Download Wide Angle (6 Levels) Pdf Audio Video 2019

Download Wide Angle (6 Levels) Pdf Audio Video 2019

Level 1
Wide Angle 1 Class Audio.rar
Wide Angle 1 Student’s Book.pdf
Wide Angle 1 Teacher’s Guide.pdf
Wide Angle 1 Video.rar

Level 2
Wide Angle 2 Class Audio.rar
Wide Angle 2 Student’s Book.pdf
Wide Angle 2 Teacher’s Guide.pdf
Wide Angle 2 Video.rar

Level 3
Wide Angle 3 Class Audio.rar
Wide Angle 3 Student’s Book.pdf
Wide Angle 3 Teacher’s Guide.pdf
Wide Angle 3 Video.rar

Level 4
Wide Angle 4 Class Audio.rar
Wide Angle 4 Student’s Book.pdf
Wide Angle 4 Teacher’s Guide.pdf
Wide Angle 4 Video.rar

Level 5
Wide Angle 5 Class Audio.rar
Wide Angle 5 Student’s Book.pdf
Wide Angle 5 Teacher’s Guide.pdf
Wide Angle 5 Video.rar

Level 6
Wide Angle 6 Class Audio.rar
Wide Angle 6 Student’s Book.pdf
Wide Angle 6 Teacher’s Guide.pdf
Wide Angle 6 Video.rar

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      ✅ Sample file Wide Angle 1 Student’s Book.pdf: Click here
      ✅ Sample file Wide Angle 2 Student’s Book.pdf: Click here
      ✅ Sample file Wide Angle 3 Student’s Book.pdf: Click here
      ✅ Sample file Wide Angle 4 Student’s Book.pdf: Click here
      ✅ Sample file Wide Angle 5 Student’s Book.pdf: Click here
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      Download Ebook Oxford Wide Angle (6 Levels) Pdf Audio Video full a



      Overview of the “Wide Angle”

      ✅ Coursebook: Wide Angle
      ✅ Publisher: Oxford University Press
      ✅ English type: American English
      ✅ 6 Levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1
      ✅ For: Higher Education, Adult
      ✅ Publication year: 2019

      Wide Angle” is an innovative six-level American English course published by Oxford, designed to empower adult learners to effectively communicate in real-world situations. It was a finalist for course innovation at the 2020 British Council ELTons Awards. The course is suitable for learners ranging from language level A1 to C1.

      Key Features

      ‘English for Real’ Lessons:

      These lessons focus on helping learners understand and master the subtle nuances and hidden rules of English, enabling them to respond appropriately in everyday situations.

      Interactive Videos:

      The course includes interactive videos featuring characters from “Wide Angle”. These videos provide essential practice in responding to real-world situations, enhancing learners’ ability to adapt language for different contexts.

      Vibrant Photography and Video Interviews:

      Each unit begins with engaging photographs from around the world, accompanied by thought-provoking questions and a ‘Real-World Goal’. Video interviews with the photographers provide insights into the stories behind the photos and present real language models.

      Authentic Reading Texts and Listening Material:

      The course includes materials from Oxford Reference, offering over two million academic entries. This provides learners with authentic learning materials and real vocabulary.

      Access to Oxford Reference Digital Platform:

      Students in Levels 4, 5, and 6 have access to additional academic content and can explore topics of interest online.

      Extensive Online Practice:

      The course offers a wealth of online practice opportunities, allowing students to take control of their learning.

      Based on the Oxford 3000™ and Oxford 5000™:

      The vocabulary in “Wide Angle” is derived from these lists, ensuring the words taught are highly relevant and aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

      Comprehensive Skill Development:

      Each unit focuses on developing all four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing), along with grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

      Practical Skills Focus and Grammar in Context:

      Skills boxes in each unit highlight key information for practical application outside the classroom, while ‘Grammar in Context’ boxes present grammar at relevant points in the learning process.

      Download ebook Wide Angle 1 Student's Book


      Course Components

      • Student Book with Online Practice
      • Workbook
      • Multi-Packs with Online Practice
      • Student Book e-book
      • Online Practice
      • Classroom Presentation Tool
      • Teacher’s Access Card
      • Class Audio CDs

      Level Structure

      6 Levels: Levels 1 through 6, catering to a range from beginner (A1) to advanced (C1) learners.

      Wide Angle” stands out for its real-world approach to teaching English, focusing on practical application, authentic materials, and comprehensive skill development. It is an ideal resource for adult learners who aim to engage confidently and effectively in real-life English conversations and contexts.


      Download ebook Wide Angle 2 Student's Book


      Who is suitable for ‘Wide Angle’?

      Wide Angle” is specifically designed for adult learners of English, catering to a wide range of individuals with varying language proficiency levels and learning goals. The course is suitable for the following groups:

      Adult Learners at Various Proficiency Levels:

      • With levels ranging from A1 to C1, the course is ideal for adults starting from beginner level, through intermediate, up to advanced learners.

