Download Oxford Show And Tell (3 Levels) Pdf Audio Video iTools 2014

Download Oxford Show And Tell (3 Levels) 2014

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      Download ebook Show and Tell pdf audio full


      Overview of the “Show and Tell”

      ✅ Coursebook: Show and Tell
      ✅ Publisher: Oxford University Press
      ✅ For: Preschool
      ✅ Publication year: 2014

      The “Show and Tell” program by Gabby Pritchard and Margaret Whitfield, published by Oxford, is an educational framework designed for pre-school and kindergarten students. This program is innovative in its approach, focusing on tapping into the natural curiosity of children. It poses intriguing questions like “Who makes you happy?” or “What do our senses tell us?” as central themes for each unit.

      Key Components:

      • Student Book: A core component guiding the learning journey.
      • Activity Book: Filled with engaging exercises.
      • Literacy Book: Concentrates on reading and writing skills.
      • Numeracy Book: Focuses on counting and writing activities.
      • Teacher’s Book: A guide for educators to effectively deliver the curriculum.
      • Class Audio CDs: Audio resources for aural learning.
      • Teacher’s Resource Pack: Includes unit-opener posters and a hand puppet for interactive learning.
      • Classroom Presentation Tool: A digital resource to aid teaching.
      • DVD with Animated Stories: Visual learning through animated content.
      • Parent Website: A platform for parents to engage with the learning process.
      • Teacher Website: A resource for teachers for additional support and materials.

      Methodology and Features:

      • Inquiry-Based Learning: This approach encourages students to explore and question, enhancing their critical thinking and understanding.
      • Controlled Grammar and Skills Syllabus: Ensures a structured learning environment.
      • Big Questions: Each unit is based around a relatable question, making learning more engaging.
      • Animated Class DVDs: Bring characters and stories to life, enhancing the visual learning experience.
      • Show and Tell Opportunities: At the end of each unit, children present their projects, fostering their presentation skills and confidence in using English.
      • Additional Resources: The program includes materials like posters and hand puppets to make learning more interactive and fun.

      The program’s focus is not just on academic learning but also on developing critical and creative thinking, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, and teaching values for social behavior. By integrating these various elements, “Show and Tell” aims to create a comprehensive learning environment that nurtures young thinkers and sets a foundation for their future academic and personal growth.


      Oxford Discover Show and Tell 1 Student's Book


      Who is suitable for ‘Show and Tell’?

      “Show and Tell” is primarily designed for children in pre-school and kindergarten. This educational program is suitable for:

      Young Learners (Ages 3-5): Given its focus on early childhood education, the content is tailored for children in their formative years, typically ranging from three to five years old.

      Beginner English Language Learners: The program is appropriate for children beginning to learn English. It uses simple, engaging language and activities that introduce the basics of English in a child-friendly manner.

      Children Interested in Inquiry-Based Learning: The curriculum is ideal for young learners who are naturally curious and enjoy exploring questions and discovering new things. It encourages children to think and inquire about the world around them.

      Students Needing a Strong Foundation in Literacy and Numeracy: “Show and Tell” provides foundational skills in reading, writing, counting, and basic arithmetic, making it suitable for children who are starting their educational journey.

      Classrooms Focused on Collaborative Learning: The program encourages collaborative projects and presentations, making it suitable for classrooms that emphasize teamwork and cooperative learning.

      Educators and Parents Looking for a Comprehensive Educational Toolkit: With its range of resources like activity books, teacher’s guides, audio-visual materials, and online support, “Show and Tell” is well-suited for educators and parents seeking a well-rounded educational package to engage young learners.

      The program’s blend of academic learning with activities that develop social skills, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving makes it a versatile tool in the early childhood educational landscape.


      Oxford Discover Show and Tell 2 Student's Book


      The benefits of ‘Show and Tell’

      “Show and Tell,” as an educational program designed for young learners, offers several significant benefits:

      Enhances Communication Skills: By encouraging children to participate in ‘Show and Tell’ sessions, the program helps develop their verbal communication and presentation skills. It provides a platform for children to express their thoughts and ideas in English, thus improving their language proficiency.

      Promotes Inquiry-Based Learning: The program’s focus on asking big, relatable questions fosters a sense of curiosity and encourages children to think critically and creatively. This approach helps in developing analytical and problem-solving skills from an early age.

      Builds Confidence and Social Skills: Presenting in front of peers and engaging in collaborative projects boost self-esteem and interpersonal skills. Children learn to work together, listen to others, and respect different opinions.

      Offers a Balanced Curriculum: With its integration of literacy, numeracy, problem-solving, and values education, “Show and Tell” provides a well-rounded educational experience. It ensures that children are not only academically prepared but also develop important life skills.

      Supports Early Literacy and Numeracy: The literacy and numeracy books are designed to build foundational skills in reading, writing, and basic mathematics. These are crucial skills that form the bedrock of future academic learning.

      Engages Multiple Learning Styles: Through a mix of books, audio CDs, animated stories, and interactive classroom tools, the program caters to different learning styles, whether visual, auditory, kinesthetic, or a combination.

      Fosters Creativity and Imagination: Activities in the program, such as storytelling and problem-solving tasks, encourage children to use their imagination and think outside the box.

      Teaches Values and Social Behavior: Lessons on values and appropriate behavior help children understand the importance of kindness, respect, and cooperation, both inside and outside the classroom.

      Parental and Teacher Engagement: With dedicated websites and resources for teachers and parents, “Show and Tell” facilitates greater involvement of adults in the child’s learning process, ensuring a supportive learning environment.

      Cultural Sensitivity and Inclusivity: The content is designed to be culturally inclusive, which helps in fostering an understanding and appreciation of diversity from an early age.

