the realm of English language learning, thanks to its comprehensive, innovative approach and focus on speaking. Here are some key advantages:

      For Students:

      • Enhanced Speaking Skills: With a dedicated “Time to Speak” lesson in every unit, students can significantly improve their speaking abilities and gain confidence in English communication.
      • Real-World Relevance: The inclusion of real students and practical scenarios in the course content makes learning more relatable and applicable to everyday life.
      • Flexible Learning: Mobile-friendly activities and online resources allow students to learn anytime, anywhere, fitting their language study around busy schedules.
      • Peer Learning: Videos featuring peers at similar learning levels provide attainable role models, encouraging students and boosting their confidence.
      • Measurable Progress: Regular progress checks help students to see tangible improvements in their language skills and keep track of their learning journey.
      • Comprehensive Skill Development: While focusing on speaking, the course also covers all language skills, including reading, writing, and listening, for a well-rounded education.

      For Teachers:

      • Integrated Teacher Development: The Teacher’s Edition includes professional development content, enabling teachers to refine their skills while they teach.
      • Resource-Rich Teaching Material: Teachers have access to a wide range of resources, including the Test Generator, Presentation Plus, and the Video Resource Book, for dynamic and engaging lesson planning.
      • Classroom Flexibility: The course offers various activities and materials that cater to different learning styles and classroom dynamics, making it easier for teachers to adapt to their students’ needs.
      • Alignment with CEFR Levels: The course is structured according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, ensuring that the content is level-appropriate and globally recognized.
      • Engaging and Current Content: With insights from language teaching experts and input from real students, the content is both current and engaging, facilitating more effective teaching.

      General Benefits:

      • Language Research Backing: Based on extensive research, including insights from the Cambridge International Corpus, the course content is both effective and academically sound.
      • Cultural Sensitivity and Relevance: The global perspective of the course makes it culturally inclusive and relevant to a diverse student body.
      • Technological Integration: The use of modern technology, such as smartphone activities and online resources, aligns with contemporary learning trends and enhances the learning experience.

      Evolve” stands out for its holistic approach to language learning, blending innovative teaching methods, real-world applicability, and a focus on speaking skills, thereby catering to the diverse needs of today’s English language learners and educators.

      Download Ebook Evolve Cambridge 4 Full Pdf Audio iTools


      Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘Evolve’

      To maximize the effectiveness of the “Evolve” English course, both teachers and students can adopt specific teaching and learning strategies that align with the course’s innovative design and content. Here are some strategies for each group:

      For Teachers:

      • Leverage “Time to Speak” Lessons: Actively use these lessons to encourage student participation, focusing on building speaking confidence through practice and positive reinforcement.
      • Incorporate Real-World Videos: Utilize the videos of real students for discussion and role-playing activities, making lessons more engaging and relatable.
      • Utilize Technology: Take advantage of the course’s mobile-friendly activities and online resources to extend learning beyond the classroom and cater to different learning styles.
      • Integrated Professional Development: Engage with the teacher development program in the course to continuously improve teaching methods and stay updated with the latest pedagogical research.
      • Adapt to Student Needs: Tailor lessons to meet the diverse needs of your students, considering their language levels, interests, and learning preferences.
      • Encourage Peer Learning: Facilitate activities where students learn from each other, enhancing communication skills and building a supportive classroom community.
      • Regular Progress Checks: Use the course’s progress checks to assess student learning, provide feedback, and adjust teaching strategies accordingly.

      Download Ebook Evolve Cambridge 5 Full Pdf Audio iTools

      For Students:

      • Active Participation: Engage actively in “Time to Speak” sessions and other speaking activities to build confidence and fluency.
      • Utilize Online and Mobile Resources: Take advantage of the flexibility offered by online and mobile activities to practice English in various contexts and at convenient times.
      • Peer Learning and Collaboration: Participate in group activities and discussions, learning from peers and contributing to a collaborative learning environment.
      • Regular Self-Assessment: Use progress checks and self-assessment tools to monitor your own progress and identify areas for improvement.
      • Incorporate English into Daily Life: Try to use English in real-world situations, whether it’s speaking with friends, watching English media, or writing in English.
      • Seek Feedback and Act on It: Actively seek feedback from teachers and peers, and use it to guide further learning.

