Download National Geographic Voices (7 Levels) Pdf Audio Video 2022

Download National Geographic Voices 2022 (7 Levels) British English

Advanced Level
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Voices Advanced Student’s Book.pdf
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Voices Advanced Workbook.pdf

Beginner Level
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Elementary Level
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Intermediate Plus Level
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Intermediate Level
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Pre-Intermediate Level
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Upper Intermediate Level
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National Geographic Voices 2022 (7 Levels) Pdf Audio Video


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      Overview of the “Voices”

      ✅ Coursebook: Voices
      ✅ Authors: Chia Suan Chong, Lewis Lansford, Emily Bryson, Christien Lee, Daniel Barber, Marek Kiczkowiak
      ✅ Publisher: National Geographic Learning
      ✅ 7 Levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1
      ✅ English type: British English
      ✅ For: Adult, Young Adult
      ✅ Publication year: 2022

      Program Structure:

      • Target Audience: Adults and young adults.
      • Levels: Seven, covering both American and British English.
      • Teaching Hours per Level: Approximately 90-120 hours.

      The “Voices” program from National Geographic Learning is a comprehensive English language learning series designed for adults and young adults. This seven-level, integrated-skills program focuses on using English for global communication and celebrates the diversity of cultures and backgrounds. Here’s an overview of its key features:

      Developing English as a Communication Tool: “Voices” encourages learners to use English to connect with people globally, highlighting the importance of cultural exchange and understanding.

      Real-World Content and Activities: The program includes carefully sequenced activities featuring real-world content. These activities are designed to fully prepare learners for meaningful interactions and help them develop their voice in English.

      Support for Teachers: Instructors are supported with a well-structured lesson progression and The Voices Professional Development Video Collection. This ensures that teachers have the necessary resources to deliver engaging courses, both online and in person.

      Diverse Learning Strategies:

      • Listening and Watching: Learners engage with content where National Geographic Explorers share their experiences. This provides models of people contributing their voices to the global English community.
      • Developing Mediation Skills: The program includes scenarios and hypothetical situations that help learners practice the mediation skills needed for social interactions in English.
      • Practical Pronunciation Syllabus: A focus on speaking skills, emphasizing clarity and comprehensibility in pronunciation.

      Program Authors and Contributors:

      • Lewis Lansford: Experienced in teaching, editorial work, and material development for English learners worldwide.
      • Chia Suan Chong: A writer, communication skills trainer, and teacher trainer known for her work in international communication and collaboration.
      • Emily Bryson: An ESOL lecturer and writer with a focus on inclusion, literacy, and visual literacy.
      • Gary Pathare: An experienced teacher and teacher-trainer, involved in developing innovative teaching methods.

      Part of Cengage: National Geographic Learning, a part of Cengage, aims to integrate the world into the classroom experience through partnerships with organizations like National Geographic and TED Talks.

      “Voices” stands out for its holistic approach to language learning, emphasizing real-world application, cultural understanding, and a strong support structure for both learners and educators.



      Voices Beginner A1 Student's Book


      Who is suitable for ‘Voices’?

      “Voices” from National Geographic Learning is designed to be suitable for a broad range of learners, primarily targeting adults and young adults. Here are some key groups who would find this program particularly beneficial:

      Adult Learners: Adults who wish to learn English, whether for professional, personal, or academic reasons, will find the program’s integrated skills approach and real-world content highly relevant and engaging.

      Young Adults: Young adults, including university students or those entering the workforce, can benefit from the program’s focus on global communication and cultural exchange.

      ESL/EFL Students: Students learning English as a Second Language (ESL) or English as a Foreign Language (EFL) will find the program’s structured approach to language learning helpful in developing their communication skills.

      Career Professionals: Professionals looking to improve their English for better career prospects or international collaboration will appreciate the program’s emphasis on practical language usage and mediation skills.

      Cultural Enthusiasts: Individuals interested in learning about different cultures and global issues through the lens of the English language will find the National Geographic content particularly enriching.

      Educators and Instructors: Teachers of English, both in traditional classroom settings and online, will find “Voices” a comprehensive resource for structured lesson planning and student engagement.

      Learners Seeking Comprehensive Language Skills: The program is ideal for those who want to develop a well-rounded skill set in English, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing, with a strong emphasis on pronunciation and real-world application.

      Overall, “Voices” caters to a wide audience with its flexible and comprehensive approach, making it a suitable choice for anyone seeking to improve their English language skills in a globally connected context.


      Voices Elementary A2 Student's Book


      The benefits of ‘Voices’

      The “Voices” program by National Geographic Learning offers several benefits for English language learners and educators, emphasizing a comprehensive, culturally-inclusive, and practical approach to language learning. Some of the key benefits include:

      Global and Cultural Exposure: Through its partnership with National Geographic, “Voices” provides learners with content that exposes them to diverse cultures, global issues, and real-world scenarios. This not only aids in language learning but also enhances global awareness and cultural sensitivity.

      Integrated Skills Development: The program focuses on developing all four language skills — listening, speaking, reading, and writing — in an integrated manner. This holistic approach ensures a well-rounded mastery of the English language.

      Real-World Application: “Voices” emphasizes the practical use of English in everyday situations, making the learning process more relevant and applicable to the learners’ real lives and professional scenarios.

      Pronunciation and Clarity Focus: A specific emphasis on practical pronunciation helps learners not just speak English, but speak it clearly and comprehensibly, which is crucial for effective communication.