      Students Preparing for Real-World English Usage:

      • Those who aim to improve their English for practical, everyday use in real-world situations will find the course’s focus on ‘English for Real’ particularly beneficial.

      Professional Development:

      • Professionals seeking to enhance their English language skills for better communication in the workplace, especially in international or multicultural environments.

      University Students and Adult Education Learners:

      • Adult learners in university settings or adult education programs who require English for academic purposes or personal enrichment.

      Download ebook Wide Angle 3 Student's Book

      Immigrants and New Residents in English-Speaking Countries:

      • Individuals who have recently moved to English-speaking countries and need to improve their language skills for integration and daily life.

      Learners Preparing for English Proficiency Tests:

      • Although not specifically a test preparation course, “Wide Angle” can help learners improve their general proficiency, which is beneficial for exams like IELTS or TOEFL.


      • The course is suitable for self-directed learners, offering extensive online resources and practice materials that can be used independently.

      Language Teachers and Tutors:

      • English language instructors seeking comprehensive and structured teaching materials for adult learners will find “Wide Angle” a valuable resource.

      “Wide Angle” is particularly noted for its real-world approach, incorporating authentic materials, interactive content, and practical language use. Its flexible structure allows it to cater to a broad spectrum of adult learners, making it an effective tool for those seeking to improve their English language skills in practical, everyday contexts.


      Download ebook Wide Angle 4 Student's Book


      The benefits of ‘Wide Angle’

      Wide Angle” offers several key benefits that make it a standout resource for adult learners of English. These benefits align with the course’s focus on real-world English usage, interactive learning, and comprehensive skill development.

      Key Benefits of “Wide Angle”

      Real-World English Focus:

      • The course emphasizes ‘English for Real’, equipping learners with practical language skills for everyday use, enhancing their ability to communicate effectively in various real-life situations.

      Interactive Learning Experience:

      • Interactive videos and activities engage learners more deeply, allowing them to practice and apply language skills in simulated real-world scenarios.

      Cultural and Visual Engagement:

      • Vibrant photographs from around the world, accompanied by stories and video interviews with photographers, provide cultural insights and visual engagement, making learning more interesting and relatable.

      Authentic Materials:

      • Reading texts and listening material from Oxford Reference ensure that learners are exposed to real vocabulary and authentic language use, which is crucial for understanding and using English in academic and professional contexts.

      Download ebook Wide Angle 5 Student's Book

      Access to Digital Resources:

      • Online practice, class audio, and video materials, and access to the Oxford Reference digital platform, especially for higher levels, provide a wealth of additional learning materials.

      Vocabulary Based on Oxford 3000™ and Oxford 5000™:

      • The inclusion of words from these lists ensures that learners are exposed to the most relevant and useful vocabulary, aligned with their proficiency level.

      Comprehensive Skill Development:

      • “Wide Angle” covers all four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing), as well as grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, offering a well-rounded approach to language learning.

      Suitability for Various Learning Styles:

      • With its mix of visual, auditory, and interactive content, the course caters to different learning preferences, enhancing the overall learning experience.

      Flexibility in Learning and Teaching:

      • The course can be used in various settings – self-study, classroom learning, or blended learning environments – offering flexibility for both learners and teachers.

      Preparation for Language Proficiency Exams:

      • While not explicitly a test-prep course, the skills and knowledge gained from “Wide Angle” can indirectly benefit learners preparing for English proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL.

      Practical Skills Focus:

      • Skills boxes and ‘Grammar in Context’ provide practical tips and contextualized grammar lessons, helping learners apply their knowledge outside the classroom.

      Progress Tracking:

      • Regular assessments and online practice allow learners to track their progress and focus on areas needing improvement.

      In summary, “Wide Angle” is beneficial for its practical, real-world approach to English learning, comprehensive content, and interactive and engaging methodology. It is particularly effective for adult learners seeking to improve their English language skills for practical, everyday use, as well as for academic and professional purposes.


      Download ebook Wide Angle 6 Student's Book


      Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘Wide Angle’

      Effective teaching and learning with the “Wide Angle” course involves strategies that emphasize engagement, practical application, and interactive learning. These strategies can enhance the experience for both teachers and students, ensuring that the course’s benefits are fully realized.

      For Teachers

      Leverage Interactive Content:

      • Utilize the interactive videos and digital resources to create a dynamic learning environment. Encourage students to actively participate in these activities for better engagement.

      Incorporate Real-World Scenarios:

      • Use real-life situations and examples to illustrate grammar points and vocabulary, helping students understand how to apply what they learn in everyday contexts.

      Cultural Immersion:

      • Discuss the cultural contexts of the photographs and stories in the course. This can broaden students’ understanding of different cultures and enhance their language learning experience.

      Encourage Collaborative Learning:

      • Foster group discussions and activities based on course content. Collaboration can aid in better comprehension and retention of language skills.

      Regular Assessments and Feedback:

      • Conduct regular tests and provide feedback based on the online practice and other course materials. This helps track progress and address areas needing improvement.