      General Strategies:

      • Balanced Skill Development: Ensure a balanced focus on all language skills – speaking, listening, reading, and writing – for a comprehensive language learning experience.
      • Cultural Exposure and Sensitivity: Embrace the cultural diversity and global perspectives offered in the course material to enhance language understanding and cultural awareness.
      • Reflective Learning: Regularly reflect on the learning process, understanding what works and what needs improvement, for both teachers and students.

      By adopting these strategies, teachers and students can effectively harness the potential of the “Evolve” course, creating an engaging, dynamic, and productive English learning environment.


      Comprehensive English Language Learning Series for Adults: Dynamic and Effective Alternatives to Cambridge’s Evolve

      For learners seeking alternatives to the “Evolve” series by Cambridge, which is tailored for adult and young adult learners focusing on English language development through engaging content, practical communication skills, and innovative digital resources, several educational series offer a similar blend of language learning opportunities:

      English File” by Oxford University Press: A comprehensive English language learning series that combines engaging content with a clear focus on pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. It’s known for its unique speaking activities and wide range of digital resources.

      Speakout” by Pearson English: Features authentic video content from the BBC, providing a real-world context for language learning. Speakout emphasizes practical communication skills and contemporary issues, supported by a robust set of digital tools for learners and teachers.

      Life” by National Geographic Learning: Utilizes stunning photography and content from National Geographic to enhance language learning. The series focuses on developing English skills while expanding learners’ global awareness and critical thinking abilities.

      “Face2Face” by Cambridge University Press: Offers a communicative approach to language learning, presenting grammar and vocabulary in a real-world context. The series is designed to improve learners’ speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills through engaging content.

      Roadmap” by Pearson Education: Provides a flexible, personalized learning experience with a focus on developing speaking and listening skills. It’s designed for adult learners, offering a clear and structured path to improve English proficiency.

      “Global” by Macmillan Education: Aimed at adult learners, Global offers insights into the English-speaking world’s culture and encourages language learning through a global lens. It combines language development with discussions about global issues.

      Outcomes” by National Geographic Learning: Prepares learners to communicate effectively in English, using real-world contexts and content that reflects how English is used today. The series emphasizes speaking and listening skills, supported by reading and writing activities.

      Navigate” by Oxford University Press: Tailored for adults and young adults at an intermediate to upper-intermediate level, Navigate offers a rich learning experience focusing on practical English usage in a global context, encouraging learners to explore language and its applications.

      Interchange” by Cambridge University Press: This series is celebrated for its communicative approach, offering a blend of grammar, vocabulary, and practice exercises alongside a wealth of multimedia resources. It’s designed to encourage both personal and academic language growth.

      “New Headway” by Oxford University Press: Combines traditional teaching methodologies with innovative approaches, offering a balanced development of language skills, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, supplemented by a wide range of digital learning tools.

      American English File” by Oxford University Press: Known for its engaging content and clear approach to teaching pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary, this series also emphasizes developing practical English skills through speaking, listening, reading, and writing activities.

      Market Leader” by Pearson Education: While focused on business English, Market Leader integrates language learning with real-world business scenarios and strategies, making it suitable for learners aiming to use English in professional settings.

      Cutting Edge” by Pearson Education: Offers a task-based approach to language learning, focusing on communication in real-life situations. It includes a solid grammar foundation and a variety of global issues to stimulate discussion.

      World English” by National Geographic Learning: Features content from National Geographic and TED talks, bringing global perspectives into the English learning classroom, aiming to improve language skills and expand global awareness.

      “English Unlimited” by Cambridge University Press: A goals-based course for adults and young adults that combines language development with life skills and cultural insights, designed to prepare learners for success in both personal and professional environments.

      “Skills for Success” by Oxford University Press: This series integrates critical thinking, listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills development with content that engages learners on topics of global relevance and interest.

      Each of these series offers unique features catering to the diverse needs of English language learners, combining rigorous language development with practical communication exercises, cultural insights, and a comprehensive suite of digital resources to ensure a holistic learning experience. Whether for academic preparation, professional development, or personal growth, these alternatives to the Evolve series are designed to engage learners in an effective and dynamic way.


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