      Voices Pre-Intermediate A2 B1 Student's Book


      Enhanced Mediation Skills: The program includes activities that develop learners’ mediation skills, enabling them to navigate social interactions, resolve conflicts, and understand differing perspectives in English.

      Engaging and Diverse Content: The inclusion of content from National Geographic Explorers and other real-world sources keeps learners engaged and motivated, as the material is interesting, current, and relatable.

      Teacher Support and Professional Development: “Voices” provides substantial support for teachers, including a structured lesson progression and professional development resources. This support helps educators deliver more effective and engaging lessons.

      Flexibility for Various Learning Environments: The program is designed to be versatile, catering to both in-person and online learning environments. This flexibility makes it suitable for a wide range of educational settings.

      Catering to Diverse Learner Levels: With its multi-level structure, “Voices” is suitable for learners at different stages of their English language learning journey, from beginners to advanced levels.

      Skillful Integration of Language and Content: The program skillfully combines language learning with content learning, enabling students to improve their English skills while learning about the world.

      In summary, “Voices” offers a comprehensive, culturally-rich, and practical approach to English language learning, making it an effective tool for learners and educators aiming for high engagement and real-world applicability in language education.


      Voices Intermediate B1 Student's Book


      Effective learning strategies for ‘Voices’

      To maximize the effectiveness of the “Voices” program by National Geographic Learning, learners and educators can adopt various strategies that align with the program’s strengths and objectives. Here are some effective learning strategies:

      Active Engagement with Content: Encourage active participation in lessons. Engage with the real-world content provided by National Geographic Explorers, discussing and reflecting on the material to deepen understanding and connection.

      Regular Practice of All Four Language Skills: Practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing regularly. Use the program’s integrated approach to develop these skills in a balanced manner. For example, after reading a text, discuss it, write a summary, and listen to related audio materials.

      Cultural Exploration and Discussion: Take advantage of the program’s diverse cultural content. Explore different customs, traditions, and viewpoints to broaden your cultural understanding and stimulate discussion.

      Pronunciation Practice: Use the pronunciation syllabus to practice speaking. Record your speech, compare it with native speakers, and work on areas that need improvement to enhance clarity and comprehensibility.


      Voices Intermediate Plus B1 B2 Student's Book


      Use of Mediation Activities: Engage in activities that require mediation skills, such as role-plays or debates. These activities help in developing the ability to navigate different social interactions and viewpoints.

      Collaborative Learning: Work in groups or pairs for certain activities. Collaborative learning fosters communication skills, encourages different perspectives, and enhances language learning through social interaction.

      Integration of Technology: Utilize online resources and digital tools provided by “Voices” for interactive learning. This can include watching videos, participating in online discussions, and using language learning apps.

      Regular Reflection and Self-Assessment: Reflect on your learning progress regularly. Set goals, assess your strengths and areas for improvement, and adjust your learning strategies accordingly.

      Consistent Application of Language in Real-life Scenarios: Try to use English in real-life situations as much as possible. This could include speaking with native speakers, watching English media, or writing in English for practical purposes.

      Teacher-Facilitated Guidance and Feedback: For educators, provide regular feedback and guidance to students. Tailor lessons to meet the diverse needs of learners and use the professional development resources to enhance teaching effectiveness.

      Leveraging Supplementary Materials: Use the additional materials provided, such as worksheets, audio recordings, and apps, to complement and reinforce learning.

      Personalization of Learning: Adapt the learning process to your interests and needs. Choose topics that intrigue you and relate them to your personal or professional life.

      By implementing these strategies, learners and educators can leverage the full potential of the “Voices” program, ensuring a more engaging, effective, and enjoyable English language learning experience.


      Engaging English Learning Series with a Global Perspective: Alternatives to National Geographic’s Voices

      If you’re looking for alternatives to the Voices series by National Geographic Learning, which is designed to enhance language skills while exploring global issues and cultures, there are several educational series that offer similar engaging content and comprehensive language development:

      World English” by National Geographic Learning: Featuring content from National Geographic and TED Talks, this series brings the world into the classroom and encourages learners to use English to learn about the world, fostering language development alongside cultural awareness.

      Life” by National Geographic Learning: Integrates stunning National Geographic content, focusing on developing English language skills through the exploration of global themes and encouraging critical thinking and personal expression.

      Impact” by National Geographic Learning: Designed for teenagers and young adults, Impact combines captivating National Geographic content with a communicative methodology that focuses on language learning through real-world issues and stories.

      “Global Issues” by Richard MacAndrew (Cambridge University Press): This series focuses on exploring global social issues through engaging topics, stimulating critical thinking, and discussion in English, making it ideal for language learners interested in current affairs and global challenges.

      “English for Everyone” by DK: This comprehensive self-study course is designed for adults of all levels wanting to improve their English language skills in a visual and engaging way, covering a range of topics including social issues and cultural content.

      Interchange” by Cambridge University Press: A four-level, American English course that focuses on both accuracy and fluency, incorporating contemporary topics, and promoting cultural understanding alongside language learning.

      Four Corners” by Cambridge University Press: Another series for adults and young adults that combines effective, communicative methodology with a practical, ‘real-world’ approach to language learning, including discussions on cultural and societal issues.

      Each of these series offers a unique approach to English language learning, incorporating content that encourages learners to explore and discuss global issues, cultures, and societies. They are designed to improve language skills while also enhancing learners’ global awareness and critical thinking abilities.


      ELT Ebooks by National Geographic Learning