      Integrate Skills Development:

      • Focus on developing all four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing) in a balanced way, as emphasized in the course.

      Tailor Lessons to Student Needs:

      • Adapt lessons to meet the diverse needs and levels of learners. Focus on areas where students show more interest or face challenges.

      For Learners

      Active Participation:

      • Engage actively with all course components, including videos, interactive activities, and online resources. Active engagement leads to better language acquisition.

      Apply Learning to Real Life:

      • Try to use the language skills learned in real-world situations. Practice speaking, reading, writing, and listening in everyday contexts.

      Utilize Online Resources:

      • Take advantage of the extensive online practice and digital resources to reinforce learning outside of the classroom.

      Regular Practice:

      • Consistency is key in language learning. Set aside regular time for practice to ensure steady progress.

      Engage with Cultural Materials:

      • Explore the cultural aspects presented in the course to gain a broader understanding of the language in different cultural contexts.

      Peer Interaction:

      • Form study groups or engage in language exchange sessions to practice speaking and listening skills with peers.

      Combined Strategies

      • Blended Learning Approach: Combine traditional classroom methods with the digital resources provided by “Wide Angle” for a comprehensive learning experience.
      • Real-World Application: Teachers should encourage and learners should seek opportunities to apply the language skills in real-world settings, enhancing practical language use.

      By employing these strategies, both teachers and learners can maximize the effectiveness of the “Wide Angle” course, leading to improved English language skills, better cultural understanding, and enhanced confidence in real-world communication.


      Top Visual and Cultural English Learning Series: Engaging Alternatives to Oxford’s Wide Angle for Adult Learners

      For learners seeking alternatives to the “Wide Angle” series by Oxford, which is known for its unique blend of engaging visual content and comprehensive English language instruction aimed at adult learners, several educational series offer similar approaches combining visual storytelling with language development. These alternatives focus on improving English proficiency while providing rich cultural insights through diverse content. Here are notable series that provide structured instruction, engaging content, and skill development:

      Life” by National Geographic Learning: Utilizes stunning photography and compelling content from National Geographic to enhance language learning and cultural awareness, focusing on developing language skills alongside critical thinking.

      English File” by Oxford University Press: Known for its unique, lively approach that encourages communication through practical real-world language use and diverse multimedia content, English File also includes a strong cultural component.

      Speakout” by Pearson Education: Features authentic video content from the BBC, providing real-world language learning experiences that emphasize speaking and listening skills, and include cultural segments for a well-rounded approach.

      “Global” by Macmillan Education: Aimed at adult learners, Global encourages language learning through a global lens, offering insights into different cultures and societies with a focus on developing reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.

      Outcomes” by National Geographic Learning: Provides a focus on real-world functional language and situational contexts, making it ideal for adult learners who wish to use English effectively in everyday life and professional scenarios.

      World English” by National Geographic Learning: Integrates content from National Geographic to teach English and facilitate cultural understanding through personal stories and perspectives from different parts of the globe.

      Four Corners” by Cambridge University Press: A four-level English course designed to promote communication and cultural awareness through integrated video, discussion tasks, and cooperative learning strategies.

      Interchange” by Cambridge University Press: One of the world’s most popular English series, Interchange offers comprehensive language development through contemporary themes and practical communication exercises suitable for adults and young adults.

      “Real World” by Pearson Education: Focuses on using English in functional, everyday situations, helping learners to navigate various social, travel, and professional scenarios with confidence and cultural understanding.

      Market Leader” by Pearson Education: Combines language learning with business English, providing learners with the tools they need for professional success in a global market, along with insights into international business cultures.

      Business Result” by Oxford University Press: An English for Specific Purposes (ESP) series designed for business professionals. It integrates business theory and practice with English language learning, offering insights into global business etiquette and culture.

      Pathways” by National Geographic Learning: Designed to develop academic skills and strategies in English while integrating content from National Geographic and TED Talks to broaden learners’ understanding of global issues.

      In Company” by Macmillan Education: Specifically designed for the workplace, this series includes tasks and activities that enhance professional communication and teamwork, making it suitable for improving practical language skills in business contexts.

      Impact” by National Geographic Learning: Aimed at teenagers and young adults, this series uses multimedia content from National Geographic and TED Talks to engage students with global narratives while developing their English language skills.

      “Quest” by McGraw-Hill Education: Incorporates critical thinking, language development, and cross-curricular content through thematic units that require students to engage with content critically and creatively.

      Reading Explorer” by National Geographic Learning: Explores culture through high-interest readings on true global stories and visually rich photography that encourages learning vocabulary and reading skills in a cultural context.

      These alternatives not only improve English language skills but also incorporate cultural and real-world content to ensure learners develop a well-rounded ability to communicate effectively in English. Whether through direct engagement with contemporary topics, integration of multimedia resources, or exploration of cultural narratives, these resources aim to equip learners with necessary skills for global communication and understanding.


      ELT Ebooks by Oxford University Press