      Overall, “Show and Tell” aims not just to impart academic knowledge but also to nurture the overall development of children, preparing them for future educational challenges and helping them become well-rounded individuals.


      Oxford Discover Show and Tell 3 Student's Book


      Effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘Show and Tell’

      Implementing effective teaching and learning strategies for ‘Show and Tell’ can greatly enhance the educational experience and outcomes for young learners. Here are some key strategies:

      Interactive Storytelling: Utilize the animated stories and books provided in the program to engage students in a narrative. Encourage them to predict outcomes, discuss characters, and relate stories to their own experiences. This approach enhances comprehension and develops imagination.

      Inquiry-Based Discussions: Pose the ‘Big Questions’ from each unit to spark curiosity and critical thinking. Encourage open-ended discussions where students can express their thoughts and ask questions. This nurtures their inquiry skills and engages them in deeper learning.

      Collaborative Projects: Implement end-of-unit projects that require teamwork. Such activities foster social skills, teach children how to work collaboratively, and give them a sense of achievement when they complete tasks together.

      Show and Tell Sessions: Regularly organize ‘Show and Tell’ sessions where students can present something they’ve learned or created. This not only improves their speaking and presentation skills but also builds confidence.

      Hands-On Activities: Incorporate hands-on learning experiences, such as arts and crafts or science experiments, related to the unit themes. This approach caters to kinesthetic learners and makes learning more engaging and memorable.

      Multisensory Learning: Utilize the various audio-visual materials, like the Class Audio CDs and DVD with animated stories, to cater to different learning styles. This multisensory approach helps in retaining information and maintaining student interest.

      Letter and Number Games: Use the Literacy and Numeracy Books to create fun games that teach letters, sounds, numbers, and basic math concepts. Games make learning enjoyable and interactive.

      Values Education: Integrate the values lessons into daily activities. Discuss and demonstrate values like sharing, respect, and kindness in class to instill good behavior and social skills.

      Parental Involvement: Encourage parents to participate in their child’s learning by providing them with resources and ideas from the parent website. This can include at-home activities that complement what is being learned in the classroom.

      Routine and Structure: Establish a routine in the classroom that includes regular ‘Show and Tell’ sessions, storytime, and collaborative activities. A structured environment helps children feel secure and enhances learning.

      Reflective Practice: After each unit or activity, encourage students to reflect on what they learned and how they felt. This helps them internalize their learning and develop self-awareness.

      Personalization and Differentiation: Tailor activities to meet the diverse needs and interests of the students. Differentiation ensures that all learners, regardless of their skill level, are engaged and challenged appropriately.

      By implementing these strategies, educators can create a dynamic and enriching learning environment that leverages the strengths of the ‘Show and Tell’ program, thereby fostering the holistic development of young learners.


      Exploring Curiosity with ‘Show and Tell’: A New Horizon in Early Childhood Education

      In the realm of early childhood education, nurturing the innate curiosity of young minds is as crucial as teaching the alphabet or numbers. This is where ‘Show and Tell’, an innovative educational program designed by Gabby Pritchard and Margaret Whitfield, is making a significant impact. Aimed at pre-school and kindergarten students, ‘Show and Tell’ is more than just an educational toolkit; it’s a journey into the world of explorative learning.

      The Essence of ‘Show and Tell’

      At the heart of ‘Show and Tell’ lies the principle of inquiry-based learning. The program asks compelling questions like “Who makes you happy?” or “What do our senses tell us?” These questions are the cornerstones of each unit, designed to tap into children’s natural curiosity and eagerness to explore the world around them. The methodology is unique, blending a native-speaker approach with a carefully structured syllabus covering grammar and essential skills.

      Engaging Young Thinkers

      One of the program’s most outstanding features is its ability to engage children in a way that traditional teaching methods may not. Through stories, hand-eye coordination practice, and activities that lead to reading and writing simple sentences, ‘Show and Tell’ covers essential academic skills while keeping learning fun and interactive. The program includes a range of materials like Student Books, Activity Books, and Class Audio CDs, ensuring a multisensory learning experience.

      Fostering Creativity and Critical Thinking

      ‘Show and Tell’ doesn’t just stop at teaching the basics. It goes a step further by incorporating problem-solving activities that encourage children to think critically and creatively. The end-of-unit projects consolidate learning and promote collaborative work, teaching children the importance of teamwork and collective problem-solving.

      Building Confidence Through Presentation

      A unique aspect of ‘Show and Tell’ is its emphasis on presentation skills. The program provides numerous opportunities for children to present their projects in class or at home. This aspect of the program is instrumental in boosting children’s confidence and improving their ability to express themselves in English.

      Inculcating Values and Social Behavior

      In addition to academic learning, ‘Show and Tell’ places a strong emphasis on teaching values. Lessons on how to behave inside and outside the classroom are integrated into the curriculum, helping to shape well-rounded individuals who respect others and work well in a group.

      A Comprehensive Educational Approach

      ‘Show and Tell’ stands out for its holistic approach to early childhood education. The program offers a blend of literacy and numeracy books, animated class DVDs, teacher’s resource packs, and digital tools for classroom presentation. Moreover, dedicated websites for parents and teachers ensure that adults are also actively involved in the learning process.


      In a world where early childhood education is more critical than ever, ‘Show and Tell’ represents a new horizon. It’s an approach that doesn’t just impart knowledge but awakens the natural curiosity in children, preparing them not just for school, but for life. As educators and parents continue to seek more effective ways to engage young learners, ‘Show and Tell’ stands as a beacon of innovative, curiosity-driven education.


      ELT Ebooks by Oxford